World of Tanks || EBR in RANKED!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. This season in ranked I wanted try something a little different and play the new French wheeled light in ranked!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. rip the batchat 🙁

  2. Sad, ranked battle now its just sad, ur already qualified, and ur still seeing ppl on the first tier bracket its just sad, another mod that WG was habel to make it grinding, it suck last 2made it to silver this one nowhere its sad grind grind and grind a little more morron

  3. AdmiraLRaveN PRO

    if only WG reward us with better credits it would’ve been a bit more playable to F2P players

  4. Hey I gots a challenge for you – identify the names of the music pieces that are playing in the garage right now (D-Day event)

  5. Nice of you to point out how stupidly broken wheeled vehicles are and how they displace light tanks. Glad to see you taking advantage of a sleazy. /clap.

  6. Typical QB. Says EBR in ranked…plays on Malinovka. Like everything your videos are always of super situational battles where you are in a strong position. How about showing your potato followers how to really play? …and when it is hard. Besides instead of constantly showing videos of battles…how about just talking about different stuff in WoT? You do that well…and your every video doesn’t have to be a battle. Just talk about news items or whatever similar.

  7. Ranked Haas been closed on NA since 2017?

  8. ASIA SERVER has no rank battle yet.

  9. The best players don’t play ranked though they play clan wars 6:20 for good rewards

  10. The 279e is so op… 13:10 it’s amazing

  11. theres no ranked on NA server.

  12. i dont have a tier 10 so i cant even play it

  13. I managed to loose all my Chevrons and im back to zero. Fun!

  14. sorry, but world of armored cars is not what I want to play, makes me laugh to see such an armored car farming equivalent tier heavy’s frontal armor while pulling >1G turns and not rolling over.

  15. last season tried Ranked, did not bother this time.

  16. That enemy Obj. V4 was a stream sniper or got a lucky shot. Like straight up QB’s sixth sense didnt go off until the LT 100 spotted him in his base.

  17. social3ngin33rin

    @1:40 If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life
    Honestly, wheeled vehicles in world of tanks are cancer

  18. Slightly unrelated, but I’m really questioning why bother grinding tier 10. I’m not sure why, but on the ANZ server, in order to load into tier 10 battles, I usually have to reload 3~4 times to get into my only tier 10 battle. Yesterday, it took me 17+ minutes waiting. Yet, whenever I play tier 8 and 9, I consistently meet them, lots of them. Sure I could hop to the HK server, but the lag makes you way less competitive.

  19. the furry cookie

    show us the op object tank that got buffed


  21. Everything you exposed about the ebr 105 is the reason i am leaving the game. Half my garage is cannon fodder for the mariokarts.

  22. I don’t like wheeled vehicles they are too FAST

  23. The problem with wheeled vehicles is that it allows the best players to easily outplay the less-skilled ones. Why do we need this kind of advantage? Sure people say Defender’s op and everything but I have no problem dealing with it and do not think that 2.4k average dmg is incredible at tier 8. When I am playing wheeled lights on the test server (don’t have them yet), I actually feel that it’s pushing the extremes. It’s not an op tank, but a good player can have game-changing impacts that will win the game. I hope WG realizes this and change the wheeled vehicles to a more normal tank, maybe an actual light tank gun but 80km top speed.

  24. QBWOT does not work 🙁

  25. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It is a ridiculous competition where only russian vehicles lead…
    You love Wargaming balancing decisions, say about nothing and is ever fun… play it quite alone.

  26. No Monkeys given for ranked.

  27. ELC even 90, 49.1% concealment and 498 view range, having maxed crew and bonds equipment, in a tiny tier 8 is just better than any ebr ?

  28. No care for ranked. Forget its even there.

  29. These wheeled pigs have ruined the game.

  30. I’ve been spending hours grinding but so much toxic cancer everywhere

  31. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Love it that even QB can’t get spotting damage, I thought it was just me

  32. Did you get stream sniped? Or did that 268 4 just get lucky?

  33. stop promoting this trash NOT-A-TANK

  34. Ive never even heard of ranked before..

  35. I always get to the first rank in Ranked Battles, because it’s so easy and the rewards are OK. Other than that, it’s not worth it. You’re just fighting against the most powerful tanks in the game, with gold spamming.

  36. I doN’t WanNa PlAy 140

  37. QuickyBaby 3:45 you should end that sentence with” and there is more cheaters in ranked”, im getting sniped in full speed from across the map (400-500m) all the time. accident, i think not.

  38. Why not pick another light tank QB? Maybe because the weevils have made them redundant? And utterly ruined the game?

  39. fuckkk wot..always lagg in middle of battle..

  40. ranked game doesn’t work for reasons and i think the main Reason is GOLD SPAM

  41. EBR on campinovka is normaly a autowin but the new ranked system is just stupid and dont make fun at all

  42. Vikram Banerjee


  43. I gave up on ranked, only have 1 meta tank in SC. Seems u need a 907, t95/chief or 279 to consistently do well… perhaps ban special vehicles TIL later divisions?

  44. QuickyBaby – have found in a lot of my fav tanks there seems to be nerfs gone on recently that I was not aware of which have ruined my gaming experience in WoT. Can you do a vid on this. H35 (tier 2) armour now rubbish and gun cant hit the broadside of a barn. T67 (tier 5) Gun dispersion is ludicrously bad on a TD that pops if you sneeze in it’s direction. The list goes on….

  45. I’m a bad player and will not be playing ranked.

  46. improve ranked by make it tier 8 only or by banning CW reward tanks in tier 10

  47. Piotr Żwirowski

    Imo t100-lt should have the best camo not ebr, the ebr, doesnt exactly look like a stealthy vehicle, and i dont like how it made the t-100lt almost irrelevant

  48. I wonder why armies bother with tracked tanks at all when wheelies are so much cheaper ,easier to maintain, can go anywhere, are faster and have shell proof rubber armour?

  49. wish NA could play ranked…

  50. you mean Object / bobject Ranked Ruskie battles? err no thanks!

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