World of Tanks || Emblem Crew Skill Bonuses – 10.0 Rubicon Preview

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Today I’m looking at the upcoming bonuses that emblems and inscriptions provide to crew skills in World of Tanks patch 10.0 Rubicon!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Ma. Ho. (lordfwahfnah)

    community seems to strongly disagree with this kind of bullshit. so WG
    gonna implement it exactle this way

  2. Time for a revolution against WG system!

  3. dont see why everyone is surprised of those greedy russian fucks


  5. I think the 2% bonus is hardly the biggest problem with pay to win issues.
    Gold spamming is far worse.

  6. Another thing to take a look at is gold as reward for missions. It may
    sound as a benefit, but as you see, you will be intended to buy stuff for
    it which is necessary, which means you will be forced to buy it or not be
    able to get enough of it to make a difference…

  7. I think this is simply ridicolous.. I mean its way to expensive to start
    off, and then it doesnt even make sense because they are meant to be
    cosmetics, but now you wont even choose the ones you think look the best
    because you want the best bonus instead. And what happens to the tanks you
    already have emblems and insciptions on? If the bonus isnt the one you want
    on them you will need to change and your previously bought
    emblems/inscriptions will be trash… And just as QB says you need to buy
    the same emblems/inscriptions for every single tank so this will mean tens
    of thousands in gold for someone with 50+ tanks in their garage.. And on
    top of all that it isnt even balanced?


  8. I totally agree with you review of this new system.

  9. I completely agree. I’m one of the people fortunate enough to have enough
    to invest some money in this game every month and I could handle the gold
    price, but I’m feeling like a minority here, or at least as a lucky 50 % of
    the players. But WG’s neverending greed wouldn’t surprise me if the system
    stays like this.

    Now, I wonder – what will happen to the occasional camo/emblem/inscription
    discounts? Will they still be around? That would help a bit, but it
    wouldn’t solve the pay to win factor in this game…

  10. get new features for your crew. give us money!

  11. Pay to win has come

  12. Thanks a lot for putting yourself out there and not being sell-out, I think
    that the decals should be purely aesthetic. They completely screwed up the
    balance too, like you said some tanks don’t have 2 emblem slots. I
    currently have a few inscriptions and emblems on tanks that I love to play,
    I picked out the stuff because I think it looked cool and unique not
    because of some bonus that everybody will now use. The 3% camo makes a
    small difference, while this is enormous.
    Personally I think this is their strategy, 1: force players to advance more
    slowly in the game through credit expenses, keep them playing longer. 2:
    introduce another randomized factor, to keep people coming back to see if
    they can maybe do better just one more time. If you have the potential for
    loaders suddenly increasing skill by 12% that’s nuts, completely

  13. I think Wargaming is trying to squeeze every cent they can out of their
    players before AW takes them all. This system is both pay to win, and will
    create an even larger gap between casual players and serious players unless
    they just throw money at WG. Blatant money-grabbing.

  14. Money. Hungry. Pay-to-win. Bastards.

    I have been playing WoT since 2011… I remember when they gave us 250 gold
    a day, just for logging in… Oh times have changed…

  15. pay 2 win XD

  16. uninstalled

  17. Well said, Mr. QB, WG is start to milk players in their games. Start from
    package sell only new premium tanks/ships, to this f**ked up pay to win
    camo/emblem system. And also they are teasing people for years and
    Chieftain Mk6 will never come. WoT and WoWs will never back to a “player
    based game” IMO, they are going fro the money ripping mobil game way.

  18. This is ridiculous.

  19. This displeases me, all of my premiums have inscriptions because I name
    them, none of them share inscriptions and each name is picked based on the
    nature of each tank, now I have have the issue where I’m going to be
    getting random bonuses that don’t reflect my vehicles.

  20. I might have been less “oh fuck off” with this if I could chose whatever I
    liked, not what wargaming likes. Now we will have the same emblems and
    insignias for every green or better players out there. Bye bye diversity.

    I spend far to much gold on this game, but this is not something I will pay
    for. The few tanks that have insignias will keep what they have, bonuses be
    dammed. Utter reatdation.

  21. My thoughts on these new changes are that it does make the game a lot more
    pay to win. One other way that Wargaming can somewhat fix this would be to
    greatly decrease the rental price if they do not give an out right way to
    buy those emblems and inscriptions with credits. They also then need to
    re-balance some premium tanks that can’t get those inscriptions or emblems,
    because it would be unfair to those people if they can’t have the same
    number as everyone else. I would like for them to get ride of this idea
    totally because it would be like Wargaming going back to have premium ammo
    being only paid for by gold. It would be going back to the bad old days.

  22. Thank you very much for this video QB. In my opinion you are right with
    your opinion and its another disadvantage for people like me who havn’t
    gold and a premium account. It would be nice if other youtubers would do
    the same video to pressure WG a bit.

  23. Thank you very much for this video QB. In my opinion you are right with
    your opinion and its another disadvantage for people like me who havn’t
    gold and a premium account. It would be nice if other youtubers would do
    the same video to pressure WG a bit. I hope this will be changed and thank
    you very much for your videos. I really enjoy them and hope you keep doing
    this for a long time.

  24. Pay to win. Coming to your game soon!

  25. WG spent a tonne of money on wowp and wows. Wowp is a fail while wows just
    doesnt earn money for them yet. Im sure the company owners want theirs
    money on every 1/4 year. WoT is the only product they can milk. Sad story

  26. I would be ok with this if and only if:
    There would be a credits –> Full time, no rental option.
    Or: Pay with gold and get it for all your tanks.

  27. Yeah f@&k u war gaming u horrible game designers remove arty and make the
    game balanced

  28. 10.0 Rubicon aka p2w patch

  29. Je suis tout a fait d’accord avec toi ! ils devrait permettre de les
    acheter avec des credits pour toujours et les mettre pour tous les tanks si
    on les achete une fois

  30. Jeroen van der Zant

    I’ve been playing WoT since Alpha and quite regularly. Was a real big fan.
    But the last few months I’m getting frustrated beacuse there is no real
    improvement to the game, or at least changes for the arty and randomness.
    So I’ve been playing a lot less WoT until they fix some basics.
    The damned overpriced and bloated ‘specials’ in the Premium shop have
    stopped me spending money already!

    WG keeps me as a player for now, for I’m (still) liking WoWs. But AW is
    pulling me in strong!
    This pay to win change, could kill the game for me. Especially if tyhey
    dont fix the damn game.

  31. Bert the Avenger, the FV304, got that nickname from the emblems
    Circonflexes used on his.

    That kind of thing will never happen again when all “competitive” players
    will tend to use the same emblems on the same vehicles.

    Normally people only tend to add emblems to the tanks they want to keep.
    This move makes the buying of emblems almost mandatory if you are a
    competitive player.

    The bonuses to emblems, while good in theory, in practice it will remove
    any feeling of individuality and any feeling of oneness with the tank.

  32. Well it’s only 4%, make only a small difference in normal PvP. But i have
    to agree it’s pay to win. Like in the past with the gold shells. I think WG
    has to do other things to make more profits. They should implement more
    content into their game, so AW has a harder time. This makes it just easer
    for AW. I played WoT since the closed Beta, but right now AW is more fun to
    me. Just a faster and more enjoyable gameplay, with no pay to win.

  33. You EXACTLY hit the point, QB.
    Noone will invest this ridiculous amount of credits every month in every
    tank he plays. Lets face it: if im playing 20 of my 80 Tanks in the garage
    actively, i will have to either invest about 12k gold (TWELVE!!) or 1
    million Credits every Month in order not to have a disadvantage.

    I would be fine with the system, if emblems for credits would be permanent
    as they are when paid with gold. Maybe even, when they raise the credit
    price by 100% for permanent bonus (e.g. as additional option).

    I really appreciate your try to use your influence on WG in order to change
    this unfair system, QB. I LIKE!

  34. I think same as you that WG has to change this the way you suggest or
    cancel it.

  35. definitely not worth it, would rather use gold to convert xp and unlock new

  36. Thank you QB for your honest video, i appreciate that you are brave enough
    to criticize WG when they try to implement such changes. Sadly WoT is more
    and more seems to be a PAY TO WIN game. :/

  37. Pay for win, just like usually.

  38. Hey qb,

    in the last few weeks i got angry at wargaming for several reasons:
    *when i noticed that they werent going to implement the m56 in the
    ingame-shop (50 €??? srsly??)
    *and now that they make the game even more pay-to-win
    i dont know why wg is trying to rip us (on the eu server) off. but then
    again, i hardly ever see those premium tanks they recently introduced so i
    really hope the lack of money they earned with them is going to give them
    sth. to chew on.

    i totally agree with you

  39. Simple solutions to this:

    1. Make it so all emblems/inscriptions have the 1% boost instead of having
    different effects.

    2. Let players spend the same cost for a “blank” emblem, and allow up to 4
    to be purchased for all vehicles, including those that dont have 4
    emblem/inscription slots. This solves your Comet problem. Letting you get
    the benefit, without having to retexture/remodel the tanks to support 4
    emblems as well as allowing you to keep the default appearance if you
    prefer it.

    3.Allow players to pay credits at a reasonable price to keep the
    emblems/inscriptions permanently on the tank.

    If someone here is active in the RU community, could you maybe share these
    points there since I doubt many players in the RU community would have
    thought of these solutions, and the RU community is where Wargaming
    listens. It’ll be a cold day in hell before the Feedback/Suggestions thread
    on the NA or EU forums will influence the Wargaming home office.

  40. Robin van Renselaar

    I do strongly hope that if this is apied there will be an ‘all your base
    are belong to us’ inscription for japanesr tanks.

    Also, shame on you WG

  41. I agree with you quickybaby, this is absolutely ridiculous… and to
    expensive! I can’t buy all this for a little bit more camo rating… nope
    that’s not going to happen… if Wargaming want that people buy these extra
    emblems they need to make it more effective and less expensive

  42. This is a total dick move by WG.

  43. It would cost me around 82 500 gold to apply all those emblems and I dont
    even wanna think of how much credits it would cost. I have 275 tanks in
    garage, luckily i already have some emblems on my tanks. WG really need to
    change this 540k credits and after a month its gone. Thats what I call
    greedy wg. i have camo on all my 275 tanks. Thanks for a good video

  44. fuck wargaming and their pay to win game. instead of thinking of ways in
    how to suck more money from the users they could actually do something
    useful and change that retarded and bugged physics engine in which a 30-40
    ton tank can get stuck in a tiny piece of map because that’s totally
    realistic. who hasn’t seen a tank which can get stuck on a tiny strip of
    dirt or some little boulders. i really hope that armored warfare shatters
    this retarded pay to win game and they start thinking customer-way instead
    of let’s make more profit from everything kinda way. also..artillery is
    totally balanced, because who the fuck needs armor when you have artillery
    who spams HE or premium HE and one-shots an E 75 or a T110 E5. 10/10 WG
    with all these “balanced” patches…. *slow clap*

  45. I think they should keep the rental system for a month, but give it the
    price of renting it a week as an example. Because when I’m grinding
    through, for instance, tier 5 or 6 Light tanks, I want them to have camo,
    but I don’t need it for ever, because within a month I will have sold them

    But the system they’re trying to introduce now is indeed rather unfair for
    the players who don’t spend money on WoT.
    I think if you want to spend money/credits/gold to make your tanks better,
    players should just go with premium consumables or equipment.

  46. I like to make my tanks personal through flags that show my heritage and
    inscriptions that kind of roleplay the tanks I want to keep forever. Having
    all of my 10’s 8’s and 6’s pretty much done already this will be an
    astronomical amount of gold again out of me. Not the happiest with this
    change, but as I am so invested I will just have to suck it up and drive

  47. Another ****

  48. I wish war gaming would just listen to their player base… They just keep
    ignoring issues and trying to come up with solutions in their own and only
    making it worse…

  49. I agree with quicky !

  50. guys you forgot about the new arty system wich WG will add to the game. It
    will fo less damage but it will kill all of ur crew so…….think how they
    are going to earn even more money. It is simple: first implement that in
    the game and when arty hits lets say you u have knocked out gunner and
    driver and you are in a LT. You will have to use premium consumables so you
    can be competitive again in game. Do u understand where am i going !!!!

  51. A good use for the tiger emblem would be with the KV2, I have a thing for
    getting the rate of fire on my KV2 as fast as I can, and normally a KV2s
    reload is about 20 seconds, and as for the crit part, a KV2 not getting a
    bruiser medal is unusual.

  52. I agree! This is looking more pay to win than ever!

  53. it’s about money only

  54. I have to agree with what you had to say regarding the emblems. Yes they
    should make the pay credits for the upgrade permanent, even if it means an
    increase in the initial cost, or let them be mission achievable, either
    works. The whole pay to play is offensive, and likely to cost them long
    term in player retention.

  55. If implemented this new feature will make the game even more unbalanced. At
    the moment the players who are playing in the best clans can afford a lot
    more than the other players. But not all players in the EU servers for
    example can play in the best clans. The same is for the wallet players.
    They can afford to pay for these things. I was thinking to come back in the
    game but…if they do this – no thanks. So im totally agree with you.

  56. Agreed, credit or gold is fair – but let you re-choose you existing or be
    able to sell for same credit value..

  57. well said QB. while i had no issue purchasing camo for my tier 10 tanks as
    i liked the way it made my tanks look i have a major issue with the emblem
    and inscription changes. first of all they are barely noticeable, so why
    would i bother spending my hard earned money on them? you could argue that
    you can use credits but i disagree. i have about 5 tier 8 premiums i use
    regularly with little to no premium ammo and i still have issue getting
    enough credits for the tank lines im grinding and equipment for those
    tanks. how would i be able to afford to equip my ~20 tanks i will be
    keeping indeffinately with emblems/inscriptions? also i feel the camo
    bonuses on camoflauge were so minimal it was barely noticed. a 4% buff to
    crew skills is massive however, and as you said puts everybody who doesnt
    use this system at a disadvantage.
    ive sunk more money then i like to admit on this game, but im not
    supporting this. all its doing is pushing me further to armored warfare.

  58. why i cant play world of tanks

  59. I have never posted any comment till now, but THIS is too crazy. I
    completely agree with you QB, this is outrageous.

  60. quickybaby speaks for those less fortunate and who can’t afford gold, this
    would totally make this game pay to win and I would completely hate it, I
    started playing because it wasn’t a pay to win game. I really hope these
    changes won’t be put in the game

  61. Minecraftster148790

    They have a “God save the queen” one, but they also have a “God save the
    king” one for the British tanks. Are they expecting the queen to die soon
    and they won’t have to change the word queen to king

  62. Boooooo Wargaming!!

  63. Well QB, I can’t say I “enjoyed” this video as that would be like enjoying
    a weather report promissing an entire weak of heavy rain…
    Sadly this is just further proof of WG getting even more greedy.
    Still, thank you for bringing the point up and using your status to take a
    stand against it. Me? I think I’l be playing some more AW today…

  64. If wg implements this in the game it would have been a pay2win game. This
    is a rubish move of WG.

  65. No hidden bonuses is way better way anyway :-)

  66. QB you hit the nail on the head. thank you. its one of the many reasons i
    rarely play anymore. my first 2yrs i payed for premium and camo perks and
    other gold based perks just to see wargaming mine me for more money. nbw i
    disabled and can no longer afford any of it and quickly feel behind on my
    tanks power curve in relation to those who spend hundreds if not thousands
    of dollars on the game.

  67. You are damn right QB ! Thanks for the rant !

  68. it is a pay2win move

  69. Bullshit!

  70. Spot on Qbaby, spot on. Between Warthunder, World of tanks, World of
    Warships and Armored warfare, WOT is by far the most complex BUT also the
    most ekspensive. Its a daunting and frustating task to be new to WOT.
    Between learning a map and were and how to shoot, you also have to deal
    with being in game 90% of the time where you can do very little to influens
    the outcome.I just startet World of warships 2 days ago, after one day I
    got first place in a match. I have played WOT for a about 12 weeks and only
    seldom have I been near top 5. Im really not weining that Im shit at WOT.
    Im complaining that it feels that you can pay to win. The question thets
    pops up alot in WOT: Lets say I was in a 1 to 1 with a guy with the same
    tank, He one shots me. How much was that down to skill and how much was
    thet due to the guy willing paying more Money than me???

  71. money money money money

  72. Deometry Gush Pluyer

    In some missions were be available to earn an infinite supply of flags
    (like Brazilian, Mexican etc.).When the 10.0 comes, will be this supply

  73. Completely agree with everything he said. This is a FREE TO PLAY game. And
    although it is possible to purchase this kind of rented bonus on every tank
    for every month without using gold, it would be impossible to keep up with
    the amount credits this kind of investment demands without the use of a
    premium account and premium tanks! Which defeats the purpose of a free to
    play game!

  74. thanks for speaking up for us!

  75. agree with QB.

  76. I’m glad I switched to AW long time ago.

  77. Not only is this system totally unfair and pay to win, its also so ugly and
    messy. Come on I am pretty sure they could have given us a different
    customisation system which is fair and also not so fkn ugly. If they really
    want ideas I’d suggest they install AW and loook at modifications. This
    system might just be the last straw which broke the camels back, and push
    more players away from WoT.

  78. World of Pay to Win

  79. i think, the more welcomed approach for this will be as follows:
    all emblems and inscriptions come for free.
    the emblems slots and inscriptions slots on the other hand, can only be
    unlocked by gold or credits
    so i you truly love one of you tanks and want to invest a little more to
    see it do better in games, you will still have the beautiful appearance and
    actual crew skill bonus while WG will have the money they want. and the
    problems QB mentioned in the video wont be there no more.

  80. Wow, QB having a go at WG. I’m with you, this is another way to increase WG

  81. If this is how this game is going to develop then I might as well go back
    to playing cs:go and (shivers) minecraft.

