World of Tanks || Down But Not Out

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Today we’re dealing with adversity in the T8 British tank destroyer the Charioteer. World of Tanks – Down But Not Out.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a . It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Anyone have any idea what those green dots on the mini map are?

  2. +1 Very well said at the end. o7

  3. Nice battle you got luck with 1 HP

  4. dont you think, its time for a new into ?

  5. the MM isn’t that bad… you know what you can expect not like compared to
    WT(that’s just awful) or AW (where it counts how good a player you are and
    how much your tank is upgraded)! But the MM is a bastard… now that i have
    MT15 mission selected my team has 4 or more TDs and the enemy 0 or maybe 2!

  6. #blamejohnharmon


    when i was in my Chaffee i still scout even when i am 1hp

  8. how to improve your win rate .. you said try to support your team…. what
    team they die faster than fruit flies

  9. #blamejohnharmon

  10. #blamejohn
    Quicky what is the fast way to get better im stuck at 1000 wn8

  11. how can you get better? 1) ignore XVM (don’t just give up cause it says you
    have a microscopic 47% chance to win)2) stop bleeping whining “I am tier 8,
    why am I even here? I cant hurt tier 10’s. fucking broken MM!”

  12. #blamejohnharmon

  13. what does he have a degree in?

  14. # blame jhoneharmen

  15. Харьков…..the first letter sounds like an H not a K……”Harikov”

  16. This!
    This is exactly why I like your videos and streams, it is the attitude
    towards what you can do. These days I start every game thinking “what can
    this tank do and where can it do it” at the start. My personal score have
    slowly but steadily been going up since I started doing so.


    As for the MM, in most cases I think it works fine and as intended. The
    problem is that people are not staying positive and don’t see the
    opportunities only the problems. “But they have 2 more tier +1 heavys then
    we do”, so outflank them with mediums and wreck them.

  17. Brian superbikevoodoo

    Yeah, always helps to throw nothing but premium rounds to…

  18. Quickybaby what if an WT auf E 100 witf the 15 mm gun it cud kill very esey
    having gold ammo and a maus to lol WT auf E 100 best

  19. #BlameJohnHarmon

  20. There outta be a medal for finishing a game alive with less than 5% health
    for more than 80% of the game. The Swiss Cheese award or something.

  21. MM Is fucked 90% on my games are 35% or under

  22. NitroFox286 Gaming


  23. NitroFox286 Gaming

    #BlameJohnHarmon , lol ?

  24. I blame Johnny Depp.

  25. A British player in a British vehicle, in true British fashion…
    “Keep calm and carry on.”

  26. 1 health and a dream!

  27. Alex Yang (Comrade Yang)

    *John and I

  28. #blamejohnharmon

  29. quickybaby someone is using ur name on blitz he is using quickyfingers

  30. “A mouse could probably break wind near me and my tank would explode…”
    LOL I’m thinking of a maus farting and everything in its wake being

  31. You being a lower tier really helped you in this game, it made you less of
    a prime target

  32. I got my 3rd gun mark on this map in the same kinda MM, i got rekt
    first…calmed down, did what i can and ended up with 5600 dmg and finally
    the 3rd mark….only difference is, i was not ammo racked, and I spawned on
    the opposite side….

  33. #blamejohnarmon

  34. #blamejohnharmon

  35. Personally I think the MM could do with tweaking to incorporate players
    experience also, The game has evolved a lot,and sometimes (apart from the
    ‘drunk’ moments,tankwise)having one side full of experienced players and
    the other full of a majority inexperienced, Leads to some players
    ‘leroying’ because they look at what seems to be a total loss.

    The ‘do what you can’ attitude needs to be rewarded perhaps more-so than it
    is at the moment, And cowards that drown themselves should be punished
    more. Personally I like being the underdog also, Always have in a majority
    of games I’ve played, And If I’m going down I go down with my gun firing.
    But hey, The game is getting on, Maybe incorporating changes to the MM is
    too much work to contemplate? let’s see what happens ;)

  36. Qb get your ass beat

  37. or try
    why would they want one dmg as a kill

  38. why would some one kill u

  39. Just wanted to say that the correct way to pronounce Kharkov is Harkov with
    a “huh” sound.

  40. #blamejohnharmon

  41. @quickybaby MM is bad with all same tier tanks having the same weight. I
    don’t think you even noticed mm on your stream today. You had 3 vs 13 tier
    10’s on siegfried in obj 140. :)

  42. Sluty dog xD

  43. #blamejhonharmon

  44. wish more NA would play like this.

