World of Tanks || E-25 is Being Removed…

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Today Heisenberg599GTO is going to show you why the T7 premium the E-25 is going to be removed from the shop!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Goodbye E25 :(

  2. Hey guys I hope you enjoy this video the E-25 swan song if you will.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik 🙂

  3. 1 less Op tank

  4. 360p!!!!

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  6. Erik Knutssønn Espeland


  7. Sadacy Geometrydash

    Hi QB! How to get the T28 htc on test server! Is it going to my real garage
    too if I Do the mission?

  8. ilarionas avgoustou

    why the video is only in 360p?

  9. I hate e25

  10. Greetings from Latvia

  11. No, no, no, NO.

  12. I just bought it because of this!

  13. I bet they will sell it in a 100USD pack bundle in the future lol
    “Of course, being in this select group also means that there is still a
    possibility of it being obtainable through other methods, be it special
    events or as a reward for participation in contests or competitions in the
    future.” well let’s see

  14. 〈--- Literally FAST food

    FRO MTHE SHOP? STOP USING MISLEADING TITLES! It is 2014.Dec 18th, 18:14,
    and the title of the video is “World of Tanks || E-25 is Being Removed…”

  15. If we bought it to we still keep it I have it since 3months ago

  16. heisenberg :D

  17. first

  18. e25 with it’s well sloped armor,perfect camo and very quick firing gun has
    always been very op. IMO WOT is taking it out of play for a quick cash grab
    at Christmas. 🙂 

  19. I think after this, all this will just repeat with the SU-122-44 as people
    search for their OP tank fix and the problem will just persist until all
    premium tank destroyers are removed unless they apply the same nerf to camo
    rating to premiums as they did to the normal TDs

  20. I think they should rework the spotting system in general. .. tanks dont
    turn invincible once they are more than 400 meters away . i think it would
    be much better if it was like some patches ago without the silhouetts and
    it would be perfect if it was like war thunder…visible ..always .camo
    would still work if the net actually would put camo on you .

  21. goodbye little flea 🙁 


  23. EEy guizee!

  24. Good think this thing was in my hands just after the mighty TOG II*


  25. Too many e25 i would say too many IS and SU 122.44 

  26. OP tank, finally removed .. thank god

  27. For me borsig camo is too good as well

  28. Or this could be a strategy by wargaming to get the players to buy a a e25
    before christmas so that the war gaming staff get some bonuses, I believe
    in free speech and all, so I think I won’t get too much hate for sying
    this, but I really don’t think this thing is OP. Also the KV-5 is not in
    the ingame store, but any (good) KV-5 driver will tell you it’s a unique
    But hey what do I know, this is just a shity line of text in section of
    youtube comments. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. E-25 too OP. Good they removing this tank from premium shop.

  30. remove all premiums so not very good players will stay more at lower tiers

  31. SAY MY NAME!

  32. The game has so much been shifted in preference to mediums and lights that
    in effect it is WarGamming that has unbalanced the game. I don’t care what
    their ‘stats’ showed… I have played 20k matches and never saw any OP
    nature for tank destroyers. Especially those without turrets. If TDs were
    so OP than why didn’t the 704 and Obj263/268 rule in every tier 10 match?
    Was my SU-122-54 OP? HELL NO!! All they did was bow to the pressure of a
    bunch of whiny players complaining about ‘invisible tanks’ in the forums.
    They need to stop reading their own forums and concentrate on just adding
    content to the game. All these map revisions and tank re-balancing crap is
    just a waste. Adapt and move on.

  33. The walker bulldog has at least as good a camo rating /w a turret. I don’t
    see the E-25 as being any different. Is the gun really any better? I doubt

  34. In my opinion the SU 122-44 is balanced by the fact that it can see tier 9
    tanks. I have the E25 myself and it is pretty OP because you just wreck
    tier 7 tanks. I have an average damage from about 1200 damage per game.
    also I play this tank relay aggressive. I use coded optics, vents and a gun
    rammer and i use it as a scout the first minutes in the game. in the mid
    game i just go full ham.

  35. If they really wanted to reduce the numbers of E25 being played, what they
    are doing would be counter productive. This “Get it while you can!”
    promotion will cause people to buy it who otherwise wouldn’t have.
    Removing OP Premiums from the shop instead of nerfing them just creates a
    caste system in the game between older players who get to seal club in
    unfair machines others don’t have access to and newer or less wealthy
    players who get raped by such unfair machines without even getting the
    option to at least even the playing field by getting those OP machines

  36. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.