  82. WG are cunts man, everybody knows it. They have such a good idea for a
    game, then make it into a broken, money whoring pos. To AW plebs!
    Seriously, the only reason one wouldn’t like AW as much is because…

    1. You’ve already grinded to tier 10 in several tanks and invested a lot of
    time in it
    2. You just prefer the era of the tanks

    reasons why AW is better?

    1. Better devs – they actually listen to the community
    2. More focus on balanced vehicles (light tanks, td’s and arty actually
    serve a purpose)
    3. no premium ammo unbalanced bs
    4. arty isn’t a cunt machine that shits on you every time you make an
    aggressive play
    5. It doesn’t cost fuck all to grind anything, in fact, you could probably
    quite easily play the game for free

  83. and I do hope their plans for the future such as t11+ tanks are no gold

  84. Fair?….nope, it’s all about separation of you from your money. How dos
    wot do it………like this shit. Played for 5 years, was a good run, but
    This seems like the death spiral of this game.

  85. There are already droves of people leaving this game for Armored Warfare (
    on the NA server as far as I’m aware ) and in my opinion if this were to go
    to the live server as is, Wargamming might as well just shut the servers
    down. This new emblem system looks and feels like they put no thought into
    it what so ever and just kinda plopped it into the game, it looks and feels
    so unfinished and sloppy. I cant always afford to have a premium account
    and its almost impossible with a standard account to make credits to
    support my tier 10 vehicles, let alone to grind and unlock new high tier
    vehicles. So now ill have to choose between buying a new tank or buying an
    emblem or an inscription or camo!?!?!?! and if I choose to buy my new
    vehicles instead of emblems, inscriptions, or camo, I’ll be at a
    disadvantage to someone who has decided to spend more money
    on acquiring gold or in game credits!!! This is a broken system and totally
    deters most people from continuing to play the game or even starting into
    the game. I love the game but if this goes live I think I will be done with
    the game and I have invested a decent amount of my time and money into the
    game and its a shame it may have to end like this but if Wargamming wants
    to put this up as is they can enjoy there small tiny little community of
    investors they will have left playing this game. ( this is all my opinion
    of course )

  86. I think like Wargaming should implement feature like this in the game. But
    they shouldn’t force everybody to buy gold. For instance in my opinion many
    players don’t even buy gold. I mean you can be competitive with buying
    equipment with credits, can’t you? I totally agree with Quickybaby. You
    should be able to buy the emblems and inscriptions with credits and keep
    them forever. Also I’m interested to see if you’ll be able to win some of
    them as a prize from missons. Do you guys agree?

  87. Yeah earn them by doing 200,000 damage each day for 15 days. You will only
    have 24 hours to get this 200,000 damage and it has to be done 15 times.
    Now you can “earn” them.

  88. Yeah WG is getting money grubbing. They recently said that there are too
    many credits around in the game. This is how they plan to make people spend
    them. It’s pay to win is what it is.

  89. What made Wargaming decide to do this? Was anything asking for this?

  90. yeah this sucks wargaming change this thing !!!! ur making it not fair!!

  91. Have to agree with QB on this one. Free to play and Pay to Win confirmed.
    Considering the previous bundles, WG only interested in money grabbing and
    doesn’t give a flying f@ck about fixing/ improving anything else. After 22k
    games, I’ll just give up. There are other game(s) out there that provide
    less stressful gameplay, less toxic community and their similar priced
    bundles have 4x the value in it if not more…. Well done WG, you did it

  92. i agree with you. i have some tanks with emblem and inscriptions I like. If
    I need to pay for the skill, then they should me at least choose the emblem
    I like…

  93. What about country flags that were won during Country celebrations such as
    Canada Day , 4th July U.S. , Basil , England , etc ? Already have a few .
    Does the player get to use them as if bought with gold ?

  94. WG trying to get into the territory of Gaijin. Bad WG! Bad!!!

  95. I would like to put this out there as a note about WarGaming.

    They are all human. Put all bias and humor aside, they are. I know everyone
    that has watched this video wants more money, thats also a human thing to
    do. This is another expected thing from WarGaming or any company in general
    that sucks bills out of your wallet for gross profit, completely
    justifiable, not necessarily morally correct depending on opinion, but
    significant reason to their side for doing so.. aka “want”

    I have always figured that the hidden variables on their games are rigged –
    Conspiracy theory, certainly. Those variables are called RNG and can be
    manipulated or controlled to make players spend real money on the game.
    – Here is an example: You play the IS-3, you bounce off the front of a
    O-Ho, you load gold. Now since you never want to spend money on a game, you
    will lose credits and fall behind, financially, to your other clanmates and
    friends therefore pushing you to buy credits in the gift shop. Fact?

  96. Thats just dumb the pay to win is real… In my opinion emblems are not
    fair… I dont play the game to bee pretty but i either play it to bee too
    competitive. Yes, I have Ventilation etc. on many tanks but this gets too
    pay to win if someone can have 12% better crew without playing the tank and
    just paying for WG real money. Like I dont have the time to play that many
    credits when I start grind credits I grind 100K a day well i could get the
    credits but it would be that fun to just grind credits every month… ?

  97. I’m thinking that emblems and inscriptions is going to be like keeping up
    with the Joneses. You need it to stay competitive even if you dont like or
    want it. Just glad to see that Armored Warfare is in open beta.

  98. I think that this system is very interesting… But WG is being greedy
    about it. It allows players who are competitive about the game add some
    slightly unique characteristics to their tanks. Like if you want a faster
    light tank, more accurate arty, higher view range on your TD, faster
    loading times on your KV-2, etc. But it does kind of screw over the players
    who customize their tanks and also play competitively.

  99. I wonder how much “Bert” inscription would boost the performance..?

  100. I like it, gives me a reason to make my tanks look good, I think it would
    be better if they implemented it with a permanent credit purchase and a
    gold purchase but knock the price down a bit to like 10 or 20 gold to still
    have some money making potential to the system, wouldn’t be much too
    different from the gold ammo pricing but still not be pay to win

  101. This is a f***ng shit move of Wargaming… I will stop playing after that
    Patch and until it is changed!
    F**ing greedy b**ches!!!!

  102. I think everyone is forgetting one basic thing, economics. This is a
    Russian game and they want money from around the world. Great way for them
    to take our finances. Play for free are you kidding me?

  103. I wholly agree QB — this is ridiculous. Complicated, aesthetically ugly
    (inscriptions/badges), and a pure money grab by WG. Why not just add
    another equipment slot, add a couple additional pieces of equipment to buy,
    and let us spend credits on that? Either their business model is
    failing (which I would find hard to fathom, especially with all the
    advertising and gimmicks) or they’ve turned into cash hoarders. Either
    way, this might be what drives me away from WoT. And I’ll wager I won’t be
    alone in my exodus.

  104. I disagree with this money grab by WG. Moreover, it is extremely poorly
    timed with AW In open beta.

  105. Those bonuses are so small that by the time you reach the final tier and
    unlock the last tanks it isn’t even going to matter. Grinding at that point
    isn’t a problem as there are no other expenses. But of course, quickbaby
    sits on a ton of gold and won’t even bother to do the math to see how
    stupid his complaints sound.

  106. I have been a consistent premium account WoT player since patch
    7.something. I have gold camo on all my favourite tanks. But this new
    system? I won’t be renewing my premium account. I will be playing more AW.

  107. Best rant I’ve ever heard, love this so much qb, as someone who doesn’t
    like to spend gold on in-game items but is almost forced to, to keep up my
    game, I find this quite disappointing.

  108. They could’ve made these emblems decent easily without breaking them.
    Just give them XP multipliers (along with the camo) or even credit
    multipliers (albeit small ones) to ease grinds, make the game more
    economical for some people, while keeping the emblem perks COMPLETELY out
    of the actual gameplay, only dealing with what’s happening with your own
    garage, your XP grinds and your own credit balance.

    WG’s business model is made for one thing only and that’s to make money,
    how they do it seems close to irrelevant. No new premium tanks without
    unnecessary bundles (Scorpion, I’m looking at you) or the fact that you
    need gold for free XP, or the fact that gold can influence your silver
    economy at all.

    What’s P2W about WoT:
    Gold ammo when bought with gold – no, it isn’t P2W with credits because you
    can’t throw your wallet at the screen for silver in the same way

    Converting gold to credits – this enables a playstyle that isn’t credit
    generating and hence you can spam gold without worries (apparently this is
    very popular, I don’t know why honestly. I’m in S3AL on the EU server and
    this never happens there)

    Free XP without a silver option – while this is the sole purpose of gold of
    simplifying and removing certain aspects of the game (stock grinds,
    skipping bad tanks etc), it’s still P2W because of the lack of a
    non-buyable option since we all know earning free xp manually takes, well,

    100% crew for gold – this is all about competitiveness, because if you
    don’t you’re stuck at 90% at best and need to spend time at a disadvantage
    to gain level ground.

    and probably the absolutely most of P2W of all, and so very overlooked
    because of how cheap it is:
    Demounting equipment. 10 gold can be 300k gold. that course rate is

  109. 34 people work for wargaming

  110. I cannot put swear words into a public chat and I wouldn’t even put swear
    words into a private chat. So all a I can say is a quote: There are over
    1,000,000 words in the English language, but I could never string enough of
    them together to explain just how much I want to hit you across the face
    with a chair.

  111. so now people will complain about that ur usin these things on ur tank….
    and that ur also usin gold… _´

  112. I guess WoT is getting from Bad to Worse. Leaning towards pay 2 win >_<.

  113. One thing I quite liked about this game was that the longer you played the
    more you learnt about how the different tanks worked – reload times, turret
    traverse, speed etc. This encouraged you to invest time into it as you got
    something out of it that could potentially give you an advantage. Now those
    that can afford to pay the money can make their tank so unpredictable to
    judge – there’s no skill in knowing a reload time if it can be adjusted so
    much by gold. So what will happen – especially on the SEA server where they
    allow basic cheating – is that more and more people will use illegal mods
    like warpack to know what everyone can do and protect their investment.
    It’s bullshit and making this supposed simulation game into an arcade
    blast-fest which isn’t what many people who do play this game want.

  114. And… why not let the player choose which bonus they want applied
    to/associated with the emblem? WHY has WG preselected and assigned certain
    bonuses to specific emblems?!? Redonkulous!!!

  115. 150 GOLD for each emblem and inscriptions CRAZY, but you cannot equip the
    same amount to certain vehicles ?? That is completely unfair

  116. I agree QB it is seeming like a pay to win game

  117. Totally agree with you QB. That’s insane to pay over a half a million
    credits to get the bonus for a single tank just for one month. It’d ok to
    pay it once to get ’em forever. Anyway that’s a silly move for WG if they
    decide to keep it that way.

  118. Michael Maskaleris

    I wish I had seen this video a week ago. I feel very ripped off. Last
    weekend on the North America server there was a 1/2 price sale for
    camouflage, emblems and inscriptions. I only have a few tanks so I bought
    with gold the same two emblems and two inscriptions for all of my tanks so
    that my “army” would be uniform (they are all Soviet). I did not realize
    that the same emblem and slogan could be used twice and double the effects.
    More importantly, I did not realize that each emblem and slogan provided a
    specific bonus. Consequently, I wasted a lot of gold and am sure that I
    will not get the bonuses that I was trying to obtain. This new system

  119. I am GLAD you finally called out WG for their pay-to-win schemes. With all
    the glaring, serious flaws this game has – horrifically broken RNG,
    rediculous MM, etc – to drop this on top of it is, as you said, WG having a
    laugh at our expense.

    Sad thing is, the tanks I decide to keep permanently already have perm
    camo, perm Canadian flags and perm Hunter emblems on them where applicable.
    So for me, I will be getting a lot of bonuses for default anyway – but I
    freely admit I have spent way, WAY too much on this game.

  120. Love it. Love the honesty here QB. Yup, no other way of looking at it other
    than: “They are having a laugh!” and enjoying the money coming in.

  121. I’m amazed this is the first time you notice how scummy this company is.
    They have been milking money from their customers for ages now, while
    totally disrespecting and disregarding their wishes and hopes. As an
    example, ever tried to submit a ticked about *anything* game related (not
    bills or real money) to them? you’ll get one of the three copy-pasted
    message. Another example is the EU game forum -for every announcement they
    make it’s absolutely blasted with negative rep and many justified posts
    from unhappy players -on many threads, not even 1 satisfied or positive
    customer. The company response? None… they don’t read it… The
    moderators step in from time to time to censor certain… words… because
    that is what they are paid to do. But never a single person from the tech
    or dev team comes to read the crap players say there.

  122. I definitely agree with what QuickyBaby said. I personally don’t think they
    should even consider adding these bonuses to the inscriptions and emblems
    because it doesn’t make any sense that it should boost your tanks
    performance. Does a car go faster because it’s the color red? no. World of
    Tanks is getting further and further into a hole that they are digging
    themselves into with ideas such as this inscription and emblem, free
    rentals for once rare vehicles that they keep putting on the market, as
    well as overpricing said vehicles with their ridiculous bundles. Back to
    the point of the video, why implement some bonus that is targeted for more
    experienced players. There is a big percent of the community that simply
    can’t afford gold for this bonus or don’t have premium tanks to grind out
    any credits so they can rent this bonus for a month and spend away another
    hard earned amount of credits just to keep up with “more experienced
    players.” I hope Wargaming find some other route.


  124. Everybody here is talking about the numbers of how many credits you need to
    rent. Who in the world only uses one tank per month? Just for stronghold
    battles, you’re going to want about a dozen vehicles fully upgraded (yes
    emblems are now upgrades). 18 k every day of your life if you want to play
    World of Tanks? Ha! Try over 200k every day, every drop of it evaporating
    into nothing permanent, BTW.

  125. Hey quickybaby!
    Are you going to continue your map tactics videos?, it would be great if
    you could.

  126. I guess i don’t care because WG destroyed my motivation on WoT with that
    missions which required a platoon… so ty for that.
    Ohh btw jeah the prices are redonciolous.

  127. I think that the buffed crew skills with emblems is a good idea, but I do
    agree with you that war-gaming is completely unreasonable by
    making us either pay gold or spend huge amounts of silver every month to
    have the new crew skills. also, I 100% agree that it is unfair to let some
    tanks have more emblems than others. I think it would be fantastic if
    war-gaming would have us earn the camo and emblems in the game by doing
    missions or other challenges.

  128. this is why I don’t play WOT anymore its a pay to win game! Gold digging

  129. I really dont like inscriptions and emblems giving specific crew skill
    bonuses since it will be about having the best inscription not the coolest
    or funniest one you like :/

  130. I really wish I could thumbs up this video harder. The game became pay to
    win when they introduced the Cromwell B, ISU-122S, and IS-2. However, if
    these changes occur, I will refuse to spend any more money on any Wargaming

  131. Christopher Elliott

    il stop playing it and play armor warfare I don’t send money on a game

  132. I just came here for the comments

  133. Love the fact that you speak your mind about these things.

    I do completely agree with you, but to be fair, this is only one of the few
    fuck ups WG have done lately. I was hoping that with the release of AW,
    they would start getting intimidated, but somehow, they keep doing shit
    like this and it pisses a lot of people off.

    They should have used this “rubicon” opportunity to fix certain things in
    their game (for example mm that tends to give one team more top tier tanks
    than the other for no reason), and to get rid of their already
    pay-to-win-reputation, and instead, they come up with shit like this? It´s
    so painful to see when a company cares so little about their

  134. I dont like sight it might become p2win as you mentioned then again if they
    implement missions for emblems if they gona be 7 day it still might be not
    enough as lot of people dont play world of tanks as much. I got few
    guilde’s who can play 4-5 matches a day at best but if they will be
    pernament that might be diffrent. Also if those missions for those will be
    like multi part with like 35k dmg done /120 kills etc not every one will be
    able to get it since not every one spends so much time in a game as they
    got their familys to attend to. Well time will only show. Ps +2% crew skill
    affects commander so loader gets +2% and extra from commanders 2% bonus
    like always small thing but still there.

  135. this is more pay 2 win bs but it does seem balanced

  136. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    “愚公移山“ LOL
    Would like to see what the translation for that would be ^^

  137. Alex “Bahha24” C

    9:43 IT’S THE RETURN OF COMMANDER BALLS!!! Does anyone remember that video?

  138. It’s a rip off, This is the sort of thing that would make me consider
    playing Armoured Warfare instead.

    Not to mention my camo isn’t worth 5% any more since 8.6. I would like
    someone to do a camo test to see how much difference camo makes.

  139. Class Action….meaning everyone will file suit…with their wallets and
    leave. FFS 2%????

  140. Emblems and inscriptions shouldn’t do anything… Camo has a purpose. But
    inscriptions and emblems don’t. And I agree with what you said. This is pay
    to win BS that needs to go.

  141. WG has pretty much made WoT pay to win with this. Either pay money
    or pay insane amounts of time, and when time is money… GG WG.

  142. I wish the permanent camo costed credits… I want my tanks to look as sexy
    as possible, but I can’t because I don’t have the money to do it.

  143. Fully agree with every point :)

  144. Wargaming Sucks so hard

  145. Compared to camoboni premiumammo is a much higher pay-to win button in the
    game. Personally i hate all pay-to -win elements in the game. If WG wnats
    to have premiumammo/boni in the game they should make them very affordable
    for non paying players. Only visual things without any boni should be
    gold-only .

  146. Wargaming is killing this game, fuck you Wargaming

  147. Nice to see you being critical where it’s due. The overwhelming amount of
    likes on your video is quite telling of the playerbase’s attitude toward
    this! I guess they’re trying to do something like the signals from WOWS…
    except you simply get those by playing well/getting lucky, and they’re
    pleasant to get as momentos of past moments. It bothers me that certain
    emblems give certain bonuses, when they’ve been a purely aesthetic venture
    in the past; I’d much rather have the option of whatever emblem I like the
    look of along with what statistical bonus appeals to my tank’s needs. But,
    really, I’d rather just keep the default national symbols since they
    generally look right to me.

