World of Tanks – Drunk and Disorderly

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Oi, you! Yes you, World Tanks, come here! Is that alcohol I smell on your breath?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Morgan Bellingham

    how that work?

  2. meh…, but the wz132A game was nice!°

  3. Darkness Nighthingale

    We are the few who stay up till 6am to watch a Jingles video as it comes out. Even though we need to be up at 8/9 am.

  4. Who uploads a video on this ungodly hour, it’s my day of. I just woke up! And now I’m stuck in bed for another 20 min. Damn you

  5. idunbeezasmart1

    I wonder how many people will bitch out Jingles in the comments for saying “Domination Mode” before actually watching the video long enough to get to where Jingles corrects himself?

  6. Actually haven’t seen Lakeville in a while, nice to see it

  7. Jingles why you show us vidoe of hacker? He no looks where shoot and automatically shoot! Also he kemp bush. Unfair plane! Reportet!

  8. I remember the first time I killed a tank by pushing them in the water. Little Chaffe thought he was clever getting around behind my T1 heavy until I started backing up and pinned him under water. He was so pissed and cussed me out in chat. It was glorious!

  9. Weaponized Autist

    Aimbot! Aimboooot! Burn him!

  10. Go home world of tanks your drunk?? and jingles do you accept console replays??

  11. Warthunder has this mode now

  12. jingles please lone echo attempt #11ish ! yeah i know you said you haven’t forgotten and we trust you. but just to make absolutley sure i will comment on every video you upload until there is another lone echo one. k mate? its nothing personal but i have to make sure.

  13. This is painful to watch sometimes

  14. Jussi Raitoniemi

    OMG Jingles is defending aimbot use!!!!

  15. Skipping the football bullshit. 4:10

  16. goddammit jingles, You’re distracting me again
    i have important stuff to do but now i have to watch this

  17. where are the war thunder vids?

  18. Hey jingles ???

  19. On a completely different subject. though I did enjoy the vid. Check out the Harp Twins. I mean they are what old warriors have fought for. Just my thoughts. Be well. D.

  20. What? he is not using an aimbot? how can you hit then these days? 😛

  21. TheWuerstchenwasser

    I dont like clickers but I gotta say, the 155 58 played that cap situation pretty well, he could have aimed at the other corner but that would not have made any sense. The WZ, if he had gone down the corner the Jagdtiger has been watching before, would have paused the capture progress so the clicker would have know when the WZ had pushed that side. The other side however had no capture circle for the WZ to enter before having a chance to shoot the 155 58, so watching the side he chose was pretty clever…. Allthough it could also have been more through luck than judgement.

  22. Thanks for the video, Uncle Albert.

  23. The light tanks:

    He Spot,

    He Attacc

    but most importantly

    He Hac

  24. Domination game mode? You mean encounter sir!

  25. Hey! He’s using auto-Jingles!

  26. 9:20 actually jingles…

    … this is not 9.10… its called encounter 😛

  27. oh wow…that handbraking reverse

  28. Strange how World of Tanks can’t count to two…that’s where the premium ammunition is…

  29. Marianne Jensen

    -You’ve already seen too many replays, where things like this, have happened in, haven’t you Jingles?
    And enemy tanks on the road; go, take a dip! It’s a bright sunny day, and the water is nice.

  30. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Yesterdays replay, played too long again Jingles? ;);)

  31. Rebecca Armstrong

    The guy behind the tree is a cheater .. how do u get to this tier and not understand .. actually how do u get to the age of 6 months old without understanding how hiding works ..

  32. i hope that guy with wz will get a perma ban ppl are still using that shit aimbot

  33. When I saw that title I thought: “Why is Jingles introducing himself? We know who he is.”

  34. ᛖᚱᚺᚨᚱᛞ

    I ASK….. Since when have Drunk and Disorderly ever been an issue? I remember whentannnmmkk jkkk tker,m,,,,,,,mm

  35. Fuck this game.

  36. TheRoyalPenguin

    Omfg aimbot! Cheating! Warpack! Waaahh!!!

  37. Anyone know where we can get the Jingles free look cameraimbot?

  38. Nikolas Maximilian

    The map is really beautiful!

  39. HaCKZOR!1!!!1!11!!1

  40. Midnight Shamalan

    every time i see a WoT replay it makes me want to start playing again.
    then we get to the results screen..
    “and he still lost money”

  41. “Jingles Controlled Camera” the worst kind of Hack!!!! Reported!!

  42. Domination < Encounter :O Jingles... corrected Himself!!!? Who are You Impostor!!!? What have You done to Our SaltMine Overlord?

  43. Dude…you posted my replay soo quick…I didn’t know that the rest of the replay was so entertaining for you to watch…that means that I will send you more replays cuz this kind of things are normal when you are in a good clan and the enemy look at you like : “I gotta kill this bastard even if I will destroy my top tier vehicle to kill a bottom tier one…”. All the luck from Transilvania Jingles 😉 P.S. and yeah… I saw that tree falling -> OP Hax 🙂

  44. Bär mitderlangenScher


  45. What do you do with a drunken aim-bot, what do you do with a drunken aim-bot, what do you do with a drunken aim-bot, early in the morning.

  46. Obviously aimbot lol

  47. Abdullah Ansari

    He repeats himself a lot

  48. Never change, English gnome of tanks.

  49. Warren Lehmkuhle

    This is why I don’t play WoT as much anymore and instead I chose to lose the will to live on WoWs because I can never turn a profit.


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