World of Tanks – Drive It Like You Stole It

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Source: The Jingles

In which MisterCro returns, driving his heavies like always drove his lights – as if he’d stolen them.

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  1. time forgotten prince

    As someone who hates gold spammers, seeing Mistercro’s game makes me salute him. Well done Mistercro, well done.

    • The dude uses no gold because the kran gold fucking sucks

    • @Girf Tell that to my Type 4, couldn’t be penned by Kran AP but gold went right through.

      Nobodys saying anything about all three equipment slots filled with the improved “bounty” equipment.

    • Norwegian_Bastard

      @kraxus03 why would you? I have tanks with full bounty equipment.

    • WoT should do what WoWs does and have overpens which only do 10% damage.

    • @kraxus03 I mean, he probably has loads of those around and/or a lot of credits that he doesn’t have anything to use on
      those don’t really bother me, gold ammo tho, that always annoyed me

  2. I’m not WoT or WoW player, but I count minutes for your new videos. They are fun…and I love it when you talk about history or some fun facts…you prove that games are not just played for fun, there is more to them.
    Please upload more often.

  3. This replay shows what is absolultely wrong with the game…. A heavy that can go faster than most tier X meds, has slightly worse view range as most tier X meds, has idiot proof armor without any real weakspots (though E3, E4, Russian TDs and Jäger can pen your turret frontaly if on level ground) and does boast an absurd DPM and also uses HEAT for whenever you dont want to aim.

    Also nice to see him only use regular “AP” ammo, but with all the bond equipment, premium consumables, etc. its a lot easier to play. Try playing the Kran as a F2P player and you will see that of the 3 shots only 1 will eventually hit the target.

  4. Is Rita still with jingles?

  5. This is so refreshing. I am sick and tired of all the “pro” players who are just spamming gold ammo like idiots.

  6. So they fixed the Ability to shoot threw the TOP Surface areas of soil?

  7. I was wondering why MisterCro was taking a significant lack of indirect fire from his relatively static initial hill position.
    Then I checked the team composition. Ah, that’s why.

  8. Haven’t play wot in years still love the vids

  9. Lets help MisterCro to gather 20 000 subs on YouTube!

  10. Doesnt use premium ammo… uses premium consumables…

  11. horse shoes?

  12. I’ll bring my pickup truck not sure I’ll make it in time

  13. If your on the red team the thought is; oh this is why they have arty

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Kranvagn turret can be penetrate if is on a flat street even the 420/395 HEAT manage to penetrate on top of is turret

  15. Nice aiming on the move

  16. A minute of silence for pay to win mechanics 😂

  17. Yeah. Having to play several low their games to play a high their game got old. I rarely play WoT now because of that.

  18. Yep moving into new house requires lots and lots of waiting around. 🙁

  19. Symmetrical upload and download, you lucky bastard!

  20. Technically, it IS possible to penetrate the Kranvagn’s turret when using the Jägeru’s premium shells. However, the Kranvagn needs to be on level ground, or below you in order to do it, and unfortunately, they’re mostly going to NOT be on level ground. But I was on Pilsen with my Jägeru and I managed to catch a Kranvagn hiding hull-down behind some rubble. He wasn’t exactly making the most out of it, and I aimed right at his turret cheeks with HEAT loaded. It was so satisfying seeing that round penetrate and making his turret useless.

  21. Bold Persian Immortal

    Happy Move In day uncle Jingles!

  22. 11:00 Didn’t know Mr. Foche was playing with Mr. Crow 😀

  23. Great video as always, but we need an hour long TOG fest

  24. Some of the titles on jingles videos make me chuckle this is up there with his ships video “drive me closer I want to hit them with my sword”

  25. *looks at title*
    Ukrainian farmers would like to know your location…

  26. The good old the technician will show up between 9am and 7pm trick

  27. gurk_the_magnificent

    I get a real kick out of the fact that a couple months ago Jingles was worried about having all this fancy new furniture and no place to put it

  28. My favourite stlye in M3 lee :D. Don’t bother shooting, your gun is less than useless. But you can play “the bait” like no other

  29. Mr Jingles, the foch has had an autoloader since the foch b was introduced (so does the amx ac 48 btw)

  30. (Me, off in the distance): Not impressed! I can do that too!

  31. I’m worried that at some point, YouTube is going to ban Jingles for being a source of misinformation. 😀

  32. well if its turret is impenetrable, let arty deal with it ….. oh wait, no one plays arty anymore due to it being nerfed to death last year.

  33. 11:03 I miss Mr foch

  34. Not ICBM’s there is no “close” but if you say Horseshows, Hand grenades and tactical nuclear weapons.. then it’s all “close”

  35. when do the Ukrainian tractors come to WoT btw?

  36. Jingles, you have stated that pressing the 2 key is a substitute for skill. Mr. Crow shows us what skills and patience can achieve. Impressive!

  37. at 1:54 you say the Jagdpanzer E 100 cant pen the turret of the kran with gold,but thats not true, you can pen the turret with gold

  38. “So when I move in on Tuesday next week, there should be minimal disruption.”

    Oh you poor simple deluded fool!

  39. for an additional laugh, turn on captioning and watch the program try to decide how to write ‘Kranvagn’ ,every time it’s different….

  40. Great video you ole gnome! Are you excited for the horus Heresy for warhammer??

  41. Shouldn’t our sali mine overlord be used to having no furniture? I mean he was in the Royal Navy and had to live from hard tack and sleeping in a Hammock.
    I’ll get my coat.

  42. To be fair this is not that surprising of a game. Im a decent player overall and can say that this player was very fortunate in both his MM and his RNG. He never needed to fire gold ammo cuz they were just tier 8 tanks and some weak armor tier 9’s. There were no 279E’s or Cheiftans to deal with. Besides all this the enemy team was kinda crap TBH. He did a good job no doubts there, but hardly a show stopper. IMO

  43. I Wonder if we might get some more museum visits once our gnome overlord has settled into his new home. Somehow the museum visits are always my favourite videos that jingles makes!

  44. The Hallow Phoenix

    At 10:55, can we just appreciate just how good Mister Cro is here using movement, awareness and quick decisions? My dumb ass couldn’t do half of the things he’s doing here on a good day! AND I DON’T PLAY WOT ANYMORE XD

  45. Gotta give salute to those teammates alive at the end of the game they were putting in some nice cover fire.

  46. The Legendary Commander

    well played by the team near the last 6 minutes

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