World of Tanks – Epic Blocks

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  1. Anfield abusing poor pubs. Shame on you

  2. Its hard to find someone watch your back like this at random games…

  3. Anfield your other video you uploaded cant be viewed from the netherlands
    because its contains content from [merlin] Hopeless records just wanted to
    let you know.

  4. “Nope” of the day :)

  5. Minecraft stream confirmed?
    Epic *BLOCKS*

  6. Well i think this debunks xvm yolo once and for all

  7. unicum platoon teamplay,nice:) Best platoon teamplay I’ve ever seen with 2
    Tanks block and save his mate in 50B from dead is by mouzakrobat with T 57
    ,where he did over 10 k dmg. ;)

  8. “O look a unicorn that I can ALSO finish off, BUT WAIT! an even lower
    health tank….hmm which should I kill first….the low health with the
    less threatening gun I guess…” *10-14 seconds later*….*Ded*

  9. Disliked for the clickbait in the title, this isnt even a minecraft let’s

  10. Are you ever going back into gold league?

  11. 하이네로(HiNero)


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