World of Tanks – Encore

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Don’t want to try the WOT 1.0 Public Test yourself but curious how your PC can handle the new game engine? We got you covered.

Download and test the benchmark app yourself:


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. no subnautica 🙁

  2. Would have thought with your rig you could play at 1440 ultra? Ah well, at least its a graphical boost which is always welcome.. oh hang on.. is it only for pc? or do the filthy console peasants get it aswell?

  3. You can polish a turd, but a turd is still a turd. No matter how pretty they make the game, its not going to solve WoTs core problem that is the shit gameplay.

  4. Wow…underwhelming!

  5. Who cares about HD graphics. Epic games can have shit graphics and they will still be the best. I love Battlefield 2 ( the best of all Battlefields ) sadly though you cannot play it on multiplayer anymore because fucking EA are greedy fucks. Star Wars Battlefront 2 ( 2005 edition ), is much better than the new Batlefronts.

  6. This is like twitter adding the 280 character tweets
    We don’t want or need it, wargaming are just trying to distract you from the fact this game has gone to shit

  7. A russian PC running on windows 95 that I got from ebay managed better fps than my watercooled gaming laptop…

    Russian Bias anyone?

  8. wow. swimming in money with a gtx 1080? lol

  9. This runs nicely on my desktop. score 11,779. Running and AMD 8350 with 16gb ram and a gtx980 @ 2560×1440 and ULTRA settings.

  10. railway empire?
    (begining of video)

  11. That was Rita Driving right?

  12. Meh. I don’t need Encore. I already know that I can only play minimum graphics and that I need a new graphics card.

  13. Hey jingles, there is a new game coming out called sea of thieves, not sure if you’ve heard of it or not but it’s about pirates and sailing and stuff and I thought you should check it out

  14. Tyfighters002 Verkerk

    Looks great

  15. Hey! Now we can all play like garbage in randoms and scream salty in HD!

  16. All that money put in the graphics and they still can’t come up with a way to pit players of equal skill together in matches.

  17. are they going to call the update warthunder with health bars?

  18. you can polish and gold coat a turd …. but in the end its still just a piece of shit filled with one of the most toxic playerbases to date.

  19. I have a potato..

  20. Sir mighty jingles can you tell me what happened with you in HMS Brazen

  21. None of us can afford those specs lol

  22. Ah so I see the PC version is catching up to the glorious console graphics.

  23. You know your computer is some trash when the YouTube video lags during this Encore presentation

  24. WG: should we rebalance game
    There valet: NO!! Make new graphic it will do the trick
    WG: kk

  25. That folks was the abby map…. barely recognized it.

  26. Yes jingles has upgraded from skype to discord

  27. *sees desktop icons, notices missing World Of Tanks icon, and the worst security program on the internet*

  28. Crusade Gaming TBOG

    They still need to update the gun sounds…so ordinary

  29. Wonder if they plan on bringing this engine over to world of warships- it looks fantastic I hope this will give the devs more freedoms to mess around with than the frankly outdated big world engine

  30. WOT-PVE on the way EnCore confirmed

  31. Jingles, your system is rather beefy. It’s a wasted effort IMHO, why have all those fancy effects if people will turn them off anyway to get better performance?
    Does not launch for me. Off to a great start.

  32. Now the maps look almost as beautiful as on xbox!…Almost. But you guys sure do have the physics advantage, the destruction is fucking eye candy, and the water *shudder*

  33. You can tell this isn’t a true representation of WoT as the hero tank of the video didn’t get obliterated by arty after doing all that

  34. So … just like in game, a Russian med owns everything because it has … awesome DPM, penetration, awesome mobility, God like turret armor. Oh, and apparently all lights are compelled to ram it, because otherwise it would have been too weak. Fucking Russian propaganda.

  35. still not as god as wt engine

  36. For all those who are complaining that this is an inaccurate representation of wot…. It’s not supposed to the accurate.. It’s a scripted benchmark made to test your computers performance….. It’s not a sneak peak of the gameplay ull see in Wot1.0…so umm there ya go… It’s a benchmark not a replay of a real battle

  37. I am so glad i quit playing this game 7 odd years ago it was broken then, So i take great amusement from watching Foch everyday rant about how even more broken the game is now.

  38. Kinda weird my score is 25k with an i5 4670k@4.2 GHz and a gtx 1070 at 1080p ultra

  39. Serious eye candy. It is sort of let down by every visual effect being turned up to eleven when the rule of thumb is “when you think it is right take in down 50%” so that it does not become so obvious that it is distracting. Lens flare effects are pretty but only if the view is supposed to be through a tanks optical system. The point of coated lenses is to reduce fogging and flare and so improve contrast and be able to see detail in the darker parts of the view. Lens flare in other view modes creates a layer of mediation a separation between the player and the scene. It disrupts the suspension of disbelief that is supposed to make the sense of play immediate and engaging.

  40. Hmm my Vega56 gets a 22800 score… So a 1080 is 21% faster than a vega56…. That’s decent enuf tbh considering the fact that freesync monitors cost waay lesser and so does the vega56…. YAY I’m happier now with my Vega56 :))

  41. Great i am set 3100 score at 1440p 105fps on ultra

  42. Hahahaha I got a GTX 1060 and I got a better score :)))

  43. So PC has finally caught up with PS4

  44. The comments make me worried as to how bad some peoples machines are, with a 4790k no overclock, 16gb of no name ram, and an old gtx780 my machine still manages a score of 13550 on ultra….people need to grow some extra potates i think ^_^

  45. I love the fact that the test pumps out a number and no other information. So… what is good and what isn’t? I got 8557 on ultra.

  46. Wait wait wait when did jingles go from a Gtx 1060 to a 1080?

  47. Is it as badly optimized as we are used to? It´s still winter, and I got my room nice and warm from my cpu while sitting in the garage/port. Don´t wanna miss that…

    But on the plus side: If they keep working on it, it may someday look as good as their competitor 😉

  48. *Jingles*
    As a Navy man — you must know that the water effects still look like shit.

  49. Geez even in video stronk Russian medium loads full premium ammunition. *blyat intensifies*

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