World of Tanks || E-25 – 1 vs 7 – 300k

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Demitri01 is going to show us why the T7 German premium tank destroyer the E-25 was removed from the shop a year ago going 1 vs 7 in the 300k competition.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I’ve liked all your winners up until now, but this guy broke that steak. He
    showed a lot of poor play that was only not punished because he was in a
    tank so overpowered that wargaming discontinued it. this tank has one
    weakness which is it’s penetration, and that can be fixed by throwing gold
    at the problem. the AT and the T-29 A are both examples of players who
    played against the E-25 correctly by keeping their frontal armour towards
    it, but our “hero” here fortunately had plenty of cash to throw at them to
    negate their intelligent play. every issue he came up against was easily
    handled by some overpowered feature of his machine, not by individual
    skill. The only remotely interesting thing to watch from this replay was
    the ram, and that would never have been necessary if he hadn’t been showing
    such lazy play in the beginning of the match. however it’s not my money,
    you can give whatever you want to whoever you want.

  2. I would never dare to ram that Panther in the front, I’d swing inn from the

  3. hmmmm? Spamming gold in a op premium tank,we can all do that. not really
    impressed with that

  4. What a game!

  5. Of course.. the OP Tank of doom

  6. when am 1. Vs N they are full hp , higher tier and better

  7. entertaining replay

  8. meh he got lucky skill was average but thats my opion

  9. all the people complaining about how bad this game was, and still no one
    dares to downvote the video.

    Voting the video in a proper way is quickybaby´s way of seeing if his
    community likes the content or not. If u dont like videos with bad
    marksmanship in strong tanks, downvote the video.

  10. Lots of whiners here complaining about wasted ammo. Sure he wasted a few
    shots early on because ha had tons to waste and most games don’t do on so
    long. But he moved brilliantly and with great instinct. I thought it was a
    great exciting game and much better to watch than most I see. What a load
    of whining know it all’s here. So sad, jealous human nature at it’s most

  11. JUST AWESOME glitch. REALLY WORKS, I Got 20.000 Gold!!

    its on google here =>
    World of Tanks || E-25 – 1 vs 7 – 300k

  12. da fuck how did he pull of that ram without killing himself that’s crazy

  13. *VERY* well played E-25 match in terms of positioning and use of terrain.
    However as mentioned you should ALWAYS try to make every shot count in this
    tank as you will run out of ammo pretty frequently if you don’t.

    I’ve got exactly the same problem in my E-25 where the ammo capacity is
    always a problem in the background, especially when you need to carry hard.

  14. Total respect…

  15. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    e25 is one of my fav tanks. I think his positioning at the start wasn’t
    great. in a td with low pen i think its better to suport meds in stread of

  16. Pay to win.

  17. Wow nice!

  18. Really bad aiming, cringe worthy at times, can’t be bothered to watch the
    whole video. I don’t care about how much damage he did or how many he
    killed because in the end it’ll be about view range fcking with tomato
    newbies in half upgraded tanks with 50% crews, in your 4 skill lol tank.

  19. Arnas Kazanavičius

    daaaaaamn traveld 6 km

  20. 4,200 damage is HUGE for the E-25

  21. Ok, he did win the game, but the ammo spam was horid. I mean, some of those
    shots weren’t gonna pen anyway and yet he still fired. I’m a joe average
    player, I would’ve probably panicked somehow and lost, but even I would not
    have wasted shots on targets I can’t pen, at least frontally.

  22. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    It seems like he is only doing anything useful when he loads premium
    ammunition, which leads me to think that WoT is now more than ever a pay to
    win game.

  23. красиво)

  24. only a cromwell b it was verry good i think this guy will get type59

  25. No this depresses me. I went 1v8 killed 7 and the last guy also an E25
    killed me. I reflect on that match alot.

  26. wondering why u call the t29 a a t25 😛 at around 01:58 :P

  27. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  28. 300k competitions always show a famous tank with good stats and dpm but not
    the unfamous tank that require skill and really hard to master..

  29. Saw how you play on Xbox, if you have the elite controller you can adjust
    the sensitivity in the download app, remap unwanted keys to the paddles in
    the belly of the controller, you can also try out different controller
    layout in the game itself, look forward for a Xbox play vid in tube

  30. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    he wasnt lucky, he just didnt need much skill (well in that way he was
    lucky). obviously the enemy had no clue what to do, and if youre against
    these opponents on a wide open map in an e25- gg.