  148. I think this is absolutely shocking, are WOT trying to lose players to
    Armoured Warfare….? I wont be buying any of the camo etc as if I buy
    premium that’s plenty. at last with Premium it is on WOT and WOW

  149. Thanx QB, love your opinion and the way you put it out. respect :)

  150. All this bitching about having to pay for a bonus is getting really sad.
    First off no-one is forced to pay anything – *EVER*. Second, how soon
    people forget about all the free stuff WG gives us in the various missions,
    events competitions and whatnot (not to mention the regular discounts).

    Let’s look at an example shall we? Take Climbing The Ladder mission 4 for
    example – the reward is 3 each of Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Large First
    Aid Kit and Large Repair Kit. Those are premium consumables, *PREMIUM*.
    WG are giving us 180,000 credits or *450 gold* worth of stuff for
    completing something we would do anyway in the course of our playing.
    And what are the conditions I hear you ask? Win 20 battles……that’s it, *win
    20 times*.

    Permanent inscriptions/camo/markings are just that – *permanent*. Drive
    away no more to pay. no subscriptions, done and dusted.

    At least now the inscriptions/camo/markings will have meaning other than
    pretty-fication of your chosen tank/s. Eve Online has ingame stuff to
    customize your character that is far from cheap and will most likely *NOT*
    be seen by anyone other than the character’s owner, and Eve is subscription
    based *AND* you still pay if you don’t play, if you don’t your skill
    training stops.

    WG is a business that is there to make money first and foremost. How many
    play WoT for free never paying a single, solitary cent? I’d bet good money
    there are far more than we think (just look at the up/down votes for an
    idea on that). If WG have a system in place that makes money from those
    that are *willing* or *want* to pay then I see no issue with that.

  151. WG is just craving for more cash,and how do they do it?!Introducing “pay
    for skill(amblem)”method.WG is also doing one very bad thing,and that is
    leveling rich newbies with old players who invested their time and effort
    in grinding skills-perks.Warships,for example,have much more fair system
    that gives you flags-bonuses if you finish some ingame missons and that
    forces players to evolve and advance in overall game understanding.WoT
    proposed system is pure richkids pissing over the poor!

  152. this emblem system suck…!! ok I want to have Rudy emblems on my tank,
    because thats look cool!…oh its a radio operator bonus!!fuck that then,
    lets buy
    something that I dont like….yeah thats better now I have a loader bonus!
    GG Wg..?

  153. I know quite often on the NA server we’d have mini-missions to let you earn
    certain country flags for easy mode conditions ( like kill x amount of
    tanks in match) for free. If there was a way to get something like a free
    emblem/inscription token for doing similar easy mode conditions, then it
    would serve its purpose a lot better instead of this P2W nonsense.

  154. just WG adding more broken shit instead of fixing current broken shit.

  155. Let’s be realistic. The advantageous gains, are not by any means, small

    Even if WG make the cosmetics purchase permanent, push it further : able to
    apply any number of tanks, it’s still greed-originated, money grabbing
    Pay-to-win system.
    Player are expected to spend a certain amount of gold/money in order to
    stay competitive on equal ground.
    At that point, the free-to-play game lose the fair play tag, the very core
    element that help propel WoT to it’s current status.

    Of course, WG’s greed amplify by factor of huge magnitude, it’s showing by
    making the system strictly individual tank basis.

    Plus the fact that credits/silvers purchase have additional rental period.
    This further put non-paying players, or even regular players that paying
    monthly fee and occasionally spend some golds, in disadvantageous position.

    *Shamefur dispray, WG.*

  156. Gaijin(Wargaming’s one competetor) Just made a fatal mistake with the BR
    changes some weeks ago, and now WG does something similar shit. But why? To
    force players to pay and BE better compared to those who does not invest
    money in the game.

    I’m glad I skipped this game.

  157. they should invent something like writing your own inscription..

  158. I really hope this is not how the game will be now 🙁 I am 15 I don’t want
    to buy your gold

  159. To be honest I’ve been drifting away from the game for a while, I used to
    play almost daily but now it’s once or twice a month if at all. Between the
    constant unchecked power creep, the cycle of new tank lines with clearly OP
    tanks that are “working as intended” until people stop paying gold to get
    to them (then they nerf the hell out of them), the ridicules increase in
    the price of premium tanks and now crap like this emblem system I can’t be
    T10 tanks will be unplayable once this comes into being, even with premium
    it’s easy to lose money playing them so adding another 500k per emblem just
    to be on an even footing with other players is ridicules. Clearly a cash
    grab and clearly aimed at T10 players and seal clubbers.

  160. im 21 and have a job but i don’t think this change should go though i dont
    buy anything in this game and already have a hard time getting credits bo
    am i going to spend money on this so i can have the same chance to be as
    good as some one els. i already feel like all the people who but gold with
    money are bad enough but if it was 500m to keep all of it for ever i would
    like that

  161. I agree to !!! to must……!!!

  162. I left my last long term game (7 yrs) due to their greed and going Pay to

  163. I agree 100%. This is a giant steaming pile of pay to win crap. Is this
    really the time to for this, when Armored Warfare is in open beta for
    everyone to play???

  164. Sounds like Russia is in a land grab. As well as a ( GOLD ) grab…

  165. P2w bullshit

  166. Here here – this looks like an attempt to increase the cost of the game in
    gold to those heavily invested in it. Of course it will significantly
    discourage new players who will be short on credits and work out it will
    cost them a fortune to invest in high tier playing. Running without a
    premium account is already a grind for credits. This may be enough to
    finally put me off playing if it comes out in the currently proposed

  167. totally agree with you there quickybaby this seems a bad move but how long
    before world of warships and world of warplanes follow suit ?

  168. This is nothing more than Armored Warfare and that’s it. The system they
    have is very, very similar to this. Talk about copy cat crap? This is it.

  169. this is yet another reason why were gaming has lost me as a player. I quit
    playing their game to patches back because I saw stupid stuff like this
    coming on. Modern warfare here I come!

  170. 12:40 – great word QB 🙂 i 100% agree with you in every single point,

  171. That’s not fair at all I know wargaming is a company and needs to make
    Money but as you said it’ll be a more like pay to win I play on Xbox and
    its all very even playing the game is how you get better and I don’t invest
    a lot of money in the game because I Don’t have it and I’m a good player
    with a 51% win rating and I want to get even better but now people who are
    essentially richer than me will have an advantage over me it’s not a very
    smart move by wargaming

  172. MrImmortalityPrince

    Armored Warfare only pinched Waraming thick skin’s with the arty… Not
    even the Free Garage slots… or the better everything… Like AW right
    have no signs of Pay to Win

  173. World of tanks is a pay to win game now

  174. I’m one of those players that always buys gold camo, inscriptions, and
    emblems for my tanks – and with over 100 tanks or so, it’s a lot of gold
    spent. And I don’t want to sound hypocritical when I say this, but this
    whole move is really shitty. I’m sure I’ll benefit from the gold I’ve spent
    now, but that’s NOT why I spent the gold! I spent it – because I wanted to
    make my tank look special. Yes, there is a camo bonus, but the inscriptions
    and emblems were just for laughs. This is a terrible, terrible moneygrab.
    Honestly – all of those camo patterns, emblems, and inscriptions should
    have been free in the first place. Or, in the alternative, emblems and
    inscriptions free for premium account holders (when they were purely

    This game has always struggled with the P2W issue. Premium rounds were bad
    when they were only available for gold, and then somehow became a WORSE
    problem when you could buy them for credits!

    I see a ridiculous potential for abuse, where tanks that are mildly OP due
    to a certain characteristic all of a sudden become ridiculously OP because
    of emblem stacking…that’s about as P2W as it gets, I’m afraid. Poor, poor
    move by Wargaming.

    Give these pixels away for free. They are literally nothing. I didn’t mind
    paying for them to set my tank’s appearance apart…well, and having “Snow
    Leopard” plastered all over the side of my KV5 was always funny to me – but
    this type of “OP stack by 1000 cuts” is totally ridiculous.

    What’s even worse is that it is going to benefit the best players more than
    the average ones, because they will be able to use those extra edges more
    effectively. The bads…well, this is just stealing their money, plain and
    simple. Will I keep buying them? It’s hard to say, since before it was a
    matter of taste, whereas now it’s a matter of efficient minmaxing.

  175. Thieves from WARGAMING,make an PVE mode to relax some people who are
    playing this game,in PVP is so much anger and so many ”NO SOCIAL LIFE
    PLAYERS”.You can’t enjoy the game when there are platoons with 3 players
    above 60% WINRATE against you.

  176. this will be the WORST patch in the history of WoT….

  177. what a joke.
    I’ve been playing and enjoying world of tanks for 2 years. Many updates
    have changed the way the game is played, usually in a progressive manner. I
    have purchased a premium account in order to accelerate my progress in the
    game. This was good for a beginning player who would not necessarily earn
    massive amounts of credits whilst playing and grinding. I have also
    invested in premium tanks as i liked the potential to accelerate my crew
    training (and credit earning potential).

    However i have always been disappointed that the camouflage is available
    for ‘credit limited 30days’ and free for all time with gold.

    Giving the emblems additional powers seems ridiculous and is ridiculous.

    I was disappointed that many of the newer premium tanks are only available
    in package form. (i.e.: tank, 30days of premium and an amount of gold)

    I do understand that wargaming is a business and needs to make a profit.
    but really? Unless they make better gold bonuses for well played
    games/missions then they will be losing faithful players like myself. Who
    preferred the premium account subscription over gold investment.

    The current potential of earning 30 gold a day is good. However for someone
    like me who now gets to play only a couple of times a week that means i
    have to play for nearly a month to get one emblem (assuming i always get
    the gold) and nearly 4 months in order to earn enough gold to use
    camouflage (summer winter and desert) … so yes thats nearly 5 or 6 months
    of play for one tank! (assuming they don’t lower the ‘free’ gold earning

    After investing over £160 in various ways (Premium tanks and time) far more
    than i have ever spent in any other game EVER! I certainly won’t be
    investing any more. and will probably begin to move away from the wargaming

    A massive shame as i have found a vibrant and supportive gaming community.

    It would be good to hear back what other gamers think about this and if
    there is anyone who feels the same.

    Thanks for keeping us informed Quickybaby, (great work from your favourite
    twitch lurker i.e.: non-subscriber) i hope these messages get through to
    the right people!

    Peace and love community.

  178. WG is so lame this time!!! we already have to spend gold to play a tier10
    properly… world of tanks had already been much less attractive a couple
    patches ago, forcing people to spend more gold in such a lame way is not
    how you run a company i think

  179. Now WoT turning Pay to Win?

  180. I think wot is garbage and I also think the clowns at war gaming are
    useless inbred shit bags.

  181. WG is doing their level best to push their player base to Armored Warfare,
    the only thing that will keep the WoT community where they are, is the
    greater system requirements for AW.

  182. @QuickyBabyTV I Strongly agree with you! I am just a 16 years old kid, it
    is not likely i can buy millions of “GOLD” just to apply this on my tanks,
    fair enough i might have some money that i can put in the game but not all
    parents allow you to do that! So i strongly agree if i am spending half a
    million worth of credits into 1 tanks just for camo and emblem i should
    really be able to keep it.

  183. Why not make some of these things additional items on the tanks so if you
    keep playing the tank you can build enough XP to unlock them? That way the
    tanks you use can have these items and it would be like a badge of honour
    for those who’ve invested the time in that tank. Of course, these items
    shouldn’t slow your progress towards the next tank. That’s slow enough as
    it is.

  184. Great move Wargaming…making a step towards being pay to win shortly after
    Armoured Warfare went into open beta.
    Was your marketing strategy created by monkeys???

  185. SimRacing TV (Andreas Furil)

    Armored Warfare is better then WoT….

  186. Eimantas Makarevicius

    World of tanks has enough competionion against new similar games coming
    out, why would they give their fans the finger with this pay2win

  187. yes yes .. better to use this system to spend credits then spending them
    for premium ammo

  188. Alexander Superapple

    *Next*: equipment rental or pay us mooooooooooooooneeeeeeeeeeey (gold gold
    gold gold gold gold gold gold)

  189. Wargaming is jst getting greedy and are turning WoT into a pay to win game.
    Time to start playing Armoured Warfare!

  190. yeah QB, I agree with you.
    Reasoning below
    I’ve spent some gold on a very few tanks that I consider keepers – the
    premiums of course, but also some others that I like … the AT2, the
    Matilda, the TOG II, the KV2, the T-40 American TD, and the RAM II … not
    too many more than that … the rest are likely to be sold when I move up
    in the tiers … cost of slots gets too much, so, the same thing would
    apply with this change on WG’s part … only I don’t think I would spend
    for any of it anytime soon … especially not as a monthly rental

  191. Christopher Samuels

    Thank you for using your voice to speak up for the rest of us. I know I
    really appreciate it.

  192. It was always Pay2Win game and the escalation of that started with
    introduction of premium ammo for credits. If one want to use more premium
    ammo which give better chances to penetrate (in most cases) one have to
    spend huge amount of credits. And more credits can only be earned by having
    premium tank or premium account. So it is not surprising WG had intdoruced
    those stupid emblems and inscriptions. Those f**king “businessmen” from
    Minsk are blinded with money and instead of improving game they just want
    to sell more and more crap.

  193. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    more of a rant video then a review

  194. wot noticed their shitty emblems weren’t making them dump trucks full of
    free money so ya. I swear this game is made by alcoholics

  195. I 100% agree with you QuickyBaby this update is complete bullcrap for
    everyone. As you said, i would at least have the emblems be a 1 time
    purchase not this bull**** 30 day or 7 day period for half a million
    credits. i really hope you and many others convince wg to change this. Best
    of luck mate!

  196. Funny that after reading a lot of these comments there’s plenty of people
    here having doubts about the game as well. I for one am sick of the MM,
    there’s nothing worse than getting into game after game of losses, I had a
    6 week stretch of losing 80-85% of my games, and my stats dropped like a
    lead balloon, and even statistically I should have won more games than I
    did. WG had no interest in looking into it when I emailed them. But my
    point is that I don’t feel like investing a lot of money into a game when I
    feel the developers couldn’t care less about their customers!!

  197. Toilet Tenk SU-101 only 1 emblem or inscription:(

  198. Taka “elpape44250” PS

    WG should put a level system for each tank. As the personnal mission,
    achievements, u can unlocks camouflage. then people will have to EARN that
    camouflage bonus and other bonuses.
    i have spent some much credits for these camouflage it could be great to
    earned some perma camo

  199. you should be able to buy m with gold and those bought with gold can be
    used on all tanks without time limit.
    the emblems bought with credits should be for 1 tank / 1 side but still no
    time limit.
    540.000 is what i make in 3 weeks without premium :/

  200. dont think its any different to charging 200gld for 100% retrain of skills
    or start with 100% crew

  201. Totally balanced right?

  202. So, since my tanks all have permanent inscriptions and emblems I felt
    “nice” on them at the time, I’m going to have bonuses I don’t know if fits
    my style of play… I really hope War gaming will give us who already paid
    gold an opt-in to change them instead to have to pay again for new ones
    which have the “right” bonus

  203. money sluts. i agree that they have to make some money but this is very
    very close to topping the greedy cake. a couple more changes and people are
    going give up WOT for good…

  204. WG sucks. They will never get any money from me ever again after NOT
    putting Chieftain in the game and these bloody emblems.

  205. Evandro de Barros Behr

    100% Agree. Shame on Wargaming one more time!

  206. Wargaming should make so you have earn these “bonuses.” Like in War Thunder
    you have to kill a certain amount of tanks so be given a tank camo. This
    could be implemented into WoT and it would make this change more fair to
    those that dont want to spend money on these new “bonuses” but still want
    to be competitive.

  207. I love the game, I don’t object to WG making money, but this really feels
    like a dirty money grabbing move.

  208. I honestly despice Wargaming with a passion… why couldn’t it be a half
    decent dev that made this game

  209. it’s a good idea, destroyed by Wargamings greediness. I agree with you
    100%. Half a million credits or more for a non permanent small bonus? (Yes
    I consider it small, its less than a module permanent slot). Totally not
    worth it except for the most hardcore players. Not going to pay a single
    cent towards Wargaming either. They are greedy enough on the price of their
    premium tanks. 60$ for a tank? are you serious?

    I don’t know if people understand how little they have to do to make a
    premium tank. An artist goes in and tweaks whats already there, they slam
    down some altered stats from the normal one, making it slightly better, or
    just different, then slams on a massive price tag.

    This new gimmick is even more of a “pay to win”. WoT is already considered
    pay to win with its ammo. Now this is going to make it all the worse.

    In my opinion, do a system similar to War Thunder. Where you get a chance
    to unlock emblems, camo, etc. permanently on each tank for successfully
    completing certain personal objectives in-game. The easier ones with less
    of a bonus could be as simple as “Kill 300 enemies with this tank”, ok
    cool, but more powerful emblems could be harder objectives like “Win a game
    by capping with 30% of your hp left, and the only member on your team”. Ok,
    it’s difficult, hard, but gives you a permanent emblem for that tank only
    that gives a 5% crew bonus. At least this way people that don’t have money
    to throw at the dev team can still earn the right to use this stuff. Or
    people who don’t want to grind out that objective can pay for it through

    Hell, make each emblem seperate per tank like it is, but do the above. You
    earned the desert camo for your Tiger II? Awesome, but you’ll have to play
    15 desert maps again in your Cromwell if you want to unlock it for that,
    and kill 200 enemies with your Cromwell to get that emblem you like, even
    though you have it for your Tiger II.

