World of Tanks – Dual Perspective Tanks!

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Source: SideStrafe

Dual perspective World of ! Featuring the viewpoints of Jojcib myself while also joined by FurryTheSnake!

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  1. I would like to hear the interaction between you and your platoon mates.
    Keep it up please.

  2. I look forward to more of this

  3. Nice SS. Liked the editing of the two perspectives. I hope you are
    successful with a three part perspective,

  4. Great vid as usual sidestrafe. Watched your livestream on twitch with
    Joseph and Furry and really enjoyed it. I hope you do more collabs in the
    future. I also hope you team up with Bismarck again like the good ol days.

  5. Christain-Andrew “Mudtop” Bagby-Wright

    I enjoyed it, the multiple perspective is nice.

  6. I liked it. Would have been nice to see the end plates :)

  7. Really apreceating!! Superb and flawless content. Keep doing this amazing
    videos! :)

  8. Joined by FurrytheSnake? What….??!?!

    The Warframe servers must have been down.

  9. Just do it! :)

  10. cool! would like to see more

  11. Bet that live stream was really fun, shame I missed it to save data

  12. I liked it and would watch more. I think two perspectives are enough, but
    would be interested to see three, and adding the comms would add to the
    entertainment in my opinion.

    Just the two perspectives would reduce edit time too! :)

  13. hm….yea voicecom would give us a nice inside perspective of the tactics
    and coordonation you guys are undergoing on the battlefield….

  14. the Pershing was a heavy tank in real life. why did they make it a medium
    in WoT?

  15. Interesting concept. consider doing split screen for coordinated maneuvers.

  16. I always like the WoT stuff. You should do like some other people, and just
    upload your stream session as is. Then people who missed it could see it,
    and you’d make the most out of it.

  17. “Maybe next time” more WoT videos coming soon confirmed? :)

  18. do you play NA server ?

  19. Keep up the good work SideStrafe

  20. FurryTheSnake not in his Maus? This is heresy.

  21. nice job. I got to see this on stream … didn’t even know you were still
    streaming at the time so it was nice come back.

  22. Great work, very entertaining video SideStrafe. Thank you.
    I do have one very minor quibble however – I was occasionally disoriented
    when you showed Jojcib in 1st person view then when you’d expect him to
    have switched to 3rd person you had actually switched the viewpoint to your
    perspective in 3rd person. As I said it’s only a very minor quibble, it
    only took a moment for my poor brain to catch up and certainly didn’t
    detract from the effort you put in to making this great content.
    Thanks again.

  23. I liked this test!

  24. Apathetic Bystanders

    I’m glad SS uploaded this today I been playing the Pershing alot at the
    beginning of this campaign.

  25. Awesome video strafe!

  26. Standards take time

  27. great video !

  28. What are your recording settings?

  29. one possibility…. if you can get a cadre of consistent teammates, short
    matches demonstrating teamwork and voice over explaining the why might be a
    big draw… not sure if anyone else is doing anything like that.

  30. Sidestrafe, I think you might be interested to know that you can disable
    the two green quarters of the circle. It doesn’t give you any additional
    info (since you can see the reloading process as the red/green aiming
    circle filling. It may seem silly, but it looks neat and gives a little
    more immersion. I thought it’s just the kind of stuff you like.

    PD: If you are interested you can change it in reticle settings.

    Sorry for the long comment, here i say potato :D

  31. Nice game, nice commentary!

  32. Great video, effort very much appreciated!

  33. I like the editing, hard work but very enjoyable.

    This part of the comment is a rant/troll: “insert rude comments” this isn’t
    realistic enough. Fun arcade, but this is not War Thunder Ground Forces. ?

    Troll over. Glad to see another video, always look forward to them.

  34. Greetings !
    It was very entertaining, thank you. Well edited. Gladly more.

  35. I dig the dual perspective editing style, but I have to say at points it
    was a bit confusing as to the tank we were viewing. I think there were a
    couple of times you jump cut while in scope view, and because of that I
    missed it maybe? I guess the best way to combat that would be to only cut
    in third person view, or to have a POV “hud” element overlaid on the video
    that lets you know which cam you’re viewing beyond the WOT hud. Maybe just
    a big obvious name badge in lower center? Anyway, keep it up man, loving
    the content!

  36. Apathetic Bystanders

    Right on good video

  37. i think that you do a great job and i think that this is so cool to look at
    🙂 just keep it up :D

  38. As you are a very good tactician I am sort of surprised you didn’t mention
    the typical error in deployment. Perhaps you just haven’t played this map
    that much so I will give you that benefit of the doubt. And I get that you
    won this match, but mediums really should move East on your side to hold or
    destroy that flank. Not go into the factories area (you had more heavies
    anyway). You lost a lot of teammates at the start that you probably didn’t
    need to. And yeah I get that this might piss off a lot of your fans, but I
    am honestly not trying to troll. Just trying to get players to think about
    these initial positioning choices as that is often what causes teams to win
    or lose. In this case you won, but I would wager money that given the same
    flank collapse in other games with say evenly matched players they would
    most often lose that scenario. I won’t say you got lucky though. You played
    well. ;)

  39. You should do longer videos on WoT like in the good old days :)

  40. Love it. Yes you upload not a lot of videos, but when you do it is high
    quality as always.

  41. this is why platoons can be so powerful, thanks for the video i really
    liked the style and i appreciate the extra effort :D

  42. People still play this, oh wow

  43. what’s your wn8?

  44. would love to see a side by side video, would be cool to see them timed
    right but from different perspectives.

  45. I completely forgot this game existed

  46. Richard Gustafsson


  47. It’s sad to see that not many people have subbed to this channel over the
    past couple of months you’re a great youtuber but I think that it’s because
    you don’t upload often enough for people to sub

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