World of Tanks || ELC AMX – Mega Troll

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today 슨두부찌개 is going to show you how the T5 French light tank the as a mega troll on Tundra.

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  1. first !

  2. I hope you guys enjoy 슨두부찌개 trolling in his ELC AMX – 11,000 games played
    in one tank! He’s a beast 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  3. haha just watched an elc match on jingles channel, elc ftw

  4. dat name tho :D

  5. Hello

  6. perfect driving!

  7. too epic.
    I like my T 18 and PZ 1 C, Locust and T2 Light and ELX

  8. Goods job for ELC. Alls other stupids players is for not know how for to
    wins game. Is for Claus is for to gives advice for who’s for to be stupids
    player. Is from famous mans who for to fights for real for to gives advice
    for reals tank. Is for he is say is for we for to fights them for be ons
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    minute. Is Churchill for to say is for we for to fights them for be hide
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    P for S. Is for to congratulates Quick Baby for to haves 200,000 for to be
    subcribes! Claus is for to haves 14! LOL!

  9. Ramojus Drachneris

    hi QB i am from Lithuania i love your videos :)

  10. it was so awsome

  11. Thanks for getting me banned from World Of Tanks QuickyBaby, thought the
    mod pack would be reliable? Anyone know how to get un banned from World Of

  12. Cobolt Masquerade

    t-150 soviet heavy tank 563 battle in the thing

  13. I want to see that 5k exp game :D

  14. I played about 350-400 games in my chaffee 😀 tier X TDs beware

  15. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Best Replay EVER!

  16. :O Dayum, I need to see the crew too x.x

  17. I saw someone with 17k played games with he’s, I don’t remember what, but
    some pz tank tier 2. Can’t understand that guy :p

  18. Wow, that guy is insane. 5.095 ep in one match? What do you have to do for
    that? Own a T11 match in the amx?
    If you got either the replay or a screenshot of the crew please show it to
    us, I’m really curious 😀

    my currently favourite tank is the e-25. Used to love my Jagdtiger because
    of its armour but driving those fast, agile tanks is waay more fun(and it’s
    easier to carry a game).

  19. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    you look sick xd

  20. holy crap a lot of people are using the squares for their names.

  21. E75: Currently 970 games, 4 skill crew with 87%

  22. My most played tank is IS-3 with 600+ games

    but my friend called – nipitiri has 16000 games on his hellcat,check that
    out :P

  23. 슨두부찌개 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. If he sends you a screenshot quicky will you show us as well please :D!

  25. Ech… Again a tier 6 ELC replay on the same map you did last time..
    Though I was really impressed by this guy, despite having over 800 games
    and 3 marks, off course I won’t be able to go up against him.

  26. Quicky, are you a weeaboo? You pronounce Asian names better than the usual

  27. Over 11k games? Oh, these Asia players just love grind I guess :D

  28. 슨두부찌개니뮤ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  29. I want to see that crew and that 5k Xp game !!! I HAVE TO SEE IT!

  30. My most played tank is the ELC with 644 battles and just about 3 crew
    skills. As of late, it is the only tank I’ve been playing.

  31. ELC AMX as most played tank.

    BUT FAR FROM 11 000 GAMES.

  32. That was Kim-Young Un himself improving his skills

  33. T-44 and i have 8 crew skills

  34. actually tazilon, an american player who loves to madness LT, have more
    than 21k battle with his vk2801

  35. what a troll, and 11k 😛 He or she got time :P

  36. T32 500+ games because is awsome tank 

  37. And i thought my elc game with 3.4k dmg, 9 kills, kolobanov vs 6 enemies in
    a tier 7 game and 2061 base xp was impressive…. this guy won my respect..
    gg sir

  38. lowe 1500 games with IS-7 next at 750 games

  39. Hellcat- 2500 battles 9 skills ;)

  40. 야!내가 월탱갤러다!

  41. SU-14-2 – 6665 games, 6 or 5 crue skills (92%)
    TIGER P – 6408 games, also 6 or 5 crue skills (~95%)

  42. Hi, my most played tank is T-34-85, tier 6 soviet medium tank (im close to
    800 games). Why? Because it has great combination of firepower and
    mobility. And… it’s russian and guess what, IT HAS GUN DEPRESSION. 

  43. Sundubu jjigae, the stew not the player, is delicious. That is all.

  44. Love your videos, you’re always sincere and so polite to other players:)

  45. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    That was outstanding! This kind of games we wanna see!

  46. I imagine that 5,095 is the most damage he’s caused in one game, rather
    than experience.

  47. His my friend 

  48. Wow….now THIS is what I call skill…

    Master ELC driver..

  49. Maarten severijns

    me best crew is 5 skills on 9%

  50. Not sure why, but I think what mostly hit me about this replay is that even
    in the KR server there are that many bad players as well.

    Wonder though how their tomatoes would fare against our tomatoes in NA
    server. Would be an awesome fight.

  51. Absolutely craziness !!!!! :-)

  52. ELC best tenk in ze game! ;D

    GG wp

  53. 댓글에 양놈새끼들 3스킬가지고 자랑하노

  54. i could watch this guy all day

  55. French touch guys :p

  56. My most played tank is also the ELC amx but only 300+ games and one gun
    mark. But i love him so much.

  57. AMX 50 100 so much skillcap 4perks on it

  58. im a korean server player and i wanna notice you that 슨두부찌개 has 8 skills
    on his crew

  59. I play so much the BDR i get 1200 battles !

  60. Really well played! I have got three marks on my ELC too :)

  61. I have 2422 battles with my Pz. III, I reached the 4th skill at 91% for an
    average 427 XP per battle with the tank (how many with the crew ?), I’m not
    a good player, having to say that I was premium account 65% of the time and
    made good use of bonuses for extra crew XP and X3 or X5. But I think I
    never dropped they’re skills if not for gold and only wasted a bit of XP
    retraining the crew from previous tanks for credits.

    I forgot to mention that I use this crew on the German T-25 premium tank
    also. Which gives an extra 124 battles at 723 average XP.
    In total without “X2 or more” it makes 1 123 846 XP to get to these skills
    level and to reach the 5th I will need 556 666 XP for 9% remaining. Only a
    half of what I’ve already done…..

