World of Tanks || E-50M – 9,000 Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Motorhead1997 is going to show you how to drive the T10 German medium tank the E-50M dominating the opposition!

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World Tanks is a Free 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you enjoy this video of Motorhead1997 kicking butt, showing you why
    the E-50M can be the ace of spades.

    I’m livestreaming the physics test right now!

  2. first

  3. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice. First

  5. 5th comment

  6. Hey QB,

    Where’s that 200K Q and A video you promised?

  7. e50 op?

  8. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    Glad to see someone showing off my favourite Tier X medium. Too many people
    look at it’s low DPM and immediately brush it off as a bad vehicle. That
    T62-A was a HEAT spamming loser. I hope he learned the lesson that HEAT
    doesn’t win the game.

  9. Good tank

  10. tuomas laukkanen

    I see what you did there!

  11. +QuickyBabyTV will you ever play WoT Blitz?

  12. Good vid 

  13. E50M is weak

  14. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  15. Is always for Claus for to see same stupids. For start is stupids who for
    think is behind rock but is leave ass stick out for E50M for to shoot. NOt
    for to shoot 1 time. Not for to shoot 2 time! NO! For to shoot 3 time!
    Is think how stupids is must be? Is think example. You for to be sit in
    restaurant for eat dinner and for feel someone is kick you for in ass.
    What for you do? Nothing! You for to keep eat dinner? LOL! Then you
    for to feel you for be kicked in ass again 2 time! What for you do?
    Nothing! For then is you kicked in ass 3 time is you for think maybe you
    for to notice? NO! Is example is show how stupids is player. Then is
    usual enemy team player is just sits like stupids not even points gun at
    E50M is not for Claus even for to know for what they do. Is for to be
    baffle. Then is ends game is what happen? Is usual. Looks us we for to
    be 5 tank for only 1 tank left so we for to be so strong is we just for to
    spread out for runs round and go 1 by 1 for to let 1 tank reload! Looks us
    we just go 1 sit in cap 1 for drive south 1 for drive north 1 for to hides
    like stupids…. LOL! Is all stupids for to deserve to die. Is Batchat is
    have auto load for can kills E50M so what is decide do? For try flank
    E50M? NO! For try snipe E50M? NO! Is better idea for just let be spot
    then just runs way like stupids! So Claus say congratulate E50M you for to
    kill lots stupids player! Is for now. For end for to be near. And Claus
    for to face. Is for final curtain! All Claus friend. Claus for to say it
    clear. Claus state for case. Is Claus for to be certain. Claus is play a
    game. For to be full. For to travel each. And for every highway. And for
    more. For more than this. Claus for to do its MY WAY!

    P for S. Claus is for to post first replay for to show lots more stupids!
    For click Claus Kellerman for to see!

  16. Damage over 9000. That’s a bit ironic.

  17. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!

  18. Oh this drives me mad 😛 I see videos go out like this. I say YAY, get into
    my med, poke my nose out from behind a rock, and get ammo racked the first
    shot from an angle that had no right penning 😛

    My WR is staying the same, but man my WN8 took a dive recently lol 😛 

  19. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    well alltho this is probably the most reliable gun in the game it still
    needs some heat ammo against vk bs

  20. QB, do you call the E-50M still weak? The same with the obj 263…..

  21. i love how since qb took the piss out of the e-50m it has been the king of
    damage dealing also that was a pretty amazing game

  22. motorhead is a nice heavy metal band

  23. Oh the stupidity of that VK. He could’ve chased the Motorhead and assisted
    his teammates in killing him. The obsession with capping some tomatoes have
    is one of the most puzzling things for me in WoT. I was thinking to myself
    “how the hell is Motorhead gonna get out of this 3v1 situation while locked
    in the corner of the map?”. Then I saw the cap counter starting to go up.
    Yeah, that’s how.
    Not to mention firing HE. And pointing his LFP straight at the Motorhead.

    Also, Jagdtiger, no repair kit, no fire extinguisher. On tier 9. Oh sweet

    And then some people will say “stats are luck”, “stats depend on your
    team”, “stats don’t matter”. Yeah, right. This, my friends, is how you get
    red stats.

