World of Tanks || E 75 TS – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – E 75 TS. Today I’m reviewing a mobile T8 premium German heavy the E 75 TS!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. IMA GAMBLE!!!!

  2. All I get from the first 5 minutes of this video is “wow Löwe is such a bad tank”

    To think I almost bought it a few years ago…

  3. PZ4S Had to much bier and knodel.

  4. Thank you so much, yes please make a video of your fails. It would be awesome to see also ur human side of the game. Ps huge fan, im still a nob but I have learn so much from u, even though i love this game i wouldn’t got this far without ur help, wish u the best! dirtdeviltank

  5. So is it a British thing or does the guy with a PhD not know that one ton is 2,000 pounds. So an 80,000 pound tank is actually 40 tons?

  6. That comparison of this tank to the Lowe proves my point about power creep in this game. Wargaming power creep shit like this on purpose to make those oh so valuable whales spend $60 on a new premium vehicle. It’s fucking filthy, the entire game is built around making those players frustrated so they spend money and the result is we all get a shit game so wargaming can milk idiots for money they are spending on what is essentially a rented virtual vehicle.

  7. Wargaming could have trouble selling as many premium tanks in the future. A French court has ruled that digital products should be re-sold like physical products. Of course a 2nd hand digital tank is as good as a new digital tank. Players would buy 2nd hand tanks at a discount to buying from Wargaming, and Wargaming would not receive the transaction funds. This could impact all digital products from computer games to movies, music, books etc. Pretty much any digital download. It is basically an extension of Property Rights into the ditigal market.

  8. PrEmIum TaNks aARe WeaAkeR THaN ThEIr TeCHTrEE CoUnTeRparTS

    Aged like fromunda cheese.

  9. Quickybaby gives the best reviews so i can see what the game is like even if i haven’t play it in a month love his videos

  10. Wg named this tank wrong. They should name it Panzerkampfwagen Ausf E 75 T Selbstfahrlafette 128GC

  11. @quickybaby , not sure if you do replays from the NA server

  12. The back exhaust is a 40mm hitbox, at least according to tanks gg.

  13. “Thicc turret”

    “I come for those credits”

    QB I think you play too much WoT

  14. Where’s the outro?

  15. Mohamed H. Attallah

    nobody plays the regular E75 no more?

  16. Time to give the old tanks finally a buff . T34 is a dead tank for example.

  17. 80 tons weight with this armor and 105 gun?is this because all crew members are fat ass mother fkers and each of them weight 5 tons?

  18. Nice Tank… BUT why so many Premtanks in the last time? WG pls make some new grind lines in the techtree and balance the older Tanks into 2019! I am not sure but i think we are close to have more Premtanks in the game than normal….

  19. so how much money u will spend this year on boxes???

  20. Renagade is a shit tank

  21. QB*i play it alot like a Renegade
    my thought, ya but it doesnt have that cancerous commanders hatch that any tier 7-10 tank can pen with ease like the renegade.

  22. Sooo… it’s an E-50 Löwe…

  23. I LIKE it! Looks good. Not OP, not rubbish…Just average with extra Credits and XP. The tank gives you a chance to show how good YOU are and not how good the tank is with you just pressing W key. Some tanks like Donkerer is not player skill. Tank is just OP AF.

  24. you can probably buy that tank after the holiday ops as usual prem tanks. just not during the ops. and that is fine by me. i just don’t think they will make the same mistake again, as they did last year. or maybe, they thought they will put is3a on sale later too, but as it got so much negative feedback, they came to a conclusion, that they will never sell it again. and that is also fine.

  25. The way WG nerfs old premium tanks is insane. They will not touch love do you can’t say anything. They are goin to add new premiums that just rapes the old ones and afterall players will pay for making their tanks that they bought long time ago useless on Battlefield.

  26. Please do a tank review of the T1 Cunningham

  27. Lmao QB is saying 360 alpha and 227 ap pen i bad. I’m sitting here with my VK 45.01 that has 320 alpha and 200 ap pen.

  28. QB vs 112 and shooting the Panther II – at this point I could hear Jingles’ chuckle: “Oh, stop playing with your food, QB!”.

  29. Leon Bangemann-Johnson

    Its definitely not a medium in blitz.

  30. This tank is powercreep

  31. Maybe WG nerfs tanks by putting in better ones. Since they never nerve premiums

  32. nice tank….i hate artys and heavy tanks but this one is a nice piece of steel! I want this…

  33. periscopic sight.

  34. The lowe deserves a 360 aplha shot.

  35. fak this so many adverts interupting video…does QB dont have enough money for xmass???Learning from WG ?haha

  36. Currently we have 108 tier 8 premium tanks…
    But only 50 tech tree tanks…
    And 2 unassigned tanks as the tech tree version of the IS-3A and the T-44-FL, like the chieftain, havent been released even though added.

  37. Us: can we have a tech tree tank
    Wg: what’s a tech tree tank ???

  38. and another op premium

  39. Ok honestly this tank looks similar to the Edelweiss on wot blitz

  40. It’s not 80 tons. 2,000 lbs is 1 ton, so 80,000 lbs is 40 tons

  41. I’d like to know the actual odds of finding one of the new prem tanks in each crate…

  42. That “thing” in front of the TC’s copoula is the Infra Red lamp + sight, the same as would be on a Panther II.

  43. so its pretty much a fat panther 2 with some armor

  44. to be honest: Wargaming was promising buffs to the Tiger II. I think, that we are seeing a “new” Tiger II gun on the E75 TS. maybe with a bit better accuracy/gun handling and DPM. That would by far not solve all problems with the tank. But a fast firing, 360 gun would make the Tiger II a more remarkable tank again.

  45. 20:36 actually löwe also has such a weakspot on side. I actually love to surprise those overconfident lowe players, that dare to sidescrap against me and shoot them into those turret thingies

  46. @QB thing on the roof in font of TC cupola us Gunner periscope sight. Gives gunner ability to seek and preaim shot even if tank is in full cover. When he is ready, TC can give command to driver to push tank to hull down position or any position that exposes barrel enough for gunner to shoot and that scoot back in hole. Lot of early german tanks were missing this, as it is most useful in defense position not during roaming attack. Chieftain tends to berate Germans for it and uses it as a reason how great sherman was …

  47. Those are not lootboxes, those are surprise mechanics !

  48. World of Tanks Europe

    Hello QuickyBaby, I would like to thank you for the continued coverage of our game and Holiday Ops. We can confirm that the tanks will be exclusive to the Christmas crates during the event and will be made available for sale in other methods in the future (no definite ETA). Happy Holidays – eekeeboo

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