World of Tanks – Double Your Pleasure

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Source: The Mighty

Does anyone remember the old Wrigleys’ Doublemint Gum ad from way back with two beautiful blonde twins walking side by side while someone sang “Double your Pleasure”? Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about gum while watching that ad either. And I’m not thinking about tanks now.

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  1. Like Quicky, you mostly show high tier playing, I’m so sad… 🙁

  2. Jingles, you commentary for this video got my morning off to a great start. This match shows what skill and a bit of luck, and poor enemy play can result. Worth watching. Now if My game play was more likely…..

  3. You can see how he fucked up in the second Vid, it’s easly visable in the slow mow…..
    The object 704 driver takes the ramp to tight to the left and hits the slight ridge in the wall geting bounced turned to his right meaning that he couldn’t take the shot.
    Freandly artilery shell then takes him out, causing the hull to emedatly stop.
    As the enermy arty comes crashing down the hill as well hes pree aimed and fires, however that shell slamms into the arse of the now wrecked object which should have been out of the way but since wreck comes to an emedate stop. (cus WOT) the shell slams into the back and shields crysis from the damage…..

  4. 704’s day was ruined by clipping a rock JUST as it fired, knocking its aim off. So less ‘fucking up’ and more VERY bad luck.

  5. All the comments are just criticisms. I love it.

  6. Emil I … Progetto 65 … i have a feeling you are doing this on purpose now … 🤔 … 😂

  7. Милан Лесић

    Minimap too small.

  8. Will you ever go back to playing the game @TheMightyJingles?

  9. Ahh yes, Jingles and low key Durex sponsorship.

  10. 18:45 world of tanks is the only game where these ridiculous things actually happen

  11. that last game was fudging nuts

  12. That Objekt 704 misjudged the little rise there. So eager for the kill he hit it just so, and it knocked the shot off just as he fired. Bad times.

  13. A jingles video on my birthday? Hell yeah 😀

  14. “Progetto 65” Oh Jingles, don’t you ever change and start identifying tanks/ships/aeromaplanes correctly ;D

  15. Well the first tank hit a bump or a rock that changed his heading from the bounce and he may or may not have atempted to corect that and we got what we got.

  16. That battle on Cliff, Jingles… Reminds me of a previous video of yours where… I think it was a Waffentrager fell into the sea to the North East and survived right on the edge of the water, getting washed by waves. And the enemy team, having killed all of his team, decided they needed to Win Harder and got themselves all killed by cliff diving in front of his gun.

  17. Hey jingles
    Have a look at this 👇
    U said the GK has bad accuracy, look at this, then we all can start having the question
    What is accuracy?
    And pls pin it if you enjoy it, I want many ppl to see this replay that has action, drama, romance, comedy and a slight bit of mystery

    Edit: I’m terrible at advertising because I’m not doing it

  18. At 19:27 it would of been funnier to say “Crisis Averted” instead of “Crisis Survives” just saying 🙂

  19. AcTuAlLy JiNgLeS, you can’t hear other tank engines in WoT unless the tank is spotted. What you were hearing was the engine from the T-54.

  20. I think that his game name is quite appropiate for what just happened at the end of the replay

  21. How about a video called Dumb Stupid Luck.

  22. Hillarious win @t_pac 😉

  23. After long time, saw gripping battle. The pearl river from second encounter then crossing river and the lucky hitch with 703. Its like an action movie.

  24. uwu Crisis senpai

  25. More mutigame WOT replays Jingles! I’ve missed these!

  26. Simply priceless

  27. I’ll be damn

  28. emil 1 said “3/3 miss!” so he was shooting but was missing every shot

  29. Who would believe it!.

  30. smh Jingles its a Progetto 46 “new monitor” he says, “I can see what things are called now” he said….lies

  31. Jingles – Great narration as always. Tremendously entertaining.

  32. how did the 260 know not to push….. that seems too dodgy.

  33. Where is the half of the battle, did I miss something?

  34. Mean to tell me that YOLO player can afford to run twice amount of gold from standard ammo yet he cant run large repair kit and med kit… meme

  35. Took a month break from this game and seeing this video it kinda makes me want to go and start playing.

  36. I mean I don’t blame the UDES. There’s a high chance at least on the EU server that you’re the only one on your team who speaks english. Or any language the rest of your team would hopefully understand

  37. Jingles moments:

    first video:
    0:58 The AE Phase I has more than 720hp. without a fire or ammorack no one in the enemy team is or would have been able to one-shot him
    1:12 t_pack was not spotted, so how should the 50TP prot be aware of him being on his side already while facing two heavies?
    2:38 Progetto 65? in a Tier 8/9 battle
    3:38 what is an Udes 1?
    3:57 the Emil I was on reload which he announced in chat
    4:41 there is that cheeky Progetto 65 hacker again
    7:50 no there was 4:01 left on that match. But it is encounter so it takes 3x the time to cap and looking at the timer it would have taken 4:07 minutes. therefore killing was the only option to win

    second video:
    13:45 the Foch 155 was the one killing the 53tp thirty seconds ago. He is probably reloading

    back to the salt mines 🙁

  38. “no idea how the Foch managed to miss the side of a T-62A”
    Well for starters it’s a Foch 155 where accuracy is just a suggestion, even a Sniping Sheridan is more likely to hit you. The Foch’s 155 is extremely unrelieable, i’ve missed so many fully aimed shots in my Foch, it’s just frustrating.

  39. The Object 704 hit terrain that popped his hull and gun up just as he fired. Generating a miss. I’d bet you couldn’t duplicate that in a million years.

  40. That brave Chinese Lion statue is the real hero.

  41. double the pain, double the pleasure, live your fantasy…
    hellsing ultimate ost a world without logos

  42. That first match, why oh why don’t i get matches like that, where people act so stupid you can kill em like that… no i have to beat the 1%ters darn it WG.

  43. I feel like I’m the only one who reads the descriptions. Always a good time down there 🤣 👍

  44. Why do I feel like chewing gum?

  45. That was funny as hell. Great video Jingles. LMAO FOR Sure.

  46. There is a reasonable I only play warships, I can’t develop skill if I get killed instantly playing tanks. I can however learn by playing ships

  47. Ahhh… when tier tens feel the need to run more than 50% gold ammo loadouts, and continuously shoot it at tier 8s. This is why I’ll never be able to get the Heavy blocking missions done for the T55A or 260.

  48. Patches, updates, new old maps, new tanks….still haven’t fixed soap rocks.

  49. That obj 260 replay was amazing, hilarious, and tense all in the same glorious moment. Just fantastic.

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