World of Tanks || Emil II – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m reviewing the autoloading , the Emil II.

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  1. Coming from the Emil I to a standard Emil II it was hell. But when you get the top gun everything changes and as long as there are ridgelines you are god 😉

  2. The sub-caliber APCR/HVAP ammo has a density 4.5 times that of a steel shot of the same shape — it is made out of tungsten carbide and has close to the shape of a bare-nosed AP shot like the US 76mm M79 AP shot. Thus, it has 4.5 times the penetration for a projectile about half the diameter of the full-bore steel shot. So at the same impact velocity, the APCR/HVAP should penetrate roughly TWICE the thickness of armor as the full-bore AP shot used with the same gun. THAT is why APCR/HVAP or, even better due to much lower air resistance in flight, APDS was developed!

  3. my E50 loves to ram these

  4. ill downvote every video where you use goldammo. if taugrim can do without then so can you ?

  5. any british pepole here to tell me the difference between “elder” and “older” ?

  6. Just bought the Emil I. Sure is not the next logical step from the Leo.

  7. 12:52 I thought he said, “I’m going to fap for little while here.” I happened to be in another window fapping myself at the time.

  8. Your channel is burning out dude, just constant reviews that have the same layout with the same ending. Basically constant same shit that isnt even enjoyable to watch dude.

  9. how about we start reviewing good tanks

  10. TheGamebuster007

    Pls do a tank review of jagdpanzer e100

  11. Turret armor is nothing when a Type 5 Heavy is aiming at you.

  12. No skill tank like Type 5..

  13. wait, the Emil 2 has better gun depression than elevation, SO DOES THE STURER EMIL!!!!! illuminati, I thought so

  14. r/PrequelMemes are leaking.

    Good Quickybaby, good.

    Dew it.

  15. The t54 doesn’t have the cojones 14:42 xD

  16. Hi im new at this game and i have 2 questions. Why machine guns dont work which are mounted on the tanks and why cant i see the crew in tanks with open tops

  17. I would be a great tank… Cause my depression is incredibly high

  18. Have you updated your xvm?

  19. Hi QB, I started watching all your streams this year I think they are great:) Could you please do a review on the KV13 because that’s going to be my first tier 7 and I would like to know how to play it. Thanks for being such a great guy, greetings from New Zealand:)

  20. I cant tell you how happy I got with the high ground joke.

  21. love your videos

  22. this tank has a cha cha binks face.

  23. Moldovan Robert

    anybody know where to download QB’s modpack for the newest pach?

  24. Quickybaby come back, I need you mod pack. Please hurry.

  25. This tank is not OP, yes it’s very good when you get it in the right position, but in a city it sucks and if you can get it from any other angel it’s not very good. Reload between shots is awful and accuracy is not good. The tank is slow and can only get it’s top speed when it goes downhill.

  26. WatcherMovie008

    Once again, why play the French heavies when the Swedes are just so much better?

  27. Heh Qb, no 9.19 modpack ?!?!?!

  28. Jonathon Williams

    what is the best tech branch to use

  29. Lenny Shkirenko

    Hey Qucky. Any chance the XVM MOD for the latest patch is out? Thanks

  30. Francisco Mansilla

    “T54 on the enemy team doesn’t hace the COJONES i guess to charge into 2 autoloaders”

    that sentence almost killed me xd

  31. Its pronounced the EeeeeeEEEEEEEEMIIIL! Din Förgrymmade Unge!

  32. i'am batman Jany

    When the mods for the 9.19 ?

  33. Did you stop stream on TWITCH? i cant find you any more.

  34. In the upcoming year there should be leopard2a7, m1a1 abrams and the t14 armate included in the game. If youre up to 400 mm angled armor now, why not just go the extra step and fire depeleted uranium rounds for 75 gold per round.

  35. he hasn’t played war thunder

    oh boy! u losing a lot of realism there

  36. Well the T29 got a buffed up clone

  37. what graphics you use? max or…

  38. give is back the stats as was it the beta test before it changed!

  39. I have the Emil II and I also find it a little…meh I prefer a lot more other tier 9s… having 9 tier 9s right now.. but yeah the tank can bounce even Jg. Pz. E 100 shots ahah but yeah a bit sluggish, gun pen could be a lot better, and it feels as if its a little underwhelming compared to other Tier 9s… but I think I need more games on it to actually enjoy it 😉

  40. Not really fair to compare this tier 9 with the tier 10 Kranvagn….of course it is usually better and more balanced, that’s why it’s a tier higher.


  42. Hey QB, when is your King Tiger review coming out?

  43. Hey Quickybaby, this was just an average replay, not good. The technical introduktion was standard. The only think that was exceptionell is the crew on your tank. Only possible with at least 2k battles with booster usage.
    You could do it better.

  44. it’s over Emill i have the high ground

  45. Hi QB, how about making some polls with the info icon in the future on what tank you should review next? 🙂

  46. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Just to point out something all of you will find irrelevant, but “interclip reload” would technically be the reload between clips not the shells in the clip. Same as interstate highway is between states or international is between nations. Technically it would be called “intraclip reload” when talking about the time between each shot.

    Ok now flame me for being annoying lol.

  47. MrCrazybadbastard

    the T54E1 i so underpowered compared to any of the other tanks. 210mm pen is really really bad, the lorr40 tier 8 premium has 232mm… fucking ridiculous.

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