World of Tanks || E-100 vs Prokhorovka

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I'm playing in the T10 heavy the E-100 which was recently made into the -100.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. And a good player. I am not fan, but yes, he is a good player.

  2. +Some Thing Don’t worry, the reason why I don’t see that us because I’m
    tired of tier 10 battles. Now I just watch KV-2’s camping.

  3. +Ville Lepoaho take a break man 😛

  4. Emilien Gosselin

    I’ve seen IS-7s scouting the field on Malinovka…

  5. +Emilien Gosselin maus or t95 climbing up the hill on fjords (east spawn),
    E100 going downhill on the east of el halluf, etc. etc. its all possible in

  6. +Some Thing It is possible for a Maus to rush in middle of the map, but no
    way a light tank would grab his balls and scout

  7. Божидар Димитров

    Damn, you absolutely shut him. (no hate bro, cool you remembered about the
    KV-2 :D)

  8. +TheCentorus you do realise that the german gun is a 155 mm?

  9. Its a 150 mm on e100

  10. Havent seen it so far 😀 thx will look out for it on my hd100 😉

  11. +Jan Pieper easy to spot right on the upper plate looks like an artillery
    shell or so T92 firing AP and not pening 😀

  12. +GamerFI Wtf are you trying to say

  13. are there sence to call me idiot?

  14. +kakhoofd 75 You mean the clan icons? If you have XVM you can download a
    file that has all the clan icons and then you can show them in the panels
    like that. Looks like QB doesn’t have all the clan icons downloaded.

  15. Zed 😀

  16. +waveman99 challenge accepted.

  17. EfficiencyBestMetric

    +QuickyBabyTV Have you ever played any FPS games? And what is your opinion
    on them.

  18. +MrDaniboy98 xDDDDDDDDDD

  19. +Philipp Dudda think he was more referring to the alpha as being the
    biggest of any heavy

  20. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    +Philipp Dudda KV-2 only has a bigger caliber (152 vs 150) but the actual
    gun (howitzer) is small, just look at E-100 gun size…

  21. Igen biztos

  22. Markus Klingenberg

    +Pepijn den Boer I guess you are a troll, i don’t think somebody can be
    that stupid to believe that comment a long time ago was meant in a serious
    way, right????

  23. Emilien Gosselin

    There was a match on Abbey where QB randomly played against Circon. QB was
    in his E100, Circon in his E50m. QB killed Circon by jumping on him, and
    then he said (for the lolz) : “e50m is weak”.

    He never said it was a bad tank

  24. Pepijn den Boer

    I know that moment, but qb plays the e50m only for the lolz with ramming,
    it’s just 1 of the better tier 10 tanks

  25. Emilien Gosselin

    Everybody has its own tastes 😉

  26. Aggressive, but with back up, you sidescrape shoot your awesome gun and
    pull back and wait untill the enemy has shot your teammates(except when you
    are toptier)

  27. +J Vilander
    QB scum 😀

  28. Emilien Gosselin

    You need to be in a platoon to do that though (or very good support)

  29. +Infernal969 well said 😀

  30. +Game Talk same here xD

  31. +Game Talk Oh ja das ist sehr gut

  32. Always funny if you are german to hear them

  33. Nein, bleiben Sie im Tank und Kampf Feigling!

  34. +LeVex00 where?

  35. +Sachsen Gamer 5:30

  36. Yeh the 62a was definitely just trolling because good players rage on qb
    for some reason? Prolly because of all the qb fanboys that think he is a
    wot God…when there r thousands of players that r much better than qb.

  37. +DEANOGTO Maybe…. l2p?

  38. +Grammar Nazi
    i have a 52% win rate solo and i can do well on every other map but this
    one so shit for me

  39. Ahh yes, I remember now, those counts as spam :/ nvm if someone reports me
    for typing first that is kinda sad 🙂

  40. tomas zwanikken

    +Lewis Johnson also kinda sad to say first in the comments 🙂

  41. TBH was my first time saying first on the comments xD

  42. +Levi Tubak its the HD… defenetely the HD

  43. Why would he even use SD?

  44. +J Vilander I don’t know.

  45. +Levi Tubak QB is not a peasant, he uses HD

  46. +newhoped how? he even gives some tips at the end? are u drunk?

  47. +Nicolas Oneto KV-2 is arty!! 😛

  48. +David JR can you understand what a joke is?

  49. Cody_sage_ in_HD

    +Nicolas Oneto i believe he said “tier 10” heavy tank

  50. +Bjorn Stevens +QuickyBabyTV I love you’re vids QB 🙂

  51. Love you are vids lol

  52. I love your videos QuickyBaby* and second to be reported for spam! Yey!
    (Sorry I’m a grammar Nazi)

  53. +J Vilander yeah sry saw to late

  54. +JADuffman Duff man being a SNUFF man

  55. +MasterOfRevenge kimochi

  56. +Legotank007 since when did reports do anything, never. They do jack shit
    and they only make little kids feel like they accomplished something.

  57. +Many Miles Away But the NA server was down last night…?

  58. +DamonM Roger He says the E100 has the biggest heavy gun in the game. It’s
    a fact. Don’t be a troll.

  59. +DamonM Roger Wrong. The FV 183 has a 183mm gun. Troll somewhere else.

  60. +ChronicCoding I’m not being a troll, +Parkour/Challenges Said *biggest gun
    in the game* So I replied with the largest one I could think of.

  61. +ChronicCoding Also, just to say, the largest caliber gun is the 240mm on
    the T92.

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