World of Tanks – Easy Mode

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. basically a tier 7 super conquerer lol

  2. Don’t forget that T29 (and other tanks like it against mid-low pen guns) will side scrape because the cheeks of the hull are small and hard to hit. The tracks absorb damage and at about a 6 degree angle side scrape it works perfectly. Aim the FRONT of the turret at the corner of the building as you come around it so that the front of the turret protects the cheeks and makes the cupola harder to pre-aim for. (The shot arcs at terrain behind so when it taps the cupola their reticle blooms a little the moment they get a shot). The Gun Depression on T29 is enough to aim down at a good angle the cupola will always bounce 200- pen guns. The best use is to face hug an IS of any tier on flat ground and aim your gun where they aim their gun (aim at their barrel base) to keep their gun clipped on the front of your turret so they always have no shot. If there’s a dip it works worse, if its on a rounded hill it works better. I have beaten tier 10’s with the T29 pinning them against buildings in closed beta this way. I also bait shots with the long front hull coming around a building aimed away so when they go for a tracking shot, they hit the front wheel only. repair and then come in for a hug. This thing can BRAWL 1v1.

  3. Here’s a creative idea: load gold

  4. Memes Of The Round Table

    You should have loaded in high explosives against the o ni in the cap to make sure you canceled it.

    • sometimes HE does zero damage to this kind of super stupid heavy armor Japanese tank, consider the cap zone is an open field where o-ni can’t hide its lower plate, well-aimed APCR will likely penetrate for sure. but anyway having some HE is good too

  5. why don’t you try out war thunder. try to get the developers give you a press account or something and see how good you are. I think you would be quite good. @LemmingRush

  6. The T29. It was the first line I ground through. The E5 may be outclassed now, but the M6, T29, and T32 hold a special place in my heart.

  7. A unicom plays 10 games does great in 1 or 2 and only 1 gets shown gg.

  8. “This guy is falling back”
    The guy was literally falling back down the hill ???

  9. What amazes me about this replay is looking at the minimap around 5:50 you can see there is a tiger(p), a cromwell, and a vk 30.01 p on his team going up against an enemy m44 arty. By 6:14 all three of them are dead and the enemy arty is still alive.

  10. I love how you pronounce “hey guys it’s lemmingrush” the same tone at the beginning of every video and then continue to talk in different tone xD

  11. I wish I could post the pic here of my endplates from my 5,019dmg (17 pens) / 6,220 blocked T29 game from the other day on PS4. I was top-tier and the reds made a dream play for me to take advantage of.

    For whatever reason all of their heavies / mediums pushed up north on the west instead of going city, so I happily wandered over and worked a ridgeline.

    Good times.

  12. I don’t know what exactly your equipment on this tank is but I don’t like it. I have installed some optics giving me about 450m vision. It just makes it able to do some spotting jobs more effectively than equal tier scouts manage.

  13. No 6th sense? U cant be real unicum if u dont pay money to WG. Not today

  14. I haven’t played the game in over a year. Just wondering with everything going on is it worth heading back? looking for super honest opinions.

    • Honestly, nothing’s really changed over the past year. The autoreloader and upcoming wheeled vehicles have added some interesting mechanics to play with, but the core gameplay is the same as it has been since 9.18. If you liked it before, you’ll like it now and if you disliked it before you’ll dislike it now. If you just got bored and needed a break, then I think the Christmas event is a good time to come back since you have the decorations minigame and bonus xp/credits.

  15. Good video, as always. Very “next level” in how you describe your thought processes during the game. Like the last one, I think this one will be directly useful in that i can well imagine using that position when driving, say, an SU-100, SU-101, or an object 263/268-v4.

    Well done, as always.

  16. The T29 is a beast but the T32 has it beat on console at least. since it’s 105’s pen was buffed from 198/245/53 to 218/265/53 and accuracy buffed from .39 to .37 its been way more dangerous too take on one can only hope wg buff it on pc as well

  17. 3/5/7 mm template sucks, very often it’s too easy to dominate game while being the top tier. And i think this is the biggest reason why we are seeing scores like 15:3 too often.

