World of Tanks | Ensk KV-1S Heavy Tank Carry Gameplay Tutorial Hints Tips

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Source: Havoc

World of Tanks | Ensk KV-1S Heavy Tank Carry Gameplay Tutorial Hints Tips

The one where Havoc shows the viewers how to carry in a Top Tier Heavy in a Game
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  1. Great Video Sir H

  2. Great informative vid..

  3. Another great video Havoc. VaporEyeSir ( pronounced vaporizer) here… just
    wanted to say that I really like the top down replay angle you used in this
    video. Hope you continue to use that one mate! See ya in TS.

  4. The Anonymous Patriot

    +Sir Havoc I have the Churchill III… I fire nothing but APCR out of the
    gun bc otherwise that gun is about damn worthless against anything but
    light tanks and arty.
    But anyhow here is a tip. Shoot the Church in the turret. Its only like
    88mm of armor and you can cut through it like butter with most any tank.

  5. Very nice tutorials sir. I started watching you just a while back but very
    usefull. hope to see more like this. Thank you

  6. Another great tutorial Sir… Unfortunately I haven’t got any heavies but I
    am learning how to sidescrape on my T-34…so far I am still making big big
    mistakes… Thanks for uploading… 

  7. Love your vids Sir Havoc but every time I see any name starting with Sir it
    makes me think of monty pythons holy grail.

    Do you give your clan members missions like try to sidescrape as much as
    possible in the next game then cut down the mightiest tree in the forest
    with . . . a Herring.

    Or win the next game by capping then build me a . . . Shrubbery. A nice two
    tier one ;)

  8. insert .username

    That was a very good video. Thanks. Any chance maybe that you’ll turn the
    mods of? Idk why, but it really throws me off.

  9. Excellent training aid. Keep up the vids.

  10. Back on topic changing targets ang going for the T1 heavy was a great idea.
    Most players would have just stayed put or yolod around the side of the
    churchi. Well played

  11. O please don’t tell me I was the only one to giggle when Sir Havoc said
    “now im gonna show you me pulling out in slow motion” Moneyshot ;)

  12. Easier to play peek-a-boo with a churchill 3, you aim for his turret and
    you basically trade 1 for 2 churchill shots (80dmg x2=160 dmg if he manages
    to pen both).

  13. Another good video Pete, I miss the original KV-1s with all my heart.

    Keep up the good guides!

  14. Does what you demonstrated apply to the kv1 as well?

  15. All these totorals but no better nmatchmaking :(

  16. Youtube roverratau

  17. Is it OK if you could do similar replays but as a lower tier heavy?

  18. natbornkilla “123thebestkilla” l

    Could u by chnace do a carrying (or how to well) in non brawling heavies,
    ie. Counqer t32 etc

  19. Great job Sir Havoc. I recently started subscribing and have found you
    channel very helpful. I really like the way you break things down and let
    us know your thinking process. Pros & cons of decisions because no two
    battles are never the same. I don’t consider myself a great player but
    have been trying to get better every time I play and to help my team
    whatever my role. We all have those rough patches where RNG is just
    against you and yeah it’s going to be a looooonnnggg day brother! Keep
    them coming and keep up the good work.

  20. Great format! I think I’ve played too many games with fiets… given the
    option I would probably have been aggressive and pushed on the Churchill. I
    found out quite recently to shoot Churchills in the turret (have you seen
    my kv-1 wot uni episode?… a Churchill spent about 3 minutes tracking me
    and doing nothing other than wasting his ammo!??)

    Looking forward to the stream tonight! See you all there

    • Yea its a double edged sword isnt it! And he fires so fast as well its
      dangerous to get stuck there!

    • +oinked Yeah a number of people keep mentioning to shoot the churchill in
      the turret, i was trying to engage him withhout taking damage if i had
      pulled back enough to shoot his turret he would of had his wicked way with

  21. Thanks for tips.

  22. Havoc shoot the church in the turret 

  23. btw the churchill 3 turret is the major weakspot, might wanna try going for
    that next time when you engage one instead of going for lower hull/machine
    gun port/ drivers port

    • +futura8888 its true but in that particular scenario it would have allowed
      him to engage on my weakspots too i opted to try to allow him to shoot my
      tracks whilst a crewing some damage

  24. I’m not sure the pen on your KV-1S’s gun but when you see the box turret on
    the Churchill 1 and it’s not angled just shoot it as it is only 80mm in the
    front. if it’s the stock sloped turret then don’t bother.