  45. This is a old replay I think… Because I see there one of the tanks say
    IS-8 and no T-10M :3

  46. #blamejohnharmon

  47. I have no problem with MM as it stands.

  48. #blamejohnharmon

  49. Have the same sort of games in my scouts all the time – I’m not as hidden
    as I think and take damage that cripples me for the rest of the game.
    Still, I’m still able to get into a position to support my team and
    continue to be a pest to the enemy. Being ammo-racked in the Bulldog is NOT
    fun, BTW :(

  50. #blamejohnharmon

  51. dang gg 3 more stripes! you have really earned them and gj on 3k wn8 =)

  52. 1Hp is OP!

  53. Γιώργος Πίκελ


  54. Well the American server on wot blitz changed it to 2 tiers can meet each
    only.I think it makes it way better and I think pc should consider it.For
    example 5 can only meet tier 4 or tier 6

  55. Today, I got 3rd on damage and xp in my AMX ELC in a tier 8 match on
    Sigfreid Line! Sadly, we lost the match, but I still did amazing as an
    underdog! (950dmg, 660 assistance dmg)

  56. Axel Foley (TuroKK007)

    saw that on the livestream

  57. If you want to raise your ratings, use tanks that have more potential/ more
    capable. An example of a tank that isn’t very capable is the churchill GC.
    It would be extremely hard to carry a game even if you were the only tier
    6, especially the pre-buff version.

  58. The Great (xXxMLGF4z3Cl4nMLGxXx)

    i have played one game in your team with you recently,absolute pleasure
    playing with you, keep it up ! :)

  59. ww2legoproductions

    Nice you 3 marked it!

  60. #BlameJohnHarmon

  61. The MM needs serious work in how it picks tanks and it’s balance

  62. “Me and John” coming from an English man, it makes me cry. “John and I” is
    the correct way of forming the sentence.

    XD in before everyone rages at me, it’s a joke but I’m just putting in some
    constructive criticism. Nonetheless it was a good viseo

  63. #BlameJonhHarmon

  64. would be sometimes nice to have old +3 matchmaking on some special event
    like april day, taking m3 lee up against tiger 2’s and no one would
    complain anymore +2 matchmaking :P

  65. #blamejohnharmon

  66. QB OP
    pls nerf

  67. #blamejohn :D

  68. TheKingCobra78 - WoT

    #blamejohnharmon le famous streamer :P

  69. If I was in your placein that situation one minute down into the battle,
    I’d damn well be dead because i don’t have that sort of luck xP

  70. This is exactly the reason why i call it ‘ 1HP, The Dream ‘ ?

  71. notice no “random” bounces and no”critical only” like it often happens when
    average player shoots – don’t even compare yourself to others please. when
    you shoot and hit from a side amx 13 75 with BL10 and you only take it’s
    tracks off come back and narrate that

  72. Great game QuickyBaby! #Blamejohnharmon

  73. I think you got something going.. #blamejohn

  74. How I play World of Tanks

    quite right quickybaby – I feel the same about Xvm. how many games do you
    play when at least one player decides your team have no chance based on the
    win chance and/or the stats of key players. often It is the statistically
    strongest players who bitch the most. just play the damn game as well as
    you are able!

  75. old battle, still an IS-8 in the mm ;)

  76. hello mister QB can you tell me how you calculate the chance of a shell
    damage with your head?

  77. Add_Z_Kid Minecraft and more!

    I think the mm should be change so that you can only face 1 teir above your
    teir and 1 teir below. (Scouts obviously 2 above and 1 below). It would
    make it easier, more fair and less frustrating. It would also make it so
    that you (assuming you are the bottom teir) would actually stand a chance
    at winning 1v1. Basically it’s like putting a chi-ne against a o-I, whereas
    is if it’s only 1 teir above it would be a chi-ne vs and o-I exp.
    (basically the chi-ne wouldn’t get its head blown clean off before it got
    anywhere near the target and could actually get below the gun and flank)

  78. this video reminds me john cena

  79. I was playing – and loosing – but took your advice bro – and we Won!!! With
    me 5 kills!!!

  80. #blamejohnharmon

  81. QB, so you feel that certain tank destroyers should have the dispersion in
    the move buffed? by this I mean vehicles such as the Charioteer, Scorpion
    and the SU-100M1 line.

