World of Tanks – Emilia

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I just realised how much better this title would have been if Emilia was playing an Emil I or II. Bah!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. How brave of Emilia to jump off that cliff

  2. TIL HEAT penetrates light cover

  3. 30 heat shells, cool

  4. Oh mighty overlord of the salt mine, rear admiral of the Youtubes Jingles.

    What is the intro song you have used for this video?

  5. I am stopping here at 6:30, that woman did 7k damage in that short amout of time. Jingles is Emilia just Quickybaby in a wig?

    • its the HEAT, not much skill in it really, aim for anything without spaced armor and press the left mouse button…

    • +Mohamed Soussi tbh i didn’t even really pay attention to the ammo until i reached the comments. But even if she loads almost only heat, it’s impressive

  6. Kudryavka Gaming

    “The Emil 2 just joined the battle” Jingles, please, he has been there for the last few minutes, he was just hidden under the icon of the Type 4 Heavy.

  7. I have my doubt that Emilia is a female. His WoT account is full of premium tanks and always spam gold ammo. He is one of that unicum bastard pretending to be female. Anyone can play better with all those gold ammo loaded. Please don’t feature WoT vid like this in future, it’s not that interesting to watch someone spamming gold ammo.

  8. not so great as all she did was spam gold like a typical pay to win player

  9. Who can be bothered with a tier 10 spamming full gold, not me

  10. Heat spam 😀

  11. Destroyer Inazuma

    おれはえみりやのことだいすき。as the meme says 🙂 but seriously GG to this strong player

  12. I’m not subscribing to a twitch thot gold spammer.

  13. 30 HEAT out of 40 ammos huh? Not so much skill as pretented..

  14. Chris Last Name

    I have a feeling that Emilia is going to have a few more subscribers…lol.

  15. That T49 smells of your average stat padder. Does good but when presented with a chance to actually help he runs away and lets the enemy team win.

  16. 7:26 How did that go trough?

  17. It still baffles me that when you engage the enemy in close-quarters, the artillery doesnt give a damn… Is it that freakin hard to use some of those braincells ? Even though you are going to miss your ally directly, you still splash and stun your own teammate( s ) wich is also annoying af… But nevertheless, awesome battle, great vid!

    • He gave the warning over 10 seconds before the shot came in, most arty will not bother with that and he figured she would hightail it out of there after he gave the heads up. It is on her for sticking around when the shot was in transit.

    • +Dolomaticus still, if he’s looking from above, he could have hold his shot and see they could handle the situation. And so targeting an enemy elsewhere..

  18. She drives like a woman but.. Great game!

  19. Poor Emilia, been ganbganbed (:)) for the last 2 weeks: 3rd time I see her replay.

  20. I think I already saw this one, was it in shishx’s channel?

  21. Calico Jack Rackham

    Holy crap! This girl is an absolute wrecking machine! Great video, oh Mighty One. Now I’m off to see her channel stuffs as you command. 🙂

  22. 300 subs lol is now 800 and raising fast the mighty salt mine club has something todo with ?

  23. Lol… comment of the vid: ” That’s not gonna polish out”……classic!

  24. Valentijn Hekman

    Too much prem spam

  25. GG
    Honey I’m home. Wait, is someone, knock knock who’s there.
    Dots who.
    Dots it for you.
    That opening scene, priceless.

  26. FUcKiNg gOlDsPaMmeRs, nO SKilL OnLy pAy2WiN, most of you commenting stuff like that would still suck at the game even with full Gold, the only “problem” I see here is, that you have a hard time tracking and damaging your enemies at the same time with 3/4 HEAT…

  27. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    A good non-Russian tank – anyone fancy a sweepstake on when it will be nerfed!!!

  28. Not much skill in spamming HEAT, aim for anything without spaced armor and press the left mouse button…

  29. Aaron Vaarwater

    That poor type 4 heavy also did 0 damage. I guess it was not his day to shine ?

  30. Would be great if people can stop being absolute asses just for the loadout. Yes it is annoying to see major gold usage but at least try and notice the other examples of good technique and awareness rather than ruling out the whole replay just for that. Seeing so many new people are baited by WG into using gold, how will we ever be able to get new people gripped into the community if they’ll get burned at the stake for using gold? This is exactly where all the skill is neglected.

  31. Majority HEAT shells. Garbage player.

  32. Why does she zoom out of sniper mode almost every shot and at exactly the point of taking the shot? It seems like some sort of illegal mod at work. I’ve been told before that it’s to prevent tunnel vision but it just seems so perfectly executed every time regardless of the intensity of the fighting that I’m skeptical about that explanation.

  33. Honestly I don’t blame the artie too much. They give a warning and then Emilia immediately drives headlong into CQC with too heavies

  34. Neptune's Nightcore

    nah i pefer rem

  35. much skill much wow …. gold spam lol :/

  36. How is the HEAT going through cover…I thought it exploded on contact???

    • I would agree I don’t know how that HEAT round went through the fence into the Emil II – it should have blown the fence away and then a second round would be needed

  37. UncleFestersWorld

    love the music on the start.  “Start spreading the news….”  from the song “New York, New York”

  38. Who’s Rem?

  39. Michiel Voetberg

    At least in WarThunder there is no ‘speciul’ ammo that gives you a massive advantage when you hand over your wallet.

  40. intro showing some op russian shit and almost closed the tab. Really not a good choice, jingles.

  41. Alarichswiftpaw

    Call it what you will, but I credit the friendly arty.. Fair warning was given and I’d say a couple hundred HP in splash damage to screw over two heavies was worth it.

  42. Aaaaaaaand… HEAT spam. Lovely.

  43. remember kids: only 5% gold ammo!

  44. Gold gold gold and all premiums consumables in a tier X med.
    “Skills”, right.

  45. Solo Wing Borders

    Wow shit; so much bitterness in the comments.

  46. Muhamad Audian Rahman

    so much heat

  47. Suddenly curious, how many people have the opening as a ringtone?

  48. Jingles, that replay is the exact reason I and many of us are tired and bored to death with WoT : ridiculusly overpowered tanks (those swedish mediums, wheeled race-cars, and a few others), no-skill gold spam, cancerous arties who don’t give a dam if you are danger close or not, and stupid RNG. The more I watch those, the more I am happy to stick lower tiers and play less and less. Bye bye WG.

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