World of Tanks || E-50M – 1st Place in 200k Comp!

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Today KAUNAS going to show you how to drive the T10 the E-50M finishing 1st in the 200k competition and winning the !

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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  1. E 50 M confirmed strong?

  2. Congratulations to KAUNAS for this winnign entry. E-50M proven “not weak”!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!


  4. omg sub 100 views!! yay ..

  5. What is the name of his Headset?

  6. hey QB will you make a video about the Public Test 9.6 which came out

  7. #E50Misweak

  8. I’m just waiting for all the guys saying: “Gold noob, tomato enemies, easy
    win, I could have done it much better with my left foot…..” or ” QB
    leaves out the bad players, I didn’t have a chance to win the Type 59″
    But no one of them can do better, and those who complain just don’t get
    that QB is giving prices away because he wants, not because he has to. So
    just be thankful for his videos, or go away.

  9. LTU LTU LTU !!!
    Lithuanians dont give a shit! :D

  10. Nice replay and congrats to KAUNAS.
    Question for QB now: What program are you using to render your videos? I’m
    using sony vegas pro 13 ,trying to render in main concept avc something
    internet 1080. Video looks ok but the moment i upload it to youtube the
    quality just goes down a lot. Any advices ? 🙂 Cheers.
    EDIT:Wanted to send a 7500 damage T110E5 replay ,against great players but
    I knew i had no chance hah ,gg.

  11. wow the tier 10 medium did the most damage of all the medium tanks…


  13. Sveikinu tave Kaunas!!!!! Lietuva su tavimi!!!

  14. He should’ve rammed the E100.

  15. Well done Bro, greetings from your brothers up north. 

  16. Is for Claus for to say congratulate for E50M for is first replay for show
    Quick Baby for is show goods player is play goods is play smarts is play
    for not spams gold is shoots is rams is so smarts is wins game for all by
    self. So is for Claus is for to congratulate E50M! YES! Buts Claus for
    to haves question. Is game is for to be encounter. So for like all
    encounter game for be this map is same. Is for see base. For nobody for
    to go base! For why? for all sits like stupids duck for be at spawn for
    be at rocks for lets E50M for shoots 1 for shoots 2 for shoots 3 time for
    shoots over for over for over! Is teams of stupids. Claus for to gives
    advice. For always is for better for to sends fast tanks for cap base.
    For wait before is not agree. Claus explain for Claus is for to be more
    smarts than stupids player. Always for to sends somes tank for be at cap.
    For why? For to try wins game by cap? NO! So stupids. Thinks! Is for
    to puts pressure for be on enemy. Is for to always sends for some fast
    tank for to cap for because then enemy for has to responds. For then enemy
    cant sits rock or sits spawn for shoot 1 for shoots 2 for shoots 3 for
    shoots all for because have to go to cap. Thens fast tanks for can runs
    way! Is so stupids all player for sits spawn for sits rock like ducks for
    let E50M for have big gun shoots. Ifs fast tank for went cap E50M stay for
    at rock for shoots? NO! For have to move. For then nots shoots for nots
    gets damage. So. Claus say congratulate for E50M for shoots all stupids
    who for sits spawn for sits rocks for sits in sand like stupids duck for
    not know is game encounter. E50M is know is all 15 stupids is enemy so for
    play smart. Is for to deserve for have Type 59 so is can for play for kill
    lots more stupids ducks for who sits spawn like stupids for not evens
    understand is capture base for be object game! Is true? YES!

  17. But E-50M = Weak Tonk?

  18. Browsing through the replays, this was the only one i had to DL. What a

  19. really nice game

  20. Sveikinimai iš Amber klano !

  21. Ah, nice to see a Lithuanian Brother showing how its done! Saunuolis,
    havenskas! :D

  22. Mldc lietuvis

  23. That wt pz 4 had a klingon cloaking device with his equipment slot

  24. What a disappointment 🙁 I uploaded a tier 6 30000 wn8 1900 base although
    it was a draw and i really thought i would have a realistic chance :/
    But gg to the winner he played really well and deserved the win