  62. Most played tank: KV-2 just over 1k games

  63. Great game :D

  64. this is by far the most troll ever HAHAHAHA

  65. I have 3 tanks with 4th Perk

    Tank Games Perks

    T 34 1.540 4th Perk 92%
    Kv-1S(the Old one) ONLY the old one 1340 4th Perk 65%
    Jagdtiger 8,8cm 1112 4th Perk 72%

  66. Over 1000 battles in the old but gold T-50-2. Some of it in MT-25. I’m the
    saddest person in the world for WG removing my beloved T-50-2 from the game.

    My most experienced crewmember is Major Beppo Hoffmann, Commander of my
    Leopard 1. He has been in 1816 battles in his history and racked up 64% 4th
    skill. Almost 2mln experience points on him,708 avg exp per battle. He
    needs almost 2000 more battles to get 4th skill to 100%.

  67. Fedaykin Fletcher

    very nice vid love the ELC too but dont u think that it is 5k dmg rather
    than EXP???

  68. 겸은해협-ELC AMX 8K
    슨두부찌개-ELC AMX 11K
    퉤퉤퉤-ELC AMX 28K
    레밀리아-T95 11K


  69. Casper Vang Jensen

    Its its nice to see you are beginning to upload videos more often

  70. I played with a guy, few months ago, a BT-2 platoon, i cant remember his
    Name but he had 25.000 games on it and 76% Winrate

  71. I chink I stepped in gook

  72. Most played tank: Löwe, for credit farming purposes :/

  73. I saw someone with 22k games in M6 xD I thought a lot about that, i really
    really cant understand, i hope it was a bug^^

  74. i have 5394 games un the T25/2! is probably looks weard, but i love this
    tank! and i got no more than 5 skills

  75. 2300 games in Centurion 7/1, just started the 6th skill.

  76. I’ve got an american crew with around 9000 battles and have just about
    every skill/perk unlocked.. Tough the 6th set of skills/perks just take far
    to long to level up. Though I don’t limit myself to one tank like this, I
    don’t find people that do that to be very good at all, they simply master
    one tank an that’s it. You put them in any other tank and they are
    completely useless. Thus the reason I am not to impressed with this replay.

  77. The T-46 seal clubbiing machine is my most played tank, and closely the ELC
    AMX 😉 <3 it so much.

  78. more then 1000 games in my ARL with the 105 mm gun 🙂
    ELC about 800 though xD

  79. We need to have an international ELC tournament. 

  80. My most played tank is the Lorr. 39 L AM (Tier 3 arty)
    I have about 2100 games played and It is at crew skill 3 with about 95%
    Btw: I got this tank when i first started playing WoT (about 3 years ago),
    and started to love it 😉 till I stopped playing at patch 8.6 with it.
    So my stats are still affected by playing it so much, I was a beginner and
    never really improved until i stopped playing this artillery.

  81. Awesome, but it’s amazing that his WN8 isn’t way above 3 or 4k with that
    many games played in an ELC AMX (and he seems to play it like a normal
    tank, not a pure scout)

  82. Normally… all these games are pure luck… This game was pure skill.

  83. Frédéric PIERARD

    This guy is just a beast…but what a coooool beast =)
    i want to see more of your games !!!

  84. RealistFromHolland

    Most played tank has to be my T26E4 Superpershing with 1050 battles. Its a
    share crew from my M48 Patoon. It’s on 5th skill, 84%.

  85. Marcin TheTankerMan

    kv-1s(kv-85) 1000games
    M40/M43 1000 games

  86. What do the marks on the barell mean?

  87. At first I though “Oh no he’s almost out of ammo” then I saw that he had 20

  88. My most played tank is the AMX 40, 4917 battles, 4th skillset at 96%
    I dont think I could do that kind of sidehugging in an ELC with my 250ms
    average ping, would end ramming those heavies half the time.
    But, I do go sidehugging with the slow AMX 40, much more forgiving for my
    high ping, surprisingly it works more times than it doesnt.

    Most players dismiss the AMX40 too soon, with a good crew it can be
    competitive even in tier5 matches and a good support tank in tier 6 ones.
    What I like to do is use the 75mm to shoot at extreme ranges, the high arc
    of fire means you have a not at all small chance of hitting the top armor
    of enemies at 400 meters. I’ve even managed to get some indirect fire hits
    with it at Himmelsdorf and old El Halluf.

  89. My most played tank? IS-6. Why? Because it’s a money-maker and it’s pretty
    fucking awesome.

  90. Most played tank… Of coz.. The type 59 for grinding money lel

  91. Tazilon from the NA server, I believe now over 30k games in his VK28.01

  92. my most played tank is jadtiger 

  93. My most played game was on the kv-1s before the patch we all know why :p

  94. Most played games? SU100Y
    Why? The cannon

  95. Probally he got all perks on elc.
    As i got just over 1100battles on my elc and i got 79%on 3rd
    perk(camouflage(if i said it correctly))
    And i noticed he like to camp in elc as he use binoculars, i preferr
    staying on move in it. I use gun rammer.advanced ventilation.and optics.
    I got +-90% of 3rd mastery as even great game dont let my team win games =/

  96. Laurynas Urmanavicius

    Ultimate troler 😀 nice game and troling

  97. Quickybaby, I’m Korean, and his name is a type of soup that is spicy and

  98. I need to get back to that game ;p

  99. ELC AMX is my most played tank, and i have not even 1000 games in it, maybe
    not even 500. but 11.000 games? holy shit

  100. simply the best player on elc

  101. Wow that guy is throwing around his credits- prem consumables, prem oil and
    more apcr than ap XD

  102. Ma'jhad MoonSugar

    Tank Tango.

  103. my most played… wz 132 i supose 1k ish games in it why? it is aswesome

  104. my most played tank is the is the hellcat, but i dont know why…. Now
    (after the nerf) i hate this tank.

