World of Tanks || E-75 – German Engineering

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Today SSRSDirektor is going to show you how to play the T9 heavy the E-75 in a tense round on .

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you enjoy this game in the classic powerhouse that is the E-75!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. First!!!!

  3. I think the E-75 and ST-I are the best tier 9 heavies 

  4. Is for why is for to be sos many stupids for to play game? Is for because
    for be lots stupids tank? NO! Is for because is for lots for haves bads
    luck? NO! Is for because is lots for be goods player so makes looks player
    for be stupids? NO! Is for because is game for to be too complicate for
    to shoots for to drives sames time? NO! Is easy for to explains. Is XVM
    for to say is average player is for to be 48.50% wins rate. Is for to
    means is for have halfs player is for to haves win rate is be lower! YES!
    Is true! Is whats is mean average. Is mean is half for to be less is
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    hulls down for just camps base like stupids ducks for runs round for to
    die like stupids. Is then goods player is say looks me looks me how for
    goods I play I for to gets 8,000 damage is for post replay I so goods I be
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    E75 is congratulate for is you not for to be like 29 stupids player for
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    thanks for you for to makes replay is possible.

  5. Thank you QB that was enjoyable.

  6. “Takes out that pesky tiger” no no no QB, you got it all wrong it’s the
    TASTEY Tiger

  7. Nice match! My friend and i killed 9 tanks in a 9 vs 2 fight doing 9,5K
    damage by me and my friend did 7K. Just sayin… It’s on quickybaby replays

  8. I do love the E75 but i don’t like his reload I prefer tanks like M103 who
    have lower alpha damage but better reload time
    And that is why I prefer mediums tanks ;)

  9. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Well played to him.

  10. Fucking Panther…..Why he dont let him win ? He did just 1900
    damage,nothing special….And Direktor lose maybe his best game in WoT
    because this guy was an asshole….I know what Direktor feel because i lose
    a game with 12.3k damage with IS-7….


  12. Retardovaný bratr Boris pana VK 45.02 Bčka

  13. Any tips for getting to 10 really quick?

  14. And another game against deep red tomato noobs and yellow tomato kids.

    When are we gonna see a fucking replay against good players? 

  15. E75 is op, I can only pen in my t54 from the front with HEAT.

  16. +Heartbreak to the title of this vid

  17. MakeLeft MakeRight

    amazing replay!! great job with a awesome tank, but i must say he got a bit
    lucky with the type-59 ammorack.. lol :D

  18. e75 is so overpowered tough….

  19. Which is better E-75 or ST-I?

  20. The guy was a noob , he shouldn’t have went when there was black prince and
    a tiger , and also at the end why did he react so slow turning like he was
    on full health , many mistakes 

  21. red army of tomato noobs striking again

  22. Why did he try to sidescrape a Panther? Angled regularly, the armor is
    already like 240 effective everywhere

  23. drive back was a mistake, he had just to bully Panther in the end.

    On this Map vs t7 ? not so great game :)

  24. What would you chose, vk 4502P or the E75?

  25. Intense ending. 

  26. U world Of tanks m8

    Heartbreak level 99,000

  27. what if he didnt move back to sidescrape against the panther allowing him
    to pick up speed, come around around the corner and flank him, wouldnt it
    just be better to keep using the e75’s weight and armor and bully him and
    keep him pinned against the wall with his front armor an just wait out the

  28. Any chance to get your updated XVM?

  29. I hate those heartbreaks. Too much of them on this channel. Enough. Thumbs

  30. He did good but the match-up and the bad memories of when im tier 7 against
    these make it a less special replay :D

  31. Shows what even a pretty poor/average player can do with some good
    situational awareness, angling and a fantastic match-up :D

  32. Please play t71

  33. Pls buy IS-6 or japan and china counter for WZ-111 mision

  34. Let’s suppose its a worst-case scenario; lots of tier 10s present with
    abundant penetration and complete willingness to use gold shells if
    necessary. Even then, something like the E75 can produce auto-bounce angles
    while sidescraping, and has that track traverse to keep a safe angle
    pointed towards the enemy. With deliberate angling, the E75 could be
    relatively safe. Something like the ST-I by comparison may be even better
    protected, but because its slower, it would be much more vulnerable in
    close range as it could be flanked.