  25. Lithuanian player 😀 and Kaunas is a city :DD

  26. im surprised a german tank won the competition since you know russian bias

    or im just german bias

  27. I had a 16k dmg game in the JgE100, too bad I’m on NA :(

  28. lol, i’ve seen this on the site the day it was uploaded :P

  29. This was my first tier 10 med… And I love it…

  30. Well done!

  31. Congrats :)

  32. Thats good but ive seen better on the na server a few days ago. A e100 did
    15000 damage and blocked 25000ish damage
    To bad you didnt do anything for na

  33. Isnt the E50M the tank thats supposed to be weak? lol

  34. cesar the imperator

    I wait for a replay from VILNIUS

  35. The most frightening thing was the stealth waffle at the end in the cap
    circle. Dat camo. But awesome replay.

  36. he may have been thinking about his ammo count with those rams

  37. Now all idiots will buy E-50M thx… Yes ofc my favorite med cuz German GG

  38. #E50Misweak 

  39. Woo! a Lithuanian won!

  40. this player from D

  41. And a good player takes the win, thanks for crapping on the rest of us QB..
    Real nice thing to do to your supporters.

  42. E50M is weak… Confirmed info from QB

  43. Wow. Finally a no nonsense replay after awfull heartbreaks. THIS was a
    proper replay. The best I’ve ever watched. 😀 Good job QB and Kaunas.

  44. no prizes for NA :(

  45. Had an 11k dmg and 14k dmg blocked game in my is7 ……. forgot to upload
    it -.-

  46. Congratulations on winning a tank you probably already own!

    Or gold that you probably have no use for!

  47. Lithuania is the Best. Good Job Kaunas23!!!

  48. i must not be seen what you guys are seen but pls tell me how this guy and
    the guy that won second place,,were better then the gameplay from 3rd place
    to me the 3rd place winner, was robbed,,,pls tell me,,and the damage sould
    not come into it,,,,really,

  49. Hahahaha I KNEW it that this replay would win

  50. C&C on deskop :)

  51. Hey QB you was on marty_vole livestram today ? :O

  52. haha! lietuvis! maladec Kavencke!!


  53. kaunas ( connasse ) means biatch in french ^^

  54. The answer is ALWAYS RAM

  55. the lor40t joined the game at the end :D

  56. E50M is Weak

  57. QB- I don’t have any tier 9 or 10s yet but my most exp crew 3.75%
    skills/perks is in my german mediums and someday I look forward to rocking
    in my e50m. 

  58. Lithuania!

  59. My brather Lituacian won EPIC!!!!! and Lithuanian brathers are Lavia and

  60. Alright, didn’t fire ANY prem rounds, tried to help his teammates instead
    of using them, and played very well and even gave us some laughs with the
    ram kills. Yet I’m sure there will still be a bunch of retards in chat
    trying to say this game was bad or he was playing against all noobs or
    something along those lines.

  61. Oh, the Wargaming-patented E-50 mock up. Still a brilliant play imo!

  62. LIETUVA wins :D

  63. And now: people crying “OMG QB E50M ISNT BAD UNSUBSCRIBE”

  64. I will go for it is so fun I think

  65. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    im getting my self e50m

  66. congratulations KAUNAS nice gameplay ;)

  67. But the question is, did he meant to do any of this or was this all just
    blind luck?

  68. How many Replays you get send? 

  69. Wow the E100 and Waffle completely sucked at the end there. Why would both
    of them sit in cap just waiting and telegraphing their positions to him?
    At the least the Waffle could have hid in a bush somewhere. And I think I
    saw the Waffle go the wrong way right after he shot, making it easier to
    kill him. Even so, it was a great game. Pretty sure he would have
    eventually taken out the E100 even without the fire. 

  70. Was I the only one that was disappointed he didn’t Ram kill the 1% HP E100?

  71. if he didnt ram the T34 he would have lost 400 HP so yeah….

  72. Guy from litle Lithuania what can i say my man!

  73. Oh well, with the nerf of the accuracy (i know its increased spread inside
    the aiming circle), the the achievement in this replay would be much much

  74. Anyone else thinks Quicky looks kinda similar to Jesse Pinkman from
    Breaking Bad??

  75. Good stuff Kaunas! Quick question, is it still possible to get your hands
    on the Fury tank? I was bit late on it and would still really want one :/

  76. I can’t believe how many people are complaining that a skilled player won
    this contest. It was neither a lottery nor a giveaway – it was a
    competition that required a lot of skill and experience to win so no wonder
    a good player won. Congrats to Kaunas.

