World of Tanks || Ensk Light Tank Gameplay Tutorial Tips Tricks Advice

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of || Ensk Tank Tutorial Tips Tricks Advice

The one where Sir Havoc takes on Ensk in the Vk2.01, One of those rare occasions where a Light Tank is Top Tier. The tactic is the same you would just need to be a bit slower moving forward until you know exactly where all the enemy tanks have been spotted.
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  1. off topic question – what is the sound mod he is using for hitting the

  2. Mod?

  3. really like your tutorials man

  4. I though that light tanks had +1 to +3 matchmaking,never knew they could
    enter its own tier.

  5. +Sir Havoc great video as usual Sir, looking forward now (since u doin
    these latest videos) to obtaining my own VK 28.01 soon, and I am slowly
    getting better, thanks to you :)

  6. The Anonymous Patriot

    Good Job +Sir Havoc something I want to point out thouugh.

    As I am a TOG driver I found it rather shameful to the Glorious Beast which
    TOG is for what that TOG driver did. Some maps… yes you do camp base with
    your TOG, others such as Ensk, *especially* if your TOG is top tier, you
    can literally dominate everything on the map.
    the trick is to be sneaky. I would have counted what I was seeing on the
    map and realized the East Flank was wide open, and it would have been game
    TOG + Invader Medal = your team failed.

    • The Anonymous Patriot

      +Erik Mattson wanna bet? Full Camo Perks, with paint and TOG becomes quite
      A Moose can hide in the trees, so can a TOG.
      Clearly you don’t own a TOG (more’s the pity for you) and if you do you
      probably haven’t taken the time to max out crew skills/perks.
      My TOG crew has 4 full perks. Oh I am using the TOG wrong by leaving the
      same crew in it?
      Gee that would mean something… if I owned any British Heavy Tanks…
      which I don’t.

    • +The Anonymous Patriot tog cannot be sneaky dummy

  7. Great job Sir Havoc!
    A really interesting and informative video. Keep up the good work.

  8. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    nice video,u are my favorite tuber atm.

  9. Thanks for trying too teach us the tricks and skills to get better. -Bg
    Paulie USA

    • +Erik Mattson The basic to playing a game of tank and the considerations
      are very similar, i will always in every video go over that because for
      some that would be the first and sometimes only video of mine they will
      see. there will be help and advice in each video regarding what i am doing,
      I teach the basics and I teach it will and I repeat and reinforce that
      message as often as possible, my main consideration is to help people
      improve, entertainment comes second to that.

      thanks for commenting mate

    • +Molon Labe he teaches shit hes tought 100 times before he doesnt change it

  10. Nice Game (as allways), trying this out next time. Thx Pete!

  11. Your audio is early – Just like Jingles’

    Kind of ruins it when you spoil things ;)

  12. Ensk is a fun map for LTs, you just can’t use it as an scout, but rather a

  13. I see you like FRANKIEonPC 🙂 It’s a nice way of doing things. Keep it up.

    • +Liquid Man! I will never lie to you guys, Frankie is one of my favourite
      youtubers and inspirations, i am trying to improve my videos take good from
      others but find my own style, it is a development in progress 🙂

    • +osurulz2010 Let me think 🙂 It’s nothing bad about it, really. Frankie is
      an awesome YouTuber and it’s good to follow his example. I like this form
      of videos, it’s really, really good. Let’s say – it’s a good inspiration 🙂

    • +Liquid Man! And you say that why? Lol

  14. Excuse me but I was wondering if you could do a video on how to play the
    M18 Hellcat i just got for brief time before they nerfed it and i had
    alright games in it but u just don’t know what to do. 

  15. I hope to one day find you in fame so we can have a tier 6 light
    confrontation :)

  16. Nice vid. I really need to work on my light tank skills. Scout tanks are so
    important. Been on many teams that lose because friendly scouts are
    outplayed by the enemy scouts. When the other side is spotting your team
    and your team is essentially blind, it does not usually go well. Hopefully
    your videos will help me scout better and allow me to be useful to my teams
    when I am in my scout tanks.

  17. Richard Griffiths

    as always pete good video and stuff to chew over

  18. nice play nice tank its now on my list

  19. cracking game, think this could be done with a WZ 131?

    • +Erik Mattson the reason I repeat is to re-inforce a message and I will
      continue to do so, i play light tanks because light tanks were asked for
      after i veered from them, i make videos aboutn what people ask for in the
      comments,. If you do not like what I teach mate thats ok, I am fine with
      that. please do not hang around muddying it for everyone else, because they
      value what i do. have a good day buddy

    • +Sir Havoc broken record

    • +KidKill01 absolutely, just think, whats happening in mini map and react to

  20. Good job with tutorials they help, can you do tutorials about missions plz

  21. Ahh Sir Havoc, you always make it seem and look so easy the way you do
    things but i still struggle a bit as its easier said than done but i am
    getting there slowly 🙂

    Maybe we should Plt at some point so that you can show me how its done when
    live with you or something?….. I am in the HAVOC Clan by the way.

    • I have spoken on there before but will do so more next time mate 🙂

    • ok m8
      make yourself nkow in chat brother

    • +Sir Havoc Oh i have done the past 2 weeks now since i joined, you play
      solo for a bit and than Plt after in which i am not sure how you go about
      choosing your Plt but its something id like to get some in with you some
      day if possible? 🙂

    • +SLYMEERKAT sounds cool mate, do not forget you can watch me play live on
      thursday nights on twitch tv

  22. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Well played dude, wish I was as good a player as you. :P

  23. Nice Guide(s), I enjoy (them) really much!
    Scouts are, in my opinion, the most crucial tanks in the game at the moment.
    Ensk is also a really nice map, doesn’t matter for which class (except
    stronk arta).

    Keep on, with best regards, Grimmbob 🙂


  24. Thank you for the tips! But can you do a tricks and tips for tank
    destroyers or heavy tanks?
    Edit: What server are you playing on ?

  25. Good stuff bro!

  26. I guess you are… I like your tutorials very God job… Thanks 

  27. Am I really first? 

  28. ENSK: Light Tank Tutorial see one way how I go about taking on this map in
    a Light Tank

    • @Sir Havoc song name? And good video again keep going 🙂

    • +dobiem1 That was exactly what I thought as well…

    • Hikaru Katayamma

      What plugins do you use? I’d love to have that hit direction indicator and
      proxy range ring.


    • +Sir Havoc Ok, how about playing a light on a city map with a normal gun?
      Something you might encounter at a lower tier like the T-50? There might be
      a bigger difference in playstyle.

    • These light tank tutorials are really helpful, because of you, I’m getting
      closer and closer to my 3rd mark on my elc amx, I’m at 89% thank u so much

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