World of Tanks || E-100 vs Prokhorovka

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing in the German heavy the E-100 which was recently made into the HD-100.

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  1. very unproffesional of you QB to hang out one player, very childish

  2. You and Jingles showing people that spamming gold in the E100 is not
    necessary. I actually kept track for awhile and found I was bouncing more
    gold than standard shells so it was a waste of money. Overall I was doing
    more damage with standard shells.

  3. Kv2 has bigger gun ;D

  4. hahaha did you learn your german from german porns?

  5. WG put the HEAT ammo holes into the tank way before the match starts. maybe
    they know something? :P

  6. Detjon Alitjaha

    Hey peoples i just wanted to ask I just buyed a new laptop with an nvidia
    850m grafik card and I7 processor and 8 ram and I’m not sure if I can run
    games like world of tanks war thunder or cs go on still high but not very
    high grafiks 

  7. Omg! No arty and players aren’t camping hard. How could that ever happen?
    Guess those artynabbs just lost one of their few arguments.

  8. procarofka map can be having to sit in one place and wait who will come out
    first most of the time, therefore i dont like the map and i think wargaming
    should make it less campy and more moving around.

  9. Hey QB, love your vids man. Can you do one on how to play the upper tier
    Chinese mediums? I love the firepower, but the gun depression has been
    getting me killed…alot lol

  10. Linkin1994 [PTS] <3 <3

  11. It is nice to study maps like what you have shown us in this video.
    Could you show us, how did you move the camera around the map?

  12. What is Ik he’s channel??

  13. Lol 2 fat Germans in the bushes

  14. The IS-3 looks so beautiful in HD

  15. Hey QB,
    Great video. Keep doing these kind of videos. Greetings form Germany and
    your video is awesome. Bitte mehr deutsch in den Videos. 🙂
    LG Colin

  16. You are my favorite
    Youtuber I watch your videos every day I don’t have A pc account but I have
    a Xbox account if you do can you make a q and a and if you do can you tell
    me your Xbox live gamer tag.

  17. QuickyBaby…please help me on how to change the HitLog position because it
    is merging with the tank counter on the top!

  18. Ohhjaa das ist sehr gut 😀

    Grüße aus Deuschland

    Nice Vid 

  19. Nice game
    Cant wait till i get my e 100″)

  20. Im from Germany and when he began to speak german it was very funny 😀
    schnitzel and Bratwurst Haha :P

  21. QB play the t30 now that it has a accuracy buff

  22. Prokhorovka, I feel “camping the road” is a fail most of the time even in
    Encounter mode. I rarely get the type of team coop it takes to win that

  23. Dmitry Korolikhin

    It is pronounced prOkhorovka, not prokhorOvka

  24. Daniel Sedlarević

    I’ve been playing in my E100 recently, I have a realised that not only you
    don’t need to shoot gold, but if you’ve played with Tiger 2(and not just
    free xp your way up) you’ll learn how to play with 225 mm of pen, which
    turns out to be enough if you know where to aim. But of course, almost
    every E100 I fight against is shooting gold, making my armor paper.[BAD
    WORD/INSULT] those players

  25. Good vid QB i need the help with Tactics. :)

  26. Vilmos Gärtner

    That T-62A is a hungarian youtuber. :D

  27. 1.nice video like every times 😉
    2. I’m german so it sounds soooo funny if you speak german , but i have to
    say that it isn’t very worse


  28. Great video and your strategy is the best way to win on this map. It’s just
    not easy to get random teams to deploy properly to pull it off without a
    platoon to back you.

  29. kannste aber gut deutsch XD

  30. E 100’s camping in the bush, now I’ve seen it all

  31. TheCheaterofall

    Damnit, already saw this one on the stream :D


  33. and where did the enemy purple t62a finally get spotted at ???? all the way
    back in the corner of the map ……. all damage farming / no skill 🙁
    shame on him
    aaaah ja, sehr gut 😀 i have to admit your german is getting better quicky

  34. Actually the kv2 has the biggest gun on an heavy tank 150 vs 152

    • Божидар Димитров

      Damn, you absolutely shut him. (no hate bro, cool you remembered about the
      KV-2 :D)

