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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STRV 103B. Today we're going to have to pull off a few emergency maneuvers to stand a chance to win this battle!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Benjamin Isaksson

    I thought this clip was familiar. I saw this match live in twitch! In the beginning was QB talking about that the rocks were strange ;D

  2. clashofclans avec yanis

    from 57% to 55% … still the best tier 10 winrate

  3. Hendrik Raffenberg

    A T110E4 with APCR rounds is a great conter to the 268v4

  4. Can you get the new mod pack up

  5. Wargaming Super Noob

    type 4 couldnt spot him at 109m

  6. QB I sometimes see you on-stream, complaining that despite this tank’s really low fire chance, you get set on fire a LOT. The reason is: the tank’s fuel tanks are at the front, and are relatively easy to destroy.

  7. For God’s sake QB, StridsVAGN not StridsVANG!!!!!!!!!!!! Vagn = Wagon with a V!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rant over.

  8. IDK if it’s just me, but whenever I hear a STRV 103 running with its gas turbine engine in the game, it always sounds like the engine noises from the Warthog (from Halo) :/

  9. Love that ELC EVEN 90 just sat at the back corner of the map just bitching and saying when people are gonna die… so helpful

  10. Love your work Quicky Baby .

  11. Hans-Johan Fleischer

    Am i the only person that have asked QB for colorblind mode? requested few times, never got a response.

  12. The Jpz was literally “Holding the Line” LOOOOL

  13. They did when the had the second season of rank battle added a new grouping matchmaking system. I not sure about on the EU server but it made it onto the Live server when it was meant for ranked battle only. For 2 days you had as close to perfect matchmaking as you could get. Type 5s were matched up against other Type 5s, E100s, Maus, Autoloaders heavies other Autoloader heavies and so for and so on. The system was set up for Mediums, Heavies, and TDs but Lights and Arti didn’t get special treatment due mainly to the little number amounts and also overall there is not a huge difference in them when it comes to their roles. Again that system only lasted 2 days on the Live (non-ranked battles) normal battlemode. I need to be brought back for all battles and that would make MM better. Heck going to, at least on the NA server a 1up, 1 down MM system would fix 90% of the MM issues on the NA server.

  14. Basil Abeysekera

    E100 ‘super’ heavy hahahahahahaha

  15. You Rock QB.

  16. Should share my 10k combined in the strvb where I had to take up the role of heavy to win the match

  17. Enemy ConquererGC killed enemy S1, yea i Know you missed it, there you go boys 😀
    Welcome to WorldOfTanks.

  18. Stop trying to get all the tanks I’m grinding nerfed before I get to enjoy them!

  19. When he was shooting the strv 100-o or whatever it is the other guy must have felt betrayed by his own comrade (both are Swedish tanks) lol ?

  20. I Love how U fuck Up the unicum reroll wanna be Here. He plays it so bad

  21. Michael von Hirschmann

    Yeah…. had a guy come across the map because my allies agreed to give me a Pool’s medal. He said, “YOU CANT JUSY GIVE HIM IT, HE HAS TO EARN IT.” It was the only kill he got, the only damage he did, and he got 0 spotting. I, meanwhile, got a high caliber, Radley Walter’s, and the most assistance damage on the team. Totes didn’t earn it, hes SO right. That would have been my first pool’s medal and I have never gotten close to a Pool’s since.

  22. ELC at the base just gave up. Useless.

  23. Modpack pleaseee

  24. What graphic are u playing on? Mine on low im so jealous

  25. I hate them Swedish tanks. As if people needed any more encouragement to camp; I mean how many games end with the enemy team hunting down some Swedish TD who’s just sitting back in base waiting to rack up damage after everyone’s dead.

  26. @QuickyBaby When will you play World Of Warships I miss the way you play it and it’s an awsome game I do enjoy your gameplay 🙂

  27. It is nice to see TD wish to share their hit point with the team 🙂

  28. MOD PACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Aaand gold ammo .. ehh

  30. 7:10 Type 4 is a big guy for Quickybaby.

  31. Anyone else notice how he and Linus Tech Tips look alike?

  32. Saw this game live. Well played QB ?

  33. Really like the diplomatic way you have stated the case against the 268. I don’t think you get enough credit for that trait of yours.

  34. Hey QB is your mod pack for out yet? Can’t seem to find it. Tnx

  35. The Even 90 is so small for a tier 8 lt lmao so cute

  36. I like the opinion of taking shot for teammates when they are in low health. It can be very helpful for the game, and in other case, it also shows the positive behaviour.
    But one thing that really makes me upset is that I saw lots of comments saying that ELC was useless. Well, the play he made is explainable, it’s able to say that the right flank was lost and he was trying to provide some vision if enemies were trying to push that flank. I won’t say he played “correctly”, but he was still actually doing something. Although I really don’t like the fact that he was being toxic in the chat, saying he is useless is not a good behaviour either. Well some people might not think this matter, but some people actually care about others’ comment. And this is why I really want to unable the chat when I am playing, but sometimes when I need to communicate with my teammates, I just have to enable it. I hope players would rather back to the garage after they’ve been destroyed instead of raging in the chat saying others are useless, or if they really want to watch the game, they can just be quiet or provide necessary information only.

  37. 17 premium shells for what?

  38. Where are your mods for patch For me, yours are simple but the best.

  39. Which one should I get Grille 15 or 183 Hammer??

  40. The elc want u to die fast xd!!

  41. Today i got banned from qbs chat for disagreeing with him. I know see how insecure and easily triggered you get. Fuck you and your mods cunt

  42. You can scroll the chat? Nice.

  43. 0:49 obaihfojaklshfljkha l

  44. Always fun to see lovers of an OP TD hate another OP TD. ;p

  45. What difference does it make how much mm gun is has ? Whole points saying 90mm gun means it can pen max 90mm of armor right ? But this is a game and 90mm guns can have 157 pen value…

  46. i think ww is not letting qb put his mod pack

  47. Perfect video. 😀 i know you like good ridge-line game. I just posted a perfect game on WOTReplays. Tmina7 is my name, STRV tier VI game

  48. The Senate of the Galactic Republic

    Spell manoeuvre correctly please

  49. Flying Berserker

    3:40 didnt get spotted after shooting, its not that cammo too OP even for a td with no “armor”. there are many tds without armor that dont have that cammo, and i remenber a patch where they nerfed the cammo of tds. that strv just remenbers me the old tds days before cammo nerf. Of course object 268 4 is far better, but comparing to all tier x tds, this tank outclasses all of them.

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