  31. On NA server, right after they took the E25 from the gift shop, they had a
    mission for everyone to win an E25. I play on NA server WEST, which is one
    of the lowest populations of any WoT servers. So now, I see 1-4 E25s in any
    match with tier 7s. Unfortunately this means I consider E25s to be like the
    bad old days of Hellcat and KV-1S zzzz matches in tier 6. To be clear, I
    consider E25s to be a plague that has infected my small pop server. The
    play in this video highlights how often at tier 7 the E25 replaces a heavy
    tank on your team (re pref MM), yet E25 is not a tank you can rely on to
    take any hits for you (like the heavy it replaces). It is frustrating to
    encounter 2-3 of these [tactical redaction], on my team or as opponents, or
    worse 2-3 E25s on each team.

  32. I have one question, I seen all these rates tank replays you have posted
    like Pz 2 j, why not show us like a M6A2E1 replay

  33. Here we have an ok player, who has no clue how to use the e-25 (not using
    binoculars should be a crime), spamming gold, missing 50% of the shots, and
    winning a prize. Fair. Balanced.

  34. Христо Ечев

    WG thinking “This tanks is just stupid OP, but instead of nerfing it we
    should just remove it from the shop, so handful of people will be able to
    play it and troll everybody elses games…”

  35. What a player !

  36. That end kill was so casual lol

  37. noob gameplay.

  38. I hate this tank so much I can’t even express my aggressions… :D

  39. Top tier, firing a ton of prem, and he hit and penned only 34/60 shots.
    This is probably one of the least impressive replays I’ve ever seen
    featured on this channel.

  40. I love my E 25 this replay makes me want to play it 10x better.

  41. hero

  42. normal game with E-25

  43. Quick baby check out the new chaffee… its ridicules

  44. my favorit thing to do in the E25 is to go into a platoon of them and
    destroy the opposing team :)

  45. this guy has showed no skills.
    OK dmg, pools. competition was about kills and dmg. so he deserved that
    tank in this way. otherwise he was just lucky.

  46. All these fun vampires…where’s Jingles and his shotgun?

  47. Stop complaining about OP tanks, why don’t you get one yourself and play
    like this if you have skill to do so.

  48. i thought the ram was going to kill him, some bad aiming but overally a
    good game

  49. Not really that impressive battle, I had quite similar one one cliff. One
    vs 7 with 170hp trying to kill soviet monsters hunting me and trying defend
    my own base the same time. And I made it. But This battle wasn’t enough
    impressive even for warm-up for best replays of the week.

  50. dude holy shit over 4k damage in an E25 is pretty crazy! and somehow i have
    2 Kolobanov Medals and do not remember getting them…too bad

  51. E-25 is not OP!

    It’s a tank with insane mobility and incredible traverse speed, camo value
    that makes it almost invisible, very low profile, high DPM & overwhelming
    ROF, undiminished view range, ridiculous ammo capacity (that was squandered
    in this replay, nevertheless), a very accurate gun with low aim time and
    almost Mach 3 shell velocity, quite good gun depression of -8° and a
    preferential matchmaking. Multiply all this by 3 when it’s a wide open map
    with loads of bush locations like the map featured here!

    I can’t think of how many games end with an E-25 getting high caliber (with
    more than 3k dmg) and top gun and remains unspotted till the end of the

    E-25 is not OP… It’s more than this! E-25 is a bad, bad joke by
    WG! It’s just not fair….

  52. good at positioning but aiming just terrible..rng and luck just with him

  53. Seriously, what is up with this replay? Another average player that gets an
    enemy team full of donkeys and suddenly that player is praised as
    “skilled”. The enemy should easily have won but they were too stupid to do
    the following.
    1. When you are in a 7 v 1, don’t chase him! Cap the base with a few tanks
    and let the rest shoot him when he comes to reset!
    It’s called a trap, ask Admiral Ackbar about that!
    Seriously, the enemy team sucked because they couldn’t even figure this out.
    Again, a replay with 0 display of skill, just an average player who is
    lucky to get a really, really bad enemy team.