  37. Wargaming cannot handle its own tanks anymore? Really, really sad display
    from the company. If the camo rating is that much of an issue they just
    have to continue nerfing it untill it no longer is OP, being the exception
    of the general rule ofcourse.

  38. You’re fucking kidding me?! E-25 is getting removed!? I will miss them
    little bugger! R.I.P. poor tank! You’re memory will never fade from our

  39. You would have to be dumb or poor to not own this tank already. 

  40. Well i have an Type 59 and an E25, i aint even mad XD

  41. I just had loss where I made 103,400 credits. Ran out of shells and lost :(


  43. The kv-5 is in the shop agian :)

  44. I’m glad I already got mine. The tank is a blast to play!

  45. Fuck the E25 remove it completely!!!!

  46. just another retarded move by WOT like almost every other one they have
    made, this was a good game when it first came out, but now it is slipping
    on the bad game slide

  47. thx for the video QB plus i cant w8 to see your livestream!

  48. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    Hey QB, will you play War Thunder tanks now that the american tanks are
    out?? PLEASE!!

    Also I am glad the E-25 is getting removed!

  49. su-122-44 isnt as good as it sounds i have a lot of bad MM and a lot of
    bounces on t8 and t9 +- 700 dmg in a t9 game

  50. I am glad this shit is getting removed, it has retarded accuracy, aimtime,
    rof, camo and mobility. They are annoying as fuck also. I am glad some OP
    premiums are getting removed. One gone, the rest are waiting.

  51. Finally the stupid tank of the game is gone!
    i really hated E-25

  52. I have found it is quite balanced, atleast better balanced than the
    su-122-44… I have no trouble killing the average E25 player… It may be
    good in the hands of a good player but so is every tank

  53. Well best buy em before they go

  54. Iulian-Gabriel Troeanu

    I’m not a pro player but i heard e25 its hard to play at his full capacity,
    so i don t think they should remove the tank from the shop, on NA are not
    too many e25s and its ok , maybe on EU are to many e25s

  55. It was about time…….

  56. In my opinion the su 122 44 is way more op than the e25

  57. If there is anything at tier 7 in detrimental numbers its the damn T29, not
    the E-25. I saw at least 3 T29s for every E-25 prior to the announcment
    that it was being removed.

  58. removing almost doesnt change anything… it is too late… almost every
    tier 7 game has an e25 and its one too many because it is overpowered as
    hell. These fucking DPM monsters just ruing game…

  59. note the awesome 30x zoom mod ;D so useful

  60. Is it being removed from the Xbox 360 version too?

  61. Suprisingly well played by a yellow player , flawless round!

  62. Is the common test over?

  63. At what time do you start the all day live-stream, QB??

  64. The announcement is a bit of a cash grab it seems. They know its popular
    and putting an announced deadline incentives more purchases and they even
    extended the premium shop sale to slightly after christmas which is more
    than likely a huge time to purchases with people who recieve money,
    giftcards, ect.
    For me, it just shows wargaming’s willingness for creating an unbalanced
    play environment for a bit more money; even if for a short time. I’ll still
    play, but I am wary of some of these business practices and I won’t be
    purchasing an e25. 

  65. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Holly crap, seeing that it will be removed the E25 looks even more
    tempting…. The next type-59-like “noobsdream” tank.

    Anyway, its great that they remove it, that tank is supertroll when top

  66. 12:31
    I wonder what “3 603” is in English! XD

  67. *looks at video title*
    YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

  68. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    i find that e25 isnt that accurate, it says it have 0.3 acc but for me that
    doesnt seem true. is anyone else finding this? (just my opinion)

  69. Life points ? Nice qb

  70. its about the matchmaking, the su 122-44 meets T9 Tanks the E25 not. Thats
    why the SU 122-44 never will remove from the shop.

  71. Yep e25 is a bit op, the best is to nerv the premiums to stay in the game.
    The e25 have a amazing dpm 2815 in a tier 7 tank its absolutely wow, and
    the op camorating make this tank to the best td in the tier. Perhaps the
    best td in the game?

  72. So you’re telling me that every permium tank that is powerful is gonna
    either get nerfed or removed that is retarted, what is the even the point
    of having them in the game in the first place. 

