World of Tanks || Emotional Rollercoaster

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. Today Nikeee1998 going on an emotional rollercoaster ride in the T5 the ELC AMX.

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  1. Literally just had this happen to me on malinovka in my cromwell b. Didn’t
    get as good a game though and it wasn’t 1v3 lol

  2. wargaming have smile with him

  3. Amazing.

  4. Never had a disconnect on the Asian server. Where is it? Just down the
    street or something?

  5. QB if you wanna know a hardcore player go and look player named (Eviljoe)

  6. Hello, how can i share my Replay for my T95?

  7. One of the best replays I’ve ever seen hands down

  8. awesome replay you found there QB !!! :D

  9. Does anyone else have a problem where world of tanks crashes twice a day,
    sometimes 3 times. Always during a battle

  10. This makes me want to buy back my ELC and play it :D

  11. I don’t get this tank. It just fails in every regard of a light tank.
    Normally they have quick firing guns,have turrets,and quick enough aim
    times. This tank was just infuriating for me to play. Just like every other
    French tank I’ve had except for the FT BS and Renault R35.

  12. WOW that ending

  13. OMG quickybaby stop messing with my emotions.. these replays got me having
    heart attacks…

  14. seems to those lucks was his/her (who knows who it realy is) true Xmas
    present from WG considering that game was played at 2nd day of Chrismas :)

  15. Do you think they will add a “siege mode” style effect to the ELC that
    allows it to traverse it’s turret 360 degrees when stationary? Cause it
    says it could do that in the vehicle description…

    Just a thought

  16. elc is good TD….

  17. One of the most thrilling and best replays i have ever seen!

  18. QuickyBaby, I’ve watched your videos for a while now and I must say that
    you are great at narration and giving us tank stats. However, I feel as if
    their is a lack in comical content and that you constantly show replays of
    tanks that majority of the W.o.T. community has seen many of good or great
    replays of. Overall, I feel that your content has gone stale and plain, yet
    still being full of useful stats. A suggestion is to add more tank reviews
    of the much less played tanks and add some comedy to your content.

  19. 순두부찌개 is a soop

  20. Me in my ELC be like: Chaffee – miss 300 m, miss 100 m, bounce, mi- we got

  21. I hope that 슨두부찌개 takes this as a challenge. Please.

  22. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    Seen more emotional heartbreak and then a win by myself, ammo racked, then
    winning the game.

  23. you mention the asian server player(can not write his name )the one with 7
    skills on his tank :-9 tier 5 AMX Elc,i think the rental tanks are rented
    by different players which play the same tan for a period of time(rented
    could hours could be days) it is not a big deal for me just i think the
    crew vehicle has been played by diferent players which does not take
    anything from the plaer you mention..Anyway love your videos ..keep them
    coming ..Thank You fro your contributionto WOT Cheers!!

  24. its nikieee like the shoe

  25. What just happened. This is legendary but the ending though.

  26. wtf self destruct???

  27. Damn I already thougt it was Sandu***** getting a clutch game with more
    than 6k DMG. This was a nicr game thoug.

  28. No camouflage paint protection. Good grief!

  29. the last shot..complety bullshit tho

  30. REALLY fun content tnx ?

  31. i just got elc amx and i really need tips to play it.. i really struggle on
    this.. because i am not used to tanks with no traversable turret

  32. Agresivni_Krastavac

    where is qb from?

  33. WoT RNG dipping the kill shot to screw you over? Welcome to every match

  34. 8:35 QB’s nice way of saying “lol look at this bot”

  35. aparently QB thought the T32 was a premium tank =/

  36. So you’re telling me a tier V light tank when he so chooses to use APCR has
    248 pen…. :O ? and the standard pen on the E 75 is 248 that’s a Heavy
    tank 4 tier higher. E 75 is weak. feelsbadman

  37. just WOW :o

  38. hey QB are you going to do a video contest for 500k subscribers?

  39. You know when I saw this video’s name “emotional rollercoaster ” I thought
    it would involve people getting triggered but for better or worse that was
    not really the case…

  40. my reaction at the end “GOD DAMN RNG!!!!!! WAIT WHAT!?”

  41. If a tank goes AFK to the end of the battle, it blows up. Pretty common at
    tier 2, 3, and 4 where people bail before they even get wrecked.

  42. Should send him a years premium for that replay ;)

  43. The way he does it. Aim just a bit is SO SO dangerous, that was the
    luckiest replay ever (maybe second after the T49 on Malinovka) But there is
    no way he can win only with luck. He is a very good ELC player and would
    like to alway have one like him in the team.

  44. 1:43 he already did more damage than me in a avrg. game i really struggle
    playing this game i get the feeling that every enemy tank wants me dead

  45. now if every tank poped up like that so i can shoot them without effort i
    would too be featured in your video qb

  46. damn son, so close

  47. Buttock-clenching game

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