  35. GalaWOTs Galavits

    E75 is so mush better than the ST-I and if had been that Panther i would
    have let him win that, because that was epic. He played really well GJ

  36. Funny how all of u write “wow vs tomatos, everyone can do dis”…
    Why haven’t we seen a replay by one of you yet?
    He played well, he did some mistakes but all in all is was really well
    played. everyone does mistakes, even QB who has extremely good stats.
    I bet ur that type of player who is pinging the minimap 24/7 and calling
    their teammates retards just because u died in the first 5mins and you
    blame them nooby cuz u have better average wn8 than them…You wouldn’t
    have played that well like he did because u would already ping the map and
    call ur team noobs because u are 1v6

  37. Just went to see Fury….Goosh damn it is a good movie !

  38. A good game, but a lot of mistakes were made, especially at the end. There
    was no reason to reverse against a Panther that has no chance of penning
    and E 75 that is face hugging. And the play against the Tiger and BP was
    very risky as well; if the BP had been somewhat capable he could have
    tracked the E 75 and pounded its side. Good game nevertheless.

  39. Panther shooting APCR? Say what?

  40. Should have gone to the hill at the start, abandoned his team and the win
    from the beginning.

  41. Broken Heart Martinez

    if he had stayed face huging the panther 2 he may have won 

  42. No, the “absolute disaster” was when this guy hit the big red battle button.

    This video should be titled how to throw a game, numerous times, and do
    your damndest to ensure defeat. E75 top tier, enemy team filled with
    absolutely terrible players, is an automatic domination. Except when you
    spend the entire match going to the wrong places. The proof of this is the
    other team’s donkey E75 went to the same exact place as him, tank alley.

    Also, seriously Quickie, this is one of the greatest E75 games you’ve ever
    seen? Why are you being dishonest? I’ve seen you have several more
    impressive games in an E75 on your streams, and I’m pretty sure you aren’t
    playing those with your eyes closed.

  43. Not such a good round if you think about it. So much luck involved. Started
    by a perfect match up with only retarded tomatoes on both teams and him
    being toptier.
    Yolo enemy E75 who just wanted to end his life. Beating the crap out of
    lowtiers in a E75 isn’t sich a hard task.
    Overall the enemies were just to stupid to take their advantages until the
    Panther thought “enough is enough.” 

  44. that panther was a n00b!

  45. This player fought like a legendary hero, destroyed 10 enemy tanks in a
    fashion never seen before, causing over 9000 damage while completely
    outnumbered, earning the mastery badge and 4 medals! Yeah… lets give him
    2791 experience. OH, COME ON!

  46. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Panther just outplayed him. He is ammo racked so he needed to track the
    panther and ram it, push it into a corner and say “what now little guy? ”
    instead he backed out into the open where he stood no chance. 

  47. He was top tier. Killing a BP, Tiger and a slow loading arty isnt that hard
    for a E-75. I would like to see a replay with a tank that is bottom tier or
    near bottom tier. Im not saying this guy didnt have any skills, because he
    does, but a lot of those tanks couldnt pen him, even from the sides, he’s
    bullying more than anything else. For a good job at bullying I congrat him.

  48. Was it really that good? I dont think so.
    First mistake was to not go on hill to tank out the enemy tanks there by
    using his armor superiority which was almost a guaranteed loss right from
    the start.
    Achieving that much damage was only possible because the emenies he met
    later on where low tiered and basically tomatos too.
    Every at least decent player would have attacked the E75 from both sides –
    but well – another proof of the general incompetence in that game.

  49. this is WG shit…

  50. The panther should have just shot he when the e 75 was at 15 health

  51. Another good video QB, also another video proving stats don’t matter, he
    was red as XVM said in the beginning, but he was doing a hell of a job in
    this game!

  52. how much would it suck if WoT would be 95% realistic not only from graphic
    points of view?

  53. that hurt

  54. and here again you see how non teamplay looses games: The lorraine could’ve
    just waited at the corner till the E75 either turns around or let the IS
    keep hittiung him from behind. But ofc. he has to rush in and even get both
    tanks against his strong armor (him and IS). Good job there Lorraine …..
    f…. idiot

  55. What an heartbreak. GJ with 120, I bet a lot of people would have tunnel

  56. what are the white rings on the barrel of the panther?

  57. 8:49 lel

  58. This is heartbreak?

  59. “SSRSDirektor is going to show you how to play”

    Goes through the middle and decides that the best target to go for is a
    slowass UK heavy sitting in the spawn circle, instead of putting pressure
    on the flanks and hill, where the fight is actually happening.

  60. E75 totally balanced ^^

    I mean I had about 67% winrate in 200 games, toptier is just “rape mode”.
    Especially against poor players like here in this replay

  61. SSRDIRECTOR – amazing play from middle part to end. fantastic e75 driving!

  62. Soon aproaching 1000 battles in my E-75. Gotta love it

  63. Seal clubbing in an monstrously good tank in a amazing matchmaking? Quickly
    baby you have to have better games than that.

