World of Tanks || E 25 – Too Popular?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – E 25. Today _n0n4m3_ is going to demonstrate why the E 25 became so popular that it was removed from the shop.

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  1. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    if no bundle i would have purchased it dont need that much gold

  2. Now you got people that can’t play with E25, i won with a Balck Prince 1 on
    1 against an E 25 :-)

  3. hi quickybaby im new at wot and hope you can help me. i go the german line
    to the tiger but for me as a noob i got problems. my question is the tiger
    worth all the work? and shold i buy the lowe or t34 premium? or non of
    these. thx

  4. make the shells more expensive..

  5. Quicky are you saying the Pz B2 is OP???? Are you kidding me? I may not be
    the best player in the world, far from it, but that tank is NOT OP. As soon
    as a Matilda, Valentine II, TD’s and in some cases that awful crap DW2 spot
    it, issues arise of penetration by your, what, TIER 2 GUN!

  6. I can’t speak for EU but on NA we had a super easy marathon where you could
    get one for free. so really anyone that really really wants one unless they
    joined the game super recently, already got one for free.

  7. well qb they broke mm in 1 day. tier 7 games right now: 3-7 e25s but well i
    bought one too xD

  8. I hope the news ones being sold have a change to that pathetically cheap OP
    camo rating while firing.

  9. I have one of these and I’ve had some great matches in it. The one I really
    want is the Type 59 however I don’t think I’ll ever get one.

  10. E 25 is the sexiest TD in the game! Panzerjagers all the way!
    (Amerika_Korps Wants You!)

  11. Why would World of Tanks remove this tank? It’s making them more money.

  12. I’m about to cry, it won’t let me buy the e25 because the debt card isn’t
    setup for international transactions

  13. I notice this not only with premium tanks now but also with standard tanks
    now. The new Swedish tanks are just crazy with the TD’s at tiers 4 and 5
    being able to one or two shot full health mediums at their respective
    tiers. Armor is almost irrelevant now in game and I hear about mid tier
    tanks having “trash” armor. Just hit the 2 key and you can damage almost
    anything. This is coming from someone who owns tanks like the Revalorise
    and M56 Scorpion. They’re good tanks but really require some skill to play.
    Tanks like the Skorpion G and the two patriotic tanks the m4 49 and T26E5
    however just roll everything over with either crazy alpha damage or insane
    armor and penetration. Why can’t we just get more tanks like the T34 or the
    PZ 58 which are both fun to play but at the same time aren’t completely OP

  14. i agree!

  15. Give it 30 rounds ammo capacity and the OP ends. In reality they could have
    never ever fitted 60 rounds of ammo in this tiny vehicle.

  16. The cruiser mk 11 is a very overpowered tank when it has its derp howitzer

  17. Honestly qb ur ranting on about op tanks when ur most played tank the m48
    Patton was completely op until the nerf then u continue
    D to play it because u thought ur audience woułd think u only play op tanks
    so really ur gonna make this tank get nerfed so pleas shhhhhh

  18. I’m a console player so not sure if that changes interactions with the E-25
    but I’ve never had a problem killing it.

  19. I have no idea if you actually read these comments, but You need to take a
    look at a tank they are testing…the OBJ 252…..I think they are
    considering actually adding that monster….Just look it up on tanks
    GG….and its in testing…

  20. I hope QB really reads this and reflects to it later.
    I think the many nerf waves on thanks became very boring for the community
    and introducing stronger tanks might bring a new era for Wargaming, meaning
    that they can buff the other tanks to match the newly introduced ones.
    Buffing certainly sounds better than yet another nerf on something. This as
    a new strategy can save Wargaming from what QuickyBaby mentioned multiple
    times as becoming pay-to-win while changing the habit of nerfing to a habit
    of buffing.
    This would imply introducing a some OP tanks and instead of nerfing them,
    they would need to gradually buff the others, making owners of all the
    other tanks happier, instead of making OP tank owners instantly sad and
    disappionted with what they got for their money.
    That falls in line with a previous video update in which WG mentioned
    rebalancing the game from the ground up starting with tier 1 and going

  21. hey quickybaby can you do a Lowe review, is it worth it?

  22. I don’t see a difference between the pay to play power vehicles like the
    E25 and premium ammunition. I don’t generally pay to penetrate but many
    like yourself do, how much of an advantage does that expenditure of real
    world money provide?

    Turn the question around, what would your player rating be if you didn’t
    pay to penetrate or were not allowed to purchase overpowered vehicles?

  23. I need this tank in my life, been wanting it since it came out and nows my
    chance!… too bad I decided to buy chinese food today before I heard it
    was back and now don’t have enough to buy it. RIP hopes and dreams. XD!

  24. I hate the fact that a terrible player with the E25 can outplay a great
    player in a normal tank just through his overpowered DPM

  25. Most players at WOT are too stupid to use this tank properly and suck with
    it – so no problem.

  26. 50 euros for a part of a game!! man this sucks!

  27. Had a match in a tier 5 earlier, where 10 of the 30 total tanks in the game
    tonight were E-25’s. WG just completely destroyed MM for mid tiers by
    putting this BS tank back into the game

  28. No shit it gets that low of alpha and pen, imagine that 20 rate of fire w/
    0.30 dispersion with 320 alpha guns of other TD’s.