  105. Having 11k battles means nothing. . He could have been a bot..

  106. Most played tank: KV5/ ISU152 ~1000 games
    KV5(T-150) is on its 4th skill and the ISU crew is transferred to the 268
    which currently just unlocked the 5th skill

  107. Guys i need help! So i had the ELC AMX and i want to play it again if i
    sell my Cromwell (i have the comet researched) can i get more credit ? Now
    the elc is 160k (160000) Fast help pls!

  108. my best tank is the tiger 1 with 607 games played and 58% winrate

  109. I have played almost 1000 battles in my Hellcat. I only have 3 crew skills
    tho :(

  110. My fav tanks is the T69, over 900 games.
    Is it worth to have an octane gasoline or whatever it’s called on the ELC?

  111. why did he not show the ELC replay from ELC as another ELC replay, the one
    from jaeckefa was way more entertaining

  112. XDeathLordX in SEA server 22466 game played in a god damn MAUS

  113. The tier 4-5 light tanks get retarded MM. when i was grinding the stuart
    and leopard i never had such amazing mm. And besides tier 4-5 light tanks
    usually have op guns for their tier to handle higher tier but instead they
    basicly made them vs tier 6 all the time

  114. What is going on with youtube tonight? For the last hour I can’t watch
    anything. I have to wait 2 minutes so that I can watch 30 seconds of video.

    I haven’t finished watching this upload, but I really like the replay as
    I’m an Elc Amx fan.

  115. Where do we go to send QB replays?

  116. Son do boo xi shay? These names :D

  117. UncleSamofVirginia

    I’ve played 700+ battles in my KV-1S prior to being changed to the KV-85.
    Since then, I’ve never played it.
    [2 Top Guns, 7 High Calibers, Confederate, 6 Steel Walls, Invader,
    Billottes Medal, 2 Sniper Medals; nothing impressive :/ ]

  118. My most played tank: M3 Stuart.
    Reason: it is a well-balanced tank, fast with good acceleration, decent
    firepower, decent armor, the camo advantage of a light tank, and I got it

  119. Most played tanks:
    1. *Comet* //sold it// *387* battles… Crew
    at 3rd skill at 90% in Centurion 7/1
    2. VK3001D //sold it// 375(got my first ever
    radley walters in it) Crew at 3rd skill. 70% and in leo PTA now
    3. Centurion I //sold, but rebought// 370 battles, Crew at third
    skill 40% (former cromwell crew)
    4. Centurion 7/1 290, best tank in the
    game for me… will not downgrade it to FV4202

    I have a grand total of only 4500 games, but i love these beasts. (Overall
    WR at 52,6% and current WN8 is 1884)
    Currently i have best stats in my T150 though. =)

  120. This is probably the best replay your ever featured on your channel :)

  121. Steven GamePlayer

    I don’t understand how these guys make cool games with this tank, well,
    maybe because they get with tier VI, but every battle I get with VIII!

  122. Most played is T-54 with 400 games (8500 total games). Have a feeling the
    T67 will over take that in the coming months though as it’s my most fun

  123. Most played tank – Jagdtiger 88. Why? Because it’s a money machine. I know
    that QB doesn’t like it because it’s about the exact opposite of what he
    likes to play, but it’s still really good for making money.

  124. My most played tank : ELC (1200 battles) he is for me, not OP but so fun to
    play and the best gun of his tier !!

  125. Nightwish Gameplay


  126. What is the camo on his tank ?

  127. I don’t have 11,000 total games played let alone in a singular tank. My
    most in a single tank is 405 in the T110E5.

  128. Nice job 슨두부찌개

  129. my most played tank must be the matilda. i have about 1000 games in it, and
    i am 60% on the way to my 3rd crew skill :)

  130. This replay is one of my favorite now. :-)

  131. Hahahahha! Giant skillmoves!

  132. My most played tank i the Hellcat I have a 3 skill cre with a 599 battle
    played (I want to play th 600 one on my birthday)

  133. The shot in the Bishop is a little lucky, cause the Bishop is armored

  134. KV2 with about 616 odd some battles on it, its my stress relief tank,
    because its just that fun to blow someone away in one shot, also my crew is
    working out there third crew skill (and thats without having all exp going
    into there training)

  135. The artys should of killed the Jackson, I’ve only came across a couple
    arties that will let me live instead of taking a kill. It seems to be a
    bigger problem with tiers 2-4 arties

  136. ELC is a relic of what scout tanks used to be, great tank great replay. I
    learned most of what I know about scouting from a guy who had 41k games in
    his vk2801. Sadly he quit the game. I always want to pick one tank and
    stick with it but i get too bored and I like unlocking new tanks.

  137. My most played tank is the T49 (Old TD) and LOVED that little thing. After
    that, Jackson. Its greatly overlooked due to the Hellcat, but still a
    great tank. Right now, im really enjoying the NEW T49.

  138. The elc god !! o_O

  139. I have 2 crew skills on my ELC AMX and all 3 spotting equipment. I
    absolutely LOVE that tank.

  140. Only have around 3500 battles so still very much on the grind. My most
    played tank is the RAM II at 200 games as I play it in platoons a lot.
    After that tanks such as the T-150, VK 30.01D and the Pz III/IV. Still yet
    to get first crew skill in any tank yet though :(

  141. Mine most played tank is ELC AMX but I have 550 battels in it.

  142. 1238 battles with my Tiger I :D

  143. Васил Василев

    I was trying to troll the mm with my elc (elc + ferdi platoon) And when I
    finaly got in tier 10 game guess what… there was a maus+maus+E100
    platoon…. and they just showed up :D

  144. I would of said this game was the dogs bollocks, but Koreans may mistake
    that for a meal lol 

  145. I played 1.7k battles in ELC and have 3 marks too. This game is t about
    stats its all about fun :)

  146. What do the stripes on the barrel mean? I don’t play WoT

  147. My Most played tank is the kv85/kv1s with 1.915 battles 😀 but i don’t like
    The 85 so much anymore 😉 After that the t34 Premium with 787 battles

  148. The Mini Batt-Chat strikes!

  149. Most played tanks – T34 then T110E5 then T71.

  150. Nice work i like your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D

  151. type64 or tog II * ?

  152. Ha … Most played tank is the Type59 … I need credits 😀

    The crew is on 95% in the 5th skill …

  153. My most played tank is the KV 85, mainly because I needed to grind for the
    IS though my favourite tank is the ELC, which is my newest tank.