  82. 1hp more then you will ever need :D

  83. #blamjohn

  84. #blamejohnharmon

  85. already seen it on stream not worth watching

  86. Long time ago that i have played/seen WoT

  87. This reminds me of me grinding Japanese tier 4 tank and at the start I lost
    all my hp except for 1 and I killed half of the enemy team .The amount of
    rage in the comments was hillarious

  88. #blamejohnharmon

  89. @QuickyBaby i start a game, its the same map as your on, im in a light tank
    and i go to the same bush as you. A lorraine is waiting and clips me gg,

  90. ♔ Conor McGregor ♔

    how can i rewatch my games ????? please some1?

  91. Great video

  92. @QuickyBaby you need to make your post-game stat commentary a bit shorter.
    It’s rather silly when you talk about nothing but the results screen for
    nearly 40% of the video.

  93. #blamejohnharmon

  94. i admit i would have quit in disgust after that.

  95. If even the best players have luck…

  96. #blamejohnharmon

  97. As soon as the Fv4005 came out on xbox 360 and all of sudden QB is now
    uploading videos on the whole line, interesting coincidence.

  98. #blamejohnharmon

  99. You know, you should allways keep trying your best in WoT no matter what.
    However, if you’re being shot to 1 hp point in 1 minute + an ammorack… I
    can understand the frustration and the blames (not that the blames are well
    placed of course)

  100. Charioteer doesn’t need no stinking hit points. :D

  101. KHarkov is actually
    Pronounced with HHHH like Harrington, Hampshire and hurricane.

    And great game indeed. Never give up, never surrender!

  102. When RNG say NO team you WILL lose this

  103. you are the best

  104. And this is why I like this map. Lower tiers/weaker tanks have more
    opportunities to be effective. You can also beast in a top tier heavy. But
    there is always the chance you will be flanked.

  105. i love the charioteer :D

  106. when MM hates me i always get into battles that other tanks are 2 tiers
    higher then me and no matter where i go i find the top tier and die in the
    1st min of the game battle after battle. . . it gets annoying after a wile.

    i now mostly do supporting roll when that happens especially in the check
    medium tanks.

  107. #BlameJohnHarmon

  108. omg.very big luck but very good match

  109. That was cool that you didnt just go die

  110. Tanneguy de Courcy

    Sounds very easy -and it is not the first time I can see such easy game!
    Never happens to “normal” gamers. How can you be sure that the MM is
    aleatory and that the “red” team is not sorted out so that you remain a
    reliable advertiser?…

  111. Tank Not Dead-Check
    Have Ammo-Check

    Keep Fighting.

  112. I saw it on the stream.

  113. Can you put more video’s on cuz I’m always happy when you put video’s on
    and you don’t put it a lot so yeah if you could please

  114. Great play QB. Must have been REALLY tough.

  115. Shrek The Psycho Therapist


  116. Quickybaby!
    You haft to send this replay to Jingles so he can do a why you heff to be
    mad video or a the good, the bad and the ugly video (As a part of anyone of

  117. #blamebilly
    I cri evritiem…

  118. #NeverGiveUp

  119. Charioteer is like a tier 8 hellcat

  120. good Job. Never give up! :D

  121. What is the average damage you had to maintain to get the 3 marks on the

  122. #BlameJhon

  123. #blamejhon

  124. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    How many do people spam the #blamejohn ?! It is really annoying…

  125. Very encouraging game QB. Thank you for addressing this problem all WoT
    players experience. Keep being awesome. We all appreciate you and your

  126. Quicky please show us how to soldier on in a T95 with dead driver, ammor
    loader and broken ammor rack. Thank you in advance!

  127. Reminds me of a situation I found myself in on Live Oaks last week.
    I was in the T-44 in a tier 9 match. Ended the game with a damaged loader,
    damaged ammo and less than 30 hp.
    Needless to stay I was not feeling too brave the last minutes of the
    battle. Would have been impossible to for me to win on my own but I had a
    good team so in that regard the MM was nice to me.

  128. Please QB, stop emphasizing the K in Kharkov. The K is practically silent
    in the pronunciation. Just say Harkov.