  64. That was a great game. All I can think is how come I can’t get that lucky?

  65. Epic game thanks QB

  66. Watching a t9 heavy dominate t7s isn’t really that thrilling.. and the
    enemies that really could have hurt him did not know what they were doing.

  67. Ugh I hate facing a e75 in my t32. ;)

  68. Klaus Kellerman learn english instead of shredding it. you sound like some
    sort of caveman

  69. I’m an idiot!!!
    In this kind of match-up, on this map, encounter mode, I’d probably go to
    the hill with my E75, dish out some dmg and either get overwhelmed ’cause
    my teammates would be shaking and dying around me like a poisoned rats OR
    take out the hill eventually and (dead or alive) make a high enough impact
    to give my team a fighting chance to actually win the game..

    Now I see how to use my E75 when top tier! Never counter enemy top tiers,
    just go for clubbing lower tier tanks..
    Because, Who cares about winning right? Medals (Pools especially) are what

  70. More teams like those plz?

  71. QB shouldn’t have shown this replay! This is heaven mm and an awesome map
    for the E75 any idiot could have done well! Besides the enemy team was
    retarded! LOL

  72. German engineering may be amazing. But how many times do I have to tell
    Henschel to not make tanks so complicated. Once I was just driving around
    the neighbourhood (the hardest word to spell in English (damn got it wrong
    again)) and something fucked up in my transmission. I couldn’t figure out
    how to fix it. And the tank was too heavy for towing… so I had to leave
    it. And that’s how one of the last two remaining working Tiger tanks was

  73. E75 is tenk for total noobs… not good game only good MM + retarded big
    armor OP OP ;)

  74. This dude would have died long time ago had the enemy weren’t that bad,
    many tactical mistakes, maneuver errors, as well as poor target
    prioritization makes this loss a certainty rather a heartbreak. The enemy
    had pushed through the hard fought hill, showing up one at a time nearly
    cost them the game at the end.

  75. He should’ve helped that IS-6 up the hill instead of going derp on
    basecamping black prince and Tiger.

    Tank handling was pretty legit, but tactically the E-75 guy was a drama.
    Completely wrong choices. 

  76. Tsss thats not a good replay thats a idiot in a tank which requieres low
    skill to play. In the end you can clearly see what i mean….how stupid to
    lose so much health against a BP and a tiger…..

  77. I had ST-1. i am now going for E-75. I think both of these tanks are equal
    with minor points to each side, but E-75 as i know has better angling

  78. Hey,thank you for uploading another cool video! Can you please play In the
    Russian tier 7 heavy tank the IS 🙂 Keep up the great work! And thank you
    for making world of tanks awesome :D

  79. If he didn

  80. Sebastian Ciobanu

    Ohhh god i’mgonna cry after seeing that end… ohh i feel the pain…mhh

  81. If he didn’t succeded that ammorack on the type 59, it was game over.
    Still, i liked the replay very much and I think I learned how to play on
    Himmelsdorf a bit.

  82. lorr has 90mm gun not 100mm

  83. 200k subs nice Quickibaby 😀 ;)

  84. 4:41 I call hacks lol he can see his base

  85. I like QuickyBaby and his content and his live streams but the only problem
    is i mentioned ad blocker is great in one of his live streams and now im
    banned for ever from commenting on his twitch channel and it was first and
    only time chatting in his live stream

  86. This comment section is the biggest group of retards I’ve ever seen. This
    guy does 9000 damage but he’s still apparently garbage. QB could upload a
    replay of someone doing every point of damage to the enemy without taking
    any in return and these geniuses would still call the guy a noob.

  87. i laughed when the panther kills him XD, this yellow moron dont deserve to
    win with dat amout of damage. He lost 1k Hp to 2 T7 lol, lucky T59 Blow Up
    and the rest was shooting T7 or a 3 vs 1 agains enemy E75. Why did he
    ignore the Is when he spotted him first? Such a retard he drove into the
    streets where 3 T7 where spotted, hes lucky that the is dont drive behind
    him when hes spotting the Bp. Just a lucky game – stupid enemies and lots
    of T7 and T8 – every good player would have won this easy. But it was nice
    to watch, the end was the best.

  88. 200000+ subs now Qb.. Are you gonna have a spesial video or something?

