World of Tanks – Down To The Wire

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In Basti takes 10 years off my life with this nail-biting match in the Soviet T-10.

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  1. I was watching this while playing in my T-10 on Ruinberg

  2. One of the best tanks at tier 9 having a good game? Wow. Didn’t see that
    one coming.

  3. GG Basti101

  4. Up next:
    World of Tanks – Down to the Wire

  5. so in my ‘Up Nest’ videos YouTube has ANOTHER Jingles video called ‘Down to
    the Wire’

  6. wait, he went to my homland(france)

  7. Thx for this video , it was fun to watch .Yes and I did grow white hear at
    the end of the match .Basti you son of a gun !

  8. Jingles, when you get the chance look up something called the “Concrete
    Battleship”. it’s really interesting.

  9. I really liked that replay and commentary! Thank you basti & jingles!

  10. 14:39 surprise butt sex fail lol

  11. Strangely in my last battle of the night, I play the Wz-132 on Prokhorovka
    maps and it yet another aces badge with a Partol Duty Medal, 3k Damage and
    6k Spotting, but that wasn’t just any matches I had but spot the most
    obvious spots on that hills to spots, a T-10 of all tank. I kept my fires
    as he was too close to be shooting but instead let the support fire do the
    jobs. It was then after the 3 shots from the Cents, he went down the slopes
    and he was flying sideways cartwheel to the ground…..then a moment of
    silence….arty finish him off. I got the replay if you wanted to see those
    Jingle. Always been trying.

  12. T10 with camp net? Seriously?

  13. Amazing replay, that was hilarious. From the epic bounces the the rambo
    grille player that game was truly epic.

  14. spiralwhirlpool2366

    Nothing else I’m amused more than Jingles cackle. Never fails to make me

  15. The sound sweeter than “jingle bells” is the bell on my device that sounds
    when I get notified of a new jingles video

  16. the camo net…

  17. Still cant understand why you would fit a camonet on a heavytank.

  18. Why don’t you teach her to drive ?????

  19. Nail biter doesn’t do this one justice!

  20. That camonet on a heavy bothers me way more than it should.

  21. lots of experts on giving their “Specialist” input on what was done wrong
    or was luck………good vid Jingles

  22. Jingles, I know you always show the post battle results at the end and we
    can see what the player did, but could you turn on the parameters that they
    added for showing how much damage you’ve done and stuff like XVM did?

  23. Pure luck !!!

  24. yes sir! would love to catch up mate, check jonny mac on facebook im on his
    friends list.

  25. Lol luckiest player ever

  26. Isn’t anyone going to talk about that camo-net?

  27. If you play the video on 0.5, Jingles sounds very depressed :/

  28. stronk lucker

  29. nerf arty

  30. LOL, well done, but so much luck haha

  31. Sweet camouflage net on a heavy…..

  32. Jingles… isn’t there already a video of World of Tanks named “Down to the
    Wire” ? -_- if im not wrong its the M12 on ab… jingles? *SHOTGUN FIRE*

  33. I absolutely love that grille driver… His calculated suicidal tactics
    were so hilarious to watch.

  34. Here’s why he’s a joe average player – he knows the game fairly well and is
    good at it, but he doesn’t load 50% gold ammo. There’s literally no way to
    become unicum if you don’t load gold ammo. I’ve managed to get 1200 WN8,
    but as a person who has yet to fire a gold shell, there are so many chances
    I lose to do damage because of the fact that I don’t buy premium.

  35. Ah yes… another #justOPscumradethings try to do that in other nations,
    angle aim and all that will probably die, in OP scumrade, RNG angle yout
    armor and if you glory uncle Stalin you will even hit tanks and pen even if
    you should not be able to or rather would never be able to pen in ther
    nations… sure, maybe it’s only me, because I don’t f like playing in a
    tank that do more for me then I do with it in battle, so I don’t play with
    Op scumrade tanks and see more first hand how other nations compare in
    battles to them, but that is really f up game balance

  36. eh, stronk t10 armor. 100% skill.
    STB snapshot at ridiculous angle; rolls 544 and tracks him. Jesus christ.
    “Reasonably lucky” eh
    That RNG, camonet on a tier IX russian heavy, not a single mark of
    excellence on fully upgraded, popular tier IX tank… mother of god, 100%
    On a polish wot channel there is a footage of 2000+ wn8 player in a Leopard
    1 with 7 perk crew and chocolate fully aimed shooting at t10 standing in
    open field 12 TIMES and penetrating once. Well I guess here is the other
    side of barrel.

  37. That rhm should of went to the side to kill him, he was tracked

  38. 8:54 Very bad decision. He could have saved the 50B if he drove right up
    the hill.

  39. give that scrub some gold

  40. Did they surrender to you Jingles ?

  41. A ‘What If’….Would Basti have still won if he didn’t get the message at
    13:40 to ‘LeadLeaod ….LOAD HE? Something you would expect a player
    playing at Tier 9 tank level would know to do instinctively. I actually
    said it under my breath just before the message appeared.

  42. no brain E100, and worse shot by the T10. Cannot think more, worse game

  43. Jingles, you should put a health warning on these kind of videos

  44. Is it just me, or does Jingles have something on the order of 2 or 3 videos
    named “World of Tanks – Down To The Wire” (not including World of Warships)

  45. why. in. hells. name. would. you. take. a. freakin. camo. net. on. a.

  46. Grille be like : “gotta go fast!”

  47. Jingles doesn’t know how to drive!? ?

    That’s awesome!!!

  48. well done

  49. I have a question! who is Rita?

  50. dragonkingofthestars

    you have two videos name down to the wire, and have the exact same title,
    have you become EA while we were not looking?

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