World of Tanks || Emil – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Emil. Today I’m reviewing the T8 Swedish heavy autoloader the Emil! This vehicle has some of the best turret armour in the game as well as 12 degrees of gun depression and a magazine capable of dishing our 1,280 dmg – what a beast!

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  1. those autoloaders (besides t69) do more dmg on average for a full magazine then the average roll of an o ho’s derp he *if* it pens………

  2. Kingfish Gaming

    Quickybaby, can you do a review on the Pershing?

  3. the IS-6 doesn’t have 225 mm penn i think you meant the Defender or IS-3 lol Since the IS-6 has 175 penn lol

  4. Just curious, why the review now? Just seems weird considering how long it’s been in the game and we have a lot of overpowered heavies running around to talk about….

  5. Graham Montgomey

    “You want to do anything to enhance your aiming speed”… * doesn’t take enhanced gun laying drive * Oh QB you so silly

  6. QB “KV-3” pls :3

  7. The Emil…..


  8. Neptunesplayground0

    Soon(tm) star citizen broooo!

  9. The best feeling is seeing an Emil poking up a ridgeline having a deep look into a BL-10 then reversing in silence.

  10. Only tank that cant over match it side armor is amx 57.

  11. I think the reason they’re not more common are the vehicles you have to get through to get to this one, they’re not exactly fun

  12. ThatAussieBloke

    my kv2 has better gun handling

  13. “217mm of penetration does begin to struggle against equal and higher tier opponents…” ~suddenly remembers the T32 has 198mm of pen~ ~laughs while sobbing as I am reminded of the never ending “That one didn’t go through!…”~

  14. Anyone else feel like QB should have compared the Emil I to the T32? I feel like that would have been a fair comparison. The T32 has a WAY worse gun than the Emil, but the Emil doesn’t have the super ridiculously good armour of the T32 (though it is more than sufficient on ridges); the T32 has less gun depression, speed, and mobility than the Emil, but the Emil has way worse view range and a few less hit points. Personally, I feel like the T32 needs a penetration buff, maybe to 210mm. 198mm penetration is less than ideal even when facing off against T8, let alone T9 and T10. Either a penetration buff, or a dispersion buff would be decent; because .4 accuracy with 198mm pen is just unacceptable for T8.

  15. so its not a good idea to have camouflage skill on the Emil I, Emil II and the Kranvagn ?

  16. TheGamingWolf252

    The borsig on console has the same view range as the Emil 1 and that makes it hard to play as a sneaky TD.

  17. Why doesn’t the Emil 1 have the traditional autoloading noise when reloading and firing. Not sure if that made sense but was something I notice when playing it and then switching to my French autoloaders

  18. I hate the Emil. The gun is way too much potato, in average only 2 shells per clip gonna do damage and sometime you gonna miss or bounce all 4.

  19. Amx 13 57 can’t over match the emil

  20. Mt25 has a 57mm 🙂

  21. Neither of those games had arty in them…..

  22. quickybaby do a review on the caenavorn I feel that its a bit underpowered

  23. did you all see that new tier 8 heavy premium tank Crhyssler k GF

  24. World of tanks, the only time you want depression.

  25. well I will wreck all emils when they come to ps4. overmatch every aspect of the emil except for the front “leave the emil on 35 health” think u mean ferdinand
    Hate low crew tanks 1 dead guy and the tank is 50% effective


    Op tank….

  27. when your school wifi is faster than your home wifi.. gotta love my school :3

  28. is comet your favourite tank yet or do you get new favourite tank?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿

  29. gotta do around 4k blocked 3k damage and about 2 to 3k spotting to get an ace tanker in this anymore

  30. 2 games without arty? how lucky..

  31. Good video! But when I saw QB wants to ram other to death and failed I was like LOL. I saw someone playing Kranvagn and got pushed to flip over by a tier10 MT (I forgot if it was a Centurion AX or some else). I am pretty sure that even if QB successfully ram that Ferdinand, he still couldn’t get the kill. (Even though it was really fun XD)

  32. Did you have or can you do a tank review of the AMX 50 100, please.

  33. Luckily, in this patch, WG neft SPG’s dmg. When i played Emil before, same tier SPG can send me to garage with 1 shot 🙁

  34. Ich bin ein… was ?

  35. Alekxandr Alekxandrov

    i haven’t seen the Somua SM

  36. What a joke the IS6 has become overnight thanks to powercreep.

  37. How did that korean guy react at the nerf of h
    the amx elc?

  38. Qb should i put Coated Optic on Kv-2 exept Gld

  39. Wow. Second time he reveiws Emil I

  40. which tank has biggest gun depresion

  41. The reason you see so few is that the Leo is a terrible platform and takes ages to elite if you actually play it. The 7,5 gun is nice but it’s not scary enough to prevent people from simply rushing and destroying you and the 10,5 gun’s gun handling is so terrible it will miss most shots.

  42. borsig can go through with heat

  43. besides this pref mm where is the bottom tier gameplay? Kappa

  44. autoloading bs

  45. It doesnt matter QB my ISU-152 with BL_10 its easy to pen the armor or the turret with Premammo

  46. I love the Emil, when you plant a 152mm BL-10 HE shell into it, just destroys it, don’t even need to load APCR.

  47. reaction channel

    hi quickybaby is3 Radley-Walters Medal reaply link plzz upload thx ;

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