  89. My favorite tank! That’s the power of German engineering

  90. My first tier 9 is the Jagdtiger.

  91. Please wot i need the Ho-Ri in the game!(Japanese tank destroyer!) 

  92. I’m sorry but how do you get the efficiency of each game as it is shown in
    the results (like the colour near the names & tanks of the players) is it
    through Xvm? because i have downloaded the 9.5 mod Quickybaby has shown and
    this stuff is not shown at the end of my battles

  93. QB please, can we see some “skill based” games sometimes ?

  94. Kristian Nordheim

    That was a game to be proud of!

  95. Remember when not half of the comments were about how they would have
    played 10x better? Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  96. He’s a dirty Seal Clubber.

  97. He could of just kept face hugging the Panther at the end and just bully
    him/ push him back into the wrecks of dead tanks. The Panther won’t pen the
    front of the e75 and won’t ram a e75 for 12hp. Also the Panther has no
    space to go around

  98. Nasser Almohanadi

    I would rather see an M103 because I call it the E-75 destroyer

  99. Sorry but again : total idiot getting lucky … every stupid b0b and his
    mother can get a good result like that : 95% luck 5% brain

  100. The amount of retardness in the comments section about that guys’s stats is
    over 9000.


  101. HeartbBREAK D:

  102. another episode of idiots misplaying their way to a good match

  103. Shoulda just stayed in the alley….

  104. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Holy shit . All the yellow player mistakes, overangling his armor at every
    possible oppurtunity. If he wasn’t so bad he wouldn’t have lost any HP
    except that one hit against the IS, the rest was just very poor play. Also
    at the end he should have kept face hugging, while going forwards and
    backwards, and wiggling the turret, to give the panther no chance to hit
    his cupola, nice result, but it was a huge amount of luck and a very good

  105. Omg he is a lucky NOOB, like the type 59!!!

  106. Thank you for not titling this video as a heartbreak. It was much better
    with the surprise ending; I did not see that coming!

  107. That 40t didn’t have the top gun or he would have ended the E-75 with

  108. E75 best tier 9 heavy. Plain and simple. definitely the highlight of the

  109. Well played by him. Wasn’t really necessary to sidescrape against the IS
    or panther – they wouldn’t have gotten through his front the way he kept
    himself angled and moving. There were also a few instances where he angled
    a little too much. To those who feel any critique isn’t warranted –
    looking back and seeing what you did wrong in replays is vital to
    improvement, especially to yellow/green players like Direktor.

  110. Duel between ST-l and E 75, who would win??

    (I reckon the ST-l would) 

  111. My heart is Broken……. :’-(

  112. How do you get the free cam mod 

  113. The E-75 is just so overpowered

  114. Yeah sorry, that E75 just got massively lucky.

    The problem some people here have is exactly the same I’m having when

    He got lucky so many times, he did do some really good things (like not
    “tunnel visioning” the AMX 50 120) but in the end his lack of skill and
    knowledge of this tank doom him to fail.
    He lost WAY too much health to the Tiger 1 and BP. Period. He probably
    didn’t use the right equipment (Vert. Stab., Rammer, etc), didn’t skill
    correctly (but okay, maybe he didn’t use the crew of the Tiger 2) and
    just…so many small mistakes that make me cringe.

    If he only angled a bit better and didn’t lose this many HP to the Tiger
    and BP he would have easily won this match. Such a shame, this tank is so

  115. Михайл Димитров

    So E-75 receive nerfs but the vk4502b get buffs, this is so unfair

  116. i loved my e-75 its the tank i got my highest damage ever in it which was
    7500. the e-75 in my opinion i was always able to do better in worse match
    ups purely because you were less likely to become a gold magnet. what i
    mean by this is that against tier 9s, 8s and 7s you can receive enough gold
    fired at you to pay for a 112. thats the reason i sold it and the reason
    why i choose the ST-1 as my tier 9 armoured heavy.

    The ST-1s armour is negated to a much smaller degree by gold ammo due to
    the sloping and angling of the armour along with arguably the best turret
    in the game. yeah i loved playing the e-75 but getting perfect match ups
    then having them ruined completely by premium killed my interest in playing
    it so i sold it to buy some new tanks like the e-100 as an example which is
    a real monster and gold ammo isnt required to do well in it if you know how
    to aim.

  117. Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:

  118. shit competition allows you to play carefree and careless.

    yeah, E75 v. Black Prince lol, that’s skill right there.

  119. sasa stojisavljevic

    can you make a kv2 review becuse i love the derp gun

  120. All the people calling him noob send in ur replay I bet it’s pure shit 

  121. huh. No comment at replays site. But really cool play by direktor of SSRS

  122. I prefer the ST-1 but E75 is still a scary opponent. .. as far as tier 9
    heavies go I think the VK45.02B is under looked. .. although it’s lacks in
    mobility, it’s frontal armour is nearly impenetrable when angled. 