  73. finally that stupid op shit removed

  74. If they change premium tanks, ppl will whine like hell, demanding moneys
    back etc. they really need to test their tanks before releasing them. Or
    this will happen

  75. I never had a problem with it. To be effective, it needs a good players
    that knows what camo is in the first place and then, how to use it. There
    are not that many of those players around so I dont see it as a problem.
    Only problem I sometimes have with them is when a platoon of e25’s rushes
    my light tank position at the start of the game. I cant defend from them
    but it would have been the same if they were in a 3 light tanks so that
    doesnt realy count as an problem realy.

  76. Even if it was camo nerfed. Most play it in a 3x toon. And there are 2-4 of
    em in every tier 7 game. Bad or good camo. Wg knows its to many of em. And
    even if they did “balance” it. It sill would not be around in the shop
    And DO NOT BUY IT NOW. Wait for the Xmas sales on all premiums. As it will
    be in the shops, not just in game.

  77. It’s only over powered in the hands of a good player. It’s difficult to
    spot, yes, but look what happens when it does get spotted. I like that the
    video also demonstrated that as well. Everyone penetrated it, from every
    angle and range. If it is being removed because there are too many of
    them, that’s one thing. OP? Meh…I can think of much more OP German
    TD’s. Looking at you, WT E-100…

  78. So you don’t get tank mastery badges in a premium tank?

  79. WG announce earlier in the year – a prem tank will be removed – so the
    whales buy all the tanks
    WG announce recently – E25 to be removed – all the people watching and
    thinking a buy one suddenly run out and buy one…
    WG kinda make people realise that you wont get it on discount and will need
    to pay real cash to get the discount…

    WG … milking your soul – one tank at a time.

  80. As long as they don’t nerf it :)

  81. Thank God. I’m sure E-25s aren’t that dangerous to other tier VII tanks,
    but to those of us who are still grinding through Tier V and VI, this thing
    is a damn monster. Anything with no armor that can kill heavy tanks with
    impunity—either be being completely invisible even as close as 200 meters
    away while blazing away with its gun, or circling and blasting a larger
    tank with that ridiculous speed, traverse, and rate of fire—is overpowered.
    A tank destroyer shouldn’t be able to dogfight, that’s what medium and
    light tanks are for. Tank destroyers are for sniping, and when you make
    them too capable you get matches where you have teams of ten TDs per side,
    like I’ve seen plenty of times.

    And you know what? The TD camo nerf was needed. TDs still hurt, still make
    good snipers, but now they’re not ridiculously overpowered about it. Before
    the nerf people were afraid to even drive towards the enemy base, now
    they’re willing to risk it more because they know that even if they die
    their team can spot and annihilate the camping TDs. The E-25 needed that
    camo nerf, as well, as it’s got too many other things going for it. The
    rate of fire, the incredibly tiny size, the well-angled armor that
    miraculously bounces anything smaller than 120mm, that gigantic camo
    rating, and the ability to speed and maneuver better than most light tanks
    in the game… Damn thing is overpowered, and if you argue it’s not then
    you’re either lying to my face or you’re an idiot.

    So good riddance. Damn wallet warriors crying in their tea can suck it.

  82. It’s good on open maps like malinovka but terrible on corridor maps and
    city maps. Imo it’s rather underpowered than overpowered.

  83. heisenberg. He must be referring to the german scientist

  84. I wonder why they didn’t just raise the price, instead of removing it
    altogether? I play mine a lot and I actually don’t see them in such
    numbers, as to warrant a complete removal, in my opinion. They used to be
    far more common, right after they were released. And most people aren’t
    very good in them anyway, as they’re challenging to play really well, but
    in the hands of an experienced player, they’re extremely dangerous and can
    do insane things. I think they were perfectly balanced by the paper thin
    armor and low caliber gun on one side and speed and high DPM and accuracy
    on the other. I’m glad I have one, it’s my most played tank. I always have
    exciting games in it, whether I lose or win. 

  85. The best way to make someone buy something is tell him/her that its limited
    edition or it’s not going to be available anymore from a certain date. It’s
    called “creating urgency”.

  86. FINALLY!!!Justice served

  87. He went full retard at the end, he could have kept running and simply
    interrupted the cap from cover to the point that they wouldn’t have had
    time to cap and then just ran. 3 shells would have been more than enough to
    accomplish this. That was some poor play at the end, even though a draw is
    a loss for both teams it would be better than handing them a win like that.

  88. Why didn’t they just nerf it?

  89. Good riddance I say. I’ve seen this little beast bounce shots from the rear
    by BL-10 guns.

    Its basically an ELC AMX, with a high rate of fire 75mm gun that can give
    tier 9s trouble if used right, an off the scale camo rating and
    ridiculously high speed.