  129. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I had a game in my is8 once. it was on mountain pass. I was the only one
    left alive on 7 health. and a damaged turret I was 1 vs 7, 4 of the 7 tanks
    where around a corner a t34, t32, is8 and super Pershing and I managed to
    block 8,700 some odd damage and kill all of them but didn’t make it back to
    cap in time to rest.. I sent it in to your replay thingy but I guess no one
    liked it :/

  130. #BlameJohnHarmon , Nice haircut Quicky :D

  131. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Best video I’ve seen for a while QB. Your words in the last several minutes
    are absolutely GOLDEN.That’s what a good player is like, or should be like:
    despite the situation, just do your best, and enjoy the game. The main
    difference that make unicum or great players is not how good they do in the
    best situation and the perfect games, is how good they can pull off in a
    hard situation and in a bad game.

    Math time: if we just talk about wn8(it’s not like wn8 is perfect
    measurement, just example), if one have ten games, two of them really nice
    mm,get 4000 wn8 off that twp games, and then get into bad mm and bad teams
    in the other eight, then average a 750 wn8 per game, then the overall stats
    for that 10 games is 1400 wn8.
    then if one player can have the same two 4000 wn8 games, then go and have
    average 1250 wn8 per game in the other 8 games(that’s like, 800 dmg in a
    tier 8 light, 1600 dmg in a t-54, 2000 dmg in a tier 10 medium), then the
    overall wn8 for those 10 games is 1800.

    Of course, wn8 isn’t everything, it’s stupid, it doesn’t count assist dmg
    and all that, so it’s not a really good measurement, but the same thing
    applies to experience, to assist dmg, to your role in one match, and the
    amount of fun you can have.

    Then again, if the way one have fun in this game is just to have a really
    good result in the best mm, and then hope the bad mm games go over as soon
    as possible, just YOLO and die, that’s also fine.

  132. if they make more perks make a reload perk on a damaged rack

  133. I continue to have more fun in matches that are mostly 2 tier. 3 tier
    matches get old real fast if your bottom tier. So I think they still have a
    big problem with MM. I agree you can have impact but most of your videos
    don’t show bottom tier tanks doing well. I appreciate when you do show ones
    like this. Thanks.

  134. I saw this on LS and you gave up tbh QB at first :P

  135. Hey Qb I play on NA server and one of the things I’ve noticed is that once
    you reach tier 8 (although this starts when you see Cromwell’s in battles)
    is that wolf packing mediums rule the roost in the majority of battles. How
    do you deal with this playing solo, or do you even see a lot of that tactic
    on the EU servers? Cause it’s rather frustrating as it limits what vehicles
    you can be effective in, it’s made playing my T110E3 basically pointless,
    cause there will be 4-6, typically Russian medium tanks, on the enemy team
    that just swarm across the whole map and wipe everything out regardless of
    what they come across. Any tips on how to deal with this would be awesome

  136. I am using your mod pack but was curious about the color coding you have on
    the post battle screen. Is that a feature of yours or another mod. If yours
    where do I find it in settings on your pack. Thanks

  137. #BlameJohnHarmon

  138. can you do a cromwell game

  139. I remember your stream you weren’t too positive about your situation Mr.

  140. My friend killed enemy wt auf pz iv with his covenanter

  141. mobile tank with 268 pen shooting at side shots on low health heavies, what
    a carry!

  142. I had 1 HP and 3 kills in tier II match 😀 AND I SURVIVED

  143. I think the matchmaker really need to be changed. There are a lot of maps
    where you just can’t engage the enemy sideways. If you should pen a Maus
    frontally with a tier 7 light tank you’re dead pretty much anyway.
    If WG develop a game with a level design why aren’t they using it? Why they
    let tier 8 tanks fight a tier 10 which are way stronger than the tier 8
    ones? For me it’s okay to fight a tank which is one tier higher but two
    tiers is too much because the gap is really huge even if you know where to
    hit the ememy (espacially if you’re sitting in a weak tank like the
    Jagdpanzer IV).

  144. No shit noob.

  145. #goodgamewithoutcampersandartys

  146. The win rate is 90% depends on your team and the enem team (or if you are a
    pro it doesnt matter but the “pro” players and max the 5% of the community)

  147. Jeez #Blamejohnharmon

  148. I’m a keen Tiger 2 player, and ever since I got marks of excellence on it
    70-75 % of games been against tier 10 tanks. And although I always try my
    best, stats on this tank have dropped significantly because it’s lots
    harder to do well in such battles.

