World of Tanks || ENTER THE MATRIX

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Bat Chat 12t. Today Mattrix59 is going to enter the battle and show off their moves in the T8 French light, the Bat Chat 12t!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. And with an injured Gunner for the last 1/4 of the match.
    Very impressive.

  2. 2nd marked this tank and I still hated this tank

  3. “it’s like we’re in some michael bay film” lol

  4. Lord of Darkness

    Doubley tricklie

  5. I was fortunate enough to have researched the 13 90 and the amx 30 before this tank came into the game, so I’ve only played this tank the once, although I have to get back into it to get the bat chat, and get the full tier 10 set from this tank.

  6. 2:25 maybe he has the map edges disabled and he thought he can go that way

  7. Anthony Korepanov

    Video games are a matrix…

  8. Logan McCutcheon

    I suddenly think artillery are actually useful

  9. If this was my game with my luck hell i would be dead after ramming that premium amx by the click of m12 but ofc this guy just gets stunned over and over hehe. I would say 50% luck 50% skill and wp! Two marked this bechat without even 1st skill and 3 marked it without food and with 1st skill only… fun tank but too much pain when u get tracked + engine down…

  10. constantinos schinas

    premium play by a non premium player.

  11. GO matrix!!!

  12. Why negative credits ??

  13. Ahhh QB, thanks for your videos and stream. My desktop took a huge dump a few months ago (before release of 1.0 and the new Italian line) I only need two things to get back to my wot account but a ridiculous string/confluence of events has kept me from them. Anyway, I’m enjoying them more intensely right now. Nice game Matrix.

  14. Great video. Need more content with you as the protagonist.

  15. Glad I never had to play this, since I ground out the Lorraine 40t and then later the AMX 30 with my AMX 13 90. Of course I’m still working on the 13 105.

  16. better this than the tiger P

  17. That was an incredible game – well done Matrix.

  18. Basil Abeysekera

    Lag has caused me to drown, fall off a cliff, but lag never saved me before :/

  19. Did my 600k + grind in that tank. So glad when it was done

  20. what do you think of my air kill?

  21. Maybe Wargaming could buff the credit earning of every match. Because I’m also a World of Warships player and I will still get positive Earning neither win or defeat. At the end, I still earn more than lost credits. This really helps me to climb up the tech trees easily. Maybe WoT team could learn something from WoWs Team.

    *P.S.* Yes, I know they’re different games (Without -premium- 2-key shell of course) and development team but hey? At least they’re made by *WARGAMING*.

  22. They really need to fix the credit system in WOT. At least add credit bonuses for each medal. All those medals and losing credits. Tsk tsk

  23. 1:58 dat laugh tho

  24. idk bout you but Tiger 1 P seems more brutal to me…

  25. 0:40 Or if he disabled sounds in game. It’s not the mods, it’s not the hardware, it’s not even the software(system, drivers, etc) it is the usual suspect. The game is broken once again. I was loading around 10 seconds before the timer even starts, then we got 1.0, and it was still good, but then the “fixed” 1.0 with 1.0.whatever and i started loading 5 seconds before the battle starts or even 10-20 after it starts. Last night i disabled sound in game and it is back to normal

  26. That was a roman salute in the end

  27. Gallant Fatco Razy

    talking about xp,, try look at St. Emil 128mm gun,, needs a LOT of xp to unlock a gun on tier 7 and only carry 15 shells,, wtf WG

  28. I hope that he had brown pants

  29. Don’t need to correct yourself quicky, Tank Destroyer is a unofficial nickname, The official name is Self Propelled Gun

  30. That was incredible!

  31. Looks like the dudes on virgin internet. Because who doesnt love massive packet loss all day on fibre internet.

  32. Luuk_theunissen [PACT_]

    This may be a weird question, but could you take a look at world of tanks blitz? Okay… not interested? We have the chieftain mark 6! Owh, still not interested? We have fictional tanks with shovels and 152mm derp guns on them!

  33. Iv had that very same loading issue ever since 1.0, frames and everything is great in game i just load in around 15seconds after the round starts!

  34. I think WG should rename the kolobanovs medal to One that everybody wants???

  35. “Ccc” it’s a 10

  36. *A R M O R E D W A R F A R E I S B E T T E R*

  37. Any chance of him doing any games for Dreadnought as new stuff comes out for it?

  38. Possibly a better title would have been “The fast and the Frenchiest”. Lol

  39. Benedict Romalius

    I get shitty internet most of the time

  40. Benedict Romalius

    when I play

  41. QuickyBaby how can i send you a replay ?

  42. Doges everything lol at 3:32

  43. Shows how overpowered autoloaders are. He wouldn’t have pulled this off in a single shot tank.

  44. just before firing zooms out thinking that it will make a difference where the shell lands but hey who am i to judge:)

  45. WG cant you see this stupidity of 3 arties in a match?… for the sake of this game reduce the numbers of arties!!! It totally ruins the gameplay for “real” tankers. This is totally unlogical company thinking… everybody are complaining about it and WG can only ignoring…

  46. QB can you show the Front line skins?

  47. A fine example of a failed WOT economy

  48. What a game by Matrix, spectacular! And especially satisfying to see the f…king clickers getting their asses handed to them 😉

  49. Vulgar_Display_Of_Power

    I’m on the B.T 12T and have 140k exp on it so far and i love playing light tanks HOWEVER, I’ll be unlocking the B.T 25 medium tank before continuing with the lights, just in case WG do move the medium tanks over to a new line and if they do then i wont have to grind up a medium line to get back to tier 9. its like a tictac tactic 😉 have a nice day.

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