World of Tanks – Emil 1 First Impressions

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Just experimenting with highlighting a single to see if you guys enjoy it it


  1. Well edited

  2. good video anfield please keep making these

  3. nice video, good edits, a big thumbs up!

  4. “the gun of Satan” 😀 hahahaha

  5. God dammit 2:40 i thought that was my damn ringtone. I flipped my shit
    watching this video.

  6. I cri evrityme!

  7. brilliant vid as always. but it shows how much wargaming actually need to
    sort their fucking game out.

  8. Yeah, I got in one of your videos. Sort of. Thx games and nice video!

  9. really cool video :p

  10. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    Emil I i had more fun with than the emil II, cuz when you play the emil II
    you just think to yours that your a degraded kranvagn. kranvagn and emil I
    are a blast to me

  11. Loving the editing you did with this one here, think you’ll keep it up for
    any other videos?

  12. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Emil 1 complete Potato Tank with a way too Long reload. And the Turret is
    Bad in T10 cuz there is HEAT. Emil 2 is kinda meh, it´s like the BL-10 it
    hits shit and then it doesn´t connect any of them. But the Turret is now
    inpenable. Tier 10, is kinda fast. Hull sucks, as always, turret is slow,
    as always, so thats a way to kill it “Circle it”. Reload is nice with ~30
    Secs with Food. The Gun seems a lot better than the Tier 9 and 8, it
    actually hits shit 🙂 I´m at the Swagvagn and i enjoy it like meh^^ Really
    Need to search Advantages and shit^^

  13. Why isn’t there a Norwegian flag on the thumbnail?

  14. 7:14 = [CABRA]*Anfield* CONFIRMED

  15. Arty is balanced

  16. Arty is the one reason why I like to club in my T67. I can sneak around and
    be invisible and be mostly arty immune. When I play in higher tier tanks
    arty is much more of a problem because tanks are spotted easier with view
    ranges that are higher and camo that is generally worse. I cringe when I
    see battles with more than 1 arty per side in them. I can deal with arty at
    lower tiers but once I start to play in tier 8 or higher tanks, arty in
    battles ruins the fun of the game. The first thing I do in higher tier
    battles is check to see how many arty are in the match because they are
    such a shitty aspect to the game.

  17. Didn’t know you like Hatsune Miku

  18. That second G. W. Panther… Wargaming at its best! Better yet, I think WoT
    is the worst at idiotic players. xD

  19. I liked the part when you missed your shot

  20. You’re too impatient. You play to aggressive. One game you could’ve
    repaired track and lived knowing that you were getting shot by auto loading
    arty but you didn’t…My impression of your playing

  21. Legend has it if you comment early enough Anfield replies

  22. haha that was great Anfield, get balanced from arty lel. I like tier seven
    most because I’m a masochist haha

  23. nice change of pace with that comilation more of the same

  24. really liked this type of video, keep on doing these this one was pretty
    fun to watch

  25. Jovan Schiebelbein

    are the brazil flags supposed to be a meme? If so i always see bad players
    with brazil flags on.

  26. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I’m not sure if i want to go down the Swedish line anymore

  27. I feel exactly the same way about this tank lol..its a chore to fucking
    play it, ill be glad to be rid of it, hope the emil 2 is better….

  28. Fly on Your screen

    that ammo rack is weaker then my dads pull out game :(

  29. you cry cuz you got hit for 1k… that’s normal for me. I’ve been
    collecting screen shots of all the 1-1.5k arty shots every other battle I
    play. I haven’t seen anyone’s luck as bad as mine. there is no such thing
    as splash damage in my world. good vid tho.

  30. glad im not fuckin gun

  31. yup, this is a very nice format! must be a lot of work though 🙂 anyway,
    gun is true potato launcher. I bet there’s a national holiday in Sweden…
    err, sorry, Norway, when all 4 shells in a clip connect 🙂 Cheers!

  32. Great vid Anf…. oh, wait… now I remember why I uninstalled WOT:

  33. The is3 is snappier with a 122 derp lol

    Then again Russian is3 best sniper in game!

  34. Btw, this is the kind of WOT day when you go to bed afterwards without
    eating and not even touching your beautiful girl… worse part is she
    doesn’t understand why you end up salty after doing something that you
    should enjoy and relax like playing a “videogame”

  35. Cutting down the stream is cool. Yet, the most shots you were the most
    unsatisfied with were the ones you did not fully aim but shot just a
    fraction before. The Emil I is good. And it has a pretty good turret. But
    you cut it down to a very specific point of view.

  36. This was pretty good. Some moments better than others. You might consider
    to piece together several streams in order to get around the same
    length(maybe less, around10mins?) but with more memorable highlights. This
    was a pretty dank stream, but I recon others may not be so full of memes.

  37. I got just as frustrated if not more playing that tank too. If I were you,
    I would free xp to the Tier 10 gun on the Emil II. You start off with that
    potato gun on the Emil II and it’s just as bad as it was on the Emil I.

  38. i used gold to get the hottest looking swede chicks, no way im driving
    around with conan the fucking destroyer, but now that i think of it that
    wouldnt be too bad

  39. in the first game u were expecting to bounce kv5 but emil 1 has only 20mm
    of side hull armor, anything it meets will overmatch it

  40. “Tank is aids”. Have you heard your music, sir?

  41. I love the editing work, good job

  42. hes way too agressive.

  43. Anfield just needed to employ some tactical sidescraping to protect from

  44. That arty tho…Fair&Balanced/10

  45. On the Leo now and was looking forward to checking this out but now…

  46. Imo 50 100 is worse with awful gun handling and long ass reload

  47. Better than a S51 that should have been dead cause I spotted it once and
    shot it with HE…low role. And after that it oneshoted me for 1300…karma
    I guess :/

  48. Oh god I laughed so hard at most this, and cringed so hard at the rest,
    especially the weeb overdose music.
    And, I am not sure if you play with server reticle, but you should really,
    especially with your kind of ping, though not sure how much of that might
    have been due to that. I mean the pixel kind of shots maybe, but those
    ranged misses, well…
    Yeah man I like the cut down video format, basically just lets you see each
    clip and hear the dank goofy cover of wake me up.
    I about died there.
    Nice work Anfeels.

  49. The person actually playing this tank: “This tank got a crap gun!” Response
    from a stats forum warrior: “But you got insane gun depression, sure it
    must be OP!”….

  50. Go watch skills emil 1 session and then say its bad 😛 3,6k combined avg
    per game

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