  35. Please do more of these map analysis 😀 they are really helpful for

  36. Actually it has the 2nd biggest gun on a heavy. Kv-2 (152)

  37. jaa
    Schnitzel und Bratwurst.
    Greetings from Germany! :D

  38. QuickyBaby play on Eu server ??

  39. Qb 😀 i am german and i love your german accent :’D it’s so hularious 😀
    Love your videos, go on like this, you’ve got all my support 🙂
    Gj in your e-100 was my first t10 tank too
    About phrokorovka (howvere you’d like to spell it :D) i think the fiery
    sailent map ilhas quite significabt differences over phrokorovka beavause
    of the craters and racks, especially when camping in the west and when
    driving lightd and poking the ridge pine in the middle
    Still its a very good map in both variations

  40. Sehr Gut schöner Panzer :P

  41. Parkour/Challenges

    301 Club!

  42. Anyone having the problem since the HD update that tanks look ugly and very
    unsharp from medium range when looking at them in 3rd person?

  43. QB you are wrong the kv-2 has a 152mm :)

  44. Csongor Márton

    lol Linkin

  45. Linkin :D

  46. Great map tips QB,, would love to see more tactic reviews like this!
    thanks man..

  47. Nilly and Omer Weiss

    Loved seeing u playing the e100 , and pushing the enemy hard, as this
    behemoth is meant to do.

  48. i also love the destructed model of the E100 because there is a shell that
    didnt explode so its stuck right in the fron look really cool i think thats
    the only tank that has a stuck bullet on the model

  49. Hey qb, so you mind using the Pershing in a stream or do a replay for it,
    the new HD model is amazing on it.

  50. I think that hole on turret is also good as beer opener.

  51. IamThe V Rinzlr

    pls play an IS7 replay, wanted to learn more about it.

  52. as soon as i get with my scouts on prokharovka im always driving too E1.
    And QB… your english accent while speaking german is so awesome, i love
    it! “Common Ik, i ate to many schnitzels uend brätwürste.” xD

  53. I love this map

  54. i guess you need to speak some german in the e100
    ja das ist sehr gut :P

  55. i wait when i get M103 amazing tank, but are it bad if i sold my T30
    because i didn’t like it and i was so close to get T110E4 and i don’t even
    like E4 he calls me idiot because it :D

  56. No arty = maybe nice game :D

  57. i wish they’d get rid of prokharovka, lol, its to easy of A map for

  58. QB your German is awesome! “Tolles Video”

  59. Someone knows what those icons mean next to some of the tanks at the stats

    • +kakhoofd 75 You mean the clan icons? If you have XVM you can download a
      file that has all the clan icons and then you can show them in the panels
      like that. Looks like QB doesn’t have all the clan icons downloaded.

  60. The unseen E100 is the deadliest.

  61. Ah one of the campiest maps being played not campy. Nice. Challenge: do
    it on Swamp. Lol.

  62. doubleutubefan5

    love the video QB. Had some great tips. The key thing for me personally is
    execution of tatics. I always have great plans for the game and then….
    failure haha

  63. Linkin fanok diszlájkoljunk együtt! xDDDDD +MR_Linkin

  64. +QuickyBabyTV Why there isnt a profit counter in your xvm?


  66. Hjalmar Wänstedt

    To be honest the Kv-2 got a gun that is 2 mm bigger than the E-100 :p

  67. no arty because arty ruins the game

  68. you really need a new intro :D

  69. i know this will make people mad but if you use premium ammunition you are
    playing your tanks wrong!!!

  70. nope the KV2 has an bigger gun 🙂 pls do another video with the KV2

    • +Philipp Dudda think he was more referring to the alpha as being the
      biggest of any heavy

    • PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

      +Philipp Dudda KV-2 only has a bigger caliber (152 vs 150) but the actual
      gun (howitzer) is small, just look at E-100 gun size…

  71. +MR_Linkin

  72. TheFlyingPotato


    B-b-b-bird bird bird, b-bird’s the word.
    B-b-b-bird bird bird, b-bird’s the word.
    Well-a don’t you know, about the bird.
    Well everybody knows, that the bird is the word.

  73. this video is fake, it’s on fiery salient >:D

  74. Pepijn den Boer

    QB, cry more please. I dont know why you call the e-50m weak, but it’s
    really 1 of the best tier 10 medium, you got armor, mobility and a really
    good gun. I give the t-62a guy 10 points, because he is right.

