World of Tanks – Ensk

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Ensk. Small map. Quick battles. Here, have two of them.

All music licensed from and


Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Obj 430U = 60*mm of upper side armor with 30mm spaced armor, 90mm of side armor from the top of the tracks down. So no the JPZ could not over match the side of the 430U.

  2. I love low tier derp guns! On mobile (I know I’m scum) there was the T82, a tier three artillery on PC or Console, as a TD that had a 105mm howitzer. It got nerfed (they took the 105 from me) but it was so much fun while it lasted

  3. Gerald La Fleur

    If I remember correctly Michael Whitman got quite a few kills on T-34s in a Hetzer.
    He describes waiting on the backside of a slope and shooting them in the turret ring with the early short barreled 75mm.

  4. i just wanna say, the zoomed in view of the grille’s explosion after she shot it was extremely satisfying to watch. nothing like a giant fireball to mark a successful kill 🙂

  5. Otto Carius was a loader of the tank, not the driver.

  6. jammydean geway

    you can see its a girl aiming >.>

  7. “Girl playing… ” meh. “… a Hetzer” <3

  8. My grandfather knew Otto Carius. In fact Otto Carius had a pharmacy after war. And my father owns his book “Tiger im Schlamm“ (~Tiger in mud) signed by him that he sold there.

  9. Actually Jingles, the Jagdpanzer 38(t) wasn’t built on the Panzer 38(t) chassis. The Marder III was.
    The Jagdpanzer 38(t) was based on the Panzer 38(t) or rather the LT vz, 38 chassis.
    With it being both longer and wider to support it’s weight. I don’t know why Akizuki didn’t tell you.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      So it wasn’t based on the Panzer 38(t), but in fact on the Panzer 38(t). Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • @The Mighty Jingles Oh I was wrong. At 10:30 you had started to say the Jagdpanzer 38(t) was built on…
      At which point Akizuki interrupted, apparently telling you that was wrong. As afterwards you correctly said
      ‘based’ on. I didn’t catch that as I was mesmerized by Akizuki’s cuteness. But anyway she did tell you. My bad.

  10. Jungles’ intro is so old but the day he changes it I’m unsubscribing cause you cant change the classics

  11. Obj.430U – Got cancelled and instead they made the T-64
    T-100LT – Is basically a T-64
    says much about how they say modern vehicles would haven no place in the game because they are too strong huh

  12. Charles Thurber

    My favorite part was Candycane’s victory spin XD

  13. WOWS & WOT = Exercises in Russian National Pride (and revenge for history), rather than facts, physics, or fairness.
    430U in reality = very slow, blowing out engines & transmissions & suspension rather frequently, sitting duck for medium & lights.

  14. The obj 430U’s side armor cannot be overmatched, it has 90mm behind the tracks and an angled strip of 60mm behind 30mm of spaced armor.

  15. R


  16. Jingles you mock the enemies for using gold on an OP tank but you don’t mock him for using gold on an OP tank.

  17. I play WoW and love it, yet watching WoT magic ammo and other b.s. doesn’t make me want to try it at all.

  18. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Finally a brazilian replay!!!

  19. Thats one strange lookin jageru down at the end of the road, why is it called an obj 268 4 tho

  20. Great video and commentary from Jingles . The second video was fun to watch and played very well! The 10.5 howitzer Hetzer is very good properly played. I picked up a great deal watching her gameplay!!

  21. Nothing like a healthy derp to make you happy, whether it’s the Hetzer or the KV-2 it’s always fun.

  22. Sealclubbing in the hetzer whilst pointing out that you are a GIRL. Congrats on having your attention seeking validated by jingles I guess. It shouldn’t matter that the player was a girl, but by pointing out that they are a girl, they are in fact making it ‘matter’.
    That said I enjoyed the Obj replay even if it is also overpowered as fuck. The little bits of historical info are what made this channel great.

  23. I thought girls only play animal crossing.

  24. Er actually jingles, the obj 430 is going to be possibly getting a nerf by getting some frontal weak points.

  25. Endurance The Jedi White Wolf

    I met a female WoTB player once we both enjoyed some T49 derp games!

  26. Strange Individual

    You’ve used this title before.