  54. Just finished my night shift. Night bus home to E4, jingles and quickybaby
    with some 420, peace

  55. I’m kinda new to the PC version of world of tanks and I wondered why the
    tanks in the PC version were more expensive then I see you with all these
    tanks you truly are pro

  56. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    This thing makes me want to rebuy t49.
    But its not the same cloaking device as it once used to be(for good i must

    I just wish it was a premium tank and i cud still cheat in the low tier,
    low view range games. Pure Unadulterated Evil I tell you,. Pure
    Unadulterated Evil.

  57. how much does the e 25 cost?

  58. The matchmaking is really why I stopped playing WoT. I mean seriously, how
    do you expect a tier VI heavy tank do do anything against a tier VIII tank?
    There are a few exceptions but for the most part, the tier VI heavy tanks
    aren’t really good enough for +2 matchmaking, to say nothing of the medium
    tanks. Personally, I think the matchmaking is really only in there to force
    people to pay for premium tanks so they can progress to tier X as fast as
    possible so they get a decent match-up somewhat reliably.

    I played 9 games in WoT today, and in all but one I was mid tier or bottom
    tier, with the majority being bottom tier. I mean, how do you expect a
    Pershing to do decently in a tier X game without firing premium rounds?

    The matchmaking is not intended to get people good match-ups, it’s intended
    to make people pay for premium rounds. That’s it. That’s the only reason
    why they won’t introduce +1 matchmaking.

  59. The armor of the e25 is made up of cardboard held up with some gum.

  60. What do you guys think of the VK 3601 (H)?

  61. I personally love the e25 and often have ammo problems as well 😛 nice
    match overall!
    QB can i make as request for you to put session stats into your mod pack? I
    love the simple features of it but miss this a lot. Additionally could i
    request an in-game ability to see who else has xvm enabled? As a fellow
    unicum im sure you hate getting focused as much as I do and would like to
    know b4 hand if im going to get one shot. If you can’t/wont do these things
    for whatever reason could you link some trusty mods that work with your
    modpack for me to use? Thanks.

  62. I hate it when QB shows replays of OP tanks.. I end up hoping the enemy
    team wins.

  63. WE FUCKING KNOW WHAT AN E-25 IS. I’ve lost so many 6v1 games to this or
    just die right at the start for no reason

  64. So this experienced player was top tier in an OP premium tank against
    players that were statistically terrible compared to him and they probably
    had bad crews and inexperience. He seal clubbed, and he wins the replay
    competition??? wow

  65. Just call it a Pz four, not Vier, you use the English version for the E25,
    E100, etc, so just use Four for the variants of that tank please.

  66. Damn, fantastic replay. This guy did pretty damn good.

  67. can u make a vid where u play world of tanks blitz for mobile

  68. I remember when I stopped in front of a e25 once I learned that was a
    mistake real fast!!!!

  69. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Wow someone did well in an E25, what a fucking surprise.

  70. Not impressed this time.

  71. Apologies for the stupid question, but when did the Jagdpanzer IV get

  72. wow..noob team and enemy lol

  73. You know it sucks when you win a 1 vs 4 in a SU-100M1 (unlike the E-25,
    it’s not utterly broken) without arty, do 9 kills and 4.5k damage and your
    replay is not chosen. Oh well. That’s live for ya.

  74. Its a good job he won the competition so he can buy back all the ammo he
    wasted that game.

  75. He’s not using coated optics. I have coated optics on my e25 and I have
    better view range than him/

  76. I don’t expect to see my video, but I like ones like this :)

  77. this is better, I like seeing people with tanks that have no armor do good,
    thanks quickybaby

  78. and another mediocre crappy replay

  79. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Incredibly fun tank. But at the same time the E-25 is very expensive to
    play since you need apcr in order to penetrate most things.

  80. Did you guys know that they gave these out on the NA server? You had to do
    195000 over the period of a month… And now most games have atleast two.
    For a period it was unbearable because there was 6 per match. Wargaming is

  81. broken tank, broken game

  82. that ram !!

  83. lol scuttling

  84. Can someone suggest me a good modpack for realistic gun sounds?

  85. see this is why I don’t like the e25 . Good for crushing reds but not good
    for credit crunching, and for me that’s the main reason I play premiums. I
    mean 30k profit on an epic game like that? That’s the kind of profit I make
    on a bad game on the Su 122 44. But still congrats to the winner.

  86. THE “Infamous” PIE

    removed January 15

  87. My name is Dmitri…

  88. …no detailed report. How much did he lose on that game?