  154. 3:23 “You see this you little bitch? I have stripes on my gun. Yeah, thats
    what I thought, run away.”

  155. GalaWOTs Galavits

    i have seen good ELC players, but that was epic.

  156. The T-34-85M give Crew skills and 3000 games play

  157. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Now I feel myself unexperienced with my 500 battles in the ELC – I got the
    3 stripes though.

    Holy moly, i thought u can only have 4 skills with your crew :O There are
    new things to lear even after 17k battles…

  158. My most played tank is the russian t-34 I like so much to play in that
    tank and I like that rate of fire and mobility and the troll turet (I
    manage to bounce a shoot from the AMX M 4) I don’t have so much games, only
    500 games beacuse I have only 7k battels. Big like from me to this little
    french monster ;)

  159. This guy is playing just like me, with the gundepresion-trick and
    everything, but he plays smarter than me

  160. I want t see that game also! Man!!!

  161. Mmm very good play. But TBH, those guys had like zero situational awareness
    about them. Which is what you want them to be like when playing the ELC
    lol. But yeah, very good play.

  162. Today i just bought ELC AMX and is beastly this tank :P

  163. Not really what armored warfare is about, is it? Running around in low
    profile go-carts, really fast, while invisible.


    Guy’s asian so he’s probably using some illegal mods or outright hacks.

  164. 1. KV-2 with 89% on my 5th skill
    2. T-50-2

  165. Can anyone tell my pls ? Whats the mod name of that that can zoom in 5
    times more in sniper mod like quickybaby has

  166. I only have 6k games Player
    So IT really impressed Me that a guy played nearly Twice as much games in
    one Tank

    My Most played Tank is the FCM 50t because it was my 1st tier 8 premium and
    without a premium account it is pretty hard to earn money in Tier 8 and 9
    games so i played it and play it very often 

  167. show us the screen shot if he send it to you

  168. 200,000 subscribers! Congratulations doctor Quickybaby :)

  169. i got 2000 games in m4 sherrman because of money earnings and i got 4
    skill up to %100 at its crew

  170. Jon Gabriel Velasquez Johnsen

    tiger 1

    realoads fast 5 sec

  171. WOW – Epic!

  172. no mastery badge?! do the korean Server dont had those medals?! My most
    played tank is the legendary KV2 i have a Crew with all skills on it 🙂 ist
    ridiculous fun. 

  173. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Err… Why does he carry a large medkit? If he had more than one crew down
    his tank would be disabled…

  174. Tazilon on the NA server has 41652 battles in his VK2801. He does YouTube
    videos on scouting techniques, and in his videos he shows the crew skills.
    Pretty sure he has every possible skill trained on his VK2801.

    EDIT: apparently he deleted all his videos and took his site down in
    protest at Russian invasion of Ukraine!

  175. Hey quickybaby! I just wanted to ask you that do you play world of tanks

  176. My favourite tank is T67, because it can simply devastate enemy team with
    pretty unfair camo bonus and 2.7 sec reload speed. I have nearly 2.5K
    battles with this tank. Iwas thinking this is a lot, but when i saw this
    guy…I have a lot of work to do… Back to point: I have 4 crew skills on
    my crew, but this is my third crew on this tank i think. My last crew had a
    four skills too, but i moved it into a M26. Thank you for reading this 🙂
    and i go back to the work.

  177. I want an ELC…although I would probably suck in it :D

  178. I have 2350 battle in my KV-85 3 skills at 79% :)

  179. Most Played: T-34 (Rus Med.)because fucking awesome 57mm gun, rather mobile
    ,decend armor 

  180. xXxRevAngExXx WoT

    cromwell i played like 1200 games in it but my first crew is at my tier 10
    FV4202 and now i have 3 crew skills again, and also got 3 marks of
    excellence:) i will upload a replay on qb replays and u can see how i play
    with it:)

  181. 6th skills? 슨두부찌개 is on his 8th skills

  182. This guy plays like boss. He can strike the enemy while moving, while
    drifting, can easily get away of another ELC, fight against tanks with bad
    gun depression. That is just amazing to watch, I hope I could play this
    well. I have my crew on 100% already but I have difficulties hitting
    something, it is like the age to shoot something right even I am literally
    hugging the tank.
    The most battles I have played is 644 with M3 Light russian scout. It was
    really special tank and first premium I got when I just started the game.
    1144 maximum experience with that light. Not much.

  183. My highest XP earned in a game was 4,369 in the Hellcat, 2nd highest was
    4,120 in the T29

  184. op pls nerd

  185. ARL V39… Not because i like it, but because it was a b*itch to grind

  186. Absolutely ridonkules

  187. I has on.y two marks on the elc

  188. QB my most played tank is the Panther 2, probably because I like it a lot.
    Right below it is the E50, I hated my E50 and sold it as soon as I got the
    tier 10, I sometimes regret that decision but I had so many bad memories of
    playing the E50 stock. However even my ‘most played’ tank has less than
    500 games. I can’t imagine playing over 10k games in any one tank. 

  189. That was amazing hahah didn’t know that the ams didn’t have a turret

  190. How do I send you replays?

  191. 300 battles in the tiger p and replaced it with the tiger with which has
    230 battles. Just love the good and the hit pool of both tanks, just wished
    i had realised how pointless the armour on the tiger p was to my playstyle

  192. My most played tank is the Hellcat. Such a wonderful tank, capable of such
    total devastation.

  193. o.o Holy fucking shit

  194. Do they have different camo patterns on the SEA server? The one the Jackson
    uses does not look familiar to me.

  195. I find this tank interesting and fun because with gun rammer and brothers
    in arms the rate of fire is 1.94 seconds but is good for suport and
    flanking tanks with slow turet and track traverse speed. A t-150 with full
    health came after me and I wriped him a part as an is shooted him in the
    back of tank because he wanted me death but he didn’t had the chance to
    kill me 

  196. Wallet warrior 7000 games in a super pershing with 4 skills and 2 gun marks

  197. wolverine or ELC are my top tanks. Wolv at tier 5 can take a hit and bounce
    hauldown with ridiculous dpm and pen that can scare off an IS. Loved my
    ELC, but since the accuracy changes(one that made shots deviate more to
    center) its small size is a bit less effective and I got sick of derp guns
    snap shotting me and stopped playing it. Ill miss it though, nothing better
    than hauling it into enemy spawn while every tank turned around and chased
    the little ELC while my team got into position.

