World of Tanks – E50M EU 7k and 6.2k

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Source: Anfield


  1. you look like matt from demoranch xD

  2. On 100 HP, looking for an arty, you get spotted and the arty hits 15 metres away, you are dead. Remove arty!

  3. “Stun isnt that bad”. Having a 50% crew for any amount of time isnt bad? This is news to me.

    “We have reusable consumables”. Yea, but there are 3 arty and they shoot faster. Focus is still gonna happen, and it’ll be worse now.

    I mean, yea this new system is better, but it wasnt exactly hard to have a better system than the live server. But this new system is still shit. You can polish a turd, but its still a turd.

  4. I guess if people need arty to kill a JG E100 they should maybe deinstall the game…the only Situation where clickers could be usefull is something like clanwars where people sit in one corner of the map and defend…

  5. 0 to 1 arty per side, remove AP – HEAT, nerf the pen. Stunt is ok, but it should be for less time with less splash.

    And remove XVM !

  6. I like how bumping into me made it harder to get past the building and the wreck. Thank you Anfield

  7. Sid The Spacesloth

    I’m grinding for the leo 1 atm, would you recommend the TVP or the E50m next?

  8. hulldown is7 without arty…

  9. Great play, as always.

    I agree with the arty changes, it is still a broken game mechanic but WG will never remove it because then they would admit they implemented a broken game mechanic and what company would ever admit their mistakes in public? and wants to do further business…

    I’m really excited to see FV304 platoons dominate the battlefield. Because atm we can only see tier 10 arty, it’s the nature of the CT servers, noone plays low tier. On the live servers on the other side, there are way more tier 4-8 matches than tier X. Or imagine a coordinated BC-155-58 platoon, they can perma-stun a whole flank on a corridor map. Just for my amusement 😀

    btw, the firerate and accuracy was already very good in my opinion

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