World of Tanks || EDGE OF MY SEAT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Progetto 65. Today we’re going to have a game that kept me on the edge of my seat!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Well done QB: thanks for your charity & Merry Christmas!

  2. QB there’s a hole in your shirt

  3. Luis Fernando Rubin

    They should sell the Awful Panther for bonds.

  4. So at minute 8 u dodged the shell was not the e75 missing it ???


    This guy’s account has too much RNG. When E4 shoot your side, your thin side armour cannot absorb the damage at all…

  6. “You almost hit a pilot” sounds like that’s what the commander said at 00:00

  7. i think cap have been there i remember back in old days

  8. Maybe going to the the courtyard to the right of your wreck and look through the pilllars?

  9. QB thank you very much for choosing the donations to go to cancer research. I’ve had 5 family members pass away from cancer and 2 who have survived. It means a lot to see this money going to a good cause. Keep tanking! ?️?️

  10. too many wins by 10 hp tanks lately…

  11. Lucky match with x tank vs 8, like always qb…. noobs can can do it like me….

  12. Well done on the charity work QB.

  13. 13:27 British tank destroyer? LOL

  14. Awesome effort on that fundraiser Quicky!

  15. Thank you QB and nice try. 13 hour steam tired Baby!

  16. Best way to spend bonds is to get that sixth sense perk on those crews which don’t have it.

  17. I thought your favorite tank was the M48!!!!  FICKLE!!!!


    I love that nar tiertalian for pg65… Make it a habit quickybaby

  19. You think 502 dmg from arty is bad? A few weeks back I was hit for 1086 + set on fire in my Caernarvon AX by a tier 8 arty 🙁

  20. Out of luck finally.

  21. Donate the funds to me and I’ll cure cancer.
    Step one is to uninstall wot:P

  22. I came for the head tilt stayed for the spagett

  23. Don’t give the E4 credit. You misplayed by putting yourself in a position where you had seconds to win or lose and had to rush from a bad location.

  24. Theres the British TANK DESTROYER!

  25. That game was so good, the heartbreak ending pissed me off more than when I have such a match ending myself

  26. Are you going to do the *Is WOT worth playing?* Im kinda thinking about it and would like to see your opinions. would only be f2p

  27. I think that premium consumable is also a flat out advantage for players with premium account to afford the cost or premium tanks to gain money and the fire extinguishing skills. Especially for LT or wheeled tanks to gain a much better view range. What do you guys think?

  28. You need a green chair and long sleeve shirt, man! It would be great to have your head telling us stuff and your hands waving around pointing around.
    Great save in the game. The opponents really shows how important it is to work together in situations like the end game.

  29. “Thumbs down if you hated it”
    >raising money for charity

  30. wot players are richest players of all games..

  31. that was a close call goood job QB!!!

  32. Wow if you’re wondering why quickiebaby shirt transparent that’s because it is green

  33. You’re crazy . But good on ya

  34. There is a big hole in you

  35. Congrats on hitting the goal for the charity and then so e. Merry Christmas QB and Tanya.

  36. QB has too many favourite tanks for any given one to qualify as favourite anymore.

  37. What is the big complaint you have with 3-5-7 matchmaking? It is better for lower tier players when they get into a match and see a lot of other tanks that they at least have a chance of taking out. Are you trying to discourage new players from entering the game? Nothing discourages a new player more than entering a match in a bottom tier light tank and finding the vast majority of the enemy team is made up of heavies two tiers higher that can one or two shot them and that they have no chance of penning their armor with their pathetic gun even if they spam premium ammo and a new player won’t be able to keep that up for long when they aren’t making any kills and earning credits. They have to buy gold and convert it to credits to keep that up if they aren’t earning in game which only makes the game look even more pay to win than it already does and discourages them even further.

  38. again tier 10

  39. Well played, heartbreaking! Great play!

  40. Glad to hear the find raised went so well what a result and thank you

  41. QB XVM ? XD

  42. Awesome game!

  43. I finish WoT 2019 if WG not finish 3 5 7 MM

  44. You have got nice hole in t-shirt 😀

  45. Favorite Tier ten tank, the Progetto 65???!!!!?????? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE M48 PATTON !!!?????????

  46. Artillery is so cancer. Quite frankly, screw anyone who plays artillery for fun. It’s quite just not.

  47. Awesome achievement in aid of good causes. Great to see someone giving back to charities with their commitment to them year on year. An example to others QB. Well done.

  48. Can someone gift me some boxes ? It would realy make my day! Pls someone help me!

  49. Omg. That was so unlucky! Great game though

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