World of Tanks – Drama Llama

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There’s no drama, the title’s pure clickbait. There a Llama, though.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles, that Jpanther isn’t rushing ahead. He’s on the back side of the flank. The problem is none of his MTs or at least tank with good spotting range sits ahead of him and Llama’s Comet play it brave, going forward than usual.

  2. Jingles you’re crap

  3. Angry Pepper shaker

    “there is no drama the titles pure clickbait, there is a llama though” Sometimes i wonder if you think we forget to read the description.

  4. Wargaming Super Noob

    t54 ltwt so op

  5. Ay, how ’bout you try and find us an amazing game in some British medium, a Comet would be prefered. Like, all we are seeing lately are soviet mediums taking a dump on everyone.

  6. Another Russian tank video.

  7. Jingles… about TD that get in first line, TD do damage but also can spot, for that more o TD players try to be first in a better spotting position.


    We need more Assassin’s Creed please.

  9. ‘Friendly Emil-II’

    *JinGLeS Do YOu MeAN st EmILl*

  10. Shoulda put the actual post battle result from Wednesday on today’s

  11. Jingles when are we going to see the 907 battles results screen?

  12. wait time out wasnt there 2 tier 10 on both teams how did a tier 7 get into a tier 10 mm ?

  13. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I have bounced JgPzE100 & E4 shells from my T54ltw turret and I have ramed mediums to death with T54ltw. This tank is the dream tank for aggresive light tank players

  14. So much for getting to sleep and being fresh for work, but it’s worth it 🙂

  15. Where is the asscreed video jingles.

  16. All hail the mightly Jingleberry

  17. It would have been soooo funny if you would have put Wednesdays postgame stats in this video

  18. I noticed that Wednesday’s post battle screen was wrong, but I didn’t read it so I would never have connected it to this video if you hadn’t mentioned it Jingles! Also the enemy TDs and arty were right at the back of the map, they were only on the front line because nobody went in front of them. Seriously, if they ever put you in World of Warships they’ll have to make sure that at least 25% of your announcements are wrong!

  19. I say jingles i almost always charge in my tank destroyers due to that they’re british.

  20. I came here straight after watching a video titled “Llama In My Living Room”. I feel like this day is going to have a theme.


  22. awww this one doesn’t have the Laferferferferferfer

  23. enjoy your week end

  24. To be fair to that Skorpion his position wasn’t exactly “The Front Line.”

  25. I just got that tank. It’s a lot of fun. One of my favorites.

  26. The only thing that can explain the rushing TD’s, is that they all got themselfs some white lightning and snort it everytime they’re bottom tier.

  27. Nothing special about this game. Just ok.

  28. I dont see special thing in this even its good game..but not to put it

  29. Was that Rita we heard in the background right at the start of the video?

  30. There is no Russian bias in World of Tanks.

  31. Anyone ever have like 4-5 games in a row where you’re the top player by far but still lose. Ermigerd

  32. I love the new scout MM. It ALMOST feels unfair when you’re top tier.

  33. 5:01 Dirty Harry moment… “I know what you’re thinking… How many shots did he fire? Does he have one more? TBH, I myself lost count. So, the question is – do you feel lucky, punk? Go ahead, make my day”!

  34. Remember when World of Tanks E-sports was nothing but these tanks going ham at eachother?

  35. *States he spoiled vid in Wednesday’s vid*

    Pfft, like we pay attention to the end of game stats… 😛

  36. I dont see the special thing in this replay. Its just a random gg for a top Tier OP Tank. Of course he will have an awesome game if he isnt absolutely braindead. I used to like your Videos Jingles but for some reasons your content niveau is going Down…very unfurtuned :c

    • I have to agree with that.

      It was well played, but nothing special. Of course a good tank is going to have a good game with this kind of match-up. Pretty much just how World of Tanks works.

  37. Llama,Llama, had a Ding – Dong! 😀

  38. 2 am
    I need to go to bed
    Jingles uploaded
    Must watch now

  39. Sorry Jingles, but not enough drama with the Llama 🙂

  40. I don’t even remember what I had for tea on Wednesday night

  41. Why is it impossible for SPGs to mark their targets? I have no idea why “people” are unable to press one key on the keyboard to let their team know where they are aiming and shooting.

  42. Where is my war thunder content that I visit this channel for?

  43. St. Emil != Emil II

  44. wow nearly 50% of their loadout is gold ammo … -_- nice gold spam

  45. also wtf? those TD’s were not rushing nor were they on the frontline :S they were clearly camping at the back of the map but they had idiots on their team so they couldnt do nothing

  46. You The Mighty Jingles become a Drama Queen??????

  47. Well played, but otherwise a fairly boring match.

    A few comments though…

    Why do tank destroyers go to the front line? Because it won’t take new players many games to realise that the other players are only out for themselves and can’t be relied upon to do spotting for you. So you need to get right up there and do it yourself. Besides, in this case they weren’t actually that far ahead so…

    Hard to argue with kill-all in this situation? Not at all! In fact, this channel has plenty of examples of players clawing their way to victory, standing alone against impossible odds and triumphing anyway. Can you lose an 8 – 1 match with 7+ minutes left? Extremely unlikely, but it can happen.

  48. clickbait or not, doesn’t matter, people like me would still watch your videos even without titles

  49. I really love a every video you make Jingles, you are the only youtuber I watch every single day. Your humor just makes my day.
    But I am just really tired of all the high tier gameplay in WoT. I don`t mind in WoWs, but they way the tier spread is being handled, and just how unfair it can be sometimes in WoT, I just don`t find watching WoT enjoyable anymore.
    Just thought I would give you my 2 cents, you can toss straight out the window if you want xD

    – A faightfull Saltmine worker

    P.S. Do you have more info about your trip to The Netherlands next year with operation Market Garden? Where we are going to be able to meet you and stuff you full with stroopwafels?

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