    And the thumbnail!
    Old man syndrome at its finest

  27. 6.20 min is the problem why i now officially hate WG. The progetto which possibly is going to lose his auto loader just bounced 4 shots against the strongest op most apparent sign for russian biast bs tank which is also getting nerfed… Ah well both object 430 s are getting nerfed but not really and they re doing this to justify completely nerfing the Regretto 65 and the sub std b…
    My only tier ten is the progetto, why because i love the german leopard and for me it is what got me interested into tanks. Now we all know where the Panterra and the std b really were developed because the ITs lets face it wouldnt have been able to make something like the std b…
    Sorry but true now wg has taken away 1 of the 2 tank lines i love and besides ragingly writing wg a ticket about it i am seriously debating abandoning the game all in all.
    In my eyes they need to get rid of these cars in the game, if not that do not allow wheeled lights on one side against tracked lights on the other team.
    2nd biggest problem that ruins fun in the game is the obj 430, 705, 263, 268/4
    3 rd problem are 3 arty in a tier 5 -7 match
    4th priority i would say is players being allowed to go to the beach
    Never was there a problem with the progetto and given the impact of the leopard with tanks if anything the std b should be buffed because it has butter as armour… Make the std b the obj 430 and the obj the real pile of crap it actually never was in real life.
    6.20 min in you can see how fun it is with non russian op tank players and that is sad to see if you for example are into oother nations tanks…

    Well done wg ps thanks for also bringing now a russian progetto into the game we really need another russian heavy that has magic super armour.

  28. rita is very good in WoT and speaks portuguese ?? hmmm………one of it was completly new to me ^^ ( yes i live under a rock like a maggit, im just hiding here, cause i feld out of a salt mine )

  29. Hadn’t played Wot since the hitpoint buff. like fourth game in in my hetzer, 3000+ damage…. my first kolobanov’s medal XD

  30. You said it, now some one will do it just to prove you wrong.

  31. Hetzers gonna Hetz!

  32. Artillery – engage TD mode in the city

  33. In soviet russia, every tank is a heavy tank.

  34. Soooooo funny. Candie is about as female as I am. “She” is from Canada. “She” is deaf… cant hear music. And has a cat that is very sick all of the time. Also more than a bit of a troll in chat. But it is good to see someone I have played with on NA server.

  35. Nebulous Uncertainty

    Love the Kool Aid man at 16:15. “OH YEAAAAH!” BOOM!

  36. Who the hell has ever said “girls can’t play this or that”, literally I have never heard that from anyone I know. This shit is only flowing from the media…

  37. Captain Crayon Cruncher

    I like to play artillery. Wether it’s immobilizing an enemy out in the open, forcing an enemy to switch cover, or bringing them down to low health for my teammates, I like to support my team even though in return I’m usually forgotten about and left to the wolves.

  38. Hmmmm wargaming says no Russian bias. But the 439 U, 268 4 and LT432 say otherwise

  39. Play a bit more and learn something? Shirley you jest! I’ve seen plenty of players with thousands of games playing tier 10 tanks who average less than one shot’s worth of damage per match.

  40. Russian Mafia, they are so rich they have their own bank in Cypress ! Think about it, they just keep milking us.
    They are very aware of what they are doing.

  41. I still watch WOT youtubers, but uninstalled a year ago. It confirms my correct choice every time I watch one.

  42. 8:03 “I know the Bat Chat is fast in reverse, but nothing is that quick”

    Armoured Cars: “Am I a joke to you?”

  43. 15:10 hey Jingles, I’m not sure what acandycanekilling’s ethnicity is but she resides in Canada.

  44. “It’s not a good idea to sit in front of a Hetzer armed with a derpgun when you only have 7 health.” – At that health, does it really matter what gun the Hetzer had? I think the lesson that StuG driver needs to learn is “Don’t sit in front of a Hetzer, period.” =P

  45. I have found the low tier HP buff has increased the game length about 2 mins.

  46. Aki is a cat AND a woman … Jingles is doomed.

  47. That was awesome Grats to both players and yes Candy always great to see a girl playing a game like this.

  48. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Rita, extremely good?

  49. A female playing my favourite machine with the great gun on it? Welcome to the Hetzer room. 👏🏻

  50. I once got 9 kills in my hetzer and actually had the mastery for my hetzer lol

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