  123. what are the videos at the end called?

  124. Tomato.

  125. pfft, noeb i cudve ply betta…

  126. I think E75 has better armour than the STI because STIs lower plate is
    awful, and the fact upper plate on STI has drivers hatch which is weak spot
    also, E75 does not have that kind of horrible weak spots, E75s lower plate
    is 130mm on very good angle which is 10mm thicker than very nicely armoured
    t9 medium tank t54, E75 has weaker side armour by 30mm compared to STI but
    120mm is still pretty good, STIs gun is different, more penn, by 12, less
    damage, by 50, but so bad aiming time compared to E75, 3.4 compared to 2.9,
    I feel E75 is better frontaly armoured tank whit more punchy, less penn
    gun, even though the STI turret is better. 

  127. vk4502b

  128. i would’ve given that tiger the kill, i feel so sorry for him :(

  129. Typical bad gameplay… Rushes in alone, loses half of his hitpoints vs
    unskilled basecampers, instead of helping his team… Well deserved loss.

  130. 200k subs :D

  131. Those deep red teams….

  132. Bots against N00B’s. Nothing special in this battle.

  133. What the hell, it seems like the best of them are here in the comment
    section. All of you loudmouths, show me your best replay of the E 75. If
    it’s under 6000 damage fuck off.

    Besides, yes, it was a tad lucky, yes there were some small misplays, but I
    have lost a 9 kill 7k damage carry because the nerves took me over. That’s
    probably what Direktors problem was as well.

    And being able to still fight with a score like that, ammoracked, on 12 HP,
    is great. Good work Direktor, shame you lost.

    PS don’t hate on this comment before I have seen your best E 75 game.

  134. The E-75 is globaly an apeeciated tank for his accuracy.
    Armor: Well angled by si des, good frontal armor without penetrable zones
    on the turret but the lower plate is the – of the tank + the si des are not
    very well armored.
    Speed: Good speed for a heavy tank not too slow, not too fast, effective in
    town or bettoned roads with a good rotation it minimise the way to be
    flanked by medium or light tanks.
    Gun: Good penetration and not too slow accuracy with a good turret rotation
    its more effective in tricky situations.
    If i forgot something tell me 🙂
    And thanks to you QB i adore your videos, one by one i knew the new
    technics to play, discover new tanks, i play better now and aller the job
    you did its not for nothing i will always support you and thanks for all ;)

  135. Lucky mm, 29 tomatoes in a match, many mistakes.. ofc the score is
    brilliant and I highly doubt I will be able to do sth simillar to this
    (2200 wn8) but I think QB should show replays basing more on a factual
    skill rather than only good decision making and keeping the front of very
    powerful tank angled less than 45 degrees.. well played to the guy but the
    score is more of an enemies’ merit than his.

  136. The only thing I could say is that the teams were full of tomatoes and he
    was lucky how there was not a single green player… Seriously he was lucky
    in some situations and he did few good choices but if he were in a
    blue/purple mm he would have died so hard…. I ace my tanks that I like to
    play every 1/3 game I have…. It’s just wot have so much dingus Noobs it’s
    not even funny

  137. Whenever anyone’s get ammo rack at the most crucial part of the game most
    of the time you will lose as that ammo rack is like your life being cut
    short unless you have a fast gun 

  138. A Sock Puppet Named Jeff.

    I love your videos, Quicky, but as of recently, your adience has turned
    into judgemental tryhard asshats. I love how you’re willing to show replays
    of a player even if their stats arn’t up to par with what is expected, but
    it seems part of your viewers rather just see nothing but replays from
    players that have insane statistics, as if it doesn’t matter how good the
    game was, if they’re name is not a shade of purple, the game might as well
    of been nothing but the player AFK. But that is just my observation, keep
    doing what you do Quicky, ignore these asshats. You’re the (2nd) best!

