World of Tanks || E-50 – 10,000+ DMG – 1 vs 5…

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Source: QuickyBaby

of . Today liuxoB going to show you how to play the heavily armoured T9 German the E-50 scoring over 10,000 DMG and contesting a 1 v 5.

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is a online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. That must suck

  2. why is NOBODY shooting HE at Waffles???

  3. noob usin prem shells on everything -_- funny :D

  4. Hey Quicky, have you been following Jingles playthrough of Xcom with you
    and the other tanktubers as his squad?

  5. Thunder Leonhardt

    Now, please don’t hate me for this statement, but he deserved the loss. He
    should’ve capped, he’s got perfect cover behind that mountain and could’ve
    forced the arty to come after him… I am a very unlucky player and ONLY
    when I play FLAWLESSLY I get awesome games. In order for someone to get an
    awesome game, besides the skill and the luck, every single decision must be
    taken carefully. Really sorry for him for losing though :(

  6. It’s over 9000

  7. why didnt he use gold for ru and wt?i mean he used gold for every fucking
    tank why not for them?

  8. the eu server is turning into a creche or play school, so many times i have
    joined a platoon only to have a 6 year old chewing the microphone

  9. play with T-34-

  10. I got a Steel Wall with the Leo pt :/ not impressed

  11. you are so cool

  12. Time for a new intro.. someone with skills make one for him xd

  13. Graf Brot von WoT

    E-50M = Best tank in the game (my opinion)

  14. Honest I reckon the enemy arty deserves a shout out for being super sneaky

  15. Return of the good guys!!! Plz return them

  16. typical gold slinging

  17. YouTube Reporter PR

    I got 1 hell of a replay by myself in my mause tank but u close the send in
    email replays and my mighty mause did amazing even when he was on his own

  18. The exact same situation happened to me with E25 – only 1 artillery away
    from Pools and Kolobanovs, run out of time. On the same map. When the
    battle ended I was in approximately same position 🙂
    Anyway, liuxoB had an amazing battle, really flawless from his side!

  19. So he shot premium rounds by accident? Right…

  20. _BanKulin_ WOT - balkan

    quicky pls send me ur old build 🙂 plsssssssss

  21. Tomi Kivelä (Finboy)

    QB E50M has transmission on the back so you don’t have to worry about
    engine dmg as often

  22. So QB, have you ever used a non premium account?

  23. Ohh boys are you blind, this is a masterpiece of an aimbot game. At 5:35 he
    activated his aimbot, after the shot he went back and his aimcursor point
    solid to the weakspot of the Tiger. Take a look at 5:44 the moment as the
    KV-5 or KV-3 appears. No overswing as he torwards the gun, just a stable
    aiming to the weakspot center.
    There are much more moments in this video, anyone can proof it by themself,
    just use the stop/play button.
    Take a look at the playerprofile of this hacker, no weak days. I will
    report him.
    Quicky before you release such videos you should proof them well.
    Wargaming have to do something against that SH!TTY Mods, this SH!T will
    ruin the game.

  24. I like what he said here 12:25 😀 thats why i watch QB.

  25. IArcticLeopardI 3

    M12, Tier 7 American Tank Destroyer – QuickyBaby 2016

  26. Anyone have any idea when 9.14 comes out?

  27. of course the stupid red moron on arty with 780 wn8 makes 4 frags easily
    and ruins the game for e50.

  28. he dindnt even had to shoot any gold shells at all, that sort of
    matchmaking is a dream for any tier9 med or heavy. he could pen them
    easily. such a retard for using apcr shells on a kv3 and tigerII.

  29. I drove this thing on the test server and, god, i enjoyed this tank.
    Amazing one. A true beast. Great Replay!

  30. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  31. tier 7 American TD ok….

  32. Speerpanzer xD

  33. Lol arty not TD

  34. If I was the enemy M12, I would hide in the opponents starting location (or
    close to it). It’s the last place people expect for you to hide.

  35. Draw means everyone loses, and WarGaming wins. They want us to not win so
    we grind more and hopefully get frustrated enough to throw our wallet at
    the game.