  89. Well, he deserved the t59 more then this E5 play… but nice video thou

  90. I find videos that i dont have any chance of owning anymore quíte

  91. next time KV1 against tier 3 tanks, please

  92. everyone bitching about bad aiming tomato enemy why not go kill 13 tanks
    and send it in if it’s that easy

  93. brilliant display. his performance even up to 5 vs 1 was great, and then he
    just owned the enemy

  94. Napoleon Blownaparte

    About the precision of a stormtrooper

  95. This tank is fast but the gun is weak. Which type of tank should of a good
    gun. I killed this thing with my m4 jumbo, cause it’s armor is weak.

  96. If it’s stupid, but it works…

  97. I do not find this replay that impressive, it was underwhelming for me.
    There have been a lot better replays displaying great skill and outplays,
    this is not really one of them. Still a good game, just not great.

  98. Such luck, much skill (not), very Kolobanov’s, W0W

    QB that’s what I think that you just went through when you did this
    replay… seriously. Please get a more skilled-base replay than this >_>

  99. epic play nice work

  100. In my first game in a Hetzer, I got a Kolobanov’s.

  101. Its funny how so many people are commenting saying how badly he played and
    aimed… and how they could have done better. I didnt realise there were so
    many unicum pros in the game.

  102. Big deal I sent you a 1 v 8 E25 Kolobanovs ages ago you never watched it :P

  103. Lol this guy shoots like 45% player ..most of his shots are miss or just
    point the enemy without aiming and bounce.

  104. Well deserved!

    OK – he wasted quite a lot rounds at the beginning of the game but how
    could he know to end up against 7! enemies. Tactically he made everything
    right keeping in mind to have a limited amount of ammo left and three
    arties still waiting for him. And the 4xxx DMG are also quite impressive if
    you imagine that this tank makes only 135 on average.
    Well aimed e.g. at the cupola of the AT15.
    Would be interessting to know what crew skill he had. Even with rammer very
    rapid firing. I gues he had at least three perks on that tank crew.

    Conclusion: Great play!

  105. if that e25 got nerfed like all the td’s he probebly woundn’t have won

  106. GG! idk what everyone else is talking about, you cant say this wasn’t a
    good game

  107. I think this replay is better than E5 farming damage of tier VIII and
    ammoracking an object… This replay should’ have won the Type 59.
    But it’s just my opinion and it’s QB’s opinion that matters, awesome game

  108. What’s with all the hate for this video? Hate for Demitri01, hate for QB.
    There’s a lot of bitterness. Did someone kick your puppies, people?

  109. Not that much of an amazing replay but its still better than the one ive
    sent…this only comfirmed that i wont win anything hahaha

  110. what do the coloured names mean? are they for the type of tank or ???

  111. I have enjoyed so to say ALL of your videos up to now and generally like
    what you’re doing. But i dont like this one.
    And i have to admit it’s just because of the E25. That tank was tanken out
    of sale for a good reason, i.e. it ruins many peoples fun. And yes, that
    guy played very well, especially as soon as he was alone. He really let the
    strengh of that tank shine, but i’m just sorry for those other 7 players,
    that they had to face an imho too imbalanced tank.
    no, no, no, dont like it

  112. Is it possible to sell a premium tank in your account to somebody else? Or,
    is it legal to sell your whole account? I have loads of premiums including
    the e-25 and i’m thinking of ending my tanking career.

  113. there are i believe 6 shermans in the game

  114. what a fantastic replay! gg mate

  115. You should sell your E 25 if you don’t use a camo net and binos.

  116. Stupid wot and its imbas.

  117. Jesus Christ, how many times do you have to check the Penetration on the
    prem shells before you remember?

  118. I hate e-25s … But now I kinda wish I knew how to get it lol

  119. I love rushing Tiger 1s head on, on flat ground, they can’t hit you xD

  120. I feel like the map rotation for this tank has been nerfed. And now I never
    seem to get any big open maps which this tank thrives on. Probably just me

  121. @Renhox Deer 50mm on the f front and still manage to bounce the 88mm L56

  122. @Erik Gaitzsch you can get it back, asking for it at wg.
    If you didn’t claim back any other tank.

  123. @Dv8 spamming*

  124. @Dv8 speaking gold rich is worst.

  125. The E-25 really needs to get balanced. Like, at least a gimped maximum
    ammunition count and a price increase on gold shells

  126. oh look, it’s the kolobanovs medal. surprise, surprise, surprise.