    This way, people can see how much you really love each tank you drive as
    well, or even how new you are too it. A player with extremely difficult
    emblems on his tank, is probably extremely good at it.

    This system would be a win/win for Wargaming AND the players. While its
    fair to allow people to earn them permanently, at the same time, it still
    gives people incentive to buy them with gold who don’t want to deal with
    that, or can’t get the more difficult ones, but want them.

  210. yes I do agree with you, I have emblems and inscriptions on most of my
    tanks, do I have to change them now to benefit better crew skills as all my
    premium and tanks I intend to keep all have Shamrocks on them.Basically
    what I’m saying is Shamrocks might not be that good.

  211. 100% agree with you QB. 1st time i thought about letting the game go
    because of WG actions.

  212. So I was among the first 5 players on the NA server to 3 mark the T30. I
    have played over 500 matches in it, and love it. It’s my go-to tank for all
    the times I want to just have a good time playing this game. It has had the
    same inscriptions on it for well over a year, Captain America on one side,
    and Devastator on the other. Now, to remain competitive with it compared to
    others, I will have to change them to something I won’t like, and will have
    to spend gold to do so, or rent them for a month. LOLnope. There was
    nothing wrong with the camo system, and adding bonuses for
    emblems/inscriptions is just a blatant and ill-advised money grab. It also
    takes a dump all over the “it’s not p2w” argument, and I think it’s an
    EXTREMELY bad time for WG to be gambling on something like this, with
    Armored Warfare now being open to everyone. BTW, AW’s inscription and
    emblem system does NOT work this way. It’s classic WoT, pay gold for
    permanent or credits for rentals, and they are just cosmetic (although
    significantly cheaper than in wot).

    Bad move, and extremely bad timing.

  213. Totally agree!!!
    You need a job in WG to save this game :)

  214. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    I think there’re several ways to fix this absolutely ridiculous system:
    first I want to say that: emblems and inscriptions having bonuses is
    probably not a bad idea.
    BUT, either
    1) there’s not an option to buy them with gold, and if we buy them with
    credit, they will be permanent.
    2) the gold prices are lower down at least by 60%, and make the bonus
    3) make it so that everybody have to play a tank a lot or exceptionally
    well to earn an emblem or inscription.
    I personally think the 3 up here is the best solution, or all of the 3
    Otherwise, this is BULLSHIT, having 4% more crew skills is so much more
    significant than 3% more camouflage rating, I personally do not care about
    those camouflage rating bonuses, but 4% crew skills can determine the
    difference between losing a fight completely on a street corner, and
    Seriously Wargaming, I’ve been playing this game for 4 years now, 2 years
    on the NA server, don’t make NA server as bad as the Chinese server.

  215. I wholeheartedly agree with you QB

  216. wtf wg… wtf… the emblems ar fucking ugly if you whant me to pay for
    this fuck let m at least upload my own emblems -.- this game is geting
    unfair and shitty

  217. i disagree with this system, it’s gonna force to play armoured warfare

  218. Pay 2 win confirmed.. I’m out.. Have fun in wot:)

  219. It’s good that now emblems can give some kind of bonus as a lot of people
    have spent gold or credits to customize their tanks just for fun. However,
    it feels like they are nickle and dimeing their customer base. Also, this
    means they put actual development time towards this new feature and I doubt
    that this was a top priority in enhancements from their customers. So, that
    means to me they are not listening to their customers and are only going
    for money. This isn’t the WOT game that I feel in love with years ago.
    Wargamming is taking the game’s soul away.

  220. i do have flags on couple tanks but i have 40 tanks only 3 or 5 tanks have
    emblems ? em no deal for me these updates are getting worse and worse(my
    oppinnion) and yeah agree with that i have my country flags on tank need to
    change my embles for stupid ugly emblems just to get bonus and that much
    gold well yes i get all my gold from balticleague but wtf is this bs? i
    earn my gold use it on bs… no deal

  221. Lol this is just another “pay2win” “update” I mean what’s next? a fucking
    nuke that’ll end the match and you’ll win even if it’s 14 vs 1? and it’ll
    only cost you 600 gold per quarter of a nuke? (1/4 = 600 gold) I can
    already imagne the ad:

    WG: “Hey! are you bored of loosing matches?? yes??, then come along to and
    buy our new quarter of a nuke kit! it’ll give you 1/4th of a nuke that’ll
    end the match no matter what! it’ll only cost you 600 gold per quarter!”
    (if you watch angryjoeshow I would recommend that you read that in Cobra
    Commanders voice :D) WG is seriously getting me pissed off….

  222. This is fucking bullshit… urgh
    Edit: why did I ever give these greedy assholes any money at all -_-

  223. They need to finish that new office building, aren’t they?

  224. they can’ t do this, it is unfair. Please WG don’t do this big error it’ s
    the start to destroy a competitive game and trasform it in a pay to win.
    It’s the way to decrease the number of your players. Sorry for my bad
    english but i want to give my opinion.
    Go QB !!!

  225. cheesenibbles Gaming

    if this goes on then wot has become a definat pay to win game and that wold
    be bad for wows and wow plus it would lose a huge amount of its player base

  226. Turning into pay to win game, started with the camo. As the greed grows,
    new ways are found to suck out the money and that is the pay to win way.
    This game will be in decline soon, they changed the original game too much.

    I will not renew my premium account, haven’t played it lately. Last 30 days
    of premium I maybe played for 5,6 days, the rest seeped away. Couldn’t care
    less. This isn’t the game I started playing 5 years ago.

  227. already have emblems and cam on most of my keeper tanks, dislike the idea
    here and will not be changing any, great vid QB

  228. As a player who only gets to play 50 matches a week on a good week, a lot
    of things about this game are already difficult for me. I was essentially
    forced to buy a T8 premium because I cannot turn enough credit profit to
    both play by higher tier tanks AND advance down new lines of the tech tree.
    This move tells me that no matter what I do, I will be at a 4-6%
    disadvantage in every battle going forward because I simply cannot afford
    to buy these bonuses for my tanks.

  229. thatbattlefield dude

    I have a good idea. ok so you can buy the basic emblems just for creds
    right? silver. and you can pay gold to be able to create your own emblems
    or saying on your tank? and picked the appropriate bonus you actually want
    for each created emblem. that would be pretty cool.

  230. I just slap on what I like a standard heart with dagger and queen of hearts
    and some inscriptions I like on them.

  231. @quickyBabyTV their will be missions for all the items that isnt camo. but
    i think you should be able to add a perk to a ensigmia in the game.

  232. What I hate most is the fact, that I will HAVE TO use inscriptions that I
    despise. I can’t imagine to play my STB, or Type with this Asian
    discriptions, no offense, but I simply don’t like it on those tanks. I made
    most of my tank really “mine” – special, they are going to remove that!
    🙁 Let the riot begins!

  233. fuck wargaming ……. more and more money for the russian bitches …. not
    with me … i will quit wargaming games forever

  234. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    I am totally agree! we can’t waste so much money every month. And I think
    also we can win an enable in a mission or something like that.

  235. Stuff like this is why I’ve moved to Armored Warfare. It’s not flawless or
    anything, and I actually prefer some of the more bonkers designs that get
    into World of Tanks due to the era in tank development it covers* – but I
    feel like the devs are a bit more receptive to not-screwing their
    playerbase. (Also arty is way less annoying in that game, so that’s a plus
    as well.)

    Obviously though, YMMV, and for some AW won’t do it, it’s just the option
    I’ve decided to go with to get way from Wargaming.

    *I doubt we’ll ever see something like a Maus or Type 5 Heavy in Armored
    Warfare, for instance.

  236. this is a pretty desperate moneygrab

    when camo bonuses first came into the game, WoT was the only game in the
    market. but now they’re competing with Obsidian’s Armoured Warfare (which
    is very friendly on the pay to win front at the moment, with no premium
    ammo ect) there’s no way this flies!

  237. so now the big guys in big clans that have gold to spare will shit on
    everyone else. fuck this.

  238. The Suspicious Duck Of Doom

    I actually think it is good by wargaming to have this new system because
    you will have to spend more time into playing tanks and also it gives you
    that very nice satisfaction feeling when you get the camo or emblem etc,
    you want to buy for one month. But that one month period just screws it all

  239. Rubishh !!!!

  240. I don´t get any Problems with their “new system”. ´Cause I´m the
    customer…and if Wargaming implement such crude Systems in my favourite PC
    Game…than I just quit and maybe watching out for alternatives…so at the
    end…let Me ask: Was WoT gettin´better after the last 3 major-updates ?
    No. Wargaming failed by every single try to keep this game modern and bring
    it on it´s best way…Armored Warfare is waiting…and I truly believe if
    they did´nt made the same mistakes and still arguing like Wargaming do in
    :”We´re not listening to the players”…Mission accomplished…and
    wargaming went to the new gulacs.

  241. If you look on the bright side though. . After the patch the account sales
    will be the customers market ;P

  242. if there were missions to earn the stuff then it would be OK

  243. The French Bastard

    this is a terible idée, cosmetics shud not be mandetory.

  244. With every update war gaming puts out, i dislike the game more and more.

  245. WTF wargaming ????? For real ??? QB ty for the video and the heads up , i
    hope they are not keeping this system , because i’m not going to pay 500k+
    each month to have a fail +4% bonus even is a most welcome bonus , don’t
    have the gold to spend on this things

  246. Sounds like punishment to people that don’t pay to play, you fight for your
    credits, earning them, for shame wargaming. Its bad enough if you can’t
    afford gold.

  247. this shit is fucked up..

  248. they should rename this game to world of tanks: pimp my ride.

  249. Since we’re talking about the exteriors, I just want to share an idea about
    the camouflage in WOT. Wouldn’t it be nice if different camouflages gave
    you different camo ratings when firing, on the move, stationary and have
    been stationary for some time on different terrains like sand, rock, grass
    snow or combinations of them where multiple coloured patterns work best
    because of “that an enemy crew member sees it as randomness in nature
    rather than a big solid white object in front of the scenery”. Sorry if
    it’s a bit off topic or if its already been discussed on the forums, I
    don’t read the forums.

  250. Two thumbs up. Don’t be scrubs wargaming.

  251. Spot on Analysis. This is the kind of change that would drive me away from
    the game. The thought that someone would be able to buy an advantage over
    me more so than the present system is disappointing. What a turn off.

  252. I completely agree with you QB, to add in my own input though, I would say
    the following things (some of these things are just reinforcing what you

    1. WG needs to get rid of the 7 day/1 month rental BS. The 30 day credit
    price should be the PERMANENT price for camo/emblems/inscriptions.
    2. WG should NOT implement this system with the 2%(all crew member) and 3%
    (single crew member) bonuses if they have ANY sort of limitation. As we
    saw, the limitations make the bonuses almost useless and only take up
    emblem/inscription choices that people may want on their vehicle.
    3. If WG implements this next patch, they NEED to give ALL vehicles the
    full 4 emblem/inscription slots. Otherwise, many vehicles will get an
    unfair advantage in this system over tanks that get 3 or fewer slots.
    4. Emblems/inscriptions should only need to be bought ONCE for each
    nation’s tank type AT THE VERY LEAST (i.e. buying a certain
    emblem/inscription once for an American medium can let you use that
    unlocked emblem/inscription for all American mediums)! However, buying once
    for each nation would be optimal (i.e. buying an emblem/inscription for an
    American medium unlocks that emblem/inscription for all American tanks).

    This system is currently flawed but if WG made the above changes then 10.0
    could be amazing. Thanks for listening to my input and being considerate of
    your followers by making this video QB.

  253. phsychoticpotatoe9 7

    I never put money into Wot. Glad u can see it from others point of view

  254. quicky totally agree with you!! that its exactly what i wa thinking.

  255. I agree completely no bonus. They are just getting greedy. Like you said
    is it going to be a pay to win game now. If so I will not dump any more
    money into this game.

  256. I have 20 tanks. That’s 10 million credits a month. I earn that credits
    with a premium account in 10 days, when I’d rather grind standard tanks.


  258. I wish WOT would spend as much time reworking MM rather then spending time
    trying to take more money from its players. I really don’t like the new
    emblem / inscriptions pay to improve your ability to win. It seems to me
    that WOT continues to rig the game toward the wallet warriors and reduces
    the balanced and fair playing field. Money grab from WOT just reeks of
    Greed. Just not good for the game or the players, but who ever said WOT
    cared. If they did they would have spent their time on graphics, current
    game play/maps and of course working on improving MM. I used to purchase
    premium time, premium tanks and spend money on this game. But in the past
    year I have stopped and I am just waiting for the premium time to run out
    before I move over to Armored Warfare full time. Sad but I have lost my
    interest in WOT due to these money grab type issues along with the poor
    match making which has gotten worse over the years rather then better. Not
    to mention the lack of follow through on promises by WOT on graphics,
    improved game play and addition and changes to existing maps.

    With that said, its on to Armored Warfare. See you on the battlefield. :)))

  259. if they gave me back the gold I spent on emblems, camo, and inscriptions,
    I’d be ok. I don’t like how some of my innuendos like hit and run on my
    arty, liberator on my obj140, my favorite crown emblem i put on my favorite
    tanks might have a silly skill buff. this will make my favorite tanks less
    lovable :(

  260. i have bunch of tanks that have permanent camo and emblem options
    available, no idea how i have them i think they are from missions or
    somthing so hopefully they have more stuff like that i guess.

  261. Alexandru Voiculescu (Caboose)

    I can’t wait for fallout 4 so I can quit my addiction of this game.

  262. QB – thank you for illuminating this slanted, unbalanced, clearly
    money-grubbing move by WG. Not only are they making themselves look LESS
    like the new, “other game”, they are showing us how MUCH less like the new,
    “other game” they are. The new, “other game” awards you tank bonuses
    (outside of premium time and tanks) ONLY by stacking performance in game –
    no real money purchases necessary.

  263. hey wargaming refund my gold which i already spent on emblems and

  264. Balian BlackShadow

    And more pay to win…thanks Wargaming :(

  265. I would say, that i’d still rathet keep this change. I think it can be bad,
    but if you waste 2€ on your favourite tank to keep it forever, i could do
    that. Well people sure like to be on top of things, by what i mean people
    want to have better bonus than others.

  266. This is one of the worst systems I’ve ever seen, if they put this in I
    might as well quit playing cause to pay to win is not worth my time.

  267. Axel Foley (TuroKK007)

    I think this is a step towards pay to win – again. I remember a time there
    was premium ammunition only available with gold. Wargaming changed it so
    you can buy premium ammo for credits – lots of credits. If i look at a low
    tier Tank i love like the Luchs paying 540.000 credits do get a 4% bonus is
    a 30 day joke since ventilation only costs 50.000 on this tank and gives a
    bonus of 5% forever.

  268. WG kind of destroyed the system here

  269. This just doesnt make sense. Greedy thing to do and its a big step to
    become another pay-to-win game. I have some emblems, and im pretty sure i
    dont want the bonus they provide. Make it so that you can buy them for
    credits, so that people can grind for it if they want them. If they wont do
    that, they will lose players over this.

  270. of course agree!!!

  271. Totaly agree with the idea of permanent purchasing with credits… If i can
    purchase couple premium/gold shots for credits just to be competative, why
    cant i do the same thing with camo or emblems…

  272. I do agree! I just whish this system will not be implemented!
    First because it gives me the feeling that wargaming tries to farm gold out
    of us. (And I already invested more money on this game than on many other
    “pay to own” games.)
    And second because I don’t like the idea of getting an emblem, or an
    inscription I dislike just for the sake of some bonus. For exemple I called
    my Matilda “Elusive” as I found it very ironical (which suits to me) but
    what if the bonus doesn’t suit my playstile?
    Third I just don’t like the fact that certains tank could obtain
    arbitrarily more bonuses just because they got more emblem slots. (As you
    just mentionned)
    The sole way I could agree to see such a system implemented is if it was a
    mission reward or a if you get it awarded temporarily for a distinction you
    get in battle (e.g. Top Gun) similarly to what is done with signal flag in
    world of warships.

  273. Its so hard to play well and not spend real money…

  274. First off, thank you for speaking up for the player base on this. I can’t
    speak to how much weight your voice carries, but I know its far more than
    the rank and file player. Secondly, I think your alternative solutions are
    spot on and acceptable, given the circumstances they are regarding. Lastly,
    I propose a third alternative I’d like to see for obtaining
    emblems/camouflage. I wouldn’t be opposed to adding them to the crew skill
    tree. Obviously, anyone in their right mind would train their crews in the
    regular skills, at first, but I think it would be interesting to be able to
    unlock emblems/camouflage as well. This way, the more dedicated players,
    those who’ve unlocked every skill, can continue to better their
    vehicles, while less experienced or more casual players can tailor fit
    their tanks to their more desired gameplay style. In addition, you would
    also be able to use free experience to unlock emblems/camo this way. Thank
    you again, and keep up the great work.

  275. Mihailo Miladinovic

    yup you’re totally right

  276. games are not realistic, they are cash cows, ‘he who makes the gold makes
    the rules’. Here is WG doing just that, so we can complain, then we have 2
    options as I see it, 1 close our wallets, 2 start playing something else.
    But remember mmo’s are games and businesses make games, they are there to
    make money so they can continue to make games to make money. welcome to
    capitalism working as intended, the rich dominate the poor don’t get a look

  277. And so the pay the win begins…

  278. I agree, WG is so stupid because it is annoying because I have B-C 25 t and
    Leopard 1 and having to pay 100k credits just for 1 month?! If I don’t play
    for a week that is wasting 25k credits! I don’t have a a lot of money…. I
    only have 1.3m credits and I can’t spend that much money for hardly any
    bonus. Besides if your playing a game with the crew skill and you don’t see
    the requirements for completing the little mission and not trying to get it
    done, your wasting credits just for nothing. For LTs having to be within 50
    meters?! That makes no sense if your trying to do a mission without being
    spotted and spotting and want the little bonus. 50 meters is equivalent to
    being proxy spotted. So I think if your spending that many credits for a
    darn rental, you should keep it forever. (Great videos QB keep it up! ;D)

  279. Earned my respect mate!

  280. What an utter bullshit p2w method this is. I can only see this leading to
    more and more money making/ p2w methods from WG.