  90. just got my E25 thx QB for letting us know…

  91. Nooooooooooooooo 

  92. E-25 is not OP. Period.

  93. Proplem with E25 is that if :
    You nerf the gun = it gets shit
    You nerf the camo= it get shit (instant death)
    you nerf mobility= you die cause you cant runn => tank gets shit

  94. I wan’t the E 25. :(

  95. so… when he gets removed to a Specialeventstank, wil it nerf the

  96. I was allways afraid of E-25 … then I buy LTTB 😛 


  98. Quickybaby you made a mistake you said spotted 7 tanks but he destroyed 7
    tanks just wanted to let you know.

  99. Not exactly a fan of the click-bait title…

  100. There seems nothing more OP than a platoon of 3 e25s. For some reason,
    those are always a group of such good players, it gives it a sure OP bias.

  101. Why is the aim circle always the size of Russia in these replays?

  102. If you want to talk about OP, and having an advantage, what about this guys
    zoom mod?

  103. where can I send you my replay for heart break ? 

  104. aww man i just bought it :/

  105. they should fully remove it. its to op. rate of fire, camo, dpm, op and in
    3 man platoons of e25s are ridiculous 

  106. All hail su100y

  107. The removal notice has caused a surge in purchases. Last night every round
    I played in those tiers had at least one E25 whereas previously I rarely
    saw them.

  108. Im a 2nd mark of excellence player as well!! Welcome to ths club

  109. wow bad lose

  110. And once again we see Wargaming ignoring the fact that the spotting system
    is what’s broken. It’s not the TDs or the E25 in particular, that are the
    problem strictly speaking. It’s the fact that unspotted tanks aren’t
    rendered by the game so no amount of player skill or good tactical sense
    can allow a player to counter a stealthy tank.

    And if they really thought the problem was with the E25 then they should
    just nerf it appropriately. Removing it from the shop is absolutely the
    wrong way to handle the issue.

  111. The dev’s fears have come true. Top gun is a hero medal if you get it you
    will be given full Experience and credits for a defeat as the winning team

  112. bann su 122 44,stb1 dpm on t7 is very very op

  113. why is it being removed ? 

  114. Karel "GoWFAN" Manda

    “they didn’t want to nerf tanks bought with real money” yeah, like when I
    bought type-59 back in the day when it was good

  115. Make a 113 review.

  116. Will we still have it if we had it b4 the patch???????

  117. you make it sound like heisenberg is the reason why the e25 is being
    removed lol.

  118. I don’t understand how they thought this was a good idea…. Just nerf it?!
    Why do you have to remove it completely? It seems lazy and not well thought

  119. Just by removing it from the shop does not fix the overall problem, to my
    mind it should be balanced & if WG’s customers want a refund then they
    should give it. Why don’t they nerf the camo & enhance the credits it can
    make or something along those lines. I would think most owners would be
    happy with something like that.

  120. Guess I need to make an account and buy one before they’re removed. I only
    play on 360 right now but plan on playing on PC once I get a good enough
    computer and setup.

  121. Great, LT can’t even spot E-25 in a short distance. That is bull-shi*

  122. Noooooooooooooooooo

  123. Funny how WG is removing this, supposedly because it’s like TOO
    good…….hmmmm maybe it’s just a good tank, in that case WG better remove
    all of their top tier RU tanks.

  124. Golden Gaming Channel

    do they get their money back if they remove the tank? if not wargaming is
    going to get alot of complaints 

  125. I am glad that I could buy my E 25 yesterday, I had the golds for it :D

  126. BadDriversOf Georgia

    This is many of the reason why I uninstalled this game all there doing is
    taking tanks and never adding new maps.

  127. “And he spots the TAYGAH” Best moment xD

  128. Damn, I wish I didnt sell mine now…

  129. wtf.. For a game in E 25, with 4732 damage, aswell as 4593 assist damage, I
    got 3304 base experience with premium. And THIS got more than me..? You
    know why? Because kills themselves count for far more than they should. I
    got three.

  130. Better grab myself a E-25 now 

  131. Kinda glad the E25 is gona be removed. Almost all my tier 7 and 8 i see at
    least 1or 2 e25 and they generaly dominate the game

  132. BUY BUY BUY!!!!

  133. Removed from SALE not the GAME

  134. The problem I SEE,
    tends to be its a quick scout, gets many hits…. but few kills..
    what have you seen in this that a SMALL tank cant do in tier 7-9..This is
    an exceptional battle, as getting a T7 battle is SELDOM..
    And the enemy is idoits, NOT grouping up and rushing cap.. or RUSHING HIM

  135. everyone is missing the point. the E-25 is not a problem. the problem is
    that the upper tier tanks are all unbalanced and its mostly TDs that are
    the issue. Jdpz100? it has a freaking naval gun and can do 1000 plus
    damage. the Death Star. it can do 1500 plus damage…and i’m talking with
    one shot!

    the entire game needs to be re-balanced but that would take a tremendous
    amount or work and would alter how the game is replayed. so instead they
    tinker at the edges.

