World of Tanks – Earning It

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

When there’s an epic medal up for grabs, sometimes it’s not the enemy you need to fight to make sure you get it…

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  1. I think given his great come back on the western portion of the map, let
    him have that kill. But, that’s just me as I don’t play for points or
    medals. :)

  2. he was a dicck

  3. T71 was not really fighting for his kills he was sniping while the heavies
    had to attack

  4. if it was me, i would ask for it, politely… even knowing the rest of the
    team wouldnt allow me to get the kill, but its just me. In the end he did
    earn it yes, but was a dick because of that.

  5. it was just a great move doing what he needed to do.

  6. it was a dick move because he said in chat screw you i want the radley

  7. Why wouldn’t you do that for a Radleys? The t71 obviously didn’t want him
    to get it so he did what he had to

  8. Jingles, you’ve only yourself to blame as you chose the replay to review.
    Just call them Dave and get on with it.

  9. it was a dick move but if everyone who plays this game is honest to
    themselves they would do the same I know I would

  10. I always had no problem TKing anyone that got in my way like that. I am
    currently banned on 4 different accounts.

  11. typical dick move

  12. Big deal useless and pointless medals just to look at them does not realy
    matter what he did its a game lets have fun :)

  13. While kind of a dick move, I totally get it. And it isn’t like he shot the
    T71 to stop him.

  14. You know, it IS a dick move but being a dick isn’t terrible so long as you
    aren’t jeopardizing the outcome of the match doing it. Like No Cap Kill all
    when you are seconds from winning or blatant throwing of the match like we
    saw an LTTB do a few vids back. Your team are competition as well so I feel
    its a gray area where sometimes it depends upon whether or not it worked.
    Just the humble opinion of a 48% win rate scrub.

  15. Considering he carried the team, they should have let him have the kill to
    be honest

  16. not a wanker move use what you got. being polite is for the truce table.

  17. Intentionally blocking a teammate from doing damage because you want a
    medal qualifies as a dick move. If the T71 had done the same thing (blocked
    the M48 from getting damage/kills/medals) then the M48 would be upset about
    it. For someone to think they should get a medal and that then justifies
    them blocking someone else from enjoying the game, that sounds like a DICK
    move to me.

    Also it was completely unneeded. The T71, M103, and ST-I would be very
    unlikely to get the kill on the T95. The T71 had fired 3 shots, so at most
    he had 3 shots remaining. The T95 was at 43% health (774 health) by the
    time the T71’s third shot had hit. The T71 can do at most 188 per shot with
    a maximum damage roll (150 * 1.25). It would take over 4 shots with all of
    them being maximum damage rolls for the T71 to kill him. The T71 would have
    to hold his shots (which he wasn’t doing) to ninja the kill, or hope that
    the M103 or ST-I scored another damaging hit. In other words, the M48 was
    likely to get the kill even without having to be a dick.

    The fact that he was a dick at the end takes away from what was a
    well-played game. He would have more respect by losing out on the
    Radley-Walter’s Medal but not being a dick.

  18. No blocking T71 wasn’t a dick move, they were being dicks trying to kill
    the T95 instead of letting M48 take the kill. When someone carries the team
    and kills half of the enemy team only dicks who otherwise would have lost
    the game prevent him from getting the epic medal.

  19. why the fuck do people watch these shitty ass videos. he knows nothing
    about the game and his commentary is boring as fuck.

  20. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    It was a dick move. People are too anal about medals. And protip is to
    never, ever, ask people to give xp or kills to you. Because then they will
    REALLY try to do exactly the opposite. I have no scientific study with
    percentages about this except for 20k+ battles experience, but in wot,
    always assume that all your so called teammates are assholes.

  21. That laught thoo

  22. All is fair in love and war.

  23. massive cunt, that patton.

  24. T71 should have tk’ed the M48 who clearly is a uniscum player.

  25. Quite a lot of the M48 player’s damage was due to other players acting as
    his spotters though so he just used his team mates to farm damage and
    kills, also he didn’t kill the most dangerous tanks on the enemy team –
    clearly a scum player.

  26. dont have a problem at all with anything, his team owes him that last kill,
    since he carried them. Without him they would have lost. He is the true
    hero, he must be granted that last kill. If they dont, they are the

  27. The dick move at the end is somewhat acceptable.
    Being a whiny cunt and bitching at his team for not handing him kills
    before the dick move? He can fuck right off.

  28. it is understandable, you about to kill a tank and get the kill for
    yourself and someone killed it for you, the game is a survival of the
    fittest, you will have to do whatever it takes to get the kill, it is
    really frustrating all the time, example like your team is winning you told
    people not to cap they still have their ass capping and you could have
    killed the remaining tank and get some medal or whatever but those ass like
    the majority of the player just doesn’t care what the hell you want even
    you asked politely. worse of all asian players, they dont even understand
    basic english. they only type siam words, chinese, japnese, korean
    characters or type in viet or myanmar and most of the time they all turn up
    to be square in the chat.

  29. North is irrelevant on this map but…

    ….Jingles with the golden commentary!

  30. i love how the t44-100’s let the m48 patton go where he pleases, largly by
    getting out of his way. such self aware teammates. something you dont see
    in WOT

  31. mah, its a dick move when your teammates just leave you out to dry time
    after time, game after game. a little gamesmanship never hurt anybody. Well
    deserved. gg to him.

  32. some what dick move but hey no one can say you can’t do that to help your

  33. how do I turn on all chat in the new update?

  34. i am fine with people asking if they can have the kill for a medal, and i
    will usually give them it if they ask, but telling his team to screw
    themselves because they can’t read his mind, dick move (IMO.) Then blocking
    a teammate so he can get some pixels, Dick move (IMO.)

  35. BA reptiles (BAreptiles)

    I wish there was a way to transfer my Xbox 1 tanks onto my PC

  36. APCR GOLD SPAM NOOB!!! /s (ever heard that one before?)

  37. I was having a nice day till the trump ad came on

  38. That T50 clearly did not have the autoloader gun yet.

  39. patton did good job, protecting his radley medal against T71. I have it as
    well sometimes that i get killstealed when i’m able to get pools or radley

  40. he was a cock, bit like you!

  41. Since a T95 has a lot more hitpoints than a T71 has clip potential, why not
    just let the little dude blow his load before taking the kill? He gets
    damage, you get medal, that’s a win/win with no assholes.

  42. im pretty sure anyone in that guys situation woudve done the same

  43. im pretty sure anyone in that guys situation woudve done the same

  44. could somebody please provide me an invitation code EU?

  45. Not a dick move because he was that one kill away from the medal. if it was
    just like to hog damage or some shit yeah that’s retarded but it honestly
    would have been more of a dick move than anything for the t71 to steal his
    opportunity for the medal really.

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  47. Oh jingles the T 50 is Tier 9

  48. Last was a dick move tough, denying damage not that it mattered but still
    its denying someone and i would surely not appreciate it.
    Now if the tables were turned and he was getting blocked by his team so his
    team could farm some damage they would be called noobs, assholes and stupid
    But when someone does this for a epic medal it is ok?
    I’m not a hypocrite so to me it was a dick move

  49. I think that move right at the end, blocking his shot, was OK, but only
    because they still won. if they managed to loose because of that move, it
    would have been unacceptable.

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