    (Jingle’s will forever reign supreme, sorry Quicky <3 )

  139. Nay, the heartbreak. Although, it would have ended sooner if the Panther
    had brought some HE. :>

  140. QB please turn of xvm next time. Since people who have a better xvm rating
    then him are jealous and give him shit. For the guy as you said made very
    few mistakes and performed like a green and higher player. They should be
    celebrating his performance and not being so selfishly jealous. Considering
    people who are giving him shit probably have good xvm stats. WHERE IS YOU
    REPLAY that is all I ask from these haters

  141. E-75 tutorial right there.

  142. Why can we not just appreciate a game some one did well in? Yes, he made
    several mistakes, when was the last time *you* the critic ever played a
    flawless game? Those games do not happen – one can always have done better.
    Yes, there was luck involved, considering this is a game where RNG plays a
    factor as well as skill – of course there will be luck involved, that is a

  143. His mistake for not being aggressive enough on the panther while he could
    and instead backing into the larger area again

  144. Got to say, must be a ridiculously good amount of games played by people in
    the E75. Seen many people comment on this video that this guy is playing
    badly, so they must have more than 10 kills and 9000 damage in their games
    where they play well, which I assume is at least half the time, average
    amount if games in E75 is 200? So like 50 x 100 = at least 5000 games like
    that from people in this comments section right? RIGHT? There aren’t any?
    But…they are saying he’s playing badly, so..

  145. Hey Quicky. My ‘Siegfried’ is my fav tier 9, and like you I’m also in the
    12 kill club. ;-)

  146. There was no heartbreak label! You tricked us! THE HORROR!

  147. He got too close to the panther,should have kept his distance

  148. Losing health like a noob

  149. What kind of retard sidescrapes in an E75 against a Panther???? A Panther
    can never penetrate you if you’re hugging him and that made him get killed

  150. so many jealous people in the comments

  151. yeah, when im reading this comments -_- I dont even want to say my opinion
    on u all who are talking only bad things to this E75 player in video. I can
    only say, if YOU would be in the same situations, in the same stress as he
    was, half of this commenting kids wouldnt be able to do even a half work
    like E75 player on video did -_- Me, as almost blue player can say he was
    doing pretty good in this battle, yes, in the begining he did some
    mistakes, but in the finish he done great work with angling his armor,
    focusing fire, etc. , shame on u guys srsly and honestly

  152. This is the reason why ppl ask for 1+- mm. SSRS did a great job in this
    game no denying that but there’s not a lot tier 7 can do against a tier 9
    even when they outnumber it.

  153. What a nub

  154. Why did the e 75 go to the hill 

  155. Wow awesome effort. 

  156. To all you ‘haters’ I’ll say this,…If you’ve ever reached the dizzy
    heights of 8 kills in a game whilst there is still enemy left and your
    outnumbered, you will know that your heart beat jumps up a notch or two and
    you may need to focus on stopping your mouse hand from shaking. These
    effects are real, but not all are effected. Some cool dudes who shit ice
    cream will relish the stress level and won’t be effected at all. Those that
    can sense that they have can beat their previous stats with whats
    unfolding may get a tad excited. The point is, the more kills you get in a
    game, and or the more enemy you have to face alone increases the stress
    level considerably for most players. That’s when mistakes are more likely
    to be made. Add to this the comments from fellow ‘dead’ team ‘mates’
    instructing cursing insulting,..and all add up to one big possible
    overload. This guy did good. Until you have experienced what he went
    through, under those circumstances, you don’t know the reality. I have 12
    kills in one game. Some have 13 and 14. I know of 1 that has 15. I can’t
    even consider what that must feel like.

  157. The e75 used to be amazing but now its armour really isnt that gold as soon
    aa they see one angljng people spam gold or tds just pen everywhere

  158. Where is the ‘for’ guy, the guy that always says something Laing the lines
    of if for this is good play for me thinks for thumbs for up. 

  159. Quicky you should close the comment section. These “pro players” are giving
    me brain tumor…

  160. Direktor was 1 vs 6?! I think you’ll find he was 1 vs 29 with a team like

  161. How the hell does a shot in your ammo rack make a reload slower?

  162. I like how he made his last stand
    Very good reactions when he faced multiple enemies and decided which to
    ignore and face first
    I’ve ammo racked a type59 in that spot you were aiming at with the Bl-10

  163. what pc do youhave

  164. This was actually well played. Lots of the games QB uploaded lately
    involved lots of luck.
    The only slight misplay was not to aim for a drive wheel of the panther
    with his last shot.

  165. i researched it and have like 700000. 2 hard 2 get cash flow cri evry tim

  166. So many stupid good for nothing haters and especially BRAGGERS. Don’t care
    if ya got good wn8, cuz this guy just had his best game in his e-75 and his
    happy to share the replay. It’s a good game, not a noob game, alright, may
    not be the best, but there’s no reason to call him noob and brag about it.

  167. 113 replays?

  168. So many people made this point and they are absolutely right – guy lost
    this game by not going uphill and letting French autoloaders run a riot
    there. The result itself is remarkable but otherwise the guy lost the game
    he deserved to lose.