  136. too much zoom…

  137. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. whats wrong with them heading out the store of you already have one? ;P
    lets hope for new tanks now! 

  139. WG>EA

  140. I had so many games that i lost because of ammo problems with my e25. When
    playing it, it is so tempting to fire blindshots with the high fire rate.
    But my Top Tip for this Tank is to control your trigger finger and do not
    fire as much blind shots as in this game. (Except you see you hit as
    against the tiger.)

  141. Well I couldn’t afford these premium tanks anyway.

  142. Its a money grab pure and simple. Its OP and if they truly wanted to do
    something about it, they’d nerf it like they did with Superpershing.

  143. “Heisenberg showed you exactly why this little terror was removed from the
    shop”. Whiners?

  144. more Type 64 replays plox

  145. The E25 also has insane DPM for its tier. It even has higher DPM than the
    JgTig. 8,8cm.

  146. That E 25 should’ve not fired at the T25/2, but just run away up the hill
    and try to avoid his enemies. If thei started to cap, with 3 shells left he
    should be able to damage them just a moment before the cap was filled so
    that the game ended as a draw.

  147. I think it is your fault!

  148. i had a e-25. i loved it at first. untill they changed lots of the map. and
    i started hating it

  149. No probs I was 1 vs 3 against those pesky TD’s but killed them all. I was
    in a Hellcat

  150. I don’t agree that the E25 is an OP td, I have owned it since I got
    recompensated for my Super Pershing after they nerfed it. This TD just
    carries a more contrasting weaknesses vs strengths that makes only able
    players who can handle its great weaknesses to be able to make most of its
    potential! Meaning it is skill, hence by definition not OP.
    It really is a sad excuse for an obvious moneygrab by WG (with the
    announcement plus timing). The E-25 (although it didn’t make as much credit
    as my SU-122-44) was and still is a really fun td that many others will
    miss out on from Jan on, BUT its definitely not everyone’s cup of tea!

    BE WARNED: This match seemed like easy fun because the player knew the TD,
    the terrain, and the game mechanics. In addition to having a fully trained
    stealth crew. So do your research before assuming the E25 always plays like
    that and possibly regretting spending money on it.

  151. on the subject of Heisenberg puns, you can know how fast an e25 is moving,
    but not where it is

  152. finally!

  153. Like this comment if you are watching this in 2016 (just a suggestion).

  154. How to fix the problem with people buying the “op” premium tanks. Nerf

  155. i dont get it. why cant they just nerf its camo after firing? they nerfed
    other premium tanks as well without thinking about paying costumers, like
    t34, super pershing, type 59 and so on. removing it now will just result in
    people buying it, resulting in even more people playing it. this is pure
    greed by WG, to milk their costumers to the last drop. really shabby
    business practice right there. they cant balance their tanks for shit.

  156. Rayquaza Protector of the sky

    I don mind the E-25 … the SU-122-44 should have been the 1 removed :/

  157. you just know there was some fishy RNG going on to of left him at 15
    health, i bet nearly ever tank who shot him rolled low

  158. I don’t mind e-25 drivers that much
    Can’t even pen my front using premium rounds, so yeah 

  159. YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. This tanks only weakness of poor pen is really a weakness because it gets
    preferential MM. 

  161. erm… WG….. why not just nerf the dpm?!?!?! WTF???!!

  162. This is a classic case of buy it while you can , money maker … What’s the
    next tank to get the chop? , I can see a day when all the tanks are pretty
    much the same “the day the game dies”.

  163. The 22nd will be a sad, sad day! The E-25 is one of my favorite tanks and
    can say how much I enjoy playing it. Everyone that doesn’t have one should
    go get one right now!

  164. I hate fighting E25’s, so I am glad that it is being pulled, I still think
    the thing is overpowered.

  165. Hope they remove all op tanks from the game. With platoon and premjoketanks
    its to much power. Good for good players and sucks for lonley players. But
    this game is for platoon and moneyplayers :(

  166. ” I am the one who knocks… every 3 seconds … with 75mm shells…”

  167. When QB said that WarGaming was going to stop selling the e-25, I went to
    there website and got an e-25. Thanks QB.

