World of Tanks – E50M and Chill 2

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  1. The most anticipated sequel of the year!

    idk just some more games in the box tenk if you want something to watch or like e50m gameplay

  2. Watching the beginning of the vid right now and while I have a huge problem with the game’s current mechanics, at least it’s “nice” to see that I’m not the only one suffering from messed up RNG, and enemy snapshots going in time and again while your shots just go nowhere.

  3. I like your gameplay but you are toxic as hell bro haha

    • Bello De Hond the more you know about the game the more you realize how shit it actually is

    • the game definitely has his flaws, but why keep playing if u hate it?

    • Bello De Hond cause he earns money streaming (If you mean me i dont play it anymore)

    • I guess because he started out as a WOT streamer, a bigger part of his viewers wants to see him play WOT, like me. So it’s kind like doing it for the fans. good guy anfield 😉

    • For my community mostly, you guys make it worth it. I used to love WoT but WG have taken what is a very good game at the base level and through intentional or not balance decisions turned into a immensely frustrating experience. I look forward to 1.0 in the sense that they did a really nice job aesthetically, but unfortunately the balance problems will still be around, I really really wish they would put someone at the head of balance who knows the game or at least start listening to the right people.

      That’s not to say I don’t enjoy some games but there are far too many mechanics in the way that at their core ruin the experience.

  4. this gun is insanely accurate

  5. HE does more damage. *everyone knows that*

  6. Love your analysis vids enfeels, can u maybe do something like plat with lemming and then talk about make the most of having that plat power 🙂

  7. Is spall liner good on the E50M?

  8. Love that desert camo!

  9. What keyboard and mouse do you use Anfield? Do you feel they help you at all?

    • +RugbyLock0914 steelseries rival mouse and Razer black widow chroma keyboard. And yeah I picked my peripherals bases in their comfort and performance

  10. this is eu?

  11. I playing Scorpion G in aggressive way. And it pisses me off to push flank sometimes as lower tier while medium/heavies are camping and saving HP. Since week I consider SPGs more useful than TDs. Right now I am really against any turret-less (btw exist that word in english?) vechicles.

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