World of Tanks – Down To The Wire

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Todays’ video is not the sort battle I normally feature but in this case I’m more than happy to make an exception.

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  1. Well akchually Jingles, 13 75 was never a tier 6, it was always tier 7 with 13 90 being at tier 8.

  2. Very Interesting. Different than other games.

  3. do people still play light tanks? I thought everyone played wheeled vehicles instead now. as they go faster, can’t be tracked and their wheels bounce every shot.

  4. For the first time I’m happy to see a draw.

  5. I like that he came up with the ram at the end, but if he had not fired 3 of his 4 rounds during the first reset then he would have had enough ammo to reset him. But I am glad he did it this way. Well played sir 👏👏

  6. draw is the worst game result .I would have prefered to end it faster if it was unwinnable..

  7. ‘down the wire’ never heard of that expression before, does it come from WW1?

    • To the last minute; to the very end. For example, We’re just about down to the wire with this project. This term comes from horse racing, where it was long the practice to stretch a wire across and above the track at the finish line.

  8. To the driver of the 1375 (a tank i quite liked)

    Well played sir.

    • And applause to that AMBT! You could see on his positioning and re-positioning that he knew what he was doing and was the reason the eastern flank didn’t collapse from the start. I’d say he’s probably the best player on this team with some margin.

      The platoon mate in the KV-3 must have also performed heroicly! I’m not saying it because of that perfectly decent 1.5k damage as a mid-tier, but that he stalled the western front for so long against two top tiers who by the looks of it knew what they were doing. Otherwise the western front was thinning out quite early.

  9. Ok, normally i would argue to not go for a draw, since all involved loose… but this had STYLE 😀

  10. Well played, though I also do feel for the enemy VK.

  11. Every video makes me smile jingles, please never change. I remember meeting you at tiger day 3 years ago? Still makes me smile, you were so nice, let me get a few photos with you. Thanks for never changing jingles.

  12. Honestly, seeing as this was a near guaranteed loss… A draw is a win in my books!!, Seriously well played by him… The only thing that keeps me wondering though… How can he fit his massive sized balls in that tiny tank!!!😂😂😂😂

  13. This is without a doubt the best draw I’ve seen so far! Had me laughing out loud. Very entertaining to watch indeed.

  14. A well earned draw indeed

  15. A fire would’ve also been nice

  16. I can confirm: this was the most celebrated draw of my life. < platoonmate in the KV-3

  17. What was your rarest Medal combination earned? I think Mine would either be the Raider, or the Kamikaze that I got…. In my TOG*II

    • I got a Raider in my Ke-Ho twice back when I played. Not a big deal (Ke-Ho is a small light tank, it makes sense), except that in the first Raider I got with this tank I also had lost 95% of my health well before I got even into that capcircle. It was likely a stray armor piercing shot from a German 105mm howitzer, but I don’t remember exactly what took such a chunk out of my 340 (at the time) health bar. Shows how long ago it was, it was before the low tank health increase – hell, it was before my first hiatus, so probably 2016 or so.

    • I got raider with my Bert, which was a shock when the results screen popped up.

  18. Ballsy move, but unnecessary (funny tho). He almost died and that would have cost bit Xp. He already had earned Defender medal.

  19. That shot bouncing off the side of the artillery is just Karma balance, he bounced a 90mm shell of the FLAT SIDE of his tank as you noted. A draw with 5 hp and ZERO shells left? Thats probably as good as its gonna get, and look at how chill everyone is in chat as well LOL.

  20. I like the cut of his jib.

  21. No point really on using AP ammo on amx 13 75 anyway, low ammo count with somewhat derby gun handling is not great combination.
    Full APCR is the way to go, and yes i know “Gold noob” messages after battles are kinda fun and entertaining 😀

  22. was great match Well done to all

  23. Best windraw I’ve ever seen. Hilarious!

  24. What I would have done (and have – once) with that few shots remaining at the end of the game, would be to use them 1 at a time at 40s to 1 min intervals to keep resetting the cap to eat up the clock and hope i get lucky with a fire or ammo rack. but if not, I still get the draw without having to chance the ram and get it wrong.