  168. Is it just me or was QB trying to sell this OP tank at the end of the
    video? Isn’t the idea to have fewer, not more, e-25s?

  169. im gonna buy myself one when it’s on discount just because it’s part of
    E-series and im on a mission to collect all E tanks

  170. NUUUUU I really wanted E-25 when I got a good PC…Welp, guess my only
    option is to get it on Xbox then…

  171. it doesn’t need to be removed… just nerf it like the rest…. i hate that
    lil thing when playing heavy tanks ¬.¬

  172. WarGaming is just going to nerf it once you can no longer buy it. WG just
    wants your money.

  173. Yes it’s being removed I got banned just to get this tank out

  174. I can still use the one I have already bought right?

  175. And……

    …. bought!

  176. This e25 craze is great for my m12 =) they think they can hide in the same
    bush and BAM 870 hp gone cuz of their propensity to believe they are
    invisible =)

  177. Will it be completely removed or will people that own it still have it?

  178. How do you get marks on your Gun barrel ?

  179. bullshit i snipe 3 uni-cunts E25 with my KV2 AP and 1 shot kill them all

  180. 599GTO is a ferrari. TY top gear.

  181. how long before the SU 122 44 is removed?

  182. if wargaming thought it was too unfair then they would have pulled it wth
    no warning. now theres the fear in loss so sales this next month will

  183. That was strong play. One of the very few things he did wrong was NOT
    backing off from the bush until it became opaque and then shooting the

  184. song at the very end? 

  185. Being that QB said that his tactics of playing this tank with its camo
    ratings encouraged people to spam the tank, im gonna conclude that QB is
    responsible for the death of the E 25

  186. if you have it can you keep it or will it be removed from your account?

  187. Reducing camo bonus from non-premium TD only was big mistake… If they
    want to do it, they had to do it to all TD, because its unfair P2W feature,
    AND, its unfair for other non-premium TD players as well.

  188. Kaiser Franz Josef I

    wargaming has just lost alot of money

  189. They should have just nerfed it like they did with the rest of the bush
    cancer clickers. If I was WG I would have nerfed it and removed it from
    player’s garages with a gold refund that way if they still wanted it they
    could rebuy it.

  190. Looks like the E 25 will join the Infamous Premium Tank Group soon.

  191. And they same the game is not p2w..

  192. My bday is jan 28

  193. As an E-25 driver, i agree, the camo rating needs to be nerfed like all the
    other tank destroyers. Its just too good when you have a full camo crew,
    camouflage paint and a camo net.

  194. I doubt the SU-122-44 has long then. It’s always outperformed the E-25 on
    the NA server.

  195. So help me if quickybaby is partially responsible for the removal of the
    E25 and I DON’T get my money back… He can expect an hack coming from
    me… However if it stays in my garage or I get my money back… He is

  196. Hey Quicky! I recently watched your “Being the good guy” video and after a
    few rounds of WoT on the XBOX I saw many people doing just that. It was
    amazing to see a completely random person in their Tog II* use them self as
    a shield for my platoon mate and I, who happened to be tracked, and who
    eventually became one of our fellow British Heavy-Tank platoon :D

  197. I’m glad I already have one! I suck in it (sub 40% WR), but watching this
    video helped.

  198. ALL the references :D

  199. RiechMarshall Nimitz

    What is the zoom mod used?

  200. E25 is a great tank. . . It depends if the person driving it is a good
    player or a moron. 

  201. Say my Name. 

  202. Prefer that they’re removing it from the store instead of a nerf.

    I’d be one of those clamoring for a refund if they nerfed it, I bought it
    ages ago because it was good, and they haven’t touched many prems at that

    Only one I recall them nerfing was the Spersh, actually.


  203. Well I got my brand new e25 and there selling the kv5 the new t34-85m and
    the btsv!!!!!!and another tier 3 with a 75mm gun called the dueler 

  204. I feel so sorry!
    All the way through the video, YOU have lost yourself. It seems more like
    you are in a moneymoment. Making more people “want” to purchase the E25
    prior to its removal.
    You dont have your feet on the ground anymore 🙁
    It is weird what people are willing to do for money.

  205. 122-44>e25

  206. It will probably become like the kv5, available on rare occasions in the
    shop. Perhaps if WG actually thought about some of the changes they make a
    tank like this wouldn’t be a problem. The good news is they are not going
    to just kill it off by making it worthless like they did with kv1s.

