World of Tanks – Duel of The Fates

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Source: Anfield


  1. it wont let me see the video

  2. well that was rather impolite at the end lol….

  3. The way the music changes as you react to it is perfect.

  4. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better.. that ending was amazing.

  5. The best part is Anfield preparing his reaction.

  6. That arty shot was worth the wait! Bahahahaha

  7. Why did he reply like that ??

  8. the music came back in right after he fired

  9. haha shitter anfield arty has to carry your shit ass kappa

  10. That arty is salty.

  11. Anyone knows the name of the music ?

  12. I see you fixed the title.


  13. 3 year twitch sub …….get fukked haters

  14. Fucking destroyed with that PM

  15. this was even better with WoW music :”)

  16. Not available

  17. In case you read this 13 90

    Never underestimate the power of the dark side.

  18. Anfield looks like a kid that just got a his first console

  19. Galactic shitter

  20. No idea why you are surprised , this map is the worst map for arties, if he did 1k damage, it wont show it is a bad player. I can not count how many times I won the game alone against lights. His last position was very strategic position, he could see left back, left front , middle and right front. and he focused on middle like a master player. I dont need to tell why but if opponent would be heavy , he should focus left front side

  21. Fuck, that meme was nice and spicy.

  22. lol, “get wrekt shitter”….priceless. He didn’t carry shit with the 900ish dmg, but he did win you all the game. Don’t think that justifies his shitter comment though.

  23. Your expression is priceless!!!

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