  198. QuickyBaby i see you have the generals zero <3 one of my childhood games :D

  199. Dang. My most played tank is the KV-5 for the creds. Somewhere over 1400
    games. I have over 26k games. Each tank has its uses and the KV-5 has
    earned the most creds for me. Lowe not far behind tho. My crews are on the
    4th skill because I use my premium tanks to train up crews for other tanks.

  200. Well if you have 11k battles in a tanks, how hard is it to lose in this
    tank? Lol

  201. skill level: asian

  202. Went back and looked at the overall stats for this guy that QB shows. Next
    most played tank is the 12T with like 300 games. His highest tier tank is
    the 13 90 Tier 8. So he is stuck on just one tank for the most part.

    Maybe the ranking formulae should take such things into account. Variety.
    People who are good in a lot of different tanks would beat out a person who
    is excellent in 1 tank.

    Okay, how do you beat this little tank? Jam it up against a hard spot and
    grind it to pieces. Or as I did in a KV-2, pin it to a building and then
    use HE against the wall above it. yeh yeh. It messes up your tank too.

    Of course the enemy arty screwed up here. I would have aimed for him even
    tho he was snuggled up against that heavy. He was the last tank on the team
    so blow him up and if you take your friendly with him … oh well.

  203. Loved the replay we’ve all seen heavys tds and mediums but never have I
    seen a light man over like this guy’s little tank he deserves all the xp
    and silver good show :)

  204. i have played 1.5k matches in the e5 and the crew has a 4th skill around
    80. Also the 50b with 1300 matches and the crew is in the early 5th. other
    tanks on 5th: E100, e50M, Leopard 1

  205. I wonder if North Korean tanks could have been popular on the Korean

  206. that elc is harmful elc lol.

  207. This was awesome!

  208. My most played tank is my superpershing with 1.6k games and i still LOVE
    it. 😀 im a good player in it indeed but stats are crap because i got it
    before 3 years wäre i was 12 😀 now im 15 and went from 200 wn8 to 1100 in
    less then 4k games

  209. This Korean player is awesome with this little machine.

  210. My most play tank is the Luchs because it cant penetrade Tier 7 heavys its
    the Best Tier 4 tank

  211. Qb e25 can also do this

  212. WOW! What a game 🙂 QB is right – I think we’d like to see his crew on this
    tank #mustbeawesome 

  213. Skill level – KOREAN.

  214. holy crap 11 k games on a single tank :O Anyways I was wondering is E-25
    able to do the same thing to a T-150 like an ELC can (get close to him and
    not be shot due to lack of gun depression)?

  215. Do they have different camo patterns on the SEA server?

  216. Most played tank in my garage is my M4A3E8 Sherman with almost 2.5k games
    played in it. Most of the reason why I liked this tank to begin with was
    its ridiculous rate of fire combined with extremely good mobility which
    allows me to circle of death my opponents. As I played it more I started
    making use of its good gun depression and strong turret armor to great
    effect. Its like a comet at tier 6 :-D

  217. my most played tank is my super perishing

  218. my most played is the rare type 62 with 1.2k batles …… and the 2nd most
    played is my favorite tank in the game 121 played 1k batles.

  219. Aside from the SU-76 and SU-85b which I stuck around on early in my WoT
    carrer for 400 games a piece to get a good feel for the spotting
    mechanics,.. it would have to be the Batchat 155 55. I absolutely adore
    the mobility, accuracy and RoF of the French Tier IX Arty. The flexibility
    that the turret offers it is incredible as well.

  220. This neatly encapsulated everything I like about the ELC AMX. Great replay,
    great vid.

  221. Bogdan Tsitsiurskyi

    Wow best troll

  222. Freaking ELC Kung Fu

  223. T-34-3 : moneymaker / 4 crew skills

  224. WOW and I thought you were good Quicky :)

  225. Does the front of his tank say Foch or fuck?

  226. Most played tank is KV-5 with almost 1500 battles in it. The crew
    (currently on STI) is at 80% in the fourth skill, BUT I do not buy prem acc
    time so with prem acc the crew would likely be around 50% in the 5th.

  227. ELC is my most played game at 1.4k, i have 5 crew skills at 100% and the
    6th is on around 42% (something around that, can’t remember fully)

  228. Can you show us the crew when he sends you the screenshot pls, really nice
    game thumb up !!!;)

  229. QB, he had loaded his final HE shell to decap as he didn’t wanna risk
    bouncing (even though he had loads of APCR so bouncing was unlikely, with
    HE you don’t even have to do damage to decap — just slightly hurt a module
    and you’re good, though I’m sure you knew that lol)

  230. The AMX 12t is the most played tank for me (382 out of 7.7k battles). I’d
    probably would play it more if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to
    deal with a 75% crew in it and I’m using the old crew for the AMX 13 90.

  231. Most played tank for me is the T29. Reason? It’s a T29, that’s the reason. 

  232. My most played tank is the SU-100Y with 3,419 battles and 61% win rate I
    love this tank so much I even named it ‘Derphouse’ I’m on my 5th skill with
    gun rammer, vents and enhanced gun laying drive and play my tank extremely

  233. I have something like 700 games in the MT-25,such a fun tank to play 

  234. i have 6468games played on my chafee and 59% win rate but that was before
    the patch

  235. Such an amazing replay! Thx :)

  236. That’s neat, didn’t know the north Koreans were allowed to play video

  237. WOW! and wow again!

  238. korea server avg is this bad?
    the elc dude has pure skill in what he likes to do in this game and this is
    what i’d like to see more often, not the op tanks and not second acc with
    7v7 prem tank statpadders or other based on real teamplay or real personal
    talent zero skilled kids!

  239. One of the most skilled light tank drivers i have ever seen, normally all
    these replays are top tiers recking lower tier bad players with awful teams
    so they can rack up all the damage themselves but this was a lesson in
    light tank driving and trolling. well done sir.

