World of Tanks » E-25, Spank you FoxHound!

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Source: MrFalkers

I received a gift tank and this my ‘spank you very much’ video of me playing it for the first time 🙂 ►Play Free

MrFalkers WoT Modpack:

Me on EU Forums
Me on NA Forums

Intro Music clip from:
Song Title: Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix)
Free download at
All credit goes to the producers for such an amazing track.


  1. Subscriber Spotlight coming up next tomorrow and on Sunday. Video making
    with all my might here now! :D

  2. little rocked ;-)

  3. You are never going to stay back and snipe, are you? :D

  4. One of my favorite tanks :)

  5. Good games. While it can be a bit situational and dies very fast when
    spotted, it’s just such a fun little tank to drive. :)

  6. Wot, cigarette and coffee 

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  8. I want this tank so muuuuch

  9. Great video falkers! Love your intro,s to all your video,s(free cam bits)
    could just watch them! Thanks for sharing 😉 

  10. Oh shit. Now we have to watch out for Falkers on the enemy team in low

  11. If u skill camo the wil see u until they are like right next to you… i
    like the tank alot and its a real money maker :p
    Well have fun with that tank!
    MM is special too because u will never ever see t9 (mm 7-8) and t8 only if
    u get unlucky… as i know u only play in the “night” more early morning
    lol u just get t7 matchup hehe great fun to play this and at this time
    especially with a tripple platoon of them!!! 

  12. I’m glad you got to play this epic tank. I have some awsome games in this
    fun tank. Check for instance this out

    rest of my E-25 replays:

  13. and for the love of god, retrain your crew to camo !

  14. Oh No!!! MrFalkers driving a TD? I laughed about the smokescreen, although
    I don’t think you needed it. You had some great games.

  15. Gj MrFalkers your channel is very good ! 

  16. Nice games Mr.Falkers 🙂 I have fun watching u.
    How many tanks have you got in the garrage?

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