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. Today obifrank going to remind us why the KV-2 still the daddy of the durp!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Looking the teamchat, first thing I thought was “Black Prince, go back to base, go straight back to base, don’t kill any camping arty and don’t ruin my pools medal”. Almost went horribly wrong 😀

  2. Gotta let your Kv2 crew get drunk enough first to land the good shots. I noticed after a few mins once they’re proper good and plastered that my shots are like laser beams of death.

  3. KV2 used to need the 152 when it was just the second turret of KV1 and faced tiers VIII-IX at tiers V.
    KV2 had always been the great equalizer with his large bore HE.
    Type 5 is the top of the food chain. Extra large derp gun with special premium shells is just trolling.

  4. the kv2 actually told the bp to protect the cap

  5. Still I prefer the 0-I for the armour and good ap pen

  6. I have amaizing RNG in my Kv-2

  7. hey QB, could you show us Strv 103-0 replay, rarely seen any, thx 🙂

  8. I think there would be a riot if war gaming dropped the kv2

  9. You haven’t featured the amx elc bis on the channel for a long time. Would you please feature the amx elc bis in an episode again?

  10. Arent HEs in this tank better way to deal damage?

  11. I only liked the KV-2 after the demolishing of the previous generation of KV-1S.
    It’s a good tank and at least I don’t meet it THAT often any more. Not sure if it is coincidence or what.

  12. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Ahw derp me daddy !!!

  13. O-I is better it has more hit points more armor more pen better accuracy and a little more higher damage and every time i play a game with a KV2 THEY CAMP i cant blame it i has less armor than the soviet tire 6 TD even the tire 5 Japanese heavy tank the O-Iexp can destroy it well before they made the O-I exp rubbish now it has the annoying British tank gun that shreds its enemy

  14. i would be proud to do that much damage in a tier 8

  15. No, Type 5 is fucking retarded for the reasons stated…
    …Still gonna get one though…

  16. Word daddy has been do sexaulized that my kids are gonna call me bruh or some shit #youneedsomememesincomentshaha

  17. I go to my jageroo

  18. Hey QuickyBaby nice clip on a roll of a D20 it would of been a 20 (critical hit) and he smashed it

  19. Bought kv2 yesterday
    Subbed to quicky
    First vid he uploads: kv2

  20. what i do when everything does wrong is press Alt + F4

  21. Sometimes lose and always win

  22. I found my very old replay of my KV-2 earning a Tank Sniper medal!

    My go to tank when the MM has been designating me as a pinata is the Matilda. It is a fun challenge and I earned 8 Levahslaiho’s medals in it while you still had to destroy two tanks two tiers higher in your medium tank to get one.

    The Type 5 Heavy is a terrible tank. It is slow, the reload time is long, and while each shot always does some damage, they never do enough damage. When it finds itself face to face with an E 100, it does about 500 damage 2.4 times a minute with its premium rounds while the E 100 is doing 700 damage with its HEAT rounds three times a minute, so the Type 5 loses every time it encounters an E 100 or Maus. While it does more damage to other tier X tanks, those tanks can easily damage the Type 5 at a faster rate than they receive fire. If I find myself in a tier X match, in a Japanese super heavy tank, I would rather be in a the O-Ho. With all of the premium rounds going down range, the O-Ho’s armor is not that much worse than the Type 5’s and howitzer on the O-Ho can fire at up to four rounds a minute, so the DPM is much better.

  23. Daddy of derp!:D

  24. My (go-to) tank is still M4 Sherman with the 105mm brilliant little tank also fun for 1 shot T67’s ?

  25. Another video with fullgold user… So fun pay to win games

  26. Just imagine, T34 hulldown vs Type 4 Heavy.

    And remember T34 has 246 penetration.
    Always aiming for the weakspot:

    You shoot- you bounce
    You shoot-you bounce
    You shoot-you bounce

    Type 4 heavy shoots you in gun mantlet, deals 650 damage.

    Is it fair? i think not.

  27. The difference between the KV-2 and the Type 5 heavy is that the KV-2 is easy to kill on its reload. The Type 5 Heavy is certainly not!

  28. 11:11 well he told that BP to go back as he thought that the arties would cap

  29. Bad replay -_-

  30. No I have to agree. When there are tanks in a “balanced” game that you cannot do anything to, and they can easily rip you to shreds, and you meet them on a regular basis? That not only would, but should make people upset. It’s simply not fair for a GAME to be like that.

    Everyone should have a shot at winning in a game. Skill matters, of course, but when skill is trumped by your opponent simply being in a Defender or a Type 5 and being completely impenetrable, it’s completely against the spirit of gaming.

  31. DURP, Durp never changes

  32. Cruiser 2 is best low rank derp

  33. In fact, the APHE (historically) should have 111mm of pen at 100m, and the shrapnel would break French tanks in half… But we’re on WoT ☺

  34. Barbarian firing fireballs? Mixed classes 🙂

  35. Војвођански Коњаник

    Happy new yer to all!

  36. Missing your living room ? Go to tank when all is going wrong? KV220 as it confuses most opposition. Happy new year. ?

  37. You should put out a KV-2 replay every month!

    You should get together 15 v 15 KV-2 only derp fest every now and then with your subscribers!

  38. Accuracy in russian tanks doesn’t matter as long as the power of stalin guides your shell

  39. i played 60 games in my object 140 and i have a %40 win rate. kill me

  40. Joseph Vissarionovitch Djougachvili A.K.A Staline


  41. MarianForStreSs Clash Of Clans Replays

    Skill4ltu best

  42. he talk with BP in order to def the base! when you talked about Type5Heavy qb

  43. QB “reads” the comments
    Most of the people want the old background and what does he do? Keeps the greenscreen

  44. replacing the KV2?? I doubt that this will go down well with players

  45. Go to tank is the tier 4 Matilda.

  46. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Happy new year Everyone!

  47. My go to tank is the KV 2 and i have over 2k games in it, with over 150 tank aces

  48. Well the type 4/5 heavies are really annoying I bounced 3 times using premium ammo in a chieftain!!

  49. Is the Matilda the best tank for tier 4

  50. If the kv-2 is the daddy of derps, than the Type 5 is the mother of derps?

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