  240. OK, how the hell do people get eleven thousand games in a single tank?
    Seriously, I have like 5 thousand overall after about 20 months of playing.
    Sometime I see people in game with like sixty thousand games. How?
    Seriously. How?

  241. My most played tank is also ELC but i only have 300 games with it.

  242. DontTurnAround Ever

    He is from North Korea *grabs popcorn*

  243. Type 59 – almost 1700 matches, 4th skill on 96%. Oh and 1720 average
    damage. :)

  244. If he sends you a screenshot of his crew can we see it?

  245. ELC AMX troll platoon and the enemy team just so happens to get 3 ELC AMXs
    too? >.> <..>

  246. Command and Conquer in the background 

  247. Does the Korean server have different cameo, cause it looks like it. Or is
    it clan wars cammo? 

  248. Do some Command and conquer 4 vids, I see it on your desktop and its a fun
    game would be cool to see your stats in that game as well :)

  249. Cammo* stupid spell check. 

  250. T-54 with 5 skills/perks :P

  251. once i saw a guy with over 13k games in KV2, still have a screenshot of
    that :)

  252. I must go down the French line for this ELC now!

  253. 4.5K Games in my US Medium Crew just starting their 6th Skill. (All Premium

  254. what was that POW ELC AMX?

  255. I think is 5000 maximum dammaged not XP

  256. KV 85 due to it’s awesome rate of fire with the 100mm

  257. My most played tank is E75 with 993 games played in it with 2 MOE, 2nd most
    played tank is su100 whit around 770 games in it with also 2 MOE!

  258. I love ELC AMX. I havent played most games with him, but when i got to play
    it I fell in love with it. I play it with my friends in platoon of 2 ELCs
    and one Chaffee and from time to time we have absolutely awesome games. We
    get a lot of hate from ppl when they see light platoon, but when chaffee
    scouts and we just shoot with those 90mms its awesome! :)

  259. my mostly played tank is S35 CA <3 I have got 1306 battles in it, and 3
    marks of xcellence as well, im so happy to play with that frenchie sneaky
    tank :3
    my dmg record is 3400 dmg

  260. please share the screenshot in the description if 슨두부찌개 ansers :D

  261. This guy is good, I have an ELC AMX but Im certainly not THAT good although
    I do have 2 marks of excellence. My most played tank is my 113 I have like
    810 battles in it with 4 perks. I seem to like it a lot.

  262. Most played tank: t29 about 400 games played of my 7k total matches. I just
    love watching t9 tds bounce fruitlessly off the rediculous gun mantlet

  263. Quickybaby will you add a link to the screenshot in the video discription?

  264. mine is my is 6 or is 3 cant remember but sold is 3 so i could get my 13 90
    and so i could earn some money plus i have the 6 tank create but sold light
    vic cause i hate it but i will buy back is 3 and get lorr 155 50
    jingles i got 5 kills in my amx 13 f3 search me on ur replay wedsite

  265. Love to see a showdown between you and soon? I think it was?, that would be
    interesting Quicky. And what a draw that would be for your channel. Thanks
    as always. 

  266. I have a pic on my phone of a 9,990 exp game

  267. This is so wierd… Jingles puts up a elc vid and now u do too :00

  268. 1st, that was an elc match I was really into, unlike others.
    2nd, I’m learning korean and having translated his user properly, it’s
    pretty amusing.

  269. As you probably know, there is a bonus xp earned when you play WoT in
    internet cafe in Korea, which is x1.5 for xp. So, his 5059 max xp earned is
    in fact 3397 xp, which would be about 2265 base xp, which is still
    incredible. Soondoobujigae was in fact playing in one of the internet cafe
    in this featured game because his tank camo is a Korean Army camo which you
    can only select when you are playing the game in internet cafe.

  270. I think that the elc AMX needs it’s old match making back were it would see
    tier 10 and be devastating to all with the 90 mm

  271. I like su-85b mega troll td

  272. T150 860+ battles 4 skills and 70%

  273. I have over 15K games inside my hellcat. And I have so much skills on it I
    can’t even remember them all xD

  274. This guy is inspiring. I was going to sell my ELC. Now I want to play it. 

  275. I’ve seen a player with 28k games in the Tier 2 Pz. 38hf thingy… 8 perks
    per crew member

  276. Good job Man, Real good Man.

  277. no metter how good you are at some thing there is always asian better than
    you by far

  278. Can i join with a account of the NA server(for example) in other server??

  279. koreans…

  280. This guy was a reroll he has 11000 games in his ELC and that’s why he has
    good stats, don’t get me wrong it was an outstanding game!

  281. Wow quckyBaby speak korean is veryyyyyyyy well lol
    Quickybaby korean say 퀵키베이비

  282. My most played tank is the Elc Amx with 1050 games

  283. If you had gnomefather’s engine sound mod the ELC would sound like a race

  284. I play in my m103 alot because of that 120mm <3

  285. QB and Jingles post an ELC replay on the same day.
    Prepare to see 3 ELC’s on every team

  286. I’m a noob at WoT so could someone tell me what is a good German tank line?
    I have the Pz. 38(t)nA and the Hetzer. What tank line would you recommend?
    Thank you for your help.

  287. Hopefully this wasn’t a smuggled North Korean video, otherwise QB is
    getting a cheeky hack.

  288. 씨발개노무현

    Ya! Feel so good!

  289. Wow i wish i had a elc but am a arty and td player

  290. I’ve played most my games in the T-32, love that tank to death, still only
    one crew skill.11000 games in one tank is insane do

  291. In korea server

    Nobletank M4 about 13k

  292. Joao Pedro Jacinto

    You are right quikybaby.. it was FANTASTIC

  293. QB, can you also ask him what equipment he runs?

  294. my most played tank would be the fv304 Little Bert. and i have 4
    perks/skills on it im close to getting my 5th! this is without prem :p all
    skill! oh in battles i think im at 1,500 battles in it I THINK..