    As a top tier it is perfectly able to pen most tanks, as is in mid-tier and
    only at bottom tier you have some “issues”

  29. Hi quickybaby, a few things to say:1. The SU-122-44 has better dpm than the
    E-25.2.evan though the T29 can vet in tier 9 mm, it can do amazing.3.what
    do the missions do?

  30. WG need to nerf this tank…they need it. when i had the the T26E4 (the
    Superpursing) it was OP even tier 10 heavys couldnt pen a tier 8 medium so
    they say we nerf it and you can sell it for the same amount of gold.

  31. I only see two flaws in your reasoning.

    #1. Premium tanks, gold sales, and premium accounts are what pay for the
    game, the development of new features, etc. It’s great that the game can be
    free to play if a player doesn’t want to shell out money, but there’s
    really no basis for someone like the unlucky victims in this video to
    complain that the guy (who paid to keep the developers employed and the
    servers running) has a “better” tank than the folks who do not contribute.
    If we ALL stopped buying premiums, the free(loader) players would have to
    look for another free to play game very quickly. Likewise, if all premiums
    were horrible under-powered junk, and miserable to play, what’s the
    incentive to pitch in and buy one?

    #2. While this particular premium may have some very handy characteristics,
    they mean jack squat if the operator doesn’t play it well. I’ve smoked
    plenty of E25’s in standard tanks. My favorite was the extremely lucky
    one-shot from an O-I derp gun that had the E25 driver claiming I must
    obviously be a hacker because he thought he had an untouchable magic tank.

  32. In my opinion I think that they should get rid of the e25 it is way too op

  33. Of all the premiums I’ve bought and sold, the E25 and the Skorpion will
    always stay in my garage.

  34. This guy is using a cheat mod in this demo. I mean its against the rules to
    use a mod that lets you lock on a target and stay locked on them even
    behind cover. Why do you promote this garbage? I even think you use illegal
    mods. The auto-aim in the game does not allow you to lock on targets even
    when they go behind cover and it does not aim for you, it only locks the
    target but you got videos where your making snap shots without ever even
    aiming and your going to say your clean? You guys are like a cancer.

  35. Make WOT Great Again! :D

  36. do you have any replays about the M6A2E1? or a review?

  37. Whether the tank is op or not, you’re being a little hypocritical. As a
    collector, you should understand those people like myself that see this
    tank played all the time and having only played after it was removed from
    the game have been ACHING at a chance to pick this up.

  38. +QuickyBaby I am mostly free to play and I understand your perspective.
    This isn’t an advertisement either, its a forewarning.

  39. I don’t know why you guys are so worried about it… I spot many of them in
    my ELC and they die very fast. Killed a fair few myself, many more than
    have been killed by. They have hardly any HP. If they keep killing you then
    maybe something is wrong with you game play, my guess you are not team
    playing. Oh wait; this is WoT?! Sorry my bad.

  40. valentine II also never meets tier 5 and is still avaible in the game. I
    think it is on par with PZ B2

  41. Filip Engdahl (theXZzip)

    hi qb im playing The jphanther tier7 td and this is so frustrating when you
    are 1v1 With a e25 and you cant out shoot it do you fel this is fair :c

  42. I don’t like WG’s policy about premium tanks. If I would stop playing this
    game, that must be one reason to do so. But I love this game, and that’s a
    bit of a problem tbh. Players do not want to argue against WG’s policy to
    do things, not in big enought scale, at least I think so. What I want to
    see is WG making open poll’s such as “should E25 be nerfed”, and if popular
    enought, they will see that it would be good thing to do.

    Also QB thank you for making videos like this. They are very important.

  43. I think any tank in the hands of a highly-skilled player is dangerous and
    makes poorer players miserable. I was diligent and fanatic enough to get
    one last fall in a mission on the NA server. That in itself was kind of an
    achievement for me because I am a pretty crappy player. The E-25 in my
    hands is an average tank, and certainly not my best, but it is a lot of fun
    for me to play. I certainly admire your skill and attention to the game,
    and I watch and try to learn from your videos, but it does seem odd to me
    that you would feel the way you do about Wargaming letting this prize out
    for a day, at a price. You would kick my E 25’s butt in your Panzer 1C any
    day of the week…Therein lies the real imbalance of the game, but that is
    what makes it a game and a challenge and if we less skilled players
    couldn’t deal with that, we’d stop playing the game and go to something a
    little more “even” like coin flipping. And in my humble opinion, getting
    one-shotted by arty or some howitzer wielding tank which never worked in
    wartime history is somewhat more aggravating than being plinked to death by
    an invisible E 25.

  44. that advanced autoaim mod in this video.

  45. is it just me, or does that guy always somehow exactly know what the enemy
    is doing and drives straight to them?

    I think Quickybaby just featured a cheatergameplay…

  46. Uhhh guys, admit it…the SU-122-54 is waaaaay more op than the E25, and
    it’s still in the premium shop! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a
    SU-122-54 defeat an E25 on a 1v1 term.

  47. I have to admit, I did buy one but just because I like collecting the
    german tanks:)

  48. Oh my god… I’m the 1 023 451st to say that but wtf man that gold noob
    spamming gold at that much low armored tanks ***** unicum

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