  36. I loved every medium down the E50M line except the E50. I didn’t like the
    E50 for some reason, rng just trolled me left and right. I love the E50M,
    it is so much more mobile, and the gun handling is amazing on the E50M, I
    barely have to aim, it pens like everything, feels like a lazer

  37. Wonder what QB thinks when choosing replays to feature on his youtube. I
    mean this replay was unspectacular in every way. Top tier in a strong tank
    playing it straight. Pick replays that highlight certain tank’s hidden
    potentials or examples of good decision making and map awareness. This is
    boring to watch.

  38. “tier 7 american TD”
    QB you’re as crap as jingles, lol.

  39. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    Jesus Christ. The crash against the Arty at the start though, what is he?
    Some sort of Gangsta E-50? I hate those kind of people always crashing into
    my Arties. Good God.

  40. Drunk Wolf Productions

    12:30 QB you said arty is Tier 7 American Tank Destroyer xDD

  41. Flying Dutchman WoT/WoWs Gameplay TV

    @QB, Aging Jedi posted this replay on the 29th

  42. From the first 10 secs this video only shows the average IQ of most wot

  43. plizzzz answer

  44. who is better E 50 M or Leopard 1

  45. carmaster464 West

    sub to me plz

  46. That arty is such an a*****e. Draw is loss for both, so he earned nothing
    and robbed another player of a chance for pools and an epic win. There
    should be more of a sports-culture in WoT.

  47. Lee Halverston Hayes

    Quickybaby I have s weird Challenge for world of tanks blitz and see
    how u play compared to pc. Accept or denied ??

  48. I had 9 Kills in the Centurion Action X the other night, but I didn’t do
    anyway near as much damage as this guy. And I was killed by their last dude
    when I made a misstake, lucky my team took him out in the end.

  49. You know what I would love seeing ?
    Tanks that are not top tier or very strong doing a lot of damage, sure this
    guy played really well, but doing a lot of damage in a strong tank, top
    tier when the enemy is not that good we all saw it time and again.

  50. So much gold is flying around it destabilized the us dollar.

  51. Be greedy and leave the cap, that’s what happens. .. should had played it
    safe. E50 isn’t the tank to be hunting down arty with. Not the fasted med

  52. is e 25 comming back for 1 day

  53. You forgot about the ammo changes to APCR/HEAT from AP/APCR.

  54. batteries incuded

    12:30 called the M12 a td

  55. 1st he rams the artillery on his team for 3% of it’s health and doesn’t
    even flinch/brake.
    2nd he pushes the T37 out of position (but that’s fair enough because he is
    a tier 9, and can do a lot more damage than a tier 6 light).
    3rd he spams all his APCR at tier 7s, but he is lucky there are no well
    armored tier 9s in the enemy team left at the end game.
    4th he goes after a fast enemy in EL HALLUF!!! The WORST map to go after
    enemies at the end and didn’t cap.

    He did (almost) carry his team, with 9 kills and 10k+ damage but I don’t
    really like A LOT of stuff he did in this battle…

  56. lel, QB you seems to have quite a number of brain farts in this video.

    M12 artillery aka t7 TD ;)

  57. i bet that M12 was up in A1 or around that area of that map

  58. To be fair to QuickyBaby, Artillery are effective ‘Tank Destroyers’
    …little bastards…

  59. This tank is why I’m suffering through the Panther, Panther II both crappy
    tanks, I want the E-50!

  60. LoL Quickybaby 12:31 M12 is american tier 7 tank destroyer!! Oh dont ever

  61. Dam they should of told him screw there team couldn’t report for giving
    away a team member because it wouldn’t ban him

  62. Dumb ass threw away the game. Greed will fuck you up.

  63. 0:17 what a well-mannered gentleman.

  64. Quicky what waz up with ur commentary? lots of brainfarts. “Oh, that
    artillery he is up against is actually tier 7. So now it;s just him and
    this American tank destroyer” lol

  65. The E50m also get the transmission at the back of the tank, so less chances
    of getting set on fire from the front through the lower glacis

  66. Still trying to get Ace mastery on the E50… taking a while.

  67. How does the t32 (tomato) have a 59% WR?

  68. e50 is weak

  69. Armando The Commander

    10000 damge dam thats alot good job m8

  70. DezGamez has already showed this replay.

  71. Haha and kv-3

  72. Wait.. Apcr for a tiger, jtiger and tiger 2?? Wtf

  73. “don’t play arty enough to know this stuff… tier 7 tank destroyer.” lol
    you got that right!