    It’s like that Jingles video of Panzer II J sitting in the corner while
    literally whole of his team dies and then killing everybody by sitting in
    that corner because nobody can pen it. Yeah, E75 can stomp on tier 7s, I
    think we all knew that already. 

  169. Good play to that panther and the e 75 poor guy!

  170. Jesus I am starting to feel sorry for the people who have their replays
    shown on QB’s videos…. Why do so many people feel a need to voice their
    arsehole side once they get on the internet? He had a good game; give him a
    pat on the back and leave it at that xD Yeah he got lucky with some things
    and matchmaking but he’s statistically a better player than most of you
    lot, and myself 🙂 gg good sir 

  171. Tomas Sakalauskas

    As a Unicum i can say that E-75 played brilliant game. Made couple
    mistakes, but even for yelow by the stats guy it’s amazing. If he will play
    like that he got big future for improving himself. GG WP :)

  172. One of the Best replays i have ever Seen. I am lacking words for such
    perfection and i could Not have done it better. His Situation awareness was
    just amazing. I mean i was just watching and i Tunnel visioned on the
    Panther while the amx was being sneaky. 

  173. This replay would have ended way err lied if the Lorraine didn’t derp out 

  174. I got my E-75 today and it is a BEAST even when stock. Can’t wait to get it

  175. Wow, the enemy were complete monkeys there in the end… If there had been
    one competent player in the enemy team, he would have not achieved even
    close to 9k damage.

  176. Expected a win dude..

  177. Lost the game fighting the BP and the Tiger way too much health lost.

  178. this comment section is total aids

  179. Yeah, he made a mistake right at the end. Had he stayed in the street with
    the wrecks the Panther wouldn’t have been able to flank, and I doubt
    could’ve dealt with him frontally. Easy to be the 20/20 hindsight critic,
    One other thing. I thought ASIA was a sewer (I play there). Then when I
    look at the XVM numbers on these high tier battles I cringe. Look at them.
    Then again, maybe he’s on the ASIA server? LOL.
    Lastly, thanks for showing the 3rd page of results QB.
    p.s. wow, look at all the douches in this channel’s comments who spend all
    their time calling Direktor a noob. Nice community, isn’t it? Perhaps QB
    might want to consider going on a ‘ban comment’ crusade against outright
    hostile posts and allow only constructive criticism.

  180. Seriously people this guy did 9000 damage you know how hard is it to pull
    that off. If you think he’s a noob you should send a replay.

  181. ImDark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) searching demos for first csgo movie :3

    3:18 he didnt do any module dmg “der ging nicht durch” means it bounced

  182. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    “Ermagerd he so n00b he bad and make many mistake scrub low stats i could
    do better any game.” Just shut it. I don’t think you could do any better,
    especially under stress like that.

  183. I saw a 43% player drive a maus against a team of red and stock IS3s and
    KV4s with 122mm D25ts and he killed most them, I guess hes pretty good now.
    Logic of most people here, this guy was in a fully upgraded and OP tank
    against reds that are lower tiered than him, he only got into this
    situation because he went to places where he shouldn’t be. This was pure
    luck and only 10% of skill shown.

  184. Tier for tier the VK 45.02 (P) Ausif B is the best armored tank. It had the
    e75 turret and a better hull with 200mm on the top plate and lower plate. 

  185. 1) why the fuck r u all such gay boiz2) ask me how ur nans twat taystes
    like boys I rekt her pussy las nyt3) wot time am I meetin u at bak of Tesco
    then cos im gonna hook u right in the gabber u cheeki kunt

  186. a lot could have changed if he had the 1200 hp engine

  187. Quicky will you ever change your intro its kinda boring and old…. 

  188. 200 000 SUBS quickybaby

  189. QB is a beast. Vids consistent as ever. Damn.

  190. 200k subs 🙂 

  191. quickybaby yoou just reached 200k subs are u are going to do some
    celebration like an giveaway or another replay contest?

  192. ST-1 by FAR is the toughest tier 9 tank. It’s a tough nut to crack. E-75 is
    tough too but it’s got a big lower Glacius so I would still like the E-75
    more because of its mobility.