  77. Mazec jak piča

  78. i wish i could play my e50m like that well done mate 

  79. Absolutely wonderful

  80. Got BC 25t, Leopard 1 and E50M… M packet is in my opinion THE BEST of
    theese 3

  81. i love how he doesn’t care about ramming

  82. I was grinding for the Leopard 1 but after watching this replay I am very
    tempted to go down the E-50M line!

  83. QB will you do a tank review on the Stug IV?

  84. the highest tier tank i have is in tier 6 and it is the KV-2

  85. Woah a Lithuanian :D

  86. mostly luck

  87. Nice to see quickie baby is showing good players never ever show average
    Joe players I would also like to see Quickie baby playing more often on
    this channel 

  88. For all of you who say that this guy didn’t do much,that you had games
    where you blocked 10 000 dmg and had 14 000 dmg on your own against 5
    tanks,i really wish you get away from here,QB is a nice guy that wants to
    give something to people that made him laugh or almost cry,and this guy
    really did(Sry for bad English)

  89. The ram on the T34 was a good decision. Otherwise the T34 would have shot
    him for 400 fmg, so it was worth it.

  90. Command & Conquer Generals on your desktop hell yea i love that game.

  91. great game.

  92. I am amzed that he didn`t used HEAT shells ! good job amigo !

  93. Panki is big noob is reported for being big phat asshole and useless pos.

  94. Im still trying to ram kill something….

  95. Great job!

    On the other hand- invisible tier IX tank destroyer in the open field is
    something totally amazing :)

  96. Well guys not sure of every one but I could tell by what shells hit my
    tanks might because I’m a blueberry lol sry bad jk. Well Noobs and tomatoes
    are part of the game. I figure out that if your usually a blueberry and up
    you usually fight against Unicoms. For me I don’t like campers personally
    because of selfish bastards who only give a duck about themselves making
    the game hard for some brawlers. I just want to say quicky tried his best
    to pick he can’t read all the replays he gets. He chooses the best one he
    watched that made an impression on him. So guys don’t be sour and just be a
    good sport. If you want to rage and say how good you are please join the
    gold league. Ty and sry for writing bs lol

  97. Lol the enemys would have a much better chance with a “no cap kill all” –
    approach XD

  98. What a great replay!

  99. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    yea.. wow against 3 – 4 Tier 10 Tanks.. I didnt ever got like under 7 Tier

  100. Yeah lithuanian won this!

  101. For me the e50m is the best medium tier 10:

    It have a rof under the orthers mediums but 8s still verry good.
    It have the best penetration of any medium in the game.
    It have 0.3 acuracy,It must be the best with the leopard1
    It have a great hull armor and the turet can make troll bonce.
    It can ram all the orthers mediums without lose a lot of hp,It can make a
    big diference in a 1v1 vs a t62a ( I win against any medium tier 10 even if
    it’s an unicum because of raming and troling armor)

  102. E-50M defenitly my favorite t10 medium, i use a spall-liner too because the
    ram is glorious!

  103. #E-50M is weak !!!!11111!!!!1111!!!!11

  104. gj Lithuania!

  105. ram Worth it

  106. How did he not get a steel wall?

  107. yeah, ofc…. my 6,1k damage , 1.5k assisted, 8 kills, 2030 base exp on T29
    wasn’t enough… but More exp than bulldog, More kills, More damage……
    and still bulldog got 2nd place

  108. Well he did a nice job there, i cant wait to get my E50 M 😀 BTW i have a
    spollinner prepared for it ;)

  109. I wanted to submit my 2 kills in T95 but I guess I never had a chance :'(

  110. i have a spall liner on my E 50 M too and controled impact at 100 % i
    rammed once a STA 1 at 68 km/h going down hill… i lost 380 hp he lost

  111. I thought he was gonna ram the 1% E100 there

  112. Kaunas is from Lithuania (it means city).

  113. I like your vids QB but was is the point of a subscriber replay when you
    only give presents to EU players. For all you know majority of your fans
    could be from SEA and NA, so please next time in your competitions make
    sure that not just EU players can win. Thanks for the vids and keep it up. 

