World of Tanks || ELC EVEN 90 – made in China

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– ELC EVEN 90. Today we’re looking at a mysterious T8 premium that’s on the server – the ELC EVEN 90!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. E 100 Jagdpanzer Tech Tree Showcase live now!

    • Got it, I’ll stick to my AMX 13 57 and it’s 720dmg/clip for now – thanks, QB 😉

    • The B-C 12T is also under 7 tons in weight lol Great vids!

    • QB could you do anthoer preview of fv4202 after buff again or maybe gameplay of u playing it??

    • Quicky baby i really think the ELC EVEN 90 would be much better as a tier 7… what do you think of this idea it would not have to see tier 10s and it could possibly get to do damage every so often against tier 5s. obviously you would not want WG to buff the tank if it was a tier 7 however i think it would be the best way to balance it.

  2. Looks like a buffed up P Z 1C


    Both in appearance and statistics.

  4. of course its another T8 prem…. For me, it can stay in China only…

  5. i cant anymore, 1 metric tonne is 2000lbs, not 1000, an imperial tonne is 2200lbs, that is all, love you babe <3

  6. -looks at comments-
    Bog standered stuff, ok.
    -looks at video, notices the flags for the countries in the garage-
    W U T

  7. Nevertheless, you say ‘nevertheless’ a lot.

  8. Yeah the magazine reload and the aim time are a little too bad… i think the changes u suggested are a good idea… I hope they change it, i wanted to buy it to finally get a french light prem for my elc crew, but if it has to be like this i’m not buying that crap

  9. WG is no longer hiding their hate for France.

    If that thing was Chinese it would be the new E 25, disgusting.

  10. Is there somewhere a tutorial how to open an account on Chinese server? Not that I wan’t to get any of those rare thanks, just want to check how is the gameplay there (most likely verrrrry aggressive). QuickyBaby? Anybody?

  11. Looks like total shit.

  12. Seems to be made to oblige players to play as real scouts and not as snipers or assault mediums

  13. Another french light cockroach?

  14. This looks like R2D2. AFTER an imperial walker stepped on it! Anyways, forget the french toothpick, we wantz us golden tankz! 🙂

  15. But why isn’t Wot run by WG in China tho?

  16. Iwish they add some love to the t32 gun ???

  17. Roger roger

  18. Burst damage is not the Issue I have with it. SP1C had the same when it had scout MM, as when it had +3 MM and could not be top tier. And it was still a great bully tank. But it had a faster reload, faster shell speed and way faster aim. So if they buffed that before EU release to match the old SP1C at least. I might get it. But as it stands now. It’s camo and size is the only good things about it for passive scout mission.

  19. I have 35% of my 22k battles in light tanks: That tank has EVERYTHING you don’t need on WoT maps. It’s basically made for running away.
    – Bad gun handling
    – bad dpm
    – bad clip damage potential
    – bad penetration value
    – bad view range
    – bad hp/ton-ratio
    – HE victim no. 1
    – ramming victim no. 1
    + Good camo
    = Can run away like nobody else
    Thank you, Chinese server, you can keep it 😀

  20. You have many chinese fans XD

  21. Um, no. Nope, Neit, Lo, Lah, Nein, No, NEINNEINNEIN.

  22. Looks like Wall-E this tank…..?

  23. The completed model is in the NA server. Just need to look for it in the in game compare feature.

  24. WALL-E??

  25. Nevertheless

  26. 3 guys in thata tank ????

  27. I feel sorry for a company that knows its own game so little it can’t tell that the tank they put in is literally a bad joke, but maybe it is tge samr for Wargaming which would explain their terrible way of balancing out the issues the game has

  28. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Lmao that is possibly the ugliest tank I’ve seen. M3 Lee and Churchill GC look beautiful compared to that turd.

  29. 1100 DPM on a tier 8 light tank where 1600 DPM on the Batchat is already tragically low.

    Wargaming really do know how to rape light tanks for no good reason what so ever…..

  30. F…. This i whant the amx1357f . the have the black dog in 2the calender but not the amx. Wg f u

  31. horrible tank, awesome video! 😀 😀 I never laughed so hard at any QB video so far 😀

  32. No QB in Europe many nations have defalut crew voice in their language. Cz, Pl, Fr, Ger And next witch doesent have their tanks in game. When you next start WoT try differet language And in garage try defalut crew voice

  33. I’ve been really looking forward to this (love my BC12t) but that looks awful 🙁 Hope they fix it so I can get one and actually enjoy it

  34. World of premium’s

  35. Wargaming I want this golden Type 59!!! Take my money!!!

  36. M56 Scorpion as a French Scout ? so tiny and cute

  37. tfw plays on 200 to 300 ping 😐

  38. When china make a copy of amx 13…..

  39. Alien tank it looks terrible hope it performs good

  40. Darth Praecanatus

    The only tank that can EVEN.

  41. My first reaction: what the **is this

  42. You should have compared this to wz 132 since you also talked about chinese

  43. An M3 Lee has twice the DPM.

  44. Jesus fucking christ they’ve gone too far what in the hell is this abomination even supposed to be?

  45. Lol remember the moment where he slipped down the slope on stream lmao

  46. this one was one of the best game in the stream cuz i was watching it live . Tank is awfull ,i think nobody will buy him with this stats. But this game wiith skorpion tricking u was the best 😀

  47. hahaha qb never thought you would make it to our toxic chinese wot server. here every tank could be bought with money. the best pay to win version of wot you could get. hope you have a good time

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