  193. That was a good game. I sure as hell wouldn’t have lasted that long in that
    situation. I’m not saying he didn’t get lucky, because he did in some
    instances, but he seemed to know what he was doing. Shame that that was a

  194. infinnitegamer244

    But its not a heart break I mean yea he didnt do like that last 500 damage
    and yea he didnt get that 11th kill but he got a hero medal so it counts as
    a win for him.. This means that it is a heart break for his team more than
    it is for him…

  195. Yeah, sure, call him a n00b. His stats certainly isn’t great the time this
    replay is uploaded. Yeah, his oppositions were not very wise. But he did
    everything right till the very end before the amx 50 120 showed up from
    behind. He should have gone for the panther earlier. But he didn’t know or
    too stress to check where that amx 50 120 were, can’t criticize too much.
    And before to ask, yes, people need this kind of favorable mm to perform,
    and if enemy team were not very good, it will be a plus. Even Circonflexes
    “only” did 9.6k in his top damage game in a Deathstar back when it has
    270mm+ pen HEAT. I would like to see you people do a 9k damage game before
    calling him names.

  196. Amazing replay…

  197. This comment section is a big case of “only a master chef can say when a
    dish is bad”, fucking pathetic. This was a great game.

  198. George Theoulakis

    Play more less replays plz play more plzplzplz

  199. To all of the noobs that watch Quicky to get better at the game (Like My
    Self). This is not how you should play an E75 top tier in ENCOUNTER
    If you don’t go hill, you automatically lose the game. Now let me explain,
    he got lucky with going down hill and encountering mostly tier 7 noobs. You
    should always overwhelm the hill, because you predict that most of the
    enemy team will be there. So its better to be up there socking the damage
    for your team and dishing damage in return. If you win the hill, then you
    guarantee that 70% of the enemy is dead.

    This guy was either trying something new, or he was a proper noob and threw
    the game.
    Now this applies to the hill in encounter malinovka and to the city in
    encounter lake ville.

  200. Mod Pack Issue!!! Please read!
    It seems like there is a problem with the view range circles on the minimap
    when view ports/optics get damaged/destroyed:

    When your optics only get damaged the circle correctly decreases his radius.

    However, if your optics are undamaged so far and get destroyed, the view
    range circle decreases his radius to the radius of damaged optics and not
    of destroyed ones.

    Plus if you just let your crew repair the destroyed optics, without using
    your repair kit, the minimap shows a circle of fully intact optics, though
    your optics are damaged.

    It appeared to me on Prokhorovka in my Aufkl.Pz. Panther.

    I´am not entirely shure if it´s really a bug, but i have a high performance
    PC and i dont think that there was any probleme with my computer or WoT

    Had anyone of you guys such a problem, too?

    Hopefully you read and test this out QB and if it´s a bug, hopefully fix
    it. 🙂

    Good luck on the Battlefield

  201. He almost did more damage than the rest of him team combined and still a
    loss…I guess you just can’t win them all, not even when you play very
    very well

  202. Hello guys!
    We are new chanell on youtube!We show awesome WorldOfTanks replays.You can
    check our chanel and it will take you only a minute but it realy help us!


  203. E75 was a fucking noob. Lost half of his health to Blackprince and Tiger
    like WTF ? What was he even doing at enemie base ? He should have gone back
    to defend own base.

  204. hell of a game!!!

  205. One, maybe silly question – how do you send replays to QB?

  206. I didn’t like the E 75 on Blitz, maxed it out but then couldn’t wait to
    sell it. Give me the ST-I (that’s I not 1) any day.

  207. Can you Pls do the IS-8? 😉
    Thank You

  208. E-75 is better than ST-I just because that bonus of mobility. The armor is
    prettry equal on both.

  209. what’s with all these replays lately ? give us some reviews or some

  210. Christian Alboroto

    Enemy Panther should have fired H.E

  211. The middle part dealing with the Tiger and the Black Prince was impressive
    in my opinion, I think I would’ve just retreated and tried to finish off
    the BP if he was so stupid and peekd long enough for me to blow his tracks
    off or I would’ve just went around and flanked the Tiger.
    But he went out and basically secured both even though arty was a little
    surprising not to shotgun and trust his luck 😛
    Last part is impressive even though that ammorack there saved his life high
    likely because the Type would’ve opened a way to kill him from all sides
    but nope he got ammoracked xD
    Sure luck involved, but his play against these guys was awesome!
    Enemies were stupid for sure but there are very few players who actually
    use it 😀
    I mean the Lorraine shouldn’t have come around the corner he should’ve just
    stood there blablabla but he could use it to his advantage. 😀
    I can’t pull these games off because I’m just a supporting yellow player on
    his way to green 😛
    Surely a good game, nothing somebody will pull of in the next few days :D

  212. german engineering ?! german fucking blueprint tank

  213. I don’t know if I should by E75 or AMX 50 120… But now I know :D

  214. much damage? yes
    many kills? yes

    good game? not really

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