World of Tanks – Drive It Like You Stole It

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The title of todays video is not intended to promote vehicle theft. Stealing cars is bad, m’kay? Unless it’s a Panhard EBR because that’s just asking for it.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

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  1. Happy Birthday and many more

  2. Ebr driver should know better than to try to pen the side of a Russian light tank. Just save your ammo and only shoot at non Russian tanks. The way WG intended.

  3. Posting a video on my birthday, how thoughtful 🙂 (jk but it is still my birthday so would it be possible to get a happy birthday from the gnome overlord himself. I promise that I will do double shifts in the mines afterwards)

  4. Think clause kellerman did this replay.

  5. Is it just me or did i see this one already?

  6. This is just another loser who needs his cheating mods to play.

  7. Nice video

  8. I’m just here for the “actually jingles….” comments

  9. You showed another high-speed wheeled “tank” a couple of weeks ago, but not this run. This was amazing. For the first time, speed DOES equal armor!

  10. Another reason why not to play this shitty game

  11. M E
    A F
    N F
    D E
    E C
    L T

  12. Happy Birthday Jingles! I popped master rank 24 last week. Still pretty shit at Warframe.

  13. But I’m not black 🙁

  14. Congratulations on reaching level 49!
    l only reached level 28 last week!

  15. Happy Birthday Jingles…its my birthday too!!!

  16. Erm, Jingles, you already have an epic mount!

  17. Whenever you top tear in a locust

  18. GTA x WoT collab?!?!?!?!?!

  19. Archibald Pinecone

    I wouldn’t steal a car. But I would download a copy of it.

  20. I always had you pegged for a stressed out 30 year old who just got tired of noobs that talk shit. Still happy birthday Jingles

  21. I shall come back to world of tanks when I hear news of British Armoured cars! That’s something I’d love to give a try!

  22. The JP looked like he was having trouble aiming due to the hill aiming mechanics where the reticle suddenly jumps upwards if there is no tank there so you can conveniently fire into the background . Also given that the ebr was moving in a semi hulldown position means that the realistic area where you can aim, shoot and hit, accounting for shell velocity is incredibly small. If we then account the extra dispersion for the automatic aiming from the hill in the distance to the tank, accuracy significantly lowers (also, non turreted td). Then add the highly probably instance of lag into the equation, and the chance from getting hit is significantly lowered, and even in the hands of a very skilled player it would be hard to hit in such a situation.

  23. Julian Steinmeyer

    this looks like something claus kellerman uploaded jingles

  24. Oh Jingles, everyone knows that French rubber is tough!

  25. Jingles, I think the problem with that jagdpanther is that the French armored cars are so fast and have such a great acceleration that its too hard to land hits
    and if you go further and further up, it means that wargaming is getting desperate trying to get you to spend more credits on your already expensive tier 10 tanks

  26. I think i have seen this battle too. At least the first few minutes only I think the tank you followed was a different tracked light tank.

  27. So, another Wheeled French tank, with WoT’s version of War Packs aim-bot featured in a another fucking replay..
    Sorry buddy but ya just lost another viewer

  28. Considering the caliber of the guns that tagged this thing, it should have gotten it’s clock cleaned at the first hit. A hit on one of the wheels from the side should carry right through into the body. Maybe an over-penetration thing can be added. But armored cars duking it out with tanks?

  29. epic mount?….. where are you going with this Jingles 😛
    odd they nerf the T50-2 and then add these later lol.

  30. Clifford Bryan john Wilson

    Wait, it’s been a while since I watched WoT gameplay when did armoured cars get introduced?

  31. The default answer to the question “is Jingles crap?” is “yes.”

  32. Since 1.4 update I’m finding an increasing number of shells disappearing into wheels and tracks of tanks and either doing no damage or only yellow critical. The other day I had 4 shells from my skorp G do nothing into the side of a tier 7 medium, in the end I just gave up and targeted another instead..
    And yes, they were AP rounds, not HE or HEAT.

  33. Of course the French Armored Car can move full speed backwards!

  34. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Is it one you’ve watched from Quickie?

  35. Silly Jingles. Epic mounts came at level 60, not 50.

  36. >criticizing aim in a game with random shot spread

  37. Pretty sure Claus Kellerman “commentated” it ?
    Best morning routine ever btw. Having break fast with my 9monts old while listening to jingles ??

  38. Obviously they’re Micheline tires and the Micheline Guide paid off Wargaming by rating World of Tanks three Micheline Stars.

  39. GI Joe reference gets an automatic thumbs up! Yo Joe!

  40. I am so glad i quit this dumb game long ago.

  41. I understand about getting confused at our old age, I think I have the answer to your question, based on the amount of crashes the driver had it was really you playing under one of your ALT names

  42. Aha! QB uploaded this some time ago my glorious overlord!

  43. Wheels are made from stale baguettes hence the armor

  44. Anyone else having audio issues with this video

  45. One of my favorite songs from MNC3.

  46. Put these wheels on ferdi
    Ps i hate this scrub dont bother try to hit it on frontline if you are a td

  47. I dont get it. Are people blind and dont see the back of the tank is flat? (bottom left corner) Its not hard at all to tell which is the back or front xD

  48. No surprise that the French made a tank with the fastest reverse.

  49. Those things are just rude….

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