  295. Gamiete o xristakis

  296. MinemanMC - Road to 50 subs! PvP and GFX

    My most played tank is the T71, 300 games, I play it so much because it is
    a fast, good view range, dangerous light tank that can pen most tier 10
    tank with premium ammo, some even with standard. I have 2 skills on it.

  297. 8skill crew

  298. 슨두부찌개님 이거 보신다면 님 크루 경험치랑 능력좀 알려주세요~

  299. 카! 슨두부찌개갓! 흥하십셔!

  300. That, is the most impressive game I’ve seen now. Well done!

  301. Did QB switch to WN8?

  302. more than 7k games played with Hellcat, 5perks full, 6th at 80%, but i
    selled the Kitty and put the crew on the new T49. By the way…i used the
    crew for some other tanks before and teached the crew for credits…so i
    lost some percent of that crew xp…he MUST have at least 7to8 full perks
    on his crew…and sorry for my english…i bet its the worst you have ever

  303. Ive played 185 battles in my kv13 51% win rate 2 marks and almost 3

  304. 200K SUBZ!

  305. QB’s first encounter with asian gaming dedication. Let the awe commence

  306. I’ll admit, I’m not even close to 11,000 games played in any one tank. The
    closest for me is 2,200 or so games played in the StuG III ausf G. I loved
    that machine in particular because of how strongly it counters what I
    believed to be the most prevalent vehicle type at the middle tiers- slow
    heavies with bad view range. I still care dearly for the StuG, I did play
    it recently to earn the first barrel mark, but my enthusiasm has shifted
    elsewhere. The good news is that its veteran crew is has not gone to waste.
    They’ve now graduated to the E25.

  307. lol qb, after seeing that, no one is going to think your elc rampage is any

  308. I wonder how the E25 could perform in such side-hugging situations. 

  309. 1100 battles in my SU-122-44. pretty obvious why. I have 5 perks on its

  310. Quickybaby, you should look at tazilon from the NA server. He has 41,600
    games in the VK 28.01 and plays almost exclusively light tanks. He is the
    resident expert on NA for light tanks on the forums in fact. His crew is
    completely maxed and he has millions of free exp on it lol.

  311. 아낰ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 발음에 빵 터졌네 재밌다 순두부찌개 ㅋㅋ

  312. Hello quicky, look at my third skills on my WZ 132:
    x5 crew and x6 pretty soon with more than 4000 battle with this crew
    (~60% win with wz 132, for 2200 battle 😉 )

  313. Love my Elc, wish I could do this well. 

  314. Most played tank
    Leopard 1 846 plays(The best MT of WoT!! 4skills
    Leopard PTA 573 plays(sold
    Indien-Panzer 442 play(sold
    E-50 M 396(Excellent rammmmmmmmmer!!!!!! 3skills
    VK 30.01 (D) 393(Nice Tier 6 MT but sold

    I only played 5.5k battles(overall wr 57% 2151wn8

  315. Really epic driving there. He has those moves down to a science. Taking
    advantage of tank height vs enemy gun depression quite clever. Nice replay
    there. Impressive play.

  316. Lol, just lol

  317. My most played tank is the ELC.I have about 1600 battles in it.My 4th skill
    is on 71%. :)

  318. 슨두부찌개hahahahahaha

    저기 우리클랜원도 있네ㅋㅋ

  319. a meager 243 games in the T-34 (russian med) i LOVE that russian 57mm
    elited the tank even after A-43 release. but i never keep tanks longer then
    i have to meaning with only 6k battles i’m at tier 6 in almost all tank
    line (no arty and missing a few td’s)

  320. yeah that was awesome im ok with that tank

  321. 13K in the T-62a – all skills. Contrary to most players, I play with
    optics, binos and a camo net. Max view range with extra rations = 583m.
    There’s no need for close combat, I can see them lightyears away. At 4.76
    sec reload, there’s no TD like the T-62a.

  322. Great vid. Thanks

  323. 슨두부찌개 is an Korean user,
    The Top class user of ELC AMX.
    I saw him in game, it was so scary.
    He had good play every game.
    Thank you for review 슨두부찌개, and
    I will look forward to see him again
    Your game review.

  324. 슨두부찌개 일베충인데 ㅋ

  325. My ISU 152 1,359 games

  326. 7.7k games in my Centurion 7/1 :$

  327. why are koreans always soo good in everything?…wait is that racist?i dont
    even know….

  328. to have 11k games in same tank is not normal ,hell i only have 15k across
    all my tanks and that’s some 50+ of them

  329. My highest number of games is the Bat Chatillon 155-58 tier 10 French SPG.
    It was my second tier 10 after the T110E5, and I got it right before the
    arty nerf. I have 1099 games in it, 3 full crew skills, 27% on #4. I
    don’t play it very often anymore, I play the 261 and M40/M43 a lot, and the
    lob characteristics are so different that when I switch to the 155-58, I
    tend to hit buildings and rocks that I would otherwise have a 70%+ chance
    of clearing.

  330. skill level: Korean

  331. I tried ass hugging a Tiger in my ELC and it just turned its turret around
    and shot me at point blank. This hugging business doesn’t work for me.

  332. Tyler Antonikowski

    Most played tank T34 heavy tank 930 or so games and 53%win rate 

  333. 주모

  334. How come the players on the Korean server get different camos, lucky

  335. Legion Of Eclaires

    Most played tank is the Tiger 2. I have 3 skills on all crew, 3rd skill
    varies between 91-93%. I play it the most because I like the tank, it’s
    solid in firepower and armor is pretty good if used correctly and mobility,
    well it’s a German heavy so you know what to expect from that. Also, the
    big reason is I feel pretty comfortable with the matchmaking. 

  336. 503 battles in hellcat back when the T29 and the hellcat where my highest
    tiers. There was a mission going on for a month, kill 25 tanks and survive
    25 games to get 250,000 credits. i did that every day and got like
    10,000,000 credits.

  337. Panzerselbstfahrlafette V L/61 Sturer Emil

    My most played tank is the stronk KV-2 with 4700 battles. Why I love it?
    Obvoius, isn’t it? *derp*.
    I’ve got 4 skills and the 5th is at 80%.
    Most exp in battle: 1948. Most kills in battle: 8. Most damage in battle:

  338. I really need to get my ELC up to snuff…the crew sucks right now, since I
    had to start them at 75% :(

  339. Louis-Philippe Nault


  340. first korean server player on Quickybaby’s youtube?
    슨두부찌개 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  341. That ELC crew Has 8 skills
    what a beautiful isn’t it?