  149. I may be down but im not out, tom brady is never out.

  150. LeonaTimberCompany


  151. Regarding the matchmaker:
    The 3 tier spread is not a problem, however there are some things that
    could be improved.
    1.) Tanks should be grouped in subgroups (in the matchmaker) and for
    example have brawler heavies in one group and, support heavies in another
    group, brawler TDs in one group, sniper TDs in one group and fast TDs in
    another group.
    2.) A personal ELO rating should be put in the game.
    3.) In every game you should be paired with a tank of the exact same tier,
    subgroup of tank and as close as possible in your ELO rating. When the
    teams get put together, each pair should be split so that one of the
    players in the pairs go in to each team. That way the teams would always
    have the same amount of brawler heavies, same amount of fast tds and they
    all would have about the same skill.
    4.) After the game the ELO rating should update for each player depending
    on your ELO rating compared to the average rating on your team and then
    also compared to the average of your opponants.

    Doing this would solve so many problems in WoT that we have right now but
    teams would still be mixed between good/bad players, just that you would
    get less full tomato teams against full unicum teams, and also less screwed
    settups of tanks.

  152. it would mean more if you did not have a better team. Still a good video

  153. #blamejohn

  154. Looks at thumbnail… see’s damaged Ammo Rack.

    *Pops some popcorn into the nuker*

    Wait… I remember seeing this one live… didn’t he first notice he was on
    one health about half-way through the match?

  155. I remember watching this during the stream, I’m surprised you were able to
    do what you did with such a setback.

  156. When I am down to 5hp I too play much better … being very careful ….
    cheers !

  157. no stream ?

  158. That´s a really nice game QB!

  159. lmao whenever you mention john harmon, sounds so fucking hilarious. i don’t
    if it’s a movie character’s name or something but if it is his real name,
    it’d be a lot more funnier ;)

  160. Stiff upper lip for the win

  161. Kirito Kun [Kazuto Kirigaya]

    is wot down? cant join the server

  162. if i had 1 point left , i’ll just do a kamikazy attack ^_^

  163. #blamejohn

  164. I seen this live

  165. If i want to grind to charioteer which patch should i take sherman or

  166. Good.

  167. Thank you QB, i try A LOT to change my kamikaze mentality, and i realize
    that now i can have a little bit more impact to my games. Thanks again and
    keep up the great work.

  168. So much to learn today too. Tanks for it Quicky! Keep it up ;)

  169. Ye Quicky, but it’s so much more easy if your in a platoon dude…

  170. I play on if a game turns bad so my WR is decent at 52%. However I would
    never bother to play on ammo racked and 1 hp. Just suicide and win the next

  171. “A mouse could probably break wind near me, and my tank would explode”.
    Made me lol

  172. I 65% win’s and 3200 xvm

  173. last game in my comet the first enemy shot (from a fv304) killed my driver,
    commander, gunner, ammo rack, engine, tracks, radio in the first minute.
    Just getting ammo racked suddenly doesn’t feel that bad 😛 After that i
    went full retard and spotted 11 tanks and killed the fv304 without getting

  174. Well played, that’s why you’re WN8-thousand

  175. i think i watched this on stream and it was a few weeks ago

  176. You is Russia!You пидр

  177. with my E-25 I have fighted some times at tier 9. (E-25 battle tier= 7-8)
    and did the most damage, spoting damage, kills. and xp 😀 like a boss

  178. I would love to see a maus break wind

  179. to be fair i think matchmaker is crap not because its possible to get two
    tiers higher battles (3 tiers in a light tank) no that part i rather enjoy
    i consider it crap when one team gets for exsample lets say 4 tier 10 tans
    ranging from medium to heavy and your team gets a single tier 10 artillery
    now its all good and fun if those tier 10s aren’t that good of the players
    its not difficult to take them out but that still is a flaw in matchmaking
    and it gives a clear advantage to one of the teams

  180. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    GJ QB Just a little question : do you think you would have survived if you
    got more hit points and didn’t get your ammorack hit ? Because maybe you
    would have played differently and tried more things right ?