  281. For the last 8-10 months I’ve been playing WOT less and less, in fact I
    think I’ve spent much more time just watching your videos and livestream.
    The only thing I’ve really held out for was the Chieftain (I grinded the
    tree specially, I now have a tier 10 fantasy tank unlocked that I have no
    interest in playing, whoopee!). What with that fiasco, and now a blatant
    pay to win dick move like this I think it’s time to say bollocks to

  282. Ohh look another WG cashcow… one more reason to switch to AW :P

  283. QB the word by words translation of that inscription is ‘ A stupid man
    remove a mountain’ and that translation is actually correct. The story is
    that. There was a mountain in front of an old man’s house which makes him
    inconvenient to go to the town. Then he asked all his family members to
    remove this mountain. Other people said to him’ You fool, you wont get it
    done even when you die.’ The old man said’ But I still got my sons and my
    grandsons and so on. We got unlimited of time and the mountain will be
    removed one day.

  284. Camo rental has been out there for ages. But i do think its a bit of a joke
    when you pay a fortune for it..but hey its a russian game, and we all know
    they dont like giving things away for cheap or free.

  285. Premium ammo, premium consumables, emblems, camo, This totals to a shit ton
    of credits a month, and If you don’t spend money on a premium account you
    just cant afford to have, so you are at an automatic disadvantage. Even now
    I can barely afford to fire premium ammo when I need to and have trouble
    earning money, I will NEVER be able to afford 500k credits per tank per
    month for this stuff on top of the large amount of credits for premium
    ammo, and I don’t even use premium consumables due to lack of credits.

    Another thing is, I think WG is doing PERFECTLY FINE with the current
    system, If I had more money I would even invest for a premium account, I
    have spent slightly less than 100$ on this game which is basically more
    than any other game, and I feel like most players around me spend WAY more.
    Pay for convenience is a perfect system where players who don’t feel like
    wasting hours on end to get to the next tier or earn some credits just
    spend money on the game, It works. Pay to win makes a game non competitive
    and it seems like WG are getting too greedy.

    I would think that WG would try to be more competitive with armored warfare
    when it is gaining popularity, If this system of emblems is put into place
    Im just going to switch to AW, Who is with me?

  286. so basically, wargaming want more money… great *sarcasm*

  287. I already stopped playing this game, I only watch wot on youtube, but this
    is bullshit. Armored Warfare, here I come!

  288. Agree totally.

    Why the hell link SPECIFIC boosts with SPECIFIC emblems ffs? There is ZERO
    reason why you cant have any emblem you like, and choose which perk you
    want. Linking them to specific emblems means i cant choose perks AND make
    my tanks look the way I like them to look…… ah yeah… the penny
    dropped… its so you have to buy MULTIPLE emblems to have multiple perk

    I have bought camo and full emblems on all my tanks for gold, I paid real
    money to make my tanks look how I want them to look. Basically I paid for
    PERSONALISING my tanks. Painting up your tank is now not about
    personalisation, but about monetization. I think this is a dubious,

    Add to this, many of my mates on limited money, and dont always have
    premium time, will simply not be able to pay millions out every month to
    fund the emblems on their main tanks. This is blatant pay to win.

    Personally, I have had excellent experiences with WG, and I have trusted
    them with (a tonne of) my money, and I have trusted them as a brand. If
    this is the system they roll out, sadly, that trust will have been

    This move sends out 2 messages…. first its now blatantly pay to win.
    Secondly, WG are now dictating how your tanks will look. If you want to be
    competitive WG decide how your tank will look.

    I think WG need to read up on their history, because Crossing the Rubicon
    doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a good thing. I have always rated WG
    very highly, this is the first thing they have done that has made me
    concerned about the future of the game.


  289. Hey Quickybaby, i’m really glad u said something. I do think that the
    amount of money needed to buy camo, equipment, and now this crap is just
    ridiculous. I’ve been playing AW and in that game, it only costs 25k
    credits for an equipment. They don’t have camo or emblems yet, but i can
    promise u that it will probably be 25k credits or less per tank. That is
    far more reasonable and there is 0 rental period. it is permanent. Gold amo
    doesn’t exist. The only things that cost gold are premium time and some
    premium tanks. Much more reasonable in my opinion. Plus Quickybaby, this is
    the first time i’ve seen u get seriously angry with wg. So u don’t get
    angry at every little thing. this is a serious problem in your opinon and
    i’m seriously glad u said something. Great job man! I do seriously wish
    they’d redo the economy on WoT to be much more similar to AW’s. It just
    makes sense on AW. Again, really glad u said something and i fully agree
    with u!

  290. PAY TO WIN has just gone nuts for this game……might be the last straw
    for me as far as WoT’s goes….
    pity really as i used to love this game.

  291. 100% yes!!!

  292. I 100% agree with you QB I think this is basically a backdoor way of giving
    wallet warriors an extra set of vents over everyone else. I think WG need
    to re-jig this system so they don’t push even more of the player base in
    AW’s arms which would be a shame because I’ve had a heck of a lot of fun in
    WOT over the last few years.

  293. Even if you have prem accaunt and you have a tier 8 premium tank, this is
    way too expensive. You would have to spend a lot of time paying with that
    tier 8 prem tenk in order to be able to aford these emblems for your other
    tanks. When are you going to play your other tanks? If you find time to
    play those tanks, will you have money to buy next tanks when you finish
    grindig those?

  294. Like WoT would not be too pay to win already? I mean it gets more pay to
    win every damn patch! Just like as they were going to decrease the normal
    ammo penetration but not gold ammo.

  295. Yeah I think they should just completely scrap this garbage altogether. No
    one asked for this, no one wants this. It is just a blatant money grab
    placed on a cosmetic option, that frankly doesn’t look that good to begin
    with. Why is this waste of time coming out before other desired features
    such as rebalancing tanks, or the much anticipated crew skill
    rebalance/changes. This game is in serious need of some upkeep which
    Wargaming refuses to do and instead focuses on easy ways abuse its players
    and rip money from their hands. QB you said in a previous video that Tanks
    had reached a plateau in terms of popularity, but between this, and the
    ridiculous bundles we have seen both here and in Ships, I’d say we just
    witnessed the beginning of the end.

  296. Agreed, I am fine with the 3% camo bonus we have been getting since it is
    an advantage that is mainly useful for LT and TD and accounts for ~10m of
    view range difference in high tier, which is still negligible in most
    situations . However this 4% crew skill bonus is completely BS, its like
    having an extra vent almost and every tank will benefit from it in all

  297. If you pay gold for your bonus emblems they should AT LEAST let you choose
    what should write on your tank “custom text” or a “unique text”. Something
    not vulgar of course. And i have another thing to mention… it.s off topic
    but it.s getting serious… wargaming … WHEN will you implement the
    female voices for the crew members??? Soon will be 1 year since you gave us
    female crew members in the game… i.m sure it.s not that hard to implement
    this kind of things!

  298. QB your right! No doubt about it! That will damage the game and they will
    lose a awefull lot of players.
    And serves them right for doing so!
    All emblems and inscriptions should be reseted and the gold should be payed
    back so you can decide to buy them again or not at all.
    And QB thank you very much to say your opinion so clearly! Thank you!

  299. Intruding the new wot! A free to play, pay to win game were 2 teams of 15
    run around a map and which ever team has more players that throw money at
    the game wins!

  300. IF this is implemented as shown into the game then this is a real jackass
    move from WG. Im am NOT paying that amount of gold nor credits to get that
    advantage. Nope nope nope! Do not do this WG! -premiumplayer already paying
    per month. Do not need higher expenses to a “free-to-play” game. Im with
    you on this QuickyBaby

  301. two things come to mind, first – with the new system, you can see what
    bonuses an enemy has which can tell you somewhat how an enemy thinks, how
    he sets up his tank, and what he values most in his crew giving tells about
    his play style.
    second – what about players who have spent countless gold on previous
    emblems? I eel it would be fair to those players who have already invested
    money to be allowed to change there previous emblems to new emblems or
    better yet make all emblems bonuses one time changeable. keep the emblem as
    it was but make the bonus what you want for your crews. this would
    eliminate any chance of someone seeing what you prefer to set up your tank.
    Each emblem would have different meaning for different people.

  302. So, if I want to play f2p and I wan’t to have a competative teir X tanks, I
    would need to make 1 500 000 credits every month. I am not a noob (2000wn8
    overall) and I can on a good day stay on a 0 profit in my tier X tank but
    usually I lose on average 10K per game. I have to go to tier 5 to actaully
    make some money (about 15K per game) to be able to finance ONLY EMBLEMS for
    my tier X tank, not to speak about actually playing tier X tank. So, I
    would need to play about a 100 games in tier 5 tanks to make money for
    emblems for ONLY my tier X tanks. And this is not like coca cola or coffe
    for which you can say that in random battles are a bad idea because you
    need your fire estinguisher. This actually has no downsides against a
    cheaper option (you know, +10% crew and you die if you catch of fire vs -3K
    credits if you catch fire and you will survive it) because there is no
    cheaper option. For that money you can deck out your tier 8 tank and have
    your modules forever. This is full bullshit pay to win. Even if I had prem
    accaunt and a tier 8 prem, it would be hard to just grind credits to get
    these emblems since for that money I can buy new tanks so it would be MUCH
    MUCH easyer to pay some gold and get bonuses forever. Fuck that

  303. Three words – Pay To Win. I’ve put a lot of real money into WoT already but
    this is just taking the piss. Time to download AW I think

  304. This would stop me playing tbh … I’m mostly free to play as I have kids
    and not much disposable income. I am good enough to float even at T 10
    (more or less) and make a profit on most tiers below but, this would render
    me less competetive than someone with a bigger irl wallet than me. I just
    wouldn’t continue to play. Thanks for posting the video and giving us a
    “heads up” QB many thanks.

  305. Only way this new system is going to work is “pay” to save time or grind to
    get it for free. Either way having the reward be permanent.

    Perhaps having emblems/inscriptions unlocked for a nation not just a single
    tank would be more fair?

  306. Sounds dumb.

  307. So like most people, I don’t want to spend money on this game other than a
    premium account here and there when I have a big break. The way it looks
    (or moreover the way you described it) makes it seem as you said that its
    status as a free to play game will change. However, I am not completely
    against the idea of spending large amounts of credits for basically as you
    said an extra equipment slot. Should it be half a million credits a month?
    Of course not, that’s ridiculous. But what about a one time purchase of a
    million credits for that extra slot? You said it yourself, it’s basically
    like having two improved ventilations. What the heck, I play on Xbox and it
    will be years before we see anything like this ;)

  308. I know that f2p games are full of ingame stuff to buy with real money, but
    when you make it nearly mandatory to be p2p to stay as competitive as
    someone who is p2p, then it starts getting redicolous. Everyone should know
    that f2p games are not free for the developers and that is why we see stuff
    like this happen everywhere, but this emblem bonus crosses the line. We
    know that WG wants also some profit from these games (WoW, WoWp and WoWs),
    but when you make it very hard for the f2p players to stay as competitive,
    it crosses the line. So if this emblem bonus is added whitout the changes
    quicy mentioned… Well we could all just stop playing. And who knows,
    maybe they add these p2p bonuses to WoWp and WoWs too….

  309. bs load off bs with every patch this game going down hill what about
    bots,crap MM,when are they going to look in this,and gold spamming,i didn’t
    grind my way to tier 10 to get pend by tier 8’s with every shot.

  310. I agree, QB. This puts me one small step closer to leaving this game

  311. pay to win game
    just now they made it much more easier to notice
    plz qb if you have any influence on WG change that.
    They destroy their own game step by step.

  312. I agree with you QB and i think they should remove O-I Exp. for game
    beacuse it’s too OP for most t3 and t4 tanks (or remove +2 tier matchups
    from t3s and t4s)!

  313. completly agree with you

  314. agree!

  315. Soooo……
    Matilda + gun rammer + 100%crew = soot each 1.5 sec
    and now ad loadder emblems…. yeah

  316. On the one hand, I like that there are new ways to boost my crew’s skills.
    But I’m not sure I like this way of doing it. I only put permanent camo on
    my favorite tanks, the ones I’m going to keep and play regularly. But I’ve
    only put inscriptions on three of my very favorite tanks – my Comet, my
    Centurion, and my Fv304 – just because I want them to be a bit more special
    even than normal.

    And guess what! The few inscriptions I put on those three vehicles now
    aren’t relevant. If I knew they were going to impart a crew bonus someday,
    then I’d have chosen different ones to give me the bonuses I’d want. And
    that irritates me quite a lot.

  317. WG pushing out so many missions, you can´t even play the game anymore,
    because everybody tries to complete a mission and not win/play the game.

  318. ı cant even buy the tanks ı opened with exp… this is just holy balls

  319. I think the gaming experience will be changed dramatically with the new
    emblem system implemented. Many casual player as myself are already have
    some problems with the camouflage, playing the same tank as your opponent,
    he can see you but you can see shit. With the new emblem system
    implemented, now not only we can’t see that gold spamming A-hole, we’re
    gonna reload slower, aim slower and our view range is shorter. I try to be
    competitive in the game as economically as possible, Now I can just buy 4%
    of skill with real Money?? Good news for WG earnings, bad news for most of
    its fan base… I buy some gold from time to time to transfer crew and
    camo, but 600 gold per tank??? CRAZY!!! WG is actually punishing people who
    don’t pay enough. Now we will be owned by whoever willing to pay. I enjoy
    this game largely because I can be competitive with SKILL & PRACTICE, and I
    believe in it. I believe if I play relatively well and I can win more. With
    the new emblem system, I’m not so sure anymore….

  320. I wish they would refund you for the emblems and inscriptions u already
    have on your tanks. Knowing my luck all my emblem and inscriptions bonuses
    would go to my radio man -_-

  321. war gaming…Why???

  322. It’s as if WG is trying as hard as they can to push me away from this game.
    This pay to win crap with emblems and inscriptions, Clan Wars 2.0 being
    absolute shit and having to run nonstop SH, the lying about implementing
    the Chieftain, and so much else. Well they got their wish, I haven’t
    touched the game in two weeks now and have been playing Armored Warfare

  323. The point of WG is so players can spend more gold.

  324. Completely agree. This whole thing is greedy and plain insulting.

  325. Its just how it is – a business. Look at the 111 for example. Great tank,
    if you use premium ammo. not so competitive if You don´t. Wargaming has for
    some time now been screaming “Show us the money”.

  326. More evidence for the point I have been making recently. WG are just trying
    to squeeze as much money out of us as possible in a game they no longer
    care about. They are just ruining the games with goodies, multi spawn
    kiddie games and other garbage.
    WG ONLY care about their new winner WOWS. I LOVE WOWS which is better than
    WOT which I have now given up!
    It really worries me about the future of WOWS even if they now are doing
    everything right. Come on WG get your shit together!

  327. QuickyBaby is the Robin Hood of World of Tanks.

  328. As it stands right now I think the system is crap. The only reason I have
    any camo, inscriptions, and emblems on my tanks is personal. I think they
    look cool and I think they make my tank more personal. For example the
    tanks I play the most have the paw print emblem on them. Its how me and a
    few friends mark or unofficial guild/clan.

  329. More and more people are leavening Wot. Wargaming is not doing really good
    trying to get people to play there game if this happens

  330. Wow, QB is one of the most pro-WG youtubers and seeing him be so critical
    about this feature should really raise some eyebrows at the WG office.

  331. WG must be hard up for cash, this stinks of P2W.

  332. I think you are right.İf you dont have premium acc it’s hard to win credits
    and if u are in a bad match up u cant win credits because u have to use
    premium shells

  333. With this WG, for sure you will go bankrupt, because no one will pay more
    gold for insignificant emblems but…. the camouflage, cmon guys stop
    making this pay to win, i ve see to many games going bankrupt because that,
    so WG you need implenent again those *skills or whatever* and make it
    viable for your game, its extremely hard geting now or credits. i hope WG

  334. It’s a bad idea.

  335. I agree with the non rental system. 540,000 credits should be a permanent
    upgrade. The 7-day rent could stay if it was really cheap perhaps.

  336. Great more bonus for all the pay to win players.

  337. talk about pay to win… -.-

  338. Hmmmm…. the thing is…
    > I < don't care about 5%...... I'm thinking about it.. if it is ... 30% ..... but ...

  339. This is all a butch of bull.

  340. wow…. Wargaming needs to get their shit together if they want to compete
    with armored warfare.
    if they keep going like this, they can kiss their game goodbye 😉

    haven’t played wot for 1 month now. AW is too awesome :)

  341. Miguel Delaguardia

    If they don’t change this, we should all agree that the first thing we do
    in the game is shoot any tank that is full of emblems. I know I will. NO

  342. I certainly agree with you, it’s just mad to invest half a million to
    things like that.
    I hope that WG dont apply this ._.

  343. this is a load of horseshit (pardon the American slang). but seriously, ive
    never put a single cent into this game, ive ground out every tank and
    everything ive earned in this game the hard way. now its just going to get
    even harder to be competitive versus those who just throw money at WG. GG

  344. I feel like the changes makes the emblem/inscriptions feel less personal
    since I’ll now be pressured into optimizing all my inscriptions and
    emblems… most of my vehicles will end up having the same thing on them,
    and I might not necessarily like what they look like or say. The rental
    period on them is a pain, either drop the price significantly or make them

    If you could pick the bonuses separate of the actual inscriptions/emblems,
    I’d also feel a lot better about it.