  342. 슨두부찌개 means ‘Hot Tofu Soup’

  343. very clever move..very clever

  344. best replay i have ever seen

  345. He plays way to much 

  346. I kill this tanks really fast

  347. Always hated the ELC but loved the AMX M4. It’s so fun to troll T29’s in

  348. Ehabocrates Starkof

    Almost a perfect game and yet you see people talking about luck and
    disliking this video, you people should consult a psychiatric!

  349. My most played vehicle is my M36 GMC, Absolutely love this beast! 900
    battles so far and half way through my 3rd crew skill. Next most played is
    my M10 GMC with around 600 battles and 2 crew skills

  350. I’m guessing he also has clutch braking on his driver. At speed the ELC
    doesn’t really want to corner all that sharp…unlike the old T-50-2.

  351. My most played and favorite tank is the Tier 5 US TD T67, with 4,348 games,
    and a five skill crew. I love the sneaky little speed demon, with it’s
    devastating 76mm gun. Happiest as a TD, but it can scout and even do many
    medium tank tricks as well. But, if you mess up, the 25mm of armor will
    not save you from anything…

  352. i love to watch ELC troll

  353. great play 

  354. Wow

  355. lol ! i never thought i would see a name of the Korean dish in your
    channel ! 순두부찌개(Sundubu jjigae) is a soft tofu spicy stew with veggies and
    pork. it goes well with steamed rice and personally i freaking like it.

  356. Kickass video, thanks young raph fiennes.

  357. so asian :P

  358. 순두부찌개 has awesome ELC technique…

  359. My most played tank is the T67 because I love to troll with it… 

  360. QB, hats off to your effort to pronouncing foreign terms and names
    correctly and properly. Though such a nuance, adds so much to the feeling
    of professionalism.

  361. “슨 두 부 찌 개”, QB have good pronunciation.

  362. ㅋㅋㅋ 한국유저는 처음보네

  363. Elc in tier 5 top tier not big deal

  364. Pretty sure my most played tank is still the Cruiser III =/

    *Checks noob meter*

    It is… and the Matilda is second… im a dirty seal clubber and didnt
    even know it :'( 

  365. One of the most skilled games Ive ever seen.

  366. Benjamin Romeo Salalima

    Pure skill from sondu! Amazing replay.

  367. Pz 1 C is my most played, I think you understand why.

  368. 11k games wow.
    However I remember one doing more than 20k games in his type 59 having 8
    skills/perks on his crew

  369. Most played tank? 355 battles in the Jagdpanther. Mind you, i simply love
    that tank and its still one of my favorite tank destroyers.

  370. Great replay!

  371. As we knows. always review like this video, but i can’t playing like that.
    such a shame… anyway. glad to see you. Korean guy with QB. i wish study
    from here and adapt to my own play.

  372. amazing troll play 

  373. QB when you get the screenshot of the crew, please share it with us,
    perhaps in your next video.

  374. my most played tank is the ISU-152, 946 battles

  375. Sndooboozzigae… he is not a human…

  376. I wonder whether it’s suitable for low tier clan wars….

  377. Hi everyone! i have a question. what does it mean the mm of the gun, is it
    the length (Im sure that isn’t) or the length of the shell??? please if you
    read this pls answer

  378. ok thx a lot

  379. my most played tank is the KV-1 (although i sold it semi-recently).
    735 games in it, crew is being trained for the 2nd skill, however i used
    some of the crew for the KV-85 so they’re not really 100%.

  380. T29 is my most played tank with 1.1k games

  381. wow. epic replay. finest driving ever.

  382. most played: Hetzer 372 Why? It’s super stronk against Tier4 Tanks, mostly
    he one-shots everything
    second most played: KV2 Why? Derp :)

  383. holy S**T!!!!! what a game!!!! :-O

  384. I am a totally average player with my win rating just under 50%. My most
    played tank is the E-25 which I only received less then two months ago for
    my birthday from my uncle. I have racked up about 220 games and I am well
    on my way towards the a second perk. It is my highest kill tank alongside
    the T1 Heavy… The biggest smile was on my face that game because I was
    top tier being one of two Tier 5 tanks in the game and half of the enemy
    team was tier three… Oh boy I felt mean.

  385. Command and Conquer 4 sucks. Nowhere near near as good as the C&C3 or C&C
    generals even.

  386. Mine is the kv2, I have 1 skill and another on 70% I have 3 top guns and 6
    high caliber and over 500 battles

  387. Korean KV-1 and T-150 are too polite to run over this little thing. 😀 Btw,
    the commander doesn’t seem to have eagle eye at least. My best crew is my
    E75/Lowe crew = 32 percent on fourth skill, and I have a combined 1000
    games on those two tanks.

  388. i don´t want to downgrade this replay, he really showed he knew what he was
    doing, but i wonder how he would perform in a city map like himmelsdorf in
    his elc

  389. His Korean sound is so cute ♡

  390. KR server has little player so sometimes i see him . but i don’t see his
    ELC play i hope see his play it(of course my team kk)

  391. Could you please make QuickTank review on the ELC AMX?

  392. Quicky you still use rage faces. this pleases me.

    Do many people from the asia server watch quickys videos?
    never seen many games from my server up here.
    Australian here.

  393. and Korea server has special system, if i go to Korea internet cafe and
    play Wot i’ll get more 50% experience.

  394. most played tank : cromwell (y) 😀 i think 4 skills or end of the 3rd

  395. Most played tank:
    Fv 215(183) b battles: atm 1850
    why: because its the trollmachine himself :)

  396. If you ever come across this 5k pd battle replay, Please put it on your
    channel, along with this guy’s perks on elc, if possible. Great comentary,
    as always

  397. most played is elc amx with 2k+ games played XD

  398. 슨두부찌개 very tasty, especially with beef

  399. 5 k exp lol ?????

  400. Where can i send a replay to quickybaby?

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