  24. The e50 was good , but this vk omg … He should have won this one 

  25. E50m…the tank I should have grind instead of the crapy Maus.

  26. If you still have to “learn” the game after 15-16k games you maybe should
    play something eles XD

  27. Lucky but very good player well done.!

  28. not a brawler? what the hell are you smoking….

  29. I really dont like about the new physics that fast tanks cant circle slower
    ones as effective as now. (Every tank can turn faster with the physiks
    using the handbreake)

  30. Wooow… Quicky, just cus some people have only played ~3-4K battles
    DOESN’T MEAN THEY RE-ROLED… I’ve played nearly 4K, and my WN8 is ~3700,
    some people learn games a hell of a lot faster then others, so don’t
    automatically be one of the retard who say “He’s a re-roll”…

  31. That VK has to be a bot.

  32. He did good but his aiming is really poor.

  33. 3 months since the last review…

  34. I love it when you say Waffenträger 😀 im from Germany ^^

  35. It’s all about the game

  36. Bas Riemenschneider

    So much luck involved in this game …..

  37. Been having lots of trouble with my E-50s, see QB uploads 2 vids of great
    matches in them. So I watch them to see what I can learn.

    All I’ve learned is these guy’s opponents are stupid enough to repeatedly
    shoot the E-50M in the upper glacius, while mine are smart enough to shoot
    it in the face.

  38. Great game: I’m admired by such skills and coolness!

  39. The test server is really fun, I got 2 videos on there.

  40. Motorhead is a rock band…

  41. Lets ignore evrything and just appreciete that guy didnt even had heat

  42. Reroll account? What’s that?

  43. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!

  44. MoRiS From Iluminati

    you sad thay are just learnig the game i say how the F**K you lear the game
    in tier 9 thay are just tomatoes and thay will never learn to play !! PLS
    QK dont give respect to tomatoes 

  45. 1:00 Fura teściowej xD

  46. e50m isn’t weak :D

  47. JT and VKB….red crap players at work

  48. Привет, подпишись пожалуйста на мой канал
    В скором времени там будет рандом на 3000 голды 

  49. I’m just wondering what the fuck the VK was doing…
    He left the cap circle at 8:26, and drove back into it at 5:39. He spent 2
    minutes and 37 seconds apparently driving towards Motorhead, then turning
    around and going back. Why?!
    If he had either continued to cap or gone directly for motorhead when he
    had left, he could have won the game. Here I was, thinking being a bad
    player meant you were more careful when you could see you might not win. 

  50. nice video 

  51. If he were up against two turreted tanks in the situation with the T-62A
    there’s pretty much no chance that he would have gotten away with such a
    risky play.

  52. Giacomo De Nardo

    I’m looking forward for my E50M :D

  53. Test server conclusions:

    New physics are great!
    Russians are not. 

  54. “These two player seems to be learning the game”.
    Vk and Jagdtiger have over 10k games, seems to me like they are are not the
    fastest if it is about learning…

  55. E50M turret cheeks are so week…all the enemies had to do was shoot at the

  56. What I never seem to understand is why some higher tier reds use HE at the
    worst possible times, or even at all. Are they running out of ammo that
    quickly? Or do they just go to battle with the most retarded ammo load

  57. wnated to watch the whole video….but the autoaim was too strong in this

  58. Felix Mustermann

    t62a how much pen ? need gold for an e50m

  59. Wow, finally a replay without gold 😀

    And I like that expression: “these two seem to just be learning the game”,
    well they have 15k and 16k battles…. 

  60. i see an Armored Warfare shortcut! When are we getting a video of it?

  61. I am really sorry to say this but I will wait a few more videos Quicky and
    if you upload other videos such as this.. I mean those X dmg videos…I
    will unsubscribe after a quite a long time… :/ I am really not interested
    in this kind of videos all over and over… Its good to see a nice game
    sometimes but your videos are almost the same since some time….