  114. ok i will admit that was a good game and he carried hard. well played

  115. What a battle, very good.

  116. Good replay. :)

  117. Basically explains my life goal with obj 140 :D

  118. Holy banana bombs batman, that guy’s accuracy was awesome, shots fired, hit
    and penetrated too, kinda helps.

  119. WOW its Lithuanian player :O Kaunas is city in Lithuania. Awesome :)

  120. mldc kaune :D

  121. You can banish man from Kaunas, but you can’t banish Kaunas from man :)

  122. When i grow up as an e50m driver i wanna b like him… that is just the
    most insane amount of dmg n a game i have ever seen from a Medium tank

  123. I believe T34 would have reloaded so it was right to ram him and take
    250dmg rather than 400dmg.

  124. No health pionts were wasted this game.

  125. Quicky fingers, mate, German ‘R’ is close to French one not Spanish. You
    can use English pronunciation, no one would care.

  126. “It’s only useful if you can use it.” Yeah, really can’t argue with that

  127. I think I should stop entering these competitions to avoid huge
    dissappointments. I sendt in a game doing 4k dmg with a stock T29, hoping I
    had a chance. But no….

  128. I think I should stop entering these competitions to avoid huge
    dissappointments. I sendt in a game doing 4k dmg with a stock T29, hoping I
    had a chance. But no….

  129. sveikinimai is LTU :)

  130. wtf is so special about the type 59, is it like a super hardcore credit
    earning monster or something?

  131. Im enjoyining E-50M cos it have so good armor for medium tank

  132. Quicky, it actually is the same gun as E-50, same ammo even. It’s just that
    E-50M is using APCR as basic ammo, while it premium for E-50.

  133. i knew that e50m is fantastic tank but guys i have 20k free exp i am gonna
    free exp to the tier 5 and this will be my next t10 :D

  134. Well played man. Defiantly earned that type 59

  135. E50M … a fair tank… he fought with honor.

  136. which is the video in the end when he goes in the sea?

  137. Wow. So ram. Much honour.

  138. such a weak tank

  139. finally a great match from a skilled player who didn’t spam HEAT with such
    a powerful gun! Well played!

  140. You totaly pronaunced his nick wrong (becouse it’s Lithuanian)


  142. UŽ LIETUVĄ!

  143. I’m an avrage joe in tanks so I think i need to say this
    Congratulations to KUNAS. You sir won and in my opinion you deserved it.
    Now to the rest who were saying that only unicums have chances, the winner
    is not a unicum and If you play smart and use skill (some luck too) you can
    have great results.

  144. Lorr, don’t even load in, did nothing, not even assist on the T34 for
    “spotting”. Still more XP then most of the enemy team that did 3K damage or
    less. Gotta love the system.

  145. Obviously, the winner’s tank had to start with an E.

  146. Šaunuolis Kaunas! Go Lithuania!

  147. fallschirmjager0000

    Its amazing the great games and fun you and everyone else can have when
    there are no fucking clicker cunts around.

  148. And once 9.6 hits no one’s ever going to have battles like this anymore.

  149. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    I’m still on the E-50, but I use the 88 L/100, not because I think it’s
    better but because it looks absolutely hilarious with that long ass cannon.
    It’s such a good rammer, I have Controlled Impact, but didn’t put a spall
    liner on it, the E-50 is insanely fun and I can’t wait to get the 50M

  150. QB? Will you be sharing some other great replays that did not make the cut
    or were from your NA server fans?

  151. Kaunas is a city in Lithuania.

  152. Still grinding the e50 and loving it, but if the e50 ausf M is better… I
    can’t wait!!!

  153. Leo1 = Best med on this shitty game

  154. Awesome ram replay :D

  155. Im reading alot of butthurt here! get the Fuck over yourselves you pathetic

  156. What a replay!!! Simply awesome!!! GG Kaunas and grats for the Type 59, you
    deserved it o7

  157. I think in this replay are to much luck for this tankmen. It does not show
    us a “good” gameplay, but well, this is just my opinion. I have see this
    replay before it was uploadet here from wotreplays.