  207. A fun little tank. 

  208. E-25 is over powered

  209. We all saw this coming, so I bought mine on sale earlier this month.

    Love this thing. It’s only OP if you are. I am most certainly not, but I
    still do very well in it.

    I don’t know why they don’t just remove the camo bonus from premium tds,
    this tank will still be very good. I rarely get the benefit to work anyway,
    usually just get spotted, as there are not many sniping spots left in the

  210. Jesse! 

  211. With WG, ‘removed’ and ‘never ever available again’ are not the same thing.

  212. If they actually nerfed the E-25, less people would buy it. Because think
    of it, if it’s TOO good, that means it has something other tanks don’t such
    as the better camo rating since the nerf on TDs. If somehow it got a nerf
    on it’s camo, view distance, etc. Something to almost shut it down and make
    it a skillful tank. Then less people would buy it or play it.

  213. Good Riddance !!!!

  214. My match yesterday was nearly the same.
    But I had two enemy tanks in my base. And both thought this is won and went
    I killed both and in the end I killed a T29 but he killed me too….
    Defeat with 9 kills :D

  215. Re 3:35, you wonna know what is absurdly OP? It is FCM 36 in tier 3 battle
    with binos and cammo net, If anything they should take that thing away….
    right they just put BT-SV on sale on NA server so good luck with that. 

  216. It’s funny that WG are removing the e25 the day before the discount.
    I purchased the e25 a fow months ago on a discout and it is as overpowered
    as anyone says

  217. The tanks that need nerfing aside from the premium ones…are the Panzer 1s
    and Panzer 2s…quite frankly all tanks that have the rapid machine gun
    like fire capability…those guns need removed from WoTs…they are fucking
    annoying and overpowered…plus the armor on the panzers is op…i have had
    105mm howlizters bounce of the rear of a panzer 1 c…and the panzer 2 j
    needs nerfed or just removed completely…absolutely fucking over powered
    and the people who drive lower tier panzer tanks constantly are
    scumbags…fuck the panzer noobs…fire a real gun and maybe you would
    learn how to play WoTs like Quickybaby, Circonflexes and Jingles

  218. That was an epic game, he could have saved himself a couple of times if he
    had just backed off and shot through the bushes from over 15 meters away.
    Still would have run out of ammo.

  219. “op tank finally removed from sale” seriously??? op? ever encountered a
    deathstar or WT E100? heres an idea give all Tanks the same armour and
    Guns, jyst skin them differently for nations and then maybe people will
    stop whinging…….. JUST ENJOY THE GAME. :)

  220. They can have my E-25 when they pry it out of my cold dead hand.

  221. This does not solve anything, if there are too many of them now, there will
    be too many of them for ever. They should have nerfted them and offered
    people gold if they want. This is dumb.

  222. Quicky, you scared the hell out of me.

  223. Love it when people say the E25 is balanced and defend it by saying it has
    low pen……this effects the E25…..none. Its a premium you can spam APCR
    all day in it and make money.

  224. The E-25 *is* the danger.

  225. It isn’t really the vehicle that is good, it is the player controlling it.

  226. That zoom mod is forbidden isn’t it ?! 

  227. OMG Im playing this game for fun. And the fun is in variety of vehicles in
    it. Every vehicle is different more or less. Heavies are blind but tough,
    lights are like wasps flying around, TDs are snipers, arty are assassins
    from behind and meds are all work workers. Are you being bitten for 120
    every 3 seconds? Hide or show him frontal armor and pinpoint the possible
    location of this shooter. Maybe some light can go there and finish this
    bugger. Personally I dont understand whinning about OP tanks. Every vehicle
    in the game has counter vehicle.

  228. Noooooooooooooooooo!

  229. With those kind of puns, you would be a great addition to my friends XD We
    don’t have enough PUNishment during world of tanks yet 😛

    But I can agree with the removal of the E-25, sadly. Always fun to see
    these replays though

  230. I tried playing my SU-122-44 like a sniper for the longest time. But it
    doesn’t even compare to the E25 in that respect. Sure, alpha and DPM are
    tremendous, but the gun handling and the pen are rather lackluster. Not to
    mention that the tank is effectivly blind in comparison… And it sees tier
    9 matches! Do you know how hard it is to dmg a E75 with this thing? You
    can’t pen if from the front, and it’s not like my turretless ass can drive
    around him shoot him in the rear…
    No, I have started playing my SU-122-44 more up close and personal, and on
    the occasions when I get to be top tier it works pretty well (
    But I don’t really get why people compare it to the E25 in the OP debate.