  18. LemmingRush, you sound like Ryan Reynolds when you talk sometimes. That is why I like to watch videos like this one here. I like how you try to exploit situations like a medium tank and hold the shot on the O-Ni to let your aim circle shrink. I do that sometimes and I don’t mind taking a hit from my target if I know that I have enough health to survive if it means being able to deliver the killing blow to the target. That is better instead of allowing the shot to miss because although my aim reticule/cross-hairs is pointing at the target, the aim circle do not shrink enough and the shell a fire disappear mysteriously or hit something other than the target.

  19. i have managed to pen the machine gun port on the front of the T29 with KV2 HE, and he sat there confused!

  20. Russian bias…

  21. please……………… stop………… ending your statements (declaratives) in the form of a question……………..

  22. T29 is an amazing tank, I have even had a game with T29 with top damage top experience in a Tier 10 game.

  23. I wanna see lemming in an e25 playing it hella aggressively.

  24. Let’s T29 platoon!! I got 2 marks! Need my 3rd!!

  25. I 2 marked that easily (the t29) 3 marks I would probably have to try.

  26. T29 is my favorite tank in the game
    Really love it ?

  27. I find it absolutely incredible that a Tiger (P), a VK 30.01, and a bloody Cromwell couldn’t work together as a TEAM and take out a M44. What’s even more incredible is not only do they all FAIL abysmally at the task… but they all rush from the SAME FUCKING DIRECTION. Not the Cromwell or the VK thought of flanking the M44 to take full advantage of his soon to be divided attention.

    This is why teams fail in this game.

    Everyone is so damn concerned about stat whoring, that they focus entirely on trying to get the kill themselves instead of ensuring the TEAM wins the match. This is the most infuriating part of this game… the brain-dead selfishness of players. Your stats don’t get better by the kills you’ve managed to rack up waiting for the right opportunity to kill-steal, your stats improve by the amount of DAMAGE you cause (the “kills” are merely a ‘bonus’ factor).

    Granted this failure by these three “L” losers didn’t cost the team the match, but they sure as hell didn’t contribute to its win by not working together (esp. when the VK drowns himself in his pathetic attempt to get to the M44 before the Cromwell).

    Bravo for the enemy M44 player. I would love to see the replay of this match from his perspective and see just what kind of idiots he was up against.

  28. As good a description of T-29 gameplay as I’ve ever seen.

  29. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    “That’s thirteen hundred damage” Has done 3K. Says he has done 1,300. Nice.

  30. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    LemmingRush if you don’t 3 mark the T29 i’m going to be disappointed.

  31. “Arty which doesnt even count as a vehicle”. LemmingRush 2018. ^^

  32. I want see some COMET replay from you. Please make sure you have 7 skills for each crew member. XD

  33. What if you
    Wanted to play a tier 8 t29
    But god said
    *T 3 2*

  34. t29 is stupidly OP and is one of the reasons i left this game because my tier 8 medium cant even pen it.

  35. Lemmingrush without food? Wow

  36. Lemming the tits hitter

  37. I think the T-29 was the easiest tank I ever 3 marked. It is so good and easy to play. It is almost impossible to not do well in the T-29, unless you where like the idiot in this game that was shooting HE or you camp in the back and think you are a TD.

  38. TURN… ON… XVM…  Otherwise we can only assume the enemy is completely full of tomatoes, and your team is full of all stars….

  39. what did I learn from this lemming vid ? arty doesn’t count and go for the tits.

  40. I’ve been playing this position with every tank since the rework of the map and now you are showing it to everyone :cryemoticon:

  41. @Lemming Skorpion can pe the turret frontaly it happend to me a few time

  42. let’s hope arty doesn’t peg us

  43. any tip for playing the SU 152 and any equipment ?

  44. “The goal is to hit where i am aiming”

    Lemming 2018

  45. Is the T29/t32 a good tank? I mean Lemming doesnt rly count, he makes every tank look like a good tank.

  46. “Now I’m gonna go for its tits…”
    Lemmingrush, 2018

  47. Opinion on new gold round balance?

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