  181. Patryk Kulesza (dmx09)

    2 years and still no new intro xd

  182. what if im a tier5 versus a tier 9 or 10? XD

  183. #NeverGiveUp

  184. QB for the King of UK!

  185. bradyS -Gameplay ツ


  186. Positive videos like this are great, keep em coming!!!

  187. I had bad results today, but thanks to this video ill start playing some
    games and make the most out of it! Thanks QB for the moral support 😉

    Oh yeah, and #JOHN

  188. Conway is very good

  189. Wow that john guy did very well that game, whoever he is kappa kappa kappa

  190. #blameJohnHarmon

  191. An FV215B 183 will oneshot you 100% of times if he uses HESH (thing that
    all FV users do)

  192. Great game,

    Shame about having to grind through that piece of shit the ‘Challenger’

  193. The five stages of an average WoT player in your situation:

    1. Abandon grammar and orthography
    2. Blame MM
    3. Blame RNG
    4. Curse Enemy, insult his mother
    5. Curse Friendly team, at the same time ask them to report an Enemy

  194. Down not But out :-/ ???

  195. #BlameJohnHarmon

  196. #ShoutoutToJohn

  197. #BlameJohnHarmon

  198. Bob Raoul (Caravedturtle)

    By Grabthar’s hammer ! Never give up, never surrender !

  199. to be honest i set myself a goal and thats is to do my tanks HP in DMG..
    thats my minimum

  200. 1:32 *”What do you do?”*
    You suck it up.
    You keep fighting.
    You… Have… F.U.N. ! :)

  201. Mateusz Dobrzyniecki


  202. Thanks for posting this. It seems that one (of many) thing that good
    players do, that i’m trying to get better at, is to avoid early damage from
    rushing in too far. Despite that, it has to happen to aggressive players
    from time to time, no matter what. I know you didn’t rush in this instance,
    but it was fun to see what you did with a rough start. thanks for posting.

  203. True words at the end. Most players think they cannot combine increase
    stats with teamplay, but hell you CAN! There are much too less players with
    this thinking, and hopefully your words, QB, let some of them wake up. I
    hope it video for video of you.

    And again sorry for this bad english. German guy without great english
    skills :/

  204. #blamejohnharmon

  205. Low tier scouts can not do anything to higher tiers. Look at M5 Stuart, 56
    penetration on tier 4 tanks, which can meet tier 7! Good luck with
    penetrating O-Ni

  206. GJQB

  207. #blamejohn

  208. #blamejohnharmon

  209. #blamejohnharmond

  210. Mm sucks most for light tanks but it sucks for other tanks too,mm shoul be
    more like on wot blitz

  211. Almost dead, but still very much alive

  212. Really great vid. You should always play best you can, no matter XVM
    chances and everything else

  213. #blamejohn

  214. jonh is he aiming at me.No. (comes around the corner) he is pointing his
    gun at me run lol

  215. #BlameJohnHarmon

  216. #blamejohnharmen

  217. If u like electronic music see my playlist and sub I upload videos when
    ever I have a chance ^w^

  218. #blamejohn

  219. #blamejohn

  220. man that helth pull is staning

  221. #blamejohnharmon

  222. Théo Bertin (Fatysmosh)


  223. Also if ur teammate accidentally ramed u guess what u ded

  224. review the M103 pls

  225. #BlameJohnHarmon

  226. #blamejohnharmon

  227. What luck for a TD ammo racked and on 1 health lol

  228. Cüneyt Açıkgöz

    hello everyone, ı can not connect world of tanks , I have ‘Server is Busy’
    are u have this fail ?

  229. Hey Quicky, I’ve been wondering, what did you study in uni?

  230. #blamejohn :P

  231. Quick baby clutch for the win.

  232. Say BambisRache :P

  233. #blamejohnharmon

  234. I once played a game with my bulldog in sacred valley map, I got pushed off
    the bridge and ended up having 5 modules damaged and on 50 or less hp. I
    ended up getting two kills and won the battle. XD

  235. #blamejohnharmon

  236. 9000

  237. ooo a new quickybaby vid! *shouts to mom* MOOOOOM GET TEH CAMERA

  238. #blamejohnharmon for QB losing all his HP

  239. asome game watch it live but still so good tot see it again

  240. Grammar Nazi Chief

    Hey great video QuickyBaby! I have a quick question; what is the best way
    of angling the IS-3’s frontal armor? I tend to get a lot of bounces from
    lower tier guns, but some guns at the same tier manage to pen its hull,
    which has an awkward shape to it. So is there any proper way to angle it?
    Thanks in advance.

  241. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)


  242. 301 kool kidz klub

  243. haha nice

  244. FIRST

  245. first

  246. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)

    Great vid man love you!!!

  247. Augustin Whitcomb (Tintin)


  248. Keep up the good work QB!

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