  62. ask jingles how to make proper intro

  63. That VK is so bad! Rolf!
    All you gotta do is keep the front towards him and AIM!

  64. Very Nice game ! F off TX médium tanks gold spammer

  65. Quicky baby, when will you play generals?

  66. O M G !

  67. another amazing game brought to you by a total lack of arty

    arty ruins the game

  68. i once shot 1000 damage HE shell from isu stock derp gun to the e50m. yes
    HE can be dangerous for this mt

  69. And im here unhappy with my M103 and stock Conqueror…

  70. +QuickyBabyTV When are you going to do a M48A1 Patton review, seeing as it
    is your most played tank…

  71. E-50M OP NERF NERF!

  72. Wow, that is amazing play from Motorhead1997!

  73. +QuickyBabyTV this is a great mod to
    show where someone shot you and if it penetrated or not

  74. People born in 1997 turn 18 this year.

    regards a -98

  75. Cant you play with The mighty vk 36.01 h

  76. “good player” shooting only gold ammo ._.

  77. Great content! But I have a friend called Motorhead, I need to ask him if
    this is him! He loves world of tanks!

  78. E50M is the easiest arty target!

  79. What does it matter if you have like 3k battles and good wn8 and it is a
    re-roll acount? because they are good and that is what matters.

  80. ImperialPiGaming


  81. T62a was heat spamming NOOB

  82. awesome 10:10

  83. I have the kolobahov medail too

  84. Put other replays of pure skill of the corean server ,like the elc amx,
    please man

  85. What’s a reroll account?

  86. Amazing, a high tier Soviet med spamming HEAT (and still failing LOL).
    Poor JagdTiger.
    Good game to watch.
    AND the 3rd page showing complete result pic. Excellent.

  87. That´s why I love my E50M :)

  88. Which tank I should get first Obj. 140 or T-62A??

  89. re-roll account?

  90. Jagdtiger has 560 alpha if he uses the 128 mm gun.
    Durp, Jagdtiger has 2 guns, both 128 mm. 

  91. why do you have to pick faults :(

  92. e50m is basically a faster e75, how is it not a brawler?

  93. “These two players are just learning the game” They both have over 15000

  94. This time more luck than skill… -cyrusx

  95. 227.000 subs.

  96. Over 9000 !!!!

  97. ITS OVER 9000!

  98. TheAllMightyLight

    i hate seing people use server reticle it puts aim of so much

  99. No gold rounds, mostly good players, and 1 vs 5. Me likey.

  100. Not sure if I would call the Jagtiger a “human shield”…..

  101. The top comments on gaming videos are never very good

  102. Those HE shots aren’t necessarily a bad play. Maybe the VK didn’t have any
    premium rounds, and didn’t feel confident penetrating the E-50M from the
    front. It would only take 2 good HE shells to kill Motorhead from that
    health. I’ve used HE to get me out of similar situations, where a very
    strong hulldown tank was blocking me, like a Jagdtiger, and since I don’t
    use gold, I switched to HE when he’s on low health and just kill him that

  103. Great game no matter that ending, best play with jagdtiger! 

  104. good battle

  105. GG, but quite a bit of luck involved. I lol’ed at the Conway reroll who
    didn’t know to shoot an E-50M in the turret: Such fail, much amused.

  106. Actually I (the unfortunate Spähpanzer) just hadn’t noticed he was there at
    that point 🙂 gg to him, he deserved that win.

  107. Re-rolling doesn’t mean creating a new account. Re-rolling means when you
    delete all your statistics on your account together with credits and your
    tanks,battles etc. Only the premium tanks,gold and free xp stay. Together
    with everything purchased with gold, a.k.a. Garage slots and barrack bunks.
    So to all those who think he didn’t re roll. He did. No one can get +3k wn8
    with just playing WoT once. You can’t get +3k wn8 from tier 1 to tier 10
    playing. You either buy a tier 8 premium and re-roll. Or everyone else has
    no idea how to play. Which is not the case here. So to all those unicum
    players on the Xbox One etc. please stop bragging.

  108. MrImmortalityPrince

    “I’m not sure about that play by the VK.” Really QB? was sure enough about
    the vk’s play with his stats plus that play.