    • +Draygon Sol hey bro i t was a churchill 3 do not know if it makes much
      difference but, if i pull back far enough to shoot his turret then he would
      of been all over my weakspots too

  25. im a yellow player and everything out of this video is already what i use
    in most battles

  26. Sir havoc can i play with you in a platoon? my name is kentcunes but what
    tank should i seal club in it? so i can get my stats better?

    • Ok,thank you for advice and i really like you because you got time to put
      videos and helping your fans in comments !

    • +Lucky Bull I normally only play in a platoon with guys from my community
      or those watching my twitch, there are plenty of tanks out there if you
      would like to stat pad, like i quite clearly mentioned in my video, in my
      stream i play tanks of tier 4 and above, this is not stat padding it is
      taking into consideration that i have a viewership that will want to see
      those games

  27. Pretty nice game bro! I really liked the zoom-in recap!

  28. KV-1S another gem of the WG balancing department

    • +Stephen Green Old KV-1S was super OP yes, I am well aware of that.
      However, both the KV-85 and KV-1S remain two of the strongest heavies in
      their respective tiers.

    • +jambo636 KV1s has been nerfed. it use to be kv1 kv1s and then IS. With the
      way it is now the kv1s is crap compared to what it was and the same with
      the kv85. They are still little bit op with stronk armor and stonk gun

  29. soo many misplays while fighting that Churchill III and T1 Heavy

    • +Ben A absolutely mate like i said i do not normally play tier 5 so when i
      come up against tanks like that it takes me a few times to work it out,
      thank fully i still manage to kill them both

  30. From my experience with Churchills is that I just go straight through the

    • +Lord Connor good point mate, if i had done that i would have exposed to
      him my weakspots and been in deep trouble in this particular scenario

  31. I am not a great player, But I do know how to angle well (E-100 line). I
    blocked 13500 damage in my E-100. I also can angle pretty well in more
    lightly armored tanks such as the Panther 2 and T-25.

  32. +Sir Havoc pu the name of the tank in the tittle of the vid to the search
    be more easy

  33. Havoc,
    Great video, I got a lot out of that thank you and cheers!

  34. Young Pain (RICH KING)

    I’m yellow, show me Cromwell or Comet game play to learn how to play them

  35. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Thanks for the tutorials Havoc, they’re extremely useful. I mean… I
    started a couple months ago and thanks to your tutorials have better WN8
    than you. ;)

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +sonza68 Hehe. 😛

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man That is definitely a good

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +sonza68 Is it good I only have 520 battles and 2045 (I think) WN8 and a
      61% win rate?

    • +Thomas K Over time it will. Roughly a third of games are autolosses or
      autowins regardless of what you do. That is why winrates over 70% or under
      30% are very rare. It is the remaining third you try to influence. If you
      perform better consistently, you should start winning more of those games
      and see your win rate start to climb. I had a 46% win rate at around 5-6k
      games and once I started trying to get better my win rate started a slow
      but steady climb up to 53%.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Thomas K I find that problem too. Only I mainly play over powered premium
      tanks (well… they still require some amount of skill, even the Hetzer
      requires some amount of skill. But my point is, I am not just a good player
      thanks to playing over powered tanks) which are… I wouldn’t say easy to
      carry games in, but not insanely hard either.

  36. I joined Havoc clan 44 days ago. What a blast! Training available every day
    where you are taught all the above and many more.

  37. I somehow can’t get the touch of the kv-1s… bechause the armor is so

  38. Richard Griffiths

    great cinematography and music not bad gameplay either pete:P

    • +Richard Griffiths thanks mate, I tried to match it in so at the beginning
      I can explain what is coming up AND give you some eye and ear candy at the
      same time

  39. first

    another great video. I shall try this stuff out :P

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