  127. How the heck do you get the minimap so big? I’ve tried pressing + but it
    doesnt work

  128. Good game

  129. Bringing love from the QB stream

  130. I don’t really mind that Demitri won for this replay because even on my
    best plays I can see sloppy driving/shooting as I ease into the match
    sometimes. It’s definitely a good watch and 11 kills ain’t easy no matter
    what tank you’re driving. Still, I wish there was evidence that someone
    even looked at my replays… I tried to play some more unconventional tanks
    since I thought that’s what QB wanted when he posted the contest rules.

  131. This tank is wrongly dimensioned in the game, it should be 50% bigger.
    However, textbook play from Dimitri01. Very nice game

  132. pretty good game but still TERRIBLE aiming for someone with green stats…

  133. Hajrá magyarok!

  134. And another good player with extreme luck in a hardcore tank as top tier

  135. Wait, that was from 9.10? Isn’t that out of the competition?

  136. how many tanks left quickybaby

  137. Wow! Nice.

  138. Clearly shows how low the skill level is in this game.. he have 56%
    winrate, yet misses easy shots, he aint even that good,.. Just to damn many
    bad players in this game, best decision of my life, to quite WoT. no

  139. Waiiit, an E25 weight more than a GW panther??

  140. This wasn’t all that impressive. Lots of spamming instead of proper

  141. Oh okay, this type winners only in this 300k competition.. Soo bulshiieg

  142. Well played, but it was mostly potato peeling. And he does not seem to know
    how to lead shots on moving targets.

  143. lol that aiming like in movies with Bruce Willis

  144. 04:45 12+14=36…….sure

  145. I sold my E-25 more than 1 year ago, when i was a noob :'(

  146. E25 is my Happy Tank 🙂 . TDS

  147. He got tons of lucky :/

  148. I solute this guy

  149. Dancover “Daniel” XP

    i prefer my e25 replay, but good for him

  150. Sixty-Sixth person that commented. Omg… World Achievement.

  151. Hello Quicky, i downloaded your Modpack for not so long ago (9.12) but it
    doesnt show how much armor ive blocked, it doesnt show how much health
    people got left (if you hold alt). Any suggestions??

  152. Awesome game, great play on the end. Deserved win for sure.

  153. Last time i checked 12+14=26, not 36 :D

  154. I have a question on the tank barrel what dose the strips mean like is it a
    certain amount kills you get with the tank? Or what

  155. well i say it again i think this tank should be removed for good or atlest
    neaf the damn cammo rating..

  156. aim. your. shots. -__-

  157. what do you guys think of the KV-5

  158. Can’t believe it went to an E25, that tank is so broken.

  159. Nice driving and ramming!!

  160. dont give anything to those gold noobs

  161. And what was the price?

  162. nice example of how gold rounds take a perfectly balanced little tank and
    make it OP when you can just double tap the 2 key for the win vs even heavy
    tanks frontally

    free to play forces piss poor design choices like gold rounds that in the
    end undermine the game and chase off its player base

  163. Wtf he only did 4.2k damage

  164. Hey quicky, what’s up with WoT Generals, are you going to review that

  165. I find this pretty unfair because he showed horrid marksmanship throughout
    the entire game

  166. you say front armour is only 50mm on the front but i bounced an APCR round
    in ISU-152 of non angled front -_-

  167. That’s a nice T-25 @ 2:00

  168. I’d like to see someone doing well in a tank that’s not super OP

  169. I was really sad to see the E25 go… ordered one online and it didn’t
    arrive… it was sent to someone else’s account by mistake…. then as I
    reordered it, I received a message saying it had been discontinued…
    Thanks again Wargaming!

  170. Make your wife play wot

  171. gg new winer ?

  172. he didnt really use his ammo wisely

  173. WHOOOOOO!!!!!

  174. would love to have that tank

  175. i love ur videos ur the best!!!!!!

  176. yasss

  177. nice game. QB how do i send art i produced to you?

  178. E-25 vs any number of enemies is easy peasy, love mine

  179. Dang

  180. I came from stremu haiiiiii!!!!

  181. All good E 25 action

  182. Haven’t been this early before.. gotta think of a joke quick

  183. 3rd commenthey qb can u share my elc amx game 7035 spotting damage

  184. World of Tanks Videos


  185. Richard Michael Hanratty

    love the vids keep up the good work

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