  109. QB you should get intro, the same comet driving in the same direction on
    the same map is getting a bit boring…

  110. its over 9000!

  111. So lucky

  112. No Trakais, no care

  113. Speaking of the Kolobanov’s medal, I remember two matches a long time ago
    that I got a Kolobanov’s medal in. I checked my record not to long ago and
    they are gone. Was there every a medal reset in one of the patches? I got
    them a long time ago, so maybe a time limit?

    You said no HEAT round fired, well he does not carry any HEAT in his tank.
    Not one single shot. I had a few tanks where I carried no premium ammo at
    all because the standard ammo had very good penetration, but I decided I
    should carry at least 2 or 3 rounds just in case.

  114. I challenge someone/anyone to get a radley walters (if it was allowed for
    tier 4) or better in the D.W. 2
    if you do that, you’ve won world of tanks

  115. play some war thunder it will be great

  116. the physics looks good, more options for good players without screwing the
    not so good players, but I don’t like how the tank just blows up when it
    flips over robbing everyone of the damage they would otherwise be able to
    do to the tank

  117. Hi I went on the test server it was okay played more in the training room 1
    out 9 times got to go fight a random battle, and the the guys on the EU
    server team killed me because I was the only Na player also got team
    killed in the training room so I haven’t been back on 

  118. Hello QB, I have a question. are they really removing the WT E100? if so
    what should I do get the WT E100 or E100?

  119. REALLY!? No ONE?

    No, IT’S OVER 9000!!!111!1!!!!11!!1!!!@!@!

    You guys are awful.

  120. Props to this guy for not even loading gold rounds. Shame on the T-62A for
    spamming HEAT like a noob.

  121. Seapanners nanners

    Quicky in my opinion you and sidestrafe both have are to judgementle
    because wouldn’t ou make a mistake in a game like that?

  122. I don’t get stats.. 6.25?? And how do you kill a % of someone

  123. If you notice, that 99,9% of all the best games are games without any arty,
    so it’s proven that arties ruin this game.

    Imagine having a roll with your E5, holding off 4 enemy tanks then BOOM!!
    one hit from the T92 and 1500HP of yours just went puff!

  124. Everytime I watch one of these feels I am inspired to go try out a game
    again, only to realise what I painful grind this game is

  125. Oh hey, what wonder, yet, another time we see a “good” player in a russian
    MT spamming gold rounds everywhere… Im so sick of those people….

  126. QB dont b!tch to him because you never had that kind of a result in a
    medium tank, now motorhead does 9k damage in the “weakest” t10 medium and
    you still say in the end he played badly few times! I can just see better
    result than you in e50m ever! :P

  127. living deadmau5e

    over 9000!!!!

  128. Is auto aiming makes you a noob?

  129. “T62A fires one premium shell”

    Please, Russian medium drivers carry nothing but ‘premium’ shells in my

  130. not a single premium shell loaded, no unfair TD or auto loader driven.
    Those are the replays I want to see. That player earned my full respect.
    Very well played indeed.

  131. conway is a rerrol, how sad

  132. Some how ive got a kolabanovs medal but no ace tanker and only 2 top guns
    cos i noob.

  133. I want the E-50M. But I have to go through the DW2. >_>

  134. That was an amazing game. so well played in that 1v2.

  135. This replay again perfectly illustrates what great games you can have in
    this game given that there is no arty in your match.
    If there had been arty in this game it would have ended very differently
    very early on.

    Since there was not we were able to see very good situational awareness and
    play by this player. He was able to focus fully on outplaying his enemy
    without the worry of getting nuked from orbit.

    Very nice replay and always good to see the E-50M do so well that other
    less skilled players feel the need to fire premium ammo at it :)

  136. All you ever upload is high damage games… Why can’t you upload some
    gameplay of player platoons or more tank reviews, high damage games get
    boring to watch after a while…

  137. I really enjoy this battle. Good work with E-50M.

  138. When you go on the physics test server, be prepared to be team killed by An
    ELC AMX almost every game

  139. Christian von Essen

    I got 8 kills to day on world of tanks

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