World of Tanks || ELC AMX – Sneaky Swede?

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. Today Nallen going to follow in the footsteps of the great Sundubujigae and embrace the inner ELC AMX troll!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I like that in the description at the end Nallen writes “Claiming my bush,
    sorry Skoda”. #GoodGuyNallen Would also love to know what the Unicorn
    Chieftan says after he gets killed. :)

  2. Your doing alot of autoloader tanks and i like that thank you quicky!

  3. so kill with using premium is not cheat ?? yeah !!

  4. Wait, Quicky is Ph.D ? WTF , gg

  5. razvanbaubau from the arty is romanian. gg

  6. was a good game :)

  7. Way to go fellow Swede! :)

  8. I Can only see your movies in 480p why?

  9. gg elc amx and big respect for razvan ?✌

  10. Jade Song (Dixcell)

    큌키 성님의 구수한 seun-tu bu jji gea발음 오졌띠!

  11. i dont want to sound like a begger but can people check out my is-3a replay
    and tell me what they think? this is the biggest game ive ever played and i
    want to know what people think i can do to improve.

  12. That was an utterly ridiculous game. Massive high five to Nallen, I love my
    ELC but I can only dream and reaching the 3 MoE level of play these guys
    achieve. First class stuff. Light tanks FTW :D.

  13. Unicorns? Please explain

  14. Nice pronunciation of ‘Nallen’. It is an abreviated form for bear or
    teddybear. I can’t for the life of me understand it, but apparently it can
    also mean mobile phone.
    Maybe it’s a grown up replacement for teddybears? :)

  15. unessesary apcr against churchil, shoot the turrent

  16. Håvard Madland

    I’m proud beeing Norwegian

  17. GG nice battle.

  18. Would have loved to see the whines of the arrogant super Unicorn. How dare
    someone else be effective!!! And ‘Teddy Bear’ is a Swede too! (Nallen =
    ‘The Teddy Bear’). Heja Sverige!

  19. pershing shooting premium ammo, how stupid can you be?arty and elc left and
    you don’t load High explosive???

  20. Potentus The ONE

    amazing game! nice replay

  21. who thinks the kv1s should get the kv85 100mm

  22. You can’t carry much harder than that.

  23. da majestic eagle /hawkeye

    go nallen!

  24. Its called salty
    not unicorn Kappa

  25. im swedish i play in the T-150 i got 10 kills and playing with tier 8

  26. QB will you make new intro? :D

  27. Would have loved to see the unicorn rage in chat. :>

  28. What a skill ! gg to this player ! :o

  29. Hugin Starkstrom

    Pershing using Gold ammo – Gold ammo doen’t just have higher pen, it lso
    flies faster, making it easier to hit a fas moving target. Maybe he
    prepared for that?

  30. sven Vander Bracht

    I just want to point out that the elc amx has the BEST camo on the move in
    the game, so if u really like to have a good setup use optics and coffee
    with an above avg crew. this will help a lot when u like to use double bush.

    however if u don’t have a good crew this setup might be better for you

  31. An excelsior premium code, why so cheap? At least send him a code for a
    CromwellB or Rudy…

  32. gg m8 nice game

  33. - WidecrowGaming -

    3:19 badum tss haha

  34. The thing is that it is a good replay and he uses the basics of the game
    shows you how you should use them and reap their rewards

  35. Really amazing!

  36. Helena Sundström

    Sweden Sweden wop wop we sweds Done something good Yeay!!!!!

  37. GG WP from another Swedish ELC player.

  38. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    Well, the Crusader was just in a fail platoon. Crusader is a light tank
    only by class, by all other means it is a medium with normal MM and stats
    relatively similar to T-34.

  39. I want to play my elc again but put the crew up the line in the 13 90 :c

  40. The Big Zoo Show - by Tanis

    Sundubujigue is still the master of ELC by far. Doing those kind of games
    on prokhorovka with ELC is not that impressive. It’s a great game but it
    requires only the standard basic knowledge of the game. What the corean
    master did was way more impressive in my opinion. But anyway gg to Nallen
    for that awesome replay.

  41. Thank you for making a video on the ELC AMX (my apsolute favorite tank!!!)
    and i do think that this video was better then, Mr. Korea. I hope he reads
    this, (the korean master!!!) and makes an even bigger MONSTER CARRY/ 15
    KILLS. blablabla I love your vids!!!

  42. Wotko s Vokurkou

    This was a great game, but overall it was for most of the time just long
    distance engagement + great bush working.

    However, Sundubujigae is the true ELC troll-master for me, because how he
    just outplayed the high tier tanks in face-to-face brawls, that was just

    I am so looking forward to get my hands on ELC (still grinding female crew
    to be able start). With the changes to the physics, the “poor” track
    traverse on ELC just seems to not matter anymore, as you can just drive
    past ur opponent, shotgun him, do handbrake turn and repeat :-D

  43. the elc, ec to use but hard to master

  44. Friendly Fire Gaming

    razvanbaubau, I salute you. O7

  45. I´m from sweden;)

  46. Swedes und Panzer.

  47. Thx qb I love elc!

  48. Luka Žnidaršič

    Why does QB suddenly call unicums “unicorns”? Such boring childification of
    his channel, I’d say :/

  49. armor is horrible but you still somehow bounce shots once in a while

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