World of Tanks || Emil 1951 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Emil 1951. Here’s all you need know about first T8 premium Swedish heavy the Emil 1951.


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Freshwater Spaceman

    Did arty get buffed? I swear they’re blowing things up more regularly nowadays…

  2. Same in the T30: If there’s arty and you are blue or above: Have fun hiding from arty and hiding your hull from enemy tanks … yeah, not much area left to play on


  4. Indy Custom Made

    Ok arty shoots at you 3 or 4 times and you don’t move. I get it about arty but at some point, you have to play smart and don’t let arty shoot you. You also have another downfall of being purple. As soon as I get lite in the game arty focus me the rest of the game or until I’m dead. I asked the devs if they will remove XVM from the game. They told me that they are adding a simple anonymous mode. It hides your stats in the game. Can’t wait for that. Great review as always.

  5. WG really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. The real question is… What will be below that barrel?

  6. I was really looking forward to this tank when it was first announced. I had just started playing the Emil I at the start of frontlines and thought it was a beast. This was novel and different at the time since the standard Emil had the old stats (4 x320 alpha rounds). This with the smaller clip and quicker aimtime was really novel but now it’s so similar its not very exciting. I will pick it up this episode anyway since I only play frontlines atm, and I’ll get more credits earnings of course. I’ll have to prestige and lose all the upgrade points until next episode to get it however which is a bit annoying.

  7. Thanks for the tank reivew of Emil 1951, cuz I only need 2 more prestige to get this tank 🙂 Thanks for helping me picking my reward tank !

  8. 210 hours at $10 an hour (minimum wage) or just wait for WG’s Christmas sale and get it for $49.99… wow, that’s a hard one. And if you think they won’t eventually sell it, then you need to take another look at what WG has done in the past. (Hint, hint, “We’ll never sell the E25 again.” Etc., etc., etc.

    • So then you can’t play for a year since that is included in to the 210h.
      Play the game and get a free tank or pay 49.99 for it. Wow that’s a hard one.

  9. I love EMIL-IA

  10. 2:29 that’s what she said

  11. World of Tanks Blitz replays

    That arty lol :v

  12. Honestly, if he hadn’t been driving a swedish heavy I would’ve thought it was 2015 the way artillery ruined his tank. Over 1,000 damage from 1 shot?

    I was actually kind of feeling this tank until that arty shell hit him. No thanks

  13. I don’t get why people call the 430u out for bad aim. If you have a good crew and equipment it’s just like a 62a.

  14. QBmade my day today and gave a shout out to my daughter and I on his twitch live stream. What a humble and nice guy, my daughter could not believe someone from the UK responded and took his time to do that. Thanks QB!!!!

  15. WTF, this tank not sale in premium shop of wot pc?? >.<

  16. Gotta love when WG copy and paste tanks and ships and throws the label “premium” on them.

    • Yeah. That’s much better than just creating new tanks which are more fun to play than their tech tree counterparts.

  17. Cool paint.

  18. havent seen a 1000 damage arty roll in a while

  19. 430U’s 0.4 accuracy is ~equal to other nation’s 0.3 accuracy. Stalin guides the shell!


  21. Pretty sure most people grinding frontline are looking at the unknown tier 9, the emil is just a side thing you get along the way.

  22. REIVEW lol

  23. If you wanna crew train ???? Just spend credits and buy crew books

  24. Arty is still broken. Will wg ever fix it? Prob not

  25. That GW E 100 got such a juicy shot! 😀
    To all who say, arty has become worse: Back in my days, that shot would have killed him. 😉

  26. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Quickybaby punched a hole in his monitor after recording

  27. I think the emil is absolutely crap. Horrific gunnhandling, slow as fk, and you still keep getting penned in the turret side cheeks all the time with tier 8 premium rounds. The side cheeks eff armor does not increase with using the gun depression. Any russian tier 8 has better turret armor than this.

    Emil ii is a completely different story though

  28. Arty is cancer and this game is on its last legs. 18 months tops

  29. Hell no i’m gonna spend more then 200 hours for this piece of garbage..

  30. Do wot reddit meme review

  31. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    “You will struggle to get it in as quickly as you want to” ?

  32. Hey guys qb said it has the accuracy of the 430u that means you don’t have to aim.

  33. No no no QB – you never, ever take a plethora of gold ammo – pls stop encouraging pay-to-win.

  34. oh boyyyyy another tier8 premium, what a surprise, hold back the hype D:

  35. not impressed. gonna save the points for the tier 9

  36. Pewdiepie : MEME REVIEW

    QB : Hey guys today were going to do a Tank Review of the EMIL 1951

    Me : i think QB says it better but Pewdiepie says it funnier who is the best HMMMMM Tank Review or a Meme Review

  37. is it worth to spent your points for this tank???…i guess not

  38. thank you WG for introducing a tier 8 premium that isn’t outright better than its non-premium counterparts. this is a step in the right direction.

  39. Report all arty as unsportsmanlike

  40. Patrick Mundhenk

    I am up to 1 Prestige so far. Will only take me another 2 years then…

  41. This frontline best aids modes ever no teams only me me me

  42. 75% WR in 10 games is impossible sir =)

  43. Kapten Frisk, i love swedish soldiers names 😀

  44. Hmm QB plays wot quite alot and he is barely at prestige 3/tier 8, will you get to prestige 10 to get the tier 9 reward tank or you won’t bother since WG will prob just give you the tank since you are a cc.

  45. At richline no one can dig out the swedish tanks. That is why I (as fan of all the swedish lines) think it is fair, that these tanks are literally as weak against artillery as plant pokemon are weak against fire 😀

  46. WoT hack with the 430u – Yell “Russia” as you fire and you get .22 accuracy.

  47. This is exactly what premium tanks should all be like. Not better, just a bit different but sporting the same playstyle. I’ll give wargaming a rare pat on the back this time. They’ve done a very nice job.

  48. When will you do a console preview again there is the absolutely fun tank called The Machine I’d like to see your opinion on that.

  49. _ Awppenheimer _

    Gotta stop camping QB cuz remember arty prevents camping

  50. 6:55

    My Obj 430 (U) has a more accurate gun then my E50 (M)….

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