  74. e50 or e75?

  75. finally an e50 vid from ur channel

  76. Pretty lame to ask the enemy team to give the M12 position away. If you
    want the win and the medals you should be prepared to earn it not ask to be
    given it. Otherwise really good play.

  77. ooo gold noob detected
    forgot change the ammo or just noob?

  78. See guys i keep saying the M12 is a TD not an SPG, Thanks Quickybaby for
    having my back

  79. lol, this video was released on agingjedi channel yesterday! XD

  80. i havent been one on one with the e50 but i killed e50s many times now with
    my ST1. well i am interested with german lines now after seeing this

  81. very familiar replay

  82. great replay. very well.

  83. Spoiler…

    Arty survives and it’s a draw. AgingJedi posted this video already.

  84. Has anyone else been getting into tier seven games when using tier fours?

  85. I did not enjoy my time with the e50 I felt that it’s poor penetration of
    220mm, rather slow hull traverse of 28 degrees per second, large profile,
    it was able to be set on fire easily, the frontally mounted transmission
    made it vulnerable to engine damage and, an easily penetrateable lower
    plate made this tank rather weak however once u grind through the e50 and
    get the e50 m it is worth it. The e50m fixes about 95% of all the problems
    with the e50 it’s a lower profile tank, it has excellent penetration of
    270mm the hull traverse speed goes up to I believe in the realm of 40-50
    degrees a second, the transmission is moved to the rear which solves the
    problem of engine damage frontally and, it doesn’t get set on fire nearly
    as much. The only problem the e50m has that carries over from the e50 is
    weak lower plate armour. Besides that the e50m is a major improvement over
    the e50

  86. i legit almost cried when he didn’t find him…i hate my period

  87. Ok guys we get it… he said tier 7 TD. You’re not funny for being the
    10000th person to point it out.

  88. Another result ruined by arty… a red with 4 kills no surprise there.

  89. The M12…a tier 7 tank destroyer. 12:30

  90. hey QBB can you do review on t-34/100 and TVP VTU…many tks keep up the
    good work :P

  91. Yes, the tier VIII Tank Destroyer M12 is quite the fearsome enemy…

  92. While I fully supported his decision to not cap, it couldve worked,
    assuming the G.W Tiger poked out to kill him, since he wouldve had better
    view range then him, and if he kept moving he would’ve had to dodge only
    4-5 shells. It was a unfortunate gamble, GG nonetheless

  93. Can’t believe so fucking luckers… This game doesn’t need a lot af skill,
    u need only tards against and luck, full shit game.

  94. man I really want E50. But it’s such a long way to go…

  95. I saw this on aging jedi’s channel

  96. Uberdice already uploaded this replay BTW

  97. Which gun is better? The super long 88mm or the 105mm?

  98. Quicky, did you just say 1 vs x?

  99. First a tier 8 artillery, then a tier 7 TD….

  100. oh and I forgot to mention do you get the maps sacred valley war and
    Siegfried line war aswell?

  101. the E50 on Xbox 1 still has 1,200 HP engine, but we are a little bit behind

  102. Hi Quickybaby

    Please Please Please !!! use your influence at WG so that they can ban
    those overpowered mods that are now everywhere on the net…

    I know that WG is listening to your feedback on the game and maybe if you
    tell them they will act…

    I tried it myself but no ones at WG listens to me…

    I love the game but I think its unfair when a guy with aimbot comes and
    with 2 shots takes out 3 modules or crew….or when he can see your reload
    time and things like that..

    I hope this post gets viewed by you and you can do something about it.

    For me you are a great WOT player and I think this is how a good player
    should play….not with those overpowered mods.

  103. Good job arty! :)

  104. Okay, a tier 9 German medium, At least it’s not the Obj. 140, so I’m happy.
    Also, people! Take note! ALWAYS CAP in a situation like this! Better a safe
    win than a draw.

  105. Man what a game but he got very lucky with that wt because driving out like
    that with no protection for his lower plate actually isnt the best idea
    considering the high penetration of the wt s gun

  106. Dat M12, shame on him for not revealing his position.

  107. such a heartbreak, I really wanted to see the last kill on that arty…plz
    upload more videos, I really wait for your videos…
    -A happy follower :)

  108. Havirneanu Constantin Lucian

    New Tank –>M12 American Tank Destroyer:)))))

  109. lucky star!!cool

  110. hello QB,

    I realy did loved when U asked me for a pelo it was a wish come true! True



    sorry for bad English

  111. Rosarot Miststalker

    E 50 is bae.