  345. Do the calculation, if you make around 40k a match in your tank. You’d have
    to play about 12-13 matches to get the money for these skins for a month.
    Add a little bit of randomness and you are probably looking at 20 matches a
    month to keep your skins.

    Not that horrible, but less would be nice.

  346. i agree quicky its crazy what w.g does to this game .. its alomost like
    they are purposely trying to wreck this game for the free players ….
    money money money is all they care about now instead of having a world
    class game like before all the nerfing patches .. welcome to world of nerf
    and patch….. broken mm and horibble rng … between the 2 we have to
    fight the game long before the first shot is fired …..

  347. I really like how QB is standing up for the gamers and criticises Wargaming
    in this video. Thumbs up!

  348. Ok. So QB actually doesn’t say always good about wargaming.
    BTW this whole system is bullshit

  349. Miguel Delaguardia

    I whole heartily agree with you on this. WG has to change it.

  350. “we need more cash” “don’t we have any more premiums we can throw in the
    next update?” “nope” “what else can we do.. OH! idea”

  351. But it is only 3%. It just doesen’t makes difference i think.

  352. wow..just wow wargaming
    i have been a premium player since 3 years and have 7 ish prem tanks..
    i am seriously thinking about stop playing and stop paying these money
    greedy b-stards my hard earning money.. its kinda getting to much…

  353. Disgustingly pay-to-win sustem

  354. wot have become a free to play but pay to win game. and its getting worse
    in each patch. time to move to the other game

  355. Charles Craig-Bennett

    Alright it’s final. Now we ca all agree this is pay to win. The price for
    silver is just so prohibitive it pretty much forces most players to use

  356. Pay to win

  357. For normal players this bonuses are not needed to be competitive. Because
    the most of the enemies cant play as effective as they need to take use out
    of it.
    I had enough experience with not max. skilled crew kicking butt. So it
    makes only a change for the highest class of players. If some unicums want
    to spent even more
    gold for the game than they already do just to have another 100wn8 more on
    there account, then im fine with that.
    The majority of the players have enough fun with less than 2200wn8 and for
    them this bonuses will not make really differences, if they dont use it.
    Who cares about 300wn8 bots with 2 emblems on there tank? i dont, i wouldnt
    even care if they can purchase 30.

    About the price-performance: Not wargaming will decide, whether this prices
    will stay, “supply and demand” will handle it. just think about the t-34-3
    before buff.

  358. Well I haven’t played WoT in a while. If this system comes out with no
    changes I’ll probably never return to this game. Quickybaby thank you for
    complaining about this, I just hope WG are listening. 

  359. WG is doing everything that if we want to have fun and have some chances to
    win, or get new higher lvl tank we need to pay. New emblem system is the
    best example of what is going on now. If you want to spent over half milion
    for an emblems and camo, you need to have PREMIUM acount or PREMIUM tank.
    Without it, playing on higher tier battles gives youno chance le to earn so
    much money, that you can rent camo for like 4-5 tanks. Another example is
    to nerf penetration on standard shells from some tanks. It wasn’t like it
    was “to easy” to penetrate, they are porsuding us to use GOLD shells…
    This game is going to suecide because of “micro” payment. Sorry for my bad
    english. CHEERS QB

  360. god as if they didn’t already get enough money from this game why don’t
    they start giving on all their promises like havok instead of finding more
    ways to take money from us

  361. Sounds like WG has set up a vodka enema station at their HQ.

  362. I though camo was given 5% bonus to all tanks
    Well now i will not buy any more

  363. Something tells me Armoured warfare is going to win over few old Pats,
    these ideas are a worry, not everyone has got gold or even credits to
    compete with the rest in wot, modern tanks game is pretty good lol

  364. No more fun in this game :((

  365. Camoflauge is fine by me of course it makes the the vehicle harder to
    detect since that’s the point of it.But making emblems have a bonus is just
    simply dumb.Makes no sense.Especially that every single emblem has a
    different bonus attached to it.Now people won’t buy it because they want
    their tank to look good they will buy it just to have the bonus.

  366. Also I want to be as competitive as possible on all of my tanks and not
    only my favorites, and so i’m already using camo rental on most of my
    tanks. and it costs a LOT already. If they do this, I’ll simply give up,
    and feel frustrated because i’m a competitor ,and in the end I will stop
    Wot to go and play games where I can be amongst the very best without
    paying stupid amounts of real money.

  367. People will buy this stuff, and then complain cause it “Does not work”
    Because they did not read the emblem stuff and what they bought is not
    working because they have no team mates left or they have more hit points,
    don’t crits etc. More micro-transactions, we need more to win. I’m sure
    there will be a special coming that you can buy that is not available in
    game for a low low price of $99.99. Special rare OP emblem coming soon to
    the game shop soon.

  368. 14K battles played….making micro transactions for premium accounts and
    premium tanks (recently brought another one) on a regular basis. This
    however, will be the straw that broke the camels back for me if they go
    ahead and put this in.
    They think people will not leave the game because of the time they have
    invested, well if you piss people off enough they won’t ever play the game
    again, let alone come back wargaming. So listen to us, and the voices of
    your community contributors and wake up!!!!!

  369. I think WG is way out of touch with it’s client base. With the lousy RNG,
    constant nerfs and buffs and other machinations they are ruining the game
    play. After this what comes next? Entry fee for each battle you join?

  370. Number one, How could anybody dislike this video? This is another nail in
    WG’s coffin. Only rich idiots will play this game in the future.

  371. I have never spent money on Wot and this for me its absolute kick in the
    butt… It’s just greediness of WG… It may mean that they will do more
    stuff because they can recruit more employers but i think its only
    greedy… I persnolly didnt like camouflages which gives you camo because
    to pay silver every month on a camo that will not work because you will get
    different types of maps all the time according which camo u dont have…
    its just ridicoulos…. Maybe it’s time to stop getting money a make the
    game better so it can lure more players…

  372. Don’t like this. Cosmetics should just BE COSMETIC!

  373. +QuickyBabyTV I will be honest for a second and i`ll tell you my account
    has a total of over 100.000 gold worth of premiums vehicles excluding type
    59 (i don`t even know how much but i know there are 16 of them). Also the
    amount of gold invested in free XP or switching equipment or camo bought
    for each vehicle is simple tremendous… A terrible experience for me is to
    think how much cash did WG nicely snatched from my pockets over years. But
    even so i was thinking it is bad, but it can`t get worst and i will just
    swallow the gigantic ball of bullshit they proudly present next to the
    “Free to play!”. Now QuickyBaby, you`re not the tough type of a person but
    i appreciate a lot your initiative taken in the last few minutes of the
    video. It is up to you, famous streamers to be the edge of the community`s
    voice and advocate against these bottomless cash harbingers when they
    forget how thin is the “Free to play” image in player`s mind. As for me, i
    told you already in the last arty video you posted: “RIP common sense!” See
    you in Armored Warfare.

  374. I have 0 gold.. And i know that many peepz dont have acces to gold.. So we
    don’t get it either?

  375. I actually got upset after watching this video. yes, I agree with you QB,
    and I hope these changes won’t be on the game in next patch, or
    better, never. Why`? Because I think there is already a giant step between
    ”pay to win” players and ”normal” players. Gold players
    already have better benefits in the game, and it’s okay. Of course buying
    gold shouldadvantage your game, but there should be limits. Because
    everyone don’t want to spend their money on a game and possible they even
    don’t have money for that. They should still have the right to play the
    game properly. If these changes apply, there will be even bigger step
    between the two type of players and personally for me, that feels very
    unfair that I can’t be statically on the same level as someone else. Sorry
    for broken english, but you get the point, right?

  376. WoT is getting more complicated with every patch… logging out.

  377. more greed , less fun , more head ache

  378. Hey Quickybaby, first of all, I’m not an native speaker so my english is
    probably not that good. Anyway, very good video! I used to watch your
    streams and youtube videos alot, but over time I became a better player
    (your content helped me very much and I imagine it still does for newer
    players to learn the game) and I kind of lost interest in your videos,
    primarily due to the lag of critizism regarding WGs recent policy and the
    state of the game with its many problems (arty, mm, RNG, balancing,…).
    With this great video though, you have my attention again. We need big
    people like you critizing the game, to make World of Tanks great again.
    Thanks for the video, nice to finally hear your opinion on WGs decision

  379. I have already a large amount of money and my precious time invested in
    this game., but if they keep following the path to “pay to win” I will have
    to consider quitting the game.

  380. this is disgusting. especially the activation conditions

  381. Im pretty much above average player, i have not spend any gold, or had
    premium account. In 9k battle, have nor fired 50 gold ammo, because why?
    These are unfair too.
    WG make the game playable so not just a gaming pc can be able to run this
    shit, and do not spend time creating these shit things for making
    everything unfair. Instead make the game playable for an avarage PC/Laptop,
    I play the game since 2 years, but the performance got always worse, not

  382. I wan to likde this game but the pay to win is crazy with the covert xp,
    gold tanks, gold ammo and now this. Ive stopped playing because its so
    unblanaced and if you have the spare cash you will be oughtright better off
    than people like me who try to play casualy. Arty need to be balanced, the
    gold situation is out of hand and the grind forces you to buy gold.

  383. that’s unfair. it’s too expensive

  384. i completly agree qb

  385. maybe this new system would work if it was like in world of warships were
    you can rent cammo per battle and not for too much…

  386. nice cash grab wargaming,wallet warriors unite…………..this idea is
    fucking bullshit……………

  387. CHRoOMAX - Randoms Videos!

    All the tanks have already got an emblem for example a star, does that mean
    that they’ve natively got a buff?

  388. I think this is a bad move for WG. It bring the ” Pay to Win” back. And
    with Armored Warfare around the corner, they will lose even more players to

  389. After the Payday 2 Crimefest desaster i swore to never play a pay to win
    game again… well after i came to the 10.0 Testserver i had to hold back
    my tears because i have to stop playing my most beloved game ever after
    almost 4 and a half years ups and downs.
    GJ WG GG

  390. YEAH!!!:D If I give 2000 gold /month maybe they fix bugs for just me?:D

  391. Damn, man, I’ve never seen you so angry! I agree completely. I use camo on
    my fun tanks and tanks I have in my garage because they were important in
    WWII (hell, I have in-game elite Panther tattooed on my arm!), and try to
    use camo on light tanks and scouts, but having to invest that much
    credits… This is crazy talk by Wargaming.

  392. It was P2W, now it will be even more. GTH WG :)

  393. WG trying to milk me like a cow, I say no… going to play Aromored warfare
    for now until their brains eill br back OK

  394. Stavros Afentoulis

    its all about the money… this sucks

  395. if this is not fix when this patch is released i’m leaving world of tanks

  396. very STUPID WG ….WG u sux!!!!

  397. This is just more pay to win greed for WG, yet another disappointing change
    to the game

  398. That is it for me, the last piece of Wargaming coin grab that I will
    tolerate. I know this is only on test server and it might not happen but it
    all gives a clear indication of their attitude towards customers. And there
    is now a decent (gold ammo free) alternative.

  399. Well summed I guess… WG is getting greedy with this system… Even just
    putting camouflage for credits on my tank as it is at the moment annoys me
    as it is for a rental period, so if I have to do the same for the emblems
    and inscriptions… I’ll just get rid of this game and cleaning up my hard
    drive of this crap…

  400. You’d think they’d know to at least reduce pulling shit like this now that
    AW has gone into OB. That game looks like it will be a really solid
    competitor to WoT.

  401. hello QB i think it’s not fair to the people like me how aren’t capable of
    spending money in this game because of the parent or of not having a job.

  402. This is a real issue. Along with this, the new premium rental system needs
    a huge overhaul as well. Tier 6 and 7 are a nightmare when every player and
    their mother can get a kv 5 for playing a few games.

  403. this is bs

  404. Frédéric PIERARD

    i’m wondering also if it is also a new way for WG to try to survive longer
    with more incomes due to devaluation Of their money with all theses
    economical bullshits between east and west, your know like during this
    stupide cold war….

  405. it’s a video game, they have to make money. what else do you want them to

  406. I think focusing on things that can be available to everyone to make the
    game more interesting should be what WG is doing. Not this. How about
    actual working vehicle headlights that provide viewrange bonus but camo
    nerf, that you can switch on and off? Just an example but I feel like the
    ideas people at WG are missing some really obvious and positive stuff.

  407. The end of wargaming empire if this stays the same

  408. I feel like I really have to thank you QB for your honest opinion. It
    really makes me feel you are caring about your community and not simply
    promoting WG because they give you access to events or content by them
    exclusively. So: Thumbs up for you mister!

  409. To my way of thinking, this is just a money-grab by Wargaming. I don’t have
    the time to play the game enough to grind up the credits that will be
    required and I can’t justify throwing loads of money at it, to buy the gold
    required. I HAVE put camo and some emblems, like yourself, on tanks that
    appealed to me or that I wanted to keep, but only when they were on sale,
    because I didn’t think they were worth the money at full price. I will not
    be buying any more emblems, inscriptions or camo in future if this is
    implemented because I want to put on what I like, not be forced to pick
    something I don’t want because I will be put at a disadvantage to someone
    else if I do. Even your mimimum of making credit purchases permanent is not
    good enough, because the only way I could get enough credits to equip all
    of my tanks ( and I only HAVE 30 or so) would be to buy gold and exchange
    it into credits, and that’s NEVER going to happen.

  410. 100% agree. I would say that if you want to spend the credits/gold on a
    inscription or emblem it should be on one that you actually want, not the
    one that gives you the best bonus. I rarely use emblems on my tanks, much
    due to me wanting to keep the original emblem. And also, I personally think
    that there are no emblems that are worth having. Camouflage I use on most
    of my higher tier tanks, mostly because I like it, and it makes the tank
    look better, but it still stings when you have to pay that gold. So to sum
    it up, no to emblems and inscription bonuses, or if it comes, don’t make
    people choose, give all emblems and inscriptions the same bonus, even the
    original ones.

  411. it just first shoot got effect like i test on supersherman 10,55 reload
    then 10,80,correct me if i wrong

  412. 100%, wg showing it’s true colors once again, fix your game instead of
    milking your customers

  413. I’ll put permanent camo and my country flags on my first tier X vehicle
    regardless if they will implement this mechanism to the game. So that would
    be a nice add-on for me, but I must agree, that for people that play many
    tanks like you do, it is going to be annoying and expensive. And for the
    people that claim you support Wargaming so much because you get paid, now
    have the proof that it’s not true because you told your honest opinion that
    could not have been bought.

  414. Remove the rental period like Quicky said, keep the costs (gold and silver)
    and bonuses the same, but if you buy the emblems/inscriptions with gold,
    you earn crew XP (or maybe tank XP?) faster. This would give people more of
    an incentive to give Wargaming money, wouldn’t have an impact on the way
    matches play out, and, if there were emblems that increased tank XP earned,
    could actually end up hooking more people on the game because it would
    reduce the amount of grinding needed, and I’ve noticed that that’s the most
    off putting thing about this game to new players.

  415. Pay to win …. not more to say …. Fuck Off WG

  416. Yet anoter reason why I stoped playing WOT and went to Armored Warfare.

  417. This is the most arrogant money grab, pay to win, scheme yet. GG WG, you
    might have just convinced me to finally give up this game altogether.

  418. pay to win at its finest…

  419. good concept poor execution

  420. i dont even own a decent computer! i only play it with my dual core pc
    super outdated before and now i only watch videos! for entertainment so sad
    i have to borrow my friends laptop to open my acount and now theres this
    overpriced things thank COC i can still play some games lol

  421. fack you wargaming

  422. so now im quite sure ill never reinstall this game

  423. it is not a good ideea , you were right , if you pay 500k credits , it
    should be forevere

  424. yeah i think it is stupid and i agree with you

  425. I would love to see them let you use one emblem across all tanks once you
    buy them, but I feel like that would kick up a pretty big shitstorm as
    well. For example, I have the wolf paw emblem on 3 different tanks, I would
    certainly feel ripped off if they wouldn’t offer some form of compensation
    for this (if not a straight refund for the other 2 tanks’ emblems…)

  426. ┳|
    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.• ) -Daddy,are all the Wall breakers gone?

    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /^^^^ /^^^^^ ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.• ) -Daddy,are the copy pasters gone? ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳| /﹋ (҂`_´) -NOT YET SON,THEY'RE STILL COPYING THIS COMMENT EVERYDAY !! AGHHH <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /﹋ /﹋

  427. What a bullshit idea with these emblems…

  428. I totally agree with you QB!! Apart from all you’ve said – what if I like
    the original emblem that is already on the tank? (Czechoslovak community
    was fighting for a long time to turn their national flag into a circle
    logo,and now, with the upcoming czechoslovakian tree, we finally got the

  429. First World of warships bundles then this shit.

  430. QB, I totally agree with you. This might be the worst move I have ever seen
    from Wargaming. It just seems sooo greedy and unfair. Honestly, it makes
    the Wargaming management seem like a bunch of assholes. For the wellbeing
    of Wargaming and the game, I hope they cancel this change, or at the very
    least make some drastic changes and implement this in some kind of
    basically fair and not-so-greedy version.

    Jesus christ Wargaming, wtf are you thinking? Success got you your heads?
    Anyway, thanks for the good update QB.

  431. Interesting

  432. if this is the case, bring back pref match making for premium vehicles

  433. I completely agree with you quickybaby

  434. I think that Wargaming is trying to force us to spent real money to be

  435. So WG have finally tipped right over the edge? As this stands, it’s a
    massive pay to win advantage.I have 60+ tanks that I like and have kept
    hold of. How much will it cost me to remain on an equal par with other

  436. Mission cammos were given for cW campains. To the top 100 clans, for 1 tank
    of your choice, an all season cammo.

