World of Tanks – E50M and Chill

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  1. Casual EU games with the bucket, I don’t rly have enough E50m stuff so

    wg pls move my acc to eu ty

  2. Heh first besides anfeild

  3. How long does a sub last?? Amazon Prime gave me a free sub and I used it on you.. kinda new to this shit, not sure what it does and how long it lasts

    • +anonymous beaver 1 month and if you still have prime you renew for another month but you have to do it manually, but it’s free with prime, really appreciate it by the way

  4. Hey should just allow you to join different servers with the same account

  5. That Anfield, be it tanks or football, always talking about the reds.

  6. Your keyboard is too clickie

  7. bullshit hatches? the badger’s 300mm thick hatches? the t-62a’s hatches?

  8. It wasn’t Spanish, it was Portuguese from Brasil

  9. e4 !!! always amazes me people are afraid to play a game

  10. I am one of those players waiting for the hd maps to be release before I log into the game. But again after 3 months, be back to the same thing. Great conversation though with your streamers.

  11. Anfield best player ever, damage farmer

  12. many players all stop to play because tier 8 is broken

  13. Finally a good tank on this channel.

  14. 1800wn8, 81%gun mark on e50m can i get the second?

  15. Thank you for sharing your gameplays. This is an inspiration for me to try to be better

  16. Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy

    So you screwed a e50m?

  17. So you have acc on NA and EU? reported for multiple acc!!1!

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