    • Markus Klingenberg

      +Pepijn den Boer I guess you are a troll, i don’t think somebody can be
      that stupid to believe that comment a long time ago was meant in a serious
      way, right????

    • Emilien Gosselin

      There was a match on Abbey where QB randomly played against Circon. QB was
      in his E100, Circon in his E50m. QB killed Circon by jumping on him, and
      then he said (for the lolz) : “e50m is weak”.

      He never said it was a bad tank

    • Pepijn den Boer

      I know that moment, but qb plays the e50m only for the lolz with ramming,
      it’s just 1 of the better tier 10 tanks

    • Emilien Gosselin

      Everybody has its own tastes 😉

  75. Prokhorovka is only for camp more bad than Malinovka.

  76. Ja, das ist sehr gut!

  77. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    thats easy said being ina e100 but a maus couldnt do that no way infact
    maus is useless on maps like that and malinovka

  78. Hungarian youtuber linkin

  79. yea,linkin 1994 bighead retard(sorry)

  80. 7:27 two big brothers in the bushies!! :D

  81. Hollywood Falcon

    This game was way funnier on stream. QB you need to show scout maus

  82. Snipers sit back in “arty positions” just within render range of that
    “heavy snipes east hill” spot you highlighted. They are far back enough to
    hide from middle spotters to go forest if needed or flee east to fly up the
    bush line to control the east side. It works the same either side.

  83. Sebastian Richter

    I would need some help with my A-44 I need a “how to play the A-44” video

    • Aggressive, but with back up, you sidescrape shoot your awesome gun and
      pull back and wait untill the enemy has shot your teammates(except when you
      are toptier)

  84. Fiery Salient, not Prokhorovka :)

  85. Slow lightly armored medium tanks vs Prokhorovka (Type 61)

  86. I like the analysis + replay. This is a map I was never quite sure how to
    play in my heavies

  87. The Queen of England

    I once took out one of them E100s with my FV215b (183), It was the second
    world war, pesky Germans.

  88. Terrible match.
    There was no crucial part of the game called artillery to balance it out,
    prevent camping and make the gameplay fun for everyone.

  89. Hey QuickyBaby if you where to make some maps made easy videos where you
    basically did what you did with the end of this video that would be really
    helpful for the people like me that are not wot geniuses and if you already
    have them and i missed it you should make them into a playlist or something
    Thanks Man always great watching your vids

  90. QuickyBaby could you do a vid on the Maus love that tank i know its not the
    best but its worth the atrocious grind all the tanks you have to put up
    with what are your ideas on the Maus?

  91. Artys made this game good.

  92. I couldn’t stop laughing when you began to speak german xD!

  93. QB this replay was uploaded on youtube before

  94. Pragerovy Příběhy

    I love, how Ik always saves something. It has to be a pleasure to play with
    him. :)

  95. oh ja das ist sehr gut :)

  96. I don’t think the T62 was whining or being a loud mouth. I think it was
    more of a reference to this “E50M is weak” and “QB is weak” meme.

    • Yeh the 62a was definitely just trolling because good players rage on qb
      for some reason? Prolly because of all the qb fanboys that think he is a
      wot God…when there r thousands of players that r much better than qb.

  97. I hate this map so much it only works for me in tank destroyers in heavies
    im useless in this map and mediums for the most part too and in a light
    tank its boring. i play solo and i dont play arty because it is extremely
    dull and boring.

  98. OMG E100 is my fav! GJ QB!

  99. First

  100. Quickybaby, what Client do you use the HD or the SD? 

  101. Useless video.

  102. yo, quickybaby the bigget gun on a heavy tank is the 152mm kv-2 derp gun

  103. whats brown and sticky?

    a stick

  104. First?

  105. first

  106. Please never do puns again QuickyBaby

  107. MasterOfRevenge

    pomf pomf

  108. first, maybe

    • +Legotank007 since when did reports do anything, never. They do jack shit
      and they only make little kids feel like they accomplished something.

  109. Ilovemaking SANDWITCHES


  110. First, you are awesome QB

  111. Hey guys I hope you enjoy this hybrid gameplay / map analysis. Was an
    awesome round for me in my first T10 tank!

    The domination game mode has been delayed so I can’t play it today!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Ikzor!

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