World of Tanks – E5 3rd Mark Again (while sick)

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Source: Anfield


  1. WG does has always the same tactic! Give us a new Tier X, make it op,
    anybody goes for it with goldXP, next patch -> nerf it… TVP, WT,STB
    always the same ! but the difference with E5 is that they buffed it and
    they wont nerf it anymore.. Its so strong and unbalanced! I cant understand
    why they arend nerfing it !
    WoT became more balanced but ther are still some ugly broken things (t49,
    arty, etc.)
    Sometimes i cant understand WG… they deleted so many maps…. pearl
    river, south coast etc.) if they arend balanced they delete them ! They
    should work on maps and not always kick them out… There arend many maps
    anymore.. Its starting to get boring….

  2. e5 totally balanced not broken at all same as is3

  3. not long subscribed to you, great vids, god bless another red, take care

  4. After the first battle he got so mad that he died, he loaded more gold
    rounds XD

  5. juan san jose peña

    do the 3rd mark with the IS-4

  6. Do you have the Skoda t40? And if so, can you give it a crack? Thx

  7. Like being sick changes something…

  8. Der Melonensaft

    you ar sick? hope you get better soon :)

  9. i don’t why everybody thinks e5 is op..

  10. Every time I watch Anfield’s 3 mark videos I am reminded how I need to
    spend all premium consumibles and spend half the tanks ammunition of gold
    per game to get the 3 marks.

    Real pro ?

  11. Why is the leopard trash? I’m at the Indien so I wouldn’t know

  12. Hey could you 3 mark the T29 next if u haven’t already?

  13. E5 hard to play, much skill needed. :)

  14. 1:40 T49 didn’t pen your hatch. you took a hit from the 140 (to your right)
    and the T49 almost at the same time.

  15. Meds*

  16. Lol he made pubbies out of that 4 meda

  17. When do you stream?

  18. @anfield_us what’s the damage counter mod?

  19. Allen Seelhorst

    That look when you slid off the cliff and died in the first match, lol.
    I’ve had that exact same look many times myself for that exact same reason.

  20. You uploaded this video at the same time i ran into the legendary

  21. Imaketrancesongs

    Nice, also first.

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