  437. I think it is ridiculous how we may have to pay credits/gold to put
    inscriptions & emblems that we don’t like on tanks to stay competitive.
    like I am an ok player but I think emblems look tacky n dumb but if I wanna
    keep up with the other players I’ll be throwing these stupid things on my

  438. Thanks quicky as a guy who doesn’t buy any gold u really opened up to the
    people who can’t afford or simply can’t buy a simple gold pack or just
    thinks buying gold for this game is ridiculous. u really did step in our
    shoes thanks bro u rock 

  439. If they implement this crap I will uninstall the game, not worth it. After
    the patch when they nerfed the accuracy, I was raging. Why the hell should
    you learn how to be accurate when you can auto aim “preferable with gold
    ammo”. Constantly changing the stats of the vehicle, it is another major
    minus point of the game, You start to grind a line of vehicle and when you
    finish it You are shock to see that the tier 10 is another bird not the one
    that was showed back ago when You started the line. The problem is that
    they don’t pay me back the money that I had invested in those line of
    vehicles. They show Stars and You will end up with crap. Ex: Obj 268, when
    I got it years ago was a beast, now is a poop. So on and so on. The bright
    side is that now they are not alone on the market anymore. If they do that
    crap, they will ruin their best sell product -( “World of Planes” was a
    total failure, lost the competition to ” WarThunder ” ; ” World of War
    Ships” it is still a new product cant sustain them) , most of the casual
    clients, even veterans like me will migrate to “Armored Warfare”. Sometimes
    You wonder if they wish themselves to get out of business, by being so dam

  440. 😀 QB do you know u have loader named: captain balls in your centurion
    action x

  441. I totally agree with you quicky i hope they will never do that on the live

  442. This is why I’ve been playing Armored Warfare instead of World of Tanks. I
    haven’t logged into tanks in over a week now, Warships isn’t bad but
    they’ve really been gouging on everything.

  443. It’s clearly a money grab, but probably won’t make much difference.

    Wallet warriors will still be terrible, high skill players will still be
    good and 3 or 5 percent here or there isn’t really that much for most
    people, though I understand that it will becoome mandatory for clan wars
    and other competitions; which sucks.

  444. There is another issue with this new system in my opinion. WG tries to keep
    an element of realism to the game, as much as they can, which I like
    personally. Considering that, why the hell would they even consider a
    mechanic where the crew gets better just because something is painted on
    the tank? I don’t get it…

  445. This is so dumb….. I agree with you QB

  446. Not only do I have all of the Commander emblems, but it seems like I don’t
    even have one of the 3% ones mounted on all of my premiums. (nvm, after
    watching the rest of the videos the situational ones are the worst)

    You can tell the Loader emblems are going to be meta for anything that
    isn’t a light tank.

  447. What does Rubicon mean?

  448. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    WG is going full P2W… One of the worst ideas of WG… 1 or 2% would be ok
    by 10% for the loader? This is just sick…

  449. quite surprised at your disdain, QB. however, you’re correct; it’s flat out
    pay to win. you’d have to be a basement dweller covered in orange cheese
    puff powder in order to keep up with the credit payments.

  450. Well.. you told us that for all the camouflages and inscriptions and
    emblems to put on a tier X vehicle will cost us 540 000 credits. I thought
    about converting golds in credits; 540 000 credits are 1350 golds and,
    thinking about those 300 golds to put on my tank only inscriptions and
    emblems this makes me feel a little confused. But if I want to put on even
    camouflages they are going to make me pay other 750 golds, to sum up I pay
    1050 golds to have everything forever and 540 000 credits (or 1350 golds)
    to have all that bonuses for just a month.
    I can’t see the point in this system, as always thank you QB for all your
    informations 😉 you are the best, greetings from Italy :)

  451. Thank fuck you’re not one of those lousy wallet warriors and oppose this. I
    don’t mind it, aslong as the prices are a bit more fucking reasonable.

  452. well now its “free to play” oh wait its “free to pay” total bullshit for
    this kinda system. WG u are drunk again….

  453. Quickybaby is right

  454. Well that thoroughly squashes any interest I had in coming back.

  455. yeah, tankers in second world war were better when they had flag or emblen
    or whatever on their machine…so real game

  456. Fully agree, really constructive arguments, well done QB

  457. I agree. Even if the silver price went up to 750,000 but was for ever
    instead of 30days, then it would change how I feel about using it. But as
    of right now with no changes, I just can’t afford either option and that
    just sucks.

  458. I have to agree with the rental bullshit, half a mill for a month? Fuc dat

  459. I agree with you QB. I admire your telling it to WG the way it is.

  460. Frederic de Marné

    Hey Mister Quickybaby,

    I agree with you that this new system is a rather bad idea for two reasons:
    First of which you allready statd the pay to win factor. Secondly the fact
    that you have to put enmbelms on your tanks even if they look terrible. I
    want the “balkenkreuz” on all of my german tanks. Similar on the british
    and russian tanks with the red star and the british symbol.

    I hope WG is listening to you. Keep up the good work.


  461. Totally agree !

  462. So it seems that this very well could be the “true start” of a pay to win

  463. I AGREE!!

  464. So basically a money grab the way it is. Unless they do what you said about
    credits or earning the emblems this is completely broken and is just a
    money grab.

  465. just add a 4th equipment slot, theres and idea wg -_-

  466. WG kurwa. I agree with you QB WG only cares about profit.

  467. hey quickybaby i totally agree with you
    I’m under 18 years old so i don’t have a jobso i can’t simply invest money
    in the game when i want to
    once i bought the cromwell B package but that has been my only purchase
    anyway so in a few words i can’t afford to spend gold to remain competitive
    but at the same time i can’t dedicate too much time to the game
    so at the end of the day i have neither gold nor credits to purchase
    inscriptions and flags so i’m less competitive than someone who spends
    loads of time playing or just empties their pockets at the game

    i think as you said that if im paying 540.000 credits i should get to keep
    the bonuses
    plus its not like i have only one tank that id like to “buff” so its
    540.000 times the tank i want to apply it to times the months im going to
    keep it

  468. The idea is good and all but it is far from perfect, as pointed out in the
    I would prefer to see some of the emblems and inscriptions added to the
    game as mission rewards. I am most certainly not going to spend that much
    credits on my tanks just to get a small % bonus. Not all players can buy
    tons of gold weekly WG!

  469. This is a nice way to use your channel, i agree with your opinion.

  470. wow this is the first time i’ve seen QB ranting about something.. well
    anyway great video (y)

  471. Michele Della Torre

    I have the bee emblem on all my most loved tanks, paying it with gold, like
    many other people did.
    Wg should at least let everyone who paid with gold choose another emblem or
    inscription for free. Nobody wants to have an unused emblem that has been
    paid with real money.

  472. I was kind of hoping for a World of Warships style thing – achievement in
    battle gives specific emblem with cap of 1 award per day.

  473. I believe WG could also balance these changes by i) making the credit
    purchase (rental system) allow you to install the purchase on one side
    immediately also on the other side (like the gold purchase) and ii) reduce
    the cost in credits of the emblems, say by making them closer to 50, 000
    credit for one month. Effectively, this would reduce the cost of the rental
    by more than half, to say 175, 000 credit per month. But yeah, as it is,
    their system is pay-to-win.

  474. Its really stupid to add cosmetic things in to the game and then make it so
    everyone picks the same things because of competitive bonus that’s really
    stupid. I have to agree with QB with this. I dont agree with having prem
    ammo, if they just balanced prem ammo and change how much it cost to fire
    or just remove the gold purchase of it entirely I would see it to be easier
    to swallow.

  475. I agree QB, that is ridiculous to me too

  476. It’s not just cash, but also purely esthetical issue- we’re being forced
    into making our tanks look like christmas trees just to remain competitive,
    and not just that, but like You said- we’ll have to choose certain
    inscriptions or decals which would never crawl up the armor of our tanks

  477. yap I am agree with u

  478. unless you pick the %1 which is useful all the time, all the other’s
    depends on meeting a required situation, meaning a lot of times the 3%s are
    useless. even if you picked the 1% it’s really just another vents. i really
    don’t see why everyone is so upset. it’s also credit bought, not that hard
    to make credits in this game. i think this is fine. bring it on.

  479. I’m glad that I’m on Xbox

  480. when i played the testserver and looked at the emblem system i saw the
    exact problems your discussing with this video. In my opinion its utter
    bullshit. The only reason im using camo and emblems and inscriptions on my
    tanks is because there tanks i love and i want to actually look pretty. But
    this system makes it insanely unfair. Ive never wanted to have a greater
    chance of winning.

  481. Frédéric PIERARD

    maybe One Of your best videos, because for once you’re kickin’ greedy
    wargaming’s ass with Wright arguments!
    if they keep this greedy pay more or play less, well…just fuck you WG!!!

  482. Fazakerley Patterson

    This system is a massive joke. If I’m paying gold for emblems, I want the
    emblem I want to do what I want it to do. Either make it so you can choose
    what the emblem you want does to your crew or leave the camo and emblem
    system the way it is.

  483. I hate that they are doing this!! Because of the fact that many people out
    there won’t even be able to play this game due to the fact that they can’t
    even pay for the ingame equipment needed to even play this…this…,”not a
    pay to win”, BS* said by the staff at wargaming! No offence wargaming but
    you are absolutely no better than any of the other games online if you do
    this…so don’t…

  484. Most of us probably agree with you QB, though you are too polite to say
    this game mechanic is bullshit in this state.

  485. 100% agree with you, first thing Wargaming have done that is super bad,
    honestly, they are trying to keep it a slight bit more competitive gaming,
    and yes it does seem pay to win, not everyone spends money on games, why
    should they have a disadvantage? The only way you should be getting money
    from the community wargaming is from players supporting the game by buying
    gold, premuim tanks, other things like that, no a pay to win mess like this
    idea. Redeem yourself wargaming please, fix this. Im hoping you do send
    this quicky, it sounds stupid otherwise haha.

  486. The right time to quit I guess.

  487. wow first time i see quickybaby pissed off with wargaming but he is right

  488. Dmitriy Bystritskiy

    WG don’t care about ppl feelings. Deal with it.

  489. Waste of money

  490. I personally took pride and got great enjoyment out of putting my
    inscriptions and sometimes my emblems on my tanks. My VK72.01K for example
    has an inscription on it from a Clan Wars mission. What if that doesn’t
    give me the bonus I want on the tank? there’s no removing it and putting it
    on another tank where it might be more useful. I think this is an
    interesting idea, but overall it is implemented very poorly. Now there’s
    going to be a lot less personalization among peoples’ tanks because “it’s
    not the meta” or “it’s not optimal for the tank”

  491. hey if they put that rent put it at least for 1 year not for 1 one moth
    what is that a crap joke hey I I buy something is for ever not rent from a
    friend and the players who don’t have gold what they will do they spend
    money for gold to have unlimited came an extras this is a bad joke.Quiky
    baby hope u will win.

  492. Like aways WG doing unnecessary things in the game and doing nothing for
    the problems the game still has like crappy arty mechanics and people using
    cheats . Gj wargaming your worst enemy is yourself.

  493. this is really taking the piss now…

  494. Hue hue hue, wargaming you cheeky skrubs. Pay to win completely.

  495. yea, it should be forever :/

  496. Agreed because it’s not fair for just only one mouth . So plz WG make it be

  497. i would hate to have to pay monie into the game just to compte with other
    tanks i would stop playing tanks if they bing this sistem in to the game

  498. I totaly egree with QB this is redicelous…. half a million credits is
    just umbareble…
    I hope they change this bullshit..

  499. So stupid

  500. Lets all not play the game for like 2 or 3 weeks till they fix this lol (If

  501. 10.0 won’t be the rubicon update but will be the pay to win update
    and to someone that don’t know what rubicon means is: (in piquet) an act of
    winning a game against an opponent whose total score is less than 100, in
    which case the loser’s score is added to rather than subtracted from the
    so this update by what it mean is if a player is good and he kill a bad
    player it won’t be so worth it like a good player, but looks like it will
    be more like the best player is the one who pay more real money to win the
    game, this is the Team Fortress 2 trade mechanics but worse.

  502. But QB what happens if i already buyed summer cammo and flag of my country
    on both sides forever (for gold) am I going to buy them again or what?
    Because that would be just too stupid to spend 300 all over again or now
    even more

  503. Gotta agree with the QB, if implemented as it is now, its a big slap in the
    face to the players.

  504. common sence WG, heard about it? i am not so good at english, but i do kick
    ass in wot, adn itotally agree with you QB what they are doing is not fair
    to anyone, especialy people who are in competetive clans, and getting
    forced by there clan to buy it or leave, i am sure that is gonna end up
    happening some times, if they don’t change something.

  505. This is nonsense…ripping us off as usual :(

  506. More money making by wargaming. I understand a camouflaged tank makes it
    harder to spot that is why camouflage is on real vehicles, but to say a
    emblem of a hog on the side of your tank influences your crews performance
    is idiotic. Just more ways to milk the people who keep wargaming going the

  507. I think this will result in a serious disillusionment for players of all
    levels and contribute to an accelerated decrease in the WOT player base.
    Wargaming should rather join the few number of companies that outwardly go
    against the common money grabs of gaming companies as of late. Respect for
    a company by its player base not only helps grow revenue by having more
    satisfied players, but also by keeping well paying players and attracting
    new players, even if only solely off the company’s good reputation and
    respect amongst the community.
    They would come for the reputation of wargaming and stay for the fair free
    to play experience and gameplay.

  508. Bullshit. Then again, I don’t have camo on my tanks and I don’t think it
    loses me that much. 4% more camo doesn’t necessarily mean 4% better
    results, 4% more damage, xp and credits. If I cock up, 2% better crew won’t
    help me. The main performance factor is still between keyboard and seat.

  509. Totally agree with quickybaby on this one. They need to do the same thing
    they did with premium ammo at the very least. 120 gold * 400 credits=48000
    per emblem. If they implement it in its current state, it is completely pay
    to win. Nobody makes credits quickly enough to spend half a million every
    month on keeping their tier 10’s competitive. They need to make bonuses
    available for all emblems, so you can pick whichever emblem you want and
    apply whichever bonus you want. Otherwise, if you really want to get a
    certain emblem/inscription on your tank, but it has a crap bonus, you don’t
    want to waste your money on it. This is total bs.

  510. That is 18k credits a day

  511. so i have a question…how much is 540K silver in gold?

  512. Get rid of the rental periods and allow us to choose the bonus attached to
    our purchases

  513. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    100% agree as a good player that doesn’t have a lot of spare time or money
    I agree with your statements 100%

  514. fuck the WG

  515. Good video QB.
    I would ask that tanks with less emblem slots get compensatedly stronger
    bonuses per slots missing and so its fixed. And, that we can choose the
    effect of the bonus or inscription, so we can pair our own preferred
    effects and bonuses on the look we want. Just select your inscription/logo
    pay for it like usual but then choose whatever effect it will have! Please,
    rework this WG.

  516. I totally agree with you QB

  517. Am I the only one thinking about rapid fire KV-2?

  518. just worked out it would cost almost 70000 gold to emblem my tanks up :(

  519. QuickyBaby , I agree with you 99%

  520. fuck wargMING

  521. The number of competitive players asked while developing this feature= 0
    plus they didn’t even stumbled around the though of impact on the Wot’s ESL
    -_- “verry honorable” wargamu gg

  522. It’s silly for them to do this. It almost feels like this has always been a
    pay to win game. Thinking about the next update and these changes makes me
    feel, like I shouldn’t play the game anymore and always see hidden enemies.
    It also seems that getting a SLOT for your garage costs gold… I’ve bought
    gold once, but come on… At least make 1 slot for 500K gold or something
    similar. I really agree with QB on this one. It really feels like WG is
    having a laugh…

  523. all my keeper tanks have perminent inscriptions and emblems. I hope
    wargaming unequip already brought stuff othrrwise I could end up with my
    kv2 getting cammo bonus or something dumb.

  524. I think its stupid, and it is moving more and more to p2w. Recent moves by
    WG (at least in NA and EU) have really shown how they view their customer
    base, and this is just the icing on the cake. We are nothing more then
    wallets to them and as long as we keep giving them money they dont care.

    Stop WG, just stop. The blatant money grubbing with the bundles was bad
    enough, but now you having taken it to far.

  525. Thumbs up on the video, huge thumbs down for wargaming. A lot of the money
    grabs they scheme up, I’m mostly ok with: it’s a free-to-play game and
    that’s how hey make some money. And they mostly target the “whales” rather
    than people who just spend a little bit of money here and there. I’ve only
    spent $20 on the game over the past year and a half, but I have a lot of
    tanks now and I’m a pretty decent player. But I don’t have high-tier
    premium vehicles, I don’t have a premium account and I don’t already have
    most of the tanks in the game; if I wanted to stay competitive by putting
    camos and emblems on the tanks I play a lot, I would have to spend more
    money than I was comfortable with or I would be running a near-defecit in
    silver costs. I’m already hard-pressed to afford and equip tanks when I’m
    buying waves of tier 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. I honestly couldn’t afford it:
    in-game or irl. Keep hooking the whales by offering them better earning
    abilities, special tanks et cetera, but don’t offer them flat percentage
    bonus – that is purely a “pay-to-win” mechanic and it is going to piss off
    your player base. This bonus system is going to ruin the in-game economy
    for anyone who wants to be a competitive player but is still grinding for
    new tanks, it’s going to upset players and it doesn’t even look balanced.
    10.0 looks awesome, why tarnish it with such a sloppy, greedy mechanic?


  527. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    “stands up and sarcastically applauds wargaming” well the decision between
    WOT and other games is becoming easier by the day , still not enough to
    stop but it comes close.

  528. at last someone who tells it like it is…..