  158. That was just spectacular. No people bitching about luck or gold ammo which
    is nice, but seriously wtf people complain about everything… Yeah a good
    player won… did anyone expect otherwise? I’m not sure I’m following this
    train of thought. People are mad that QB isn’t having a contest of sending
    him your most shit-tastic game and win a Type 59? It would be interesting
    to see a contest of people with crap ratings doing well, but if the prize
    is a Type 59 it really should go to a good player.

  159. He would have lost much more health if the T34 or T69 had penetrated him.
    Totally disagree Quicky. Rams were justified.

  160. How does QB have access to the Type 59? Is it in the European premium shop
    at the moment? I want one but I have never ever seen one available
    anywhere… :(

  161. The E-50M doesn’t really get used in my garage, but after watching that
    replay, I will change that

  162. why he get no fps drop? why he get so good ping? why no one shoot at him?
    where the the shot kept missing him and bouncing out? why his team so bad
    that he get all the damage? what a fukin lucky guy! Congrat!

  163. nice replay!

  164. It is the only German tier 10 I am grinding toward, he clearly earned it.

  165. sad that it wasn’t on NA sever : 

  166. easy, free damage game. certainly far better games were uploaded, but 12k
    blinded QB.

    I’ve seen far better games with more work and awareness. even 2nd place is
    a better game.

    Thumbs down!

  167. Nice game.
    Would like E-50/E-50M but am stuck in Panther II which is bloody awful IMO.
    Especially when literally 53% of my battles in it so far are tier 10 (yes,
    I keep records).
    God knows why anyone would want the Pather 88 given it also gets tier 10

  168. I always enjoyed playing my E50M against Bat Chats, one or 2 quick hits and
    a down hill ram upset a few players.

  169. E50M, my favorite tier 10 tank, especially for the ram lols

  170. at 9:00 I thought that ram was a smart play, because the T34 would have
    done twice as much if he was allowed to shoot once more.

  171. He was probably a tiny bit peeved that he didn’t get a chance to ram the
    waffentragger to death.

  172. Well deserved!! Congrats on the Type 59!

  173. great play Kaunas! congrats!

  174. Dear QuickyBaby, sir, I have a question. I have 5,500 Gold on WoT. What is
    the best premium tank I can get with that money? Thanks.

  175. I too use the troll setup on the E-50M (spall line,r and controlled impact,
    chocolate) nothing more fun than rolling down the hill on prokorovka and
    smashing into another tank for 900 while only taking 125 in return….and
    now the missions pushing so much arty on to the board a spall liner isn’t
    as ridiculous as it used to be.

  176. Wow… that’s final heavy mission completed… except it’s not a heavy

    I do wonder though if the enemy had put 1 tank in cap when they won the
    east, this would have been so different… but I guess they went “no-cap
    kill all”… 

  177. On the 360 version of WOT, this tank is a boss. Its with out a doubt my
    favorite tier X that I own. Its amazing gun, high agility, and tough armor
    make the E50M one of the most well rounded tanks at any tier. Im happy I
    bought it. 

  178. Great game, well deserved win. Was pleased because I thought the 2nd and
    3rd place were far more luck than skill, this guy shows skill and great

  179. “E50M is weak”



  181. Best game among the contest replays. Finally a player who is not spamming

  182. the bot got 457 xp -> nice job WG

  183. z0mg he just spamms ApCr fuckin noob he neds 2 lurn 2 qwik skope 

  184. I have it its great its my fav t10 medium (also my only) but I love it’s
    sniping ability and the ram potential makes up for the lack of Dpm
    especially when you get above an enemy 62a or leopard. We will have to wait
    and see if it’s still my fav when I get to the 62a.

  185. TheBosnianWarrior Selva

    This is crazy :D

  186. Thats a type 59 winner. WOW i should sent my replay in.

  187. Knedlo vepřo Zelo

    E-50 M is verry OP

  188. This is by far my favorite tier 10 tank. I seem to almost always have
    great games in this tank even if I lose.

  189. the e-100 couldn’t had used his fire extinguiser or smthng like that boeie
    ni reageren

  190. Finally a game with some action. The 2nd and 3rd place games were boring as

  191. Very well done KAUNAS, I didn’t follow this competition so I didn’t know
    what to expect, but for having 4 (I think he rammed one and then shot it to
    death) ram kills, but it’s great to see someone win it in such a balls to
    the wall fashion. Wasn’t camping, wasn’t sniping, wasn’t trying to stay out
    of the action.