  25. Florian Schäffeler

    Well actually Jingles (i always wanted to say that…), the T71 DA isn’t in the american Tech-tree anymore, in the Tech-tree it is the T71 CMCD…

  26. this could have also been titled… ‘boop~!’

  27. Sad, try for the ammorack, or even try for an insane maybe somehow works ramming is ok, going for a draw intentionally is not ok, you just take stuff from the other player for nothing.

  28. what a game, well done jingles 😆

  29. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    This was a delicious draw!

  30. Wargaming Super Noob

    I finally got a chance to watch a Jingles video before going to work! Horray!!!

  31. Scummy move. I love it

  32. Exactly as I say: The worse the tank, the more of a challenge to do well in it. And once you’re on the map, it’s just about to get the best possible out of what you’ve got

  33. Great ending but, both players misplayed badly

    The AMX 13 75 shouldn’t have fired 3 of his last 4 shells so quickly. would have made it much easier to draw.

    Also capping was a misplay for the VK 36.01 H. He should have gone to hide and wait for his opponent to start capping. The only reason Capping didn’t lose him the game was that the AMX was basically out of ammo. (Since capping in the AMX would also have likely been a misplay in this situation the game would probably still ended in a draw).

  34. This is by far one of the most hilariously funny conclusions ever!

  35. As far as that 50-2 commentary goes…Russian bias 😛

    • no, it’s actually so true to life…. you see how well Russians are doing in Ukraine. 🤣😂😅🤣 [ yeah, Russian invincibility is as real as an eight-legged Unicorn]

  36. i actualy claped at the end what a play

  37. Given that he knew he couldn’t kill the VK, I’m surprised he used 3 shots at the first reset. Intelligent player would have spread them out to run the timer down.

  38. As Claus says a draw is like kissing your sister.
    Well played by incoming.

  39. It just wouldn’t be a Jingles video, unless somebody was misnamed (e.g. “Incoming” incorrectly named as “VK” at 09:38. ) Don’t stop, Jingles ! 😁

  40. I was really hoping for Yakety Sax to start playing at the end, but sadly was not to be

  41. Yes, Incoming has been featured on the channel before. In the video titled Incoming. It was very easy for me to find it out, I just searched The Mighty Jingles Incoming and voila. Incoming was in a Black Prince, one of the worst Tier VII heavy tanks in the game. It probably IS the worst Tier VII heavy tank in the game. Here’s the video:

    • Another video of Incoming was with his tortoise, climbing up the hill on Tundra. sadly that has been patched a while ago

  42. It never fails to freak me out whenever I pause the video to offer my thoughts on a subject, only to have what I say be repeated. You can imagine the look on my face when I paused the video after Jingles said the T71 does everything the AMX 13 75 can do, but better, so I could say the more things change, the more they stay the same, only to hear Jingles literally say those exact words IMMEDIATELY after I press play. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and I doubt it’ll be the last. Like I said before in a previous comment that talks about the exact same thing, you know you’ve watched Jingles for a while when you can predict what he’s going to say before he says it.

  43. ABSOLUTE GENIUS !! lolol Outstanding game play, “never give up, never surrender!” 100% worth the draw.

  44. At 14:02 I’m placing my bet. He runs up to the VK and manages to bump him hard enough to damage the VK or the VK’s tracks without dying in return. That would be the best draw I have ever seen.

  45. Done what the French are good at. Running away

  46. Hey Jingles! I have a question for you if I may sir! I found watching this match as pretty funny and similar to a match I had the other day, same tank, very similar situation. Although! Difference being sand river, and on console. My question to you, wouild it be possible to send on that replay and see what you think? Granted there’s a lot of gold, though thankful my arm was twisted to load it

  47. Genius tactics

  48. Why didn’t he space the last 4 shots out more? Interrupt… wait 1:40… interrupt… wait 1:40.

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