  112. Aimtime is not the same

  113. I am very sure he does NOT regret going hunting – since that was obviously
    the right thing to do. The chance of successfully capping was extremely
    slim – since a single reset would have put him behind on time – something
    that is very likely to had happened, since the GW was on his way down to
    spot/shoot him, and would also spotted him for a pre-aimed M12 who already
    had 4 kills and obviously was not afk.

    Extreme pity that you didn’t find and kill that last guy – but lets not
    pretend for a second that hunting instead of capping was greedy in that
    case. On the contrary, it was correct risk management, and by far the best
    likelihood of getting a win.

  114. Arty OP pls nerf so i can kemp bush and open field with no using WASD.

  115. Calls an arty a TD *face palm*

  116. Did you noticed that Aging Jedi released this replay review also?

  117. Quickie Bab plays atry so little he denies their existence’Tier seven tank

  118. The same replay was just fetured on ageing jedi’s channel…. (btw blame
    the player for sending the replay to multiple channels not the publishers.)

  119. e 50 is my second favorite tank

  120. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    i really hate scumbag arties always spoiling your games

  121. can you do a review the vk 30.02 m teir 6 tank

  122. so rarely seen QB post e50/m videos..the “weak tank” lol

  123. very hard E 50

  124. In blitz (mobile or phone wot) the e50 has a grooling 6.57 rounds per

  125. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    E50M needs a buff.

  126. what’s better E 50, or E 50M?

  127. “Tier 7 Tank Destroyer” … Lol I like watching QuickyBaby, to mess up

  128. Daniele Porumboiu

    12:30 “M12 is a tier 7 American tank destroyer”

  129. 12:30 m12 tier 7 american tank destroyer , yes comrade

  130. I do not think it was a bad idea to leave the cap. One of them was already
    moving in to spot so they had a good chance of interrupting the cap. By
    leaving earlier, he caught one artillery out and gave himself the most
    possible time to find the other. It just was not enough time.

    Oh I would had loved to have a face cam reaction when he realized he
    accidentally shot though all his APCR, haha. I have done that a few times
    before. Thankfully I am a cheapskate and never carry very much premium

  131. Love all ur vids quickybaby, would u mind to do a gameplay in the ru 251?

  132. Exploding Baconeer

    MrJedi govna ;)

  133. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    isnt that the same video aging jedi uploaded today

  134. The draw system in this game is so broken.

  135. it’s armour is basically a tiger 2

  136. Stop SPG abuse at the begin?

  137. ya ageing Jedi also used it.
    …. way to copyy

  138. Aging Jedi had this yesterday… old news

  139. What do you think

    I personally love the E 50. It is such a great tank. It doesn’t need nerfs
    or buffs because it is the perfect tank. Armor, great. Gun, Fantastic.
    Mobility, good enough.

  140. Scumbeeeeegs !!!!

  141. does RU251 have 10 degrees of gun depression?

  142. he did everything right until the end, his greed got the best of him. I
    would rather win and let the arty try to defend so I can kill them, rather
    than hunt them on one of the biggest maps of the game…

  143. This players takes HE but is not using it on WT and RU

  144. Frankly I don’t think liuxo made a mistake by hunting the artillery. Both
    the Tiger P and the M12 have a big splash radius and as short as the time
    was, they just need to get lucky once in that 3 remaining minutes, with
    nearly 10 Shots of them together.

    That forgetting that you have loaded gold is really hurtful. Not only
    because of the money but also because now the T34/100, the Tiger II and the
    KV-3 are now believing that liuxo is nothing more then an arrogant
    goldspamming scumbag-unicum who fires nothing but gold even if he’s top
    tier…which he isn’t. If they can change the gun-sounds of every vehicle,
    wargaming should also alter the gun-sound depending on the art of
    ammunition fired. Not a lot, maybe a little deeper when APCR or a little
    higher when He. That little square at the bottom of the screen is sometomes
    not enough in the heat of the battle.
    Luckily I don’t have that problem because I don’t use gold

  145. Its a tier 7 American tank destroyer (talks about artillery) me:

  146. M12 was at A7, i was in that match

  147. thanks for featuring me 🙂
    almost got my name right, watch agingjedi´s vid for the perfect
    pronounciation 😛

    PS: sorry for gold ammo it was my first game of the day 🙂
    and i didnt want to cap because i thought the arty would spot me and the
    other one would splash me.