    Well deserved.

  192. Good job, Kaunas. Maladec :)

  193. sveikinam kauna!

  194. You made my day. This player is so good with this tank I want to research
    through it now. Really the master of ramming. I would not do it as him, but
    he secured those kills quickly making him less visible to enemies and he
    was like John Rambo.

  195. Funny he saved the afk Lorr :D

  196. Good game. I have E50M and Obj 140 and Bat-Chat, all really good tanks but
    for me and my playing style Obj 140 is the best ( not that vane to admit
    that I lack skill to play Bat-Chat to it´s full potential ). that being
    said, 1 vs.1 Obj and E50M with equally skilled players, both full
    health… E50m wins even tho theoretically Obj. needs ~37,8 secs (7 shots)
    and E50m needs ~39,5 secs (5 shots ) to kill one another, due to ramming
    and a big chance that obj. is going to bounce one or two shots or lose time
    aiming , while E50M doesn´t need to aim. 

  197. E50M is one of, if not my favorite T10 Medium. It has everything you want,
    great accurate punchy gun (DPM can be underwhelming is it’s primary flaw),
    armor that is among the best of the mediums (turret being suspect), it’s
    quick and agile almost comically so given it’s size and weight, it can ram
    the literal crap out of anything, and it gets underestimated quite often.
    It allows the player great flexibility and the ability to play multiple
    roles within a battle. Sniping, supporting from behind, flanking, trolling
    lower tiers, repositioning for defense, and my favorite sneaking up from
    the side for surprise ramming time! Good tank for good players, deadly tank
    for great players.

  198. ralroost einsnulldrei

    wow the t34 driver… I’m guessing that was someone with like 1000k games

  199. He’s a player that can only earn respect for this game. But did he
    seriously he get the 1st place award ?

    He’s T10 tank in a T10 game. He kills 3 T8 tanks who pretty much don’t
    stand a chance against competent driver in T10, 1 of which from distance, 5
    T9 tanks, WT was 1 shot kill, and a T10 heavy who did all the wrong calls
    while he captured.

    Although Kaunas did nothing wrong through out the game, besides probably
    ramming but this payed off nicely at the end, this replay doesn’t
    demonstrate anything exceptional either: driving from cover to cover, poke
    a corner, put one shot in, drive back. And that was during most of the time.

    I was pretty much amazed by the brilliant game the M41 driver had, who got
    to Number 2 during the competition, I expected an extra terrestrial gaming
    for the first prize winner.
    I feel a little bit disappointed and feel sorry for the M41 hero at this

  200. Eh. With all the nerfs to the armour and mobility, the T59 just isn’t the
    same as it was.

  201. well deserved 🙂 also spot what is missing in this replay – yeah it’s
    artillery that could have easily ruined his game in the first couple of
    minutes … most of the epic games feature 0 artillery I wonder why?

  202. What a manly replay! I really enjoyed it!

  203. In my mind that Tortoise had a sad smiley face on its front when he turned
    towards Kaunas in his E-50M.. :D

  204. pavarei zmogau ir kiek laiko tu keliaisi iki desimto tiero mediuma gali
    pasakyti mazdaug :D

  205. awesome !!!!!!! :)

  206. Edvardas Miknevicius


  207. After the 2 other videos of people pwning around around wildly in OP Light
    Tanks spamming Gold ammo I was a little afraid, but this is a really worthy
    winner. Well played! Congratulations!

  208. Александър Йорданов

    World of Ram

  209. Gratz Kaunas fun to watch.

  210. There should be Road Rage medal for a lot of ram kills

  211. Lithuania!!!

  212. Dangerous MT driver just got even more dangerous with getting Type 59…we
    noobs are so scr*wed, its time to panic! :D

  213. I can do it much better against tier 10 tanks.

  214. 200k gold?

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