World of Tanks – El Bandito

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I do the unthinkable and review a tank that isn’t an upcoming premium.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. reintroduction of tank reviews is amazing. hope it stays around:)

  2. jingles… how bout trying Chi-ri review…

  3. 12:41 actually jingles…. Thats a comet not a cromwell ?

  4. FLCL is an anime by the way and it’s an amazing one ^^, pronounce as Furi
    Kuri in Japanese. Or you just say F , L, C , L. I hope you see this because
    this anime is amazing ! They are more or less the same who did Kill la
    Kill, Gurren Lagann, Kiznaiver, Me Me Me and Dead Leaves.

  5. Michael “Black Baron” Wittmann

    That WoT cancer music in the background is annoying af, but the video is
    good tho.

  6. That was a comet! Not a Cromwell…

  7. noooo always the scubag arty

  8. Which line is more fun, the french heavies, or the german grille 15 line

  9. If you want a dogfighting, sneakier T20, go with the T21 tier 6 light. It
    is pretty much the same, except for gun selection, and the fact that
    because it is a light, it retains it’s camo while moving, unlike mediums.

  10. Even deployed overseas I can still enjoy some Jingles commentary… even if
    I can’t play the game, still brightens my day!!!!

  11. 12:16 And once again our gnomish overlord proves that he is fact crap. 😛
    Comet, not a Cromwell.

  12. Ur doing it wrong, 105 FTW

  13. Pretty sure that T-43 shot didn’t “bounce off the T20’s arse” but instead
    was just launched straight at a particularly offensive cloud.

  14. Jingles Tank Review… here’s my like.

  15. Men. …I had 4000 battle when I first got a tier 7 tank. then for tier 8 I
    had 5000 and for tier 9 I hid 7000. (and I’m not a noob to be getting 100
    xp each battle. I have 55% win rate but I like playing for fun.KV-2 and T67
    and Type 59)

  16. Anyone else think the music doesn’t have it’s place in this ? Just
    wondering really…

  17. Good thing artillery is a fair and balanced mechanic right guys?

  18. Jingles I got an ad on your video in spanish because of this xD

  19. Fooly Cooly. Jingles is to old to know about that ;-;

  20. jingles have you ever done a tog review or a hilarious video on e tog

  21. can you please for gods sake not use free camera while u record
    its hard watching your slow reactions while you play,dont make us go trough
    it while somebody else is playing…please
    i love you man, but god…

  22. Jingles, his name is pronounced Fooly Cooly 999.

    Also, petition to get a BT-42 in the game?

  23. Jingles review. Yes

  24. That SU-152 must have had the kind of Stalinium armor that doesn’t let
    opponents get anything but low rolls. Dave did 96 damage less than the four
    shots he put into him was supposed to.

  25. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss


  26. TheAlmightyRubles

    Hey jingles! I think you should do more TOG videos. Also I enjoyed this vid
    and I enjoy watching all your other WOT and AW videos, keep up the awesome
    work, cheers??

  27. Uh oh, jingles hasn’t seen FLCL, otherwise we would have been watching
    fooley Cooley instead of Dave…

  28. well, i acutally use the M4 sherman tier V howitzer on the T20. And im
    doing better than with the 90mm since i used it on all the tanks from the
    M4 up to the T20

  29. Iowegian Immigrant Jingles! That’s not a Cromwell! That was
    a Comet!

  30. Mindaugas Stankus

    flcl >.> furi kuri (fooly cooly)

  31. Master Jingles that was a devious enemy Cromwell @ 12:06, he disguised his
    tank as a Comet. 😉 But he didn’t fool you! O7

  32. 23:57 “damaged loader” Oh Jingles never change.

  33. idk but i loved t43 :D

  34. grandadmiraltony

    Thank you for doing another tank review, please continue to do these
    especially since the game has changed so much and had so much power creep
    since u did any of the non-premium tanks and there were plenty u never had
    the time to do, thanks again

  35. Thanks for the video overlord, its a nice change <3

  36. you old fart that was a fucking comet. pretty sure its the same tier

  37. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    15:19 What are you saying Jingles, didn’t take long? It had 3:40 mins or so
    left on the clock, 4 min in the game and the whole team is down that’s a
    quick match, yours definitely wasn’t!

  38. Ah, Fooly Cooly’s T20 replay.

  39. Would you consider reviewing the Russian T-10. You did review it when it
    was the IS-8 but it has changed

  40. Pretty sure you kept on saying Cromwell when there was a comet attacking

  41. The Anime Civilian

    Jingles! How dare you! We wanted a premium Jingles! Lol.

  42. Nukedude_23 Live Streams

    Review the T25 AT please

  43. There’s so many ‘actually Jingles’ people here I think we may have an
    uprising from the mines.

  44. Jingles 12:21 you called a comet a cromwell.


  46. Did anyone notice jingles name being Admira1 hipster lol

  47. jinlges….the siegfred “cromwell” is a same tier comet

  48. Linh Nguyen Tang

    How did Jingles get emotionless when “Dave” killed a ToooG? A

  49. Hmmmm the side of a cromet u said XD?

  50. Jingles, that was a Comet for God… Be careful what do you teach the kids

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