  148. He was pretty dumb to go hubt arties in a e50 i would stay in the cap and
    won the game take my kolobanovs. But thats greedy i guess 

  149. Tier 7 American tank destroyer, u mean artillery QB. ;)

  150. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    A joke a joke fast fast
    A German tank better than a russian


  151. that M12 knows what he was doing. . . after his last shot (i think its the
    one at 11:15) he ran down the hill and up to the other side of the map
    where liuxoB team has spawned. the chances of a ambush on this map is vary
    unlikely with how open the map is and how little view range the arty has.

    the GW was probably thinking that he could proxy splash the E-50 at close
    range and failed

  152. David Van Der Gouw

    i got a stealwall in my vk 28.02

  153. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    Hey Quicky could you do a Pz.III review? I couldn’t seem to find one on
    your channel…

  154. 12:30 “tier 7 american tank destroyer” M12 good job QB

  155. M12 Tier 7 TD , rly QuickyBaby ?

  156. Fuck arty.

  157. wow 10k damage, i haven’t come close to that even in the times when i got
    the pools medals but they was only tier 5 games

  158. 12:32 american td :P

  159. i hate e 50

  160. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    #quickybaby lol u said in the video the m12 as a td lol its an spg lmao

  161. Fuck u quickybaby you fucking suck fag

  162. Not bad did he forget he was loading apcr

  163. Hyperuberrandomness

    Oh QB… finally got that the M12 was tier 7 not 8 then called it a tank

  164. QB M12 is an artillery tank not Tank destroyer :D

  165. Could you do a video featuring the Tiger 2? I’ve noticed that you don’t
    have any replays/ reviews of that tank.

  166. Already saw that video elsewhere today…

  167. 12:26 Its not a tier 8 artillery… its a tier 7 tank destroyer xD

  168. Ahh… He pulled some dumb moves throughout that game, but he also had some
    good descisions… I think he was EXTREMELY lucky, but at the end, he was
    unlucky not to fund the artillery.

  169. And thats why you don’t go fucking “no cap, kill all”
    He deserves the draw.

  170. I’m early let me make a joke…..

    O-I drivers…

  171. First

  172. i thought the e50m is the best but after the leo1 is better IMO…but i
    experienced the fun of the ramming on e50 line 😀 and i enjoy all of thanks
    on that tech tree

  173. Anyone got any tips for a VK 45.02 B player ? Cause I know it bounces shots
    a lot I just need good tips please and thank you

  174. Gold spammers….

  175. yea xbox 360

  176. why that t32 have 59% wins??

  177. At least wargaming balanced this beast just right

  178. Love the E-50 but too many stet pedders spam gold in it.

  179. you are my favorite YouTuber ?

  180. Why was he ramping up the hill to use his gun depression to fire at the
    tanks? sorry just started playing WoT Since January ;P

  181. t54>e50

  182. YEYEYYE


  184. wooo! not first!! is good day!

  185. When is the next 300k replay competition video?

  186. Saw this on Jedi’s channel too

  187. xXx FaZequickscopePRO xXx

    I GONNA CUM!!!

  188. Hampus Rytterlöv

    Is E50 worth it?

  189. lol AgingJedi also used this replay…

  190. is it harder to play then the xbox version?

  191. loooooool so quick!

  192. OOOh nice rammer

  193. ayyy 2 mins ago

  194. I recently got the e50.

  195. Already saw that one on Jedi :(

  196. wow!nice videos keep it up!

  197. meeeeeeeeee

  198. yay

  199. 2 views 8 likes…. good job Youtube… PS. first


  201. I love the E-50 great video.

  202. time to make a joke.

    a small loan

  203. Almost First

  204. one of the first people here lol

  205. first from stream :P


  207. bart van herrewegen

    my favorite tank! and first :D

  208. Im from stream :)


  210. brb watching stream

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