World of Tanks || Edelweiss: Valkyria Chronicles

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Edelweiss: . Today I’m looking at something completely bizarre from the Asia server; a brand new – Edelweiss from Valkyria Chronicles.

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  1. Hope you enjoy this video on the Edelweiss!

    IS-7 Tech Tree Showcase LIVE NOW!

  2. Nice looking tank 🙂 I do not think it’s OP but I also do not think it fits this game – I think it already went wild
    One remark I must say is horrible WG policy concerning hidden soft stats
    This tank drives SOOO much better than CDC. Power / weight means nothing if u compare hidden stats:
    edelweiss / cdc
    hard – 0.58 vs 1.44 !
    medium – 0.77 vs 1.63 !
    soft – 1.44 vs 2.88 !
    Simply stupid.

  3. Δημητρης Κολομβας

    new tank?

  4. “If you’re a fan of the Valkyria series which first come out in playstation 3 at 2008” I WAS LIKE PS3 DIDNT EVEN COME OUT AND AT THAT TIME I KNEW I WAS GONNA GET FUCKED UP BY THE REPLIES …..

  5. the fuck happened to historical accuracy? and is Wargaming now adding more over powered premiums? its kinda sad I had high hopes for this game but they keep doing shit like this. if I see this on the na server I’m completely done with this game

  6. mems tanks lol

  7. TheLivingTrombone

    The chronicle tanks were added into blitz a few months ago at tier 7. Sad thing is they are still OP just not this OP

  8. there so ugly

  9. Showing disrespect to all real world tankers and the conflicts they fought in and continue to fight in…the historical aspect of tanks in WoT is the reason most players started. Now WG introduce comic book tanks and characters so they can cash in….another nail in the coffin of this game. WG are really losing the plot for a quick buck.

  10. 11:14 “Maybe players on the Asia server are a little different?”
    Oh QB, you have no idea how worse it gets. But hey, at least the Arty actually fought back, instead of committing suicide.

  11. TheSlowToes 🙂

  12. i finnaly learn how to lead and snipe fast light tanks on move. wows had help me a lot

  13. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    Well, wargaming should not put fancy tanks in the game. it is ridiculous

  14. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to Eu, such a wreck of the styling of the game if they do

  15. please make a DoW3 review or gameplay video

    I love the DOW series and RTS in general, but am very skeptical about DoW3

  16. I keep hearing “anal vice” instead of edelweiss

  17. Pls WG do not transform a WW2 based game in to a cartoon game… I play this game because the tanks looks like they was in real life, and because they existed in real life or list in blue prints…so, again, please do not transform this game in a cartoon game.
    In my opinion this tanks has no place in this game!
    If they do this…why not Bat-mobile-tank or starcraft tank (with siege mode of course)?

  18. Aleksandar Lomas

    did you play agenst those tanks?

  19. Not like these broken tanks can make the WoTasia any worse, that server is a mess, wasted my account moving over there just to get worse ping and an unbelievable level of shockingly bad players/bots. And it still pops up with ‘based on your region, why not try asia server’… WTF WG.. – anyone from Australasia, stay away from the ‘SEAtards’

  20. Tanks with this aesthetic have no place in a game like WoT. Let’s hope they keep this crap off the EU server.

  21. Please WG dont bring this to EU server! We dont want it! I will delete tha game if this comes to EU. The game was not historically accurate before neither, but after this, the game has NOTHING to do with history, nothing at all! And the game will loose all of the authenticity. I,m so sad I bought my first premium tank last month(after 6 years of playing), If I would know where this game is going…I would never buy one, but instead I would delete the game… I,m very sad…

  22. Borbás Kálmán

    Almost 100 pounds? Here, take this *clicks on ads*

  23. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    I am now starting a PREMIUM PROTEST against these FANTASY pay to win tanks. No more Premium tanks and no more premium account. This is the DEATH TOLE for this game for me. Reality and the connection to history got me in the game FANTASY will be the FINISH. So no more money to a dying game.

  24. Samuel Giovannucci

    I’m not a fan of these tanks. The really should just stick with history.

  25. Already uninstall the wot

  26. To WG: Give us the Edelweiss on the EU server, you can keep the Nameless… this tank is balanced way better and wont harm the MM imo. WoT was never historically accurate anyway.

  27. mid-heavy class LT

  28. Adam Molnar Vlogs Insanity

    Never nuke a country twice

  29. I will call it “edelscheiß”.

  30. will wargaming also include all other anime tanks the in blitz?

  31. quicky baby pls tell me witch one grafic card do you have on your pc

  32. pleas keep that tank away from EU and NA servers

  33. A well done review, QB, thanks for letting folks know what could be coming there way. See you at TankFest!


  35. I don’t want this.

    It’s not because it’s anime, I’d object to this even if it was a Leman Russ or a Bolo Tank. This fictional mess doesn’t belong in WoT (a game already filled to the gills with premium stuff), and before you bring up paper tanks, they’re more of a case of ‘what if’ rather than something made for pure fantasy.


  36. Das ist dass ende von WOT

  37. Unique voice acting… sounds like anko special all over again.

  38. Love the voices of my lady Swedish crew

  39. Welcome to the Asia server QB, where they have got no brains.

  40. seems fair enough to not let the crew members be transferred into a different tank
    but then, was it fair to have these kind of tanks in a “WW2 based” game?

  41. Let’s keep the Weeb crap out of WoT please…

  42. Benjamin Nigel Semmler

    i keep hearing anal vise……… good job earth languages

  43. Wtf is this shit?

  44. On Blitz its a tier 7 with a 90mm gun

  45. Chinese servers are their own universe in this game they are doing their own shit just take a look at their premium shop lol it’s no surprise they would add some shit like that.

  46. wg put anime tanks hhhmmm what r they gonna put next


  47. Another one….

  48. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}

    GG WG.

  49. since you have a asia account grind the chieftain mk6 QB???

  50. Fat Leopard!

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