    But then again, what do I know. According to XVM I suck at this game xD

  231. too many e-25? but i rarely see them in SEA server

  232. It needs to be nerfed not removed.

  233. Well, I have it and I enjoy playing this little monster.

  234. Did anyone notice that QB has a tendency to say the word Excellent very
    very similarly to Mr Burns in the simpsons?:))

  235. i bought it for real money a month back, i’m having pretty good games in it
    so far….

  236. Funny how I never had any problem with this tanks in the battlefield. Every
    time I see one of these in my sight I scream out loud: “Jackpot!” It
    usually go down with 2 direct shots.

  237. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Does it seem to anyone else that players are being driven to these premium
    tanks because wargaming keeps nerfing good tanks into the ground? That
    business model would make sense (selling premium tanks in their place) but
    then they ‘nerf’ the premium tanks too. I sometimes wonder if even
    wargaming knows wtf they’re doing.

    Also: do fallen tries act as a camo bush? I’m still not sure.

  238. Super pershing or e 25? Which is better to drive and more Credits?

  239. I purchased both the su122_44 and the e25 in direct response or protesters
    the td nerfs .
    As I have one don’t car if it’s no longer available . But war gaming must
    under stand that sniping from hiding Is a valid game style and as such sets
    it apart from other fps games . They should never have nerfed tds in the
    first place 

  240. e 25 is very noob friendly. camp in bush in base and gg

  241. I think they’re doing this to increase sales for the holidays, got to grab
    it quick before its gone! And more than likely you’ll see it again in the
    gift shop for special events which will also increase sales. Plus its very
    popular already and alot of people have them…. you’ll be seeing E-25’s
    for years to come no doubt.

  242. su-122-44 is miles better and the dpm is op and e-25 is just mobile.

  243. LOL 2 of my friends got the E25 2 weeks ago! Lucky bastards …

  244. How many players are used to play E25 like that ? Not so many, and how many
    have a chance to have such match making ?

    When you have good players in opponent team, E25 is always one of the main
    target as soon as spotted

    The E25 is a paper sheet making ridiculous damage, it’s only advantage is
    its camo

    Stop cry like baby…

  245. Why is everyone saying that the tank won’t be for sale anymore by monday?
    Isn’t buying it in the premium shop and in-game the same thing?

  246. This tank never needed to be removed with wargaming screwing with your view
    ranges and camo ratings being almost non existent in ranges of 420 m this
    tank was easily spotted and quickly killed and the very bad penatration
    means it couldn’t penetrate anything it’s camo rating whenever I play
    against it is almost non existent for the tank so I don’t see what the
    problem was

  247. Ironically I’ve only started seeing an abundance of e25s since the news
    story and people started panic buying them! It’s a good tank, but it’s not
    o/p. Plenty of ways of avoiding being shot by “invisible tanks”.

  248. An influx….I barley see these things at teir 7 on the NA server

  249. So OP, glad it’s getting pulled, now hit it with the nerf bat! Not sure
    what I hate more, seeing unicum platoons of these things spamming apcr, or
    seeing noobs with less than 1k games milling about in them. Now, do I buy
    one before Monday? :-p

  250. I don’t have a problem with the E25 they are easy to get dispose of in when
    you can find them. I don’t have one but now it’s going I’m going to get one
    before that go. 

  251. camoflage is the only 1 thing this e25 have.
    tier3 armor,tier6 gun with tier3 damage,…so camo is the only thing to
    keep this 25 alive.
    citymaps and this funtank is dead.
    how simple!

  252. Im never happy to see a tank go and on a purely selfish note I prefer it to
    be removed rather than nerfed, I bought mine shirtly after it came out.
    Its my go to tank when I want a lot of fun

  253. well tier 7 is going to be shit fest for a while with all the perma

  254. I should reroll and just play this so I can be purple like the cool nerds.

  255. I don’t think the E25 is overpowered. You can get good matchups, yeah, but
    all in all it’s not that massively good. The problem is, most of the times
    each E25 is countered by one additional T7 heavy for the enemy (at least
    that’s my feeling) and that makes it a little hard to win sometimes (if the
    map is not the perfect match for TDs).

    I had games with E25 platoons, where each E25 had a T7 heavy counterpart in
    the enemy team. In a T7 match. Have fun with the OP E25 on Himmelsdorf when
    the enemy has 5 T7 heavies and your team only 2…

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