  529. I hope they are making the purchase with ingame money permanent. Otherwise
    I’m not going to use it ever :)

  530. I completely agree with you.
    I barely have any gold and really do not think this system is fair.

  531. Pay To Win at its finest. and do not tell me that i can purchase it for
    credits because … nah

  532. This is like Signals in World of Warships.. Except that in WoWs you can get
    Flags for medals.

  533. I feel this is pay to win ? bj wargaming

  534. WG Money Making Machine….big dislike!
    This “pay to win shit” is not funny anymore…(like armor is useless

    One of many reasons i dislike WG more and more…their are much better and
    more fun to play games out there like the WG kind…and i am going that
    route after 3 years of WG milking…sad but true.

    Sorry WG…but you suck.

    Thx Quicky to let the people see what WG is all about in the future…fuck
    fun and give us your money if you want to have fun and win…i am done.

    If someone wants to buy my account, feel free to ask! ;-)

  535. What this essentially mean, is that people aren’t using enough money and
    that is due to maturing player base. And what will someone buy if he
    already has everything?

  536. I totally agree with you. I am a player that plays the game only few time a
    month so for me to be these 4% “better” and be competive would mean for me
    to lose money because it is not possible to gain half a milion for a single
    tank + if you are also saving for another tank. Hopefully wargaming are
    gonna listen to you as you are person with large impact(a little bit at
    least) and do something with it, besause it would be totally pay to win :)


    Aww HELL NO!!

  538. lol WG, this is just start to be ridiculous. I already lost my intrest in
    this game, and I think this is the last nail in the coffin. Except QB’s
    videos of course, you produce quality content. It’s always good to watch,
    despite I don’t play this game anymore.

  539. if this system goes into the game, i say byebye world of tanks. we had a
    good 5year run.
    hello armored warfare please dont do the same mistake

  540. P2W confirmed

  541. Totally agree with you QB ^.^

  542. Thanks QB. I appreciate your comments and agree with you. I’d go so far
    as to say “yes” to the “permanent rental” cost even if it were double or
    triple the current monthly rental if that meant I could have it

  543. Yes, I agree with you.

  544. i’ll just have default tanks with no camo and shit, just like early wot

  545. people still play wot?? come to AW were they dont steal your money for a
    fart and you dont win with gold..

  546. Playing for a 3 years now with Premium Account, mostly to grind faster and
    earn more. Also, financing T10 and T9 games but did not have a feeling like
    have to “Pay 2 win”… now, I am not so sure and this is making me
    disappointed in one hand. Especially being a part of WOT community for so
    long time. I know WG is doing this for profit increase but QB, you have
    every right and argument to point out this radical and obvious change of
    course…. WG, be careful with your next move or the players will start
    felling as being robbed… I am sure you do not want that or your “Q4 2015
    Profit increase attempt” may become a big FAIL! Thank you…

  547. ok I’m a casual wot player I never spent any real life money to get gold
    and it took me over a year just to get a tier 5 premium vehicle to be able
    to grind nearly as much money as I need to play with my loved JGPZ E100 and
    now the wargaming want me to spend hilarious amounts of money just to buy
    freakin’ emblems to my tanks EVERY MONTH! thank you wargaming… …totally
    not a pay-to-win game? BULLSHIT

  548. Why wont Wargaming put prehistoric emblem that we could buy, like the sexy
    women is every war movies or maybe maybe hitler?

  549. I agree with QuickyBaby…. This new system shouldn’t be implemented unless
    they remove the silver creds rental system…. Remember, most of us here
    are playing for fun and not competitive…. If this is implemented, we
    can’t have fun anymore since competitive players will have a way higher
    bonuses than us…

  550. once you buy it it should be available on every tank you own in that

  551. This is such a dumb idea that is coming out now I am going to have to
    change my tanks customization that I took time to take.

  552. *waves goodbye at wot*

  553. Totally agree, this thing is pay 2 win bullshit…i never even knew the
    camo’s would give a bonus camo factor..and now you can pay 2 win even more .’
    stupid greedy wg

  554. Thanks a lot for speaking from our position QB. And I think you are right.
    Personally I used camo just for the looks, but it’s going to become very
    expensive which I don’t like. Also, I’m becoming a better player quickly,
    so that also means I have to go use these new features too. Now, I don’t
    have a lot of gold (none actually). So jeez, this is going to be

    Thx for the video QB. I hope this is going to be re-thought.

  555. This move has DEFINITELY turned WoT into a pay to win. Now, the only way to
    really be competitive as an average player is to either invest in some gold
    or play this game virtually non-stop to make up the credits

  556. yay more pay2win hey wg gues what you wont grow with that attitude. If this
    goes through im out of this game.

  557. Your right. I said it on stream and I’ll say it again. Wargaming make
    rubicon spectacular, not regrettable.

  558. players who earn alout of gold by clan wars like FAME. have no problem with
    this.this update is handy for realy good clan wars players. who earn over
    100.000 gold per month

    terrible idea – since some people have more money than sense; they’ll just
    buy the gold and click – thinking nothing about the ethical implications.
    If they do implement this system – then they should not claim its a Play
    for Free Game….its a Pay to Win game.

  560. Frankly it just appears to be another way to squeeze money out of the
    players. Everyone wants to be competitive and it is certainly a loss if you
    play against others with the emblems and camo.

  561. I have enormous opportunities to satisfy my wishes.
    LOL. Gonna be my new life principle.

  562. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Perfect arguments QB! I hope they will keep their player base happy! All
    your fans will still get “baby in tank” though. Poorly it’s for the loader.
    Change that!

  563. I stopped playing world of tanks, this makes me want to never come back.

  564. I like that they are doing this but really it will really change the
    balance of the game

  565. I hope that Armored Warfare are taking notes on this because I see them as
    our final hope for a good F2P tank game

  566. Yes quickybabytv I am totally with you re part this I very expensive

  567. This is just a new level of cash grab when WG has already been in serious
    moneygrab mode for 2 months now.

    And I hate this one more, for all the reasons QB outlined. Bit the worst
    for me is now having to choose between having an emblem you want because
    you think it looks cool, and having an emblem you don’t like because you
    want the bonuses.

    If, like camo, all emblems had the same effect I’d probably be OK with it.
    Then you could pick something you wanted for looks (I’d camoed most of my
    keeper tanks when they were still purely cosmetic) and the mechanical
    effect would just be a bonus. Or if you were dead set on having a bonus you
    could just pick which one looked best to you because they all do the same

  568. People are saying pay to win………my ass you can have camo, emblems, and
    inscriptions but a good player will always be a good player and a bad
    player will be bad

  569. In complete agreement. In WoWS I can win signal flags in game.

  570. this might actually get me move to armored warfare, i hate these p2w

  571. Wargaming is just trying earn as much money as they can. Game is getting
    played less and less and it means they have to do something.. One way is
    solve the problems. Other is to make people pay more money for gold by
    releasing new OP premium tanks or this crazy feature. I’m fed up with
    this.. And I’m normal player -> Fin4LTelcontar. Have a nice day!

  572. atleast I got 1 year ago free camoflage for clan wars.

  573. DetectiveMuffins 25

    u should be able to attach the bonus to wat eblem you want and everything
    that quickybaby said

  574. absolutly your correct and I wholeheartidly agree im a 4 year premium
    member of wot..

  575. The least they could let you do is CHOOSE the bonus you get. I want to keep
    my four leaf clovers on my AMX12t, but I want loading bonuses.

  576. interesting idea, but a lot of problems too. its really costly, some of the
    emblems look really stupid ( why not some authentic looking ones) and the
    fact that some tanks get a better bonus is dumb. I also dont like the idea
    that they are only active some of the time. its a lot to pay for an
    uncertain amount of benefit.

  577. Alex Kjær Aaskilde

    This is going out of hand! They are definately becoming a big time money
    machine! The first atraction of this was, that is was free! FREE! The money
    is everywhere now a days! WG is ruening the game – all the focus, from my
    perspective (and fellow members) has gone towards the money they make..
    Ones i didnt even think bout gold, but its definately becoming a money
    machine and people can now “buy winrate etc” in they way that, people who
    is spending money will have a bigger chance of succes!

    //suicidemoose @ 322
    2.69k WN8

  578. Overpriced, and let’s not forget most of the emblems are bleeding ugly.

  579. These are quite risky moves that wargaming is doing for patch 10.0… take
    a note that armored warfare came out in open beta, they could lose a large
    number of players.

  580. I think the pay to win through the emblems is utterly terrible since it
    removes the skill/time invested aspect from the game in order to win

  581. This is bull. I don’t like to have the inscriptions and emblems on my tanks
    anyway. So they are forcing me to put something on my tank that I
    completely dislike just to be competitive. If they do this I am definitely
    giving this game up. I already have a hard enough time trying to grind out
    credits and trying to be competitive. Now they are giving people that have
    deep pockets and high skill players even more of a chance to kill you. They
    are completely killing off their casual gamer community. I came to this
    game because I didn’t have to pay to play with the knowledge that I could
    pay a little extra every now and again to make the grind easier for me.
    They are making this game an even more pay to win game then it already is.
    I am definitely going to put my time and money into Armored Warfare. I am
    tired of being cheated by Wargaming when this game is supposed to be a free
    to play game and a fun experience. They are absolutely killing this game.
    Rant Over…

  582. They are turning it to pay to play and not everyone has the chance spend
    money on GAME.
    This is so unfair for many people who want to have fun.
    They’re ruining the game for many people

  583. Absolute fucking garbage, my play style is a brawling style, formerly I
    rarely put camo on any of my tanks. but in my last 5k games I’ve played a
    lot more medium and light tanks and found it necessary. As I don’t have too
    man of those it wasn’t beyond me to use credits on the meds and LTs i was
    playing. But having to do it on every tank I want to play? fucking madness,
    it will be like when brand new players go into games without equipment or
    consumables, a big disadvantage and i don’t have the time for paying with
    credits nor the inclination to spend gold on this crap.

  584. This is ridiculous. The thing that makes world of tanks so special to me is
    the fact that a person who spends real money doesn’t have an advantage over
    any other player. With this change world of tanks is just becoming like all
    those other pay to win games.

  585. I think that this is intresting QB,its not big deal but its something rigth

  586. just give us the option to buy the camo/insignia/inscription for silver at
    x400 conversion rate, as with premium ammo…
    and standarize the tanks to have equal number of slots for them

  587. I was so disappointed to WG for such a pussy kind of move to the way of
    Pay2Win but nice to see that someone agrees. I probably quit WoT if it gets
    shitter. GG WG.

  588. Adding this system… only shows what money hungry bastards WG really is.
    Forcing us to pay even more money on a game that was once called “FREE TO
    PLAY” Well sure, you can play the game for free, but with all these
    knicknacks of “Buy Premium Camo” “Buy Gold Ammo” “Buy Gold Emblems” “Buy
    Gold Tanks”… I do not consider that Free to play anymore. That is just
    discrimination of the gamers who have no money, or do not want to pay real
    money in order to be able to compete with more hardcore players.

    Not to mention, with today’s economy and the fact that getting a job these
    days is hard as fuck because makes it even impossible to actually be
    able to pay for anything the like.

    I am not sure if I want to continue the play this game further if they
    actually go through with this. It is as CloakingDonkey explained in one of
    his videos in world of warships. He gave exact reasons why he quit playing
    WG’s games and this kind of action on WG’s behalf is just a perfect example
    for his and my reason. If they add this feature, I will play for maybe a
    month, if I notice that I don’t stand a chance at all anymore thanks to
    this bullcrap I am certain to quit, which would sadden me because I
    genuinly enjoyed the game…

  589. Muthanna Almughairy

    thank you quickybaby , for standing with us against this “new” pay to win
    system !

  590. i agree i am in the posisition you are saying

  591. I agree with getting rid of the rental period and just let me keep it.
    Making half a million credits takes quite awhile for me.

  592. Johan Marais (NaughtyLemon)

    Wargaming you greedy bastards!

  593. I agree get rid of the rental idea but increase the credit cost 500k at t10
    is cheap for a permanent affect that’s a t8 price t9 should be 750k 1 mill
    at t10 and I would be fine with it far as a total price for each tier with
    everything put on 1 tank as it still would encourage gold sales for a great
    game since players can be impatient with grinding and still don’t make the
    game one sided for others thanks for an other good video qb nice job
    putting your thoughts together on the subject that you clearly dont support
    yet not go on ranting over

  594. WG seems to go from Pay to play to equal and unbiased gaming on cycles.
    They want all the cash they can get, but when they see they are losing
    players, implement changes that even things out. I think, if this comes out
    with no changes, I will change my game play to any other game that will be
    able to ensure that you can’t pay to win, my pocket is empty enough without
    having to spend extravagantly to enjoy my leisure time.

  595. Good points.

  596. WoT = P2W Nothing else to say.

  597. I bought camo on all my new tanks thinking that it gave 5% increase on camo
    ratings, lol. Not anymore. 2% on TD camo is bullshit.

  598. There is for the loader a 3% bonus, if you have >80% of your HP. That would
    be smart on artys. So if i use that an the Conqueror Gun Carrier with two
    loaders, so i will get 4*3% and that *2 because of two loaders so the CGC
    will reload 24% faster or what?
    was close

  599. WG has their hand in the greed jar again. Just hope that they’ll tweak this
    before it’ll come on console. They really need to redo this system before
    torches and pitchforks are going for them.

  600. If this stays, that’ll be more incentive for me to favor AW more really
    over WoT simply put :P

  601. I need to sell my account before they destroy this game further

  602. Totally Agree with you QB. But Since when did WG care about what the
    Players Say? They’ll just ignore the feedback, and Implement it with some
    Lame excuse Justifying it.

  603. not one who has much in the way of disposable income, now that I’m retired,
    this system would make it damned near impossible to keep up with the wallet
    warriors out there. and just trying to keep up with the graphics in the
    gaming industry is getting prohibitive enough.

  604. this is stupid, I already have to rent my camos because I don’t want to use
    gold as it’s mega expensive and this is going even further…. also note
    I’m a console peasant so having missions and “sales” on items of equipment
    etc never happen on consoles so for me this only means I pay even more than
    the pc community to be competitive :(

  605. if they implement this system, i will be very dissapointed. That is pure

  606. Below 1000 and this new system is BS. So all my Canadian flags and
    inscription are going to do weird things to my tanks. If the bonus they
    give aren’t relevant to the tank?
    M4 Sherman 2 Canadian flag= all around crew bonus
    Inscription 1 side: Hell on wheels.
    What if the inscription give a bonus to the tank while stationary for more
    then 30 seconds. I am in a medium tank I move around alot.

  607. pay to win shit

  608. half a mill credits FUCK THAT SHIT

  609. EZ money bois #WarGamingCheapShits

  610. this is only remotely fair if you get rewarded gold for achieving epic
    medals or something like that.
    greedy wargaming is greedy.

  611. Completely agree Quickybaby – pure Wargaming greed which sadly seems to be
    increasingly becoming common in the game. All these stupid packages for
    premium vehicles and then this. Seems like P2P is the model WoT is pursuing
    these days.

  612. Totally agree with you, wargaming is crazy if the imploment it like this…
    It was always a pay2win game but this is just no no no way to much
    wargaming way to much… :(

  613. Can’t agree more QB

  614. hmm the direction this game is going , i dont quite know , on the fence atm

  615. Hummmm…. I sense a pay to win coming in update 10.0. Oh wait…

  616. What do you think of the proposed changes? Do you guys agree with me?

  617. Georgeow Terminted_tank

    i dont spend money on free games so i agree that this maybe new system is

  618. Oh, and thanks for speaking on our behalf QB.

  619. Well said, QB.

  620. I hope this doesn’t come on console like this

  621. WG need to make a 1day Slot so You can buy camo and Emblems only on days
    when you play with tank what u want.

  622. So if I like an emblem or inscription but it has a pointless activation
    period, then using it’s a disadvantage? great…

  623. WG wants to earn money off thier games without ppl haveing to buy the games
    since you earn more by microtransactions but this is just greedy especially
    for the people like quickybaby and circon for example who has tons of
    tanks, the problem is that WG knows that people will pay for the bonuses or
    else they will have a disadvantage to some people.
    So quickybaby don’t fall for their trap and only buy emblems and
    inscriptions for your most favourite tanks such as the comet.
    also if you rent for 500k+ 4% crew and camo thats almost as much as a set
    of vents for 500k or 600k credits.

  624. Wargaming is really trying to make World of Tanks a dead game.

  625. This is such a disgrace by WG, paytowin has finally arrived.
    Thank you Quickybaby for not freaking out, means WG will listen to your
    opinion instead of ignoring you.

  626. why adding so much things trying to be innovative and fresh,and not
    repairing already broken or not working good, adding this,seems like WG
    wants to WoT to be a Need for speed underground 2 son,with all that visual
    tunning, I mean,the visuals were already a thing,yes,but this is like
    forcing them,now everybody will drive their tanks if like it was a 5 de
    mayo parade

  627. Gay as fuck… Pay 2 win confirmen…

  628. This is a stupid idea… wargaming stop being cheap!

  629. This hasn’t been introduced to milk the EU server. This has been introduce
    to milk Quicky baby

  630. This is so unfair

  631. games rng is through the roof as it is .Why not throw an entire new
    dimension of rng on top. yet nation vs nation match making was bad… the 1
    game mode that removed the MESS that is wot..

  632. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    This system is scummy in every way.

  633. wtf talk abaut pay 2 win !!!!

  634. this basictly a new level of pay more to have better chance to win
    * with some bad deal
    * with non balance emblem
    so this is 80% bullshit

  635. So… Will I lose all the shit I’ve got when this update comes?
    This looks like a big learning curb

  636. dam i thought i was going to be the first one to comment lol, good video
    quickybaby :D

  637. HA I WIN

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