World of Tanks – Epic Fail 6

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The return of Epic Fail, it’s been a while, but you KNOW it’s going be worth it.

of Tanks –

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. TheTankingGamer (planeman777)

    Dammit Rita, now my secret technique is ruined

  2. I heard this, but idk if it is true… are Jingles and Rita in a
    relationship or not?

  3. Grab your favorite soda and a bag of potato chips and promptly sit your ass
    down. Epic fail is here! Thanks Jingles!

  4. Yellowstone The Pony

    16:13 FACEHUGS!

  5. jingles when you do the grille 15 review?

  6. Why isn’t Jingles playing War Thunder anymore?

  7. Rolling Thunder


  8. Why would you even feature that Rita replay? It was highly fucking
    unremarkable as she was just literally kurbstomping lesser enemies in a
    derp KV-1. Was it because she was so very smart and cunning by shifting
    around the cap circle when arty was blind firing into it? Wow, so fucking
    smart I shat myself. Congrats.

  9. More like it’s not russian that why the obj wins lel

  10. Playing World of Tanks will cause absolute brain damage and will make you
    become less intelligent. Not just watching this replay, just a heads up.

  11. Harry Deliyannis

    How do I submit a replay to you Jingles?

  12. My IQ can’t be any lower and I don’t need IQ in the salt mines anyways,
    bring it on :D

  13. dont worry about iq, i already lost it by playing wot

  14. Parrish Kerrstein


  15. hahahah that stupid shitty arty :D

  16. LOL yay you sucked

  17. where’s the “epic fail” in rita’s replay? she knows how to play and at that
    tier people don’t really know how to play, there is no “epic fail” here,
    just someone who knows against people who are clueless.

  18. SP I C= not so special light tank… But it’s my favorite light tank…

  19. not even Vsauce could explain this

  20. I love being forced to watch a goddamn 1 minute commercial about diabetes

  21. Christiaan Siegelaer

    I really, really have to stop waching this since i have exams….

  22. My sides are in fucking orbit after that artillery fail holy shit

  23. More Arty please! You don’t like it but we / I do. よろしくお願いします

  24. Its a navy tactic called chasing splashes. Navy gunners will always adjust
    the guns between shots so they never hit the same place twice

  25. Sandro The Great

    Loowering my IQ? That’s knot fare, I’m allready dislexic

  26. Hey Jingles, have you heard of crossout?

  27. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    lol that final game, 2 ISUs with 0 dmg done? How??

  28. Why Rita’s replay was in this video? It was just sealclubbing lower tier
    tanks or low hp equal tier tanks, nothing to do with epic fail Imo.

  29. Half of the replays had no epic failures -.-

  30. jingles at the end of the video did you notice the isu with one kill and
    only 88 damage done

  31. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  32. Is the use of the wanker of the week theme for the Rita replay saying
    something Jingles? Is there something you want to tell us?

  33. Jokes on you Jingles my IQ is as low as it can go. (62 lol)

  34. Богдан Роман

    the obj vid is the best demonstration of what do you have to expect every
    time you play wot
    an entire fucking third of his fucking team didnt do any fucking damage for
    fucks sake

  35. jingles’ voice is so reassuring

  36. You do realize you wrote Epic sex fail on the thumbnail of this video?

  37. Eric Brian Brewster

    Mighty Jingles…..WOTHR I just joined….we Raise Hell and you better
    becareful that the picnic basket you open does not have……OUR CLAN
    INSIDE…..or you get a fast elevator to Hell to meet Lucifer “Blazen_RED1”
    No Unranked Team battles or you and your teams will meet

  38. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Force field confirmed

  39. Epic fail video! *shows Rita gameplay*.

  40. Maarten severijns

    I think the second replays wasn’t a fail xD

  41. Miroslav Tordaji

    nice video jingles……btw….isn’t there some naval tactic called:
    “chasing splashes”…..where you literally chase splashes made by enemy
    shells hoping the enemy gunners don’t fire twice on the same
    settings?…..seems that was Rita doing in that cap circle(in a tank not a
    ship God bless her 🙂 )

  42. The video ain’t funny epic fail video :(

  43. i just Grind my soul in my belove SP1C, put 2 gun mark on it with pure hard
    and this guy in the first vid is like lady of luck stretched her leg give
    him her pussy to bang in!

  44. That last guy in the object had such a bad , terrible team. Look at all
    those 0 damage tanks…

  45. lols…..brain freeze….lols..

  46. XXCaptain Unicorn


  47. Wow. That’s also two…not one, but TWO, ISU-152’s who managed to not do a
    single point of damage the entire game. And a third who managed a whopping
    88 damage! You’ve outdone yourself, Jingles. That’s truly gross. =)

  48. M53/M55 in the last replay??

  49. I’ll definitely use that artillery avoiding strategy from Rita’s replay 😀
    hope that the arty did not see this video too

  50. the result is even more impressive, considering Ensk is the sh*ttiest map
    for arty, even worse then Himmelsdorf, since chances to be spotted and
    killed are higher here.

  51. did you know on Rita’s game that the M5 Stuart was telling the enemy arty
    where she was

  52. should has seen my aw game with my challenger m60 bounced a few shots from
    the enemy challenger and lost from a atgm up its butt

  53. Who cares about statistics? I could win 90% of my games if I were useing
    nothing but my hetzer. But I’m looking for a challenge, so I pick mostly
    tanks that are rather hard to handle. = not so great stats . What does the
    statistics tell us?Right. Nothing (except you have a winr8 of less than 20%
    or so) :)

  54. sealclubber at tier 5, again!!!

  55. “Stupid content” lol

  56. Stormwind Champion

    i cant remember how much brain cells i have lost watching epic fail

  57. I have WN8 of 524 and I would never stop infront of a damn arty….that
    just has to do with the brain of the person that’s playing rather than
    their wn8 .

  58. I miss Wanker of the Week. :/

  59. Aleksa Rajkovic

    at the end i expected that arty kill isu and lose a match XD

  60. I cant brain any mour

  61. xXHolyEclipseXx

    i can’t stop laughing on the M53 killed by himself !!! (yeah , you’re suck,

  62. ok….how can i unwatch this?my only neuron is dying Q_Q

  63. that arty replay is why i think they need to nerf arty view range. theyre
    not tds, theyre artillery, so why should they be able to hide in bushes and
    spot like a td

  64. i keep getting low rolls with object 704,i hate it so much

  65. That Arty made me laugh so hard, made my day XD

  66. carry so hard the next tank he drove had it track blow off before the game


    Take a look at the enemy team list at 20:30. The M53 magically disappears

  68. 10:04 “Two of them tier 9” ehm Jingles its actually three…. Jingels?

  69. As I faithful salt mine worker and console player I would like to say that
    my IQ cannot go any lower after watching this video, therefore I feel
    offended by the warning! Yes 21st Century beaches!

  70. It wouldn’t be a Jingles video without a Jingles screw up. caernarvon =
    conquerer. Oh well.

  71. where exactly was the epic fail in rita´s replay?

  72. AT 15 sent SP I C gameplay, WTF ?

  73. That Last Replay, Karma In action Before hand 😀 He Must’ve done this
    before that moment

  74. james linderman

    how was the rita game an epic fail? wow rita seal clubbing in an op t5

  75. You know, I was just thinking the other day, “I wonder when Jingles is
    going to upload another ‘Epic Fail’ or ‘Epic Win’ video…” I have not
    disappointed, and you will be happy to note that I have created an extra
    reserve of brain cells in advance so I am not kill by this video

  76. how…how do you get TWO ISU-152s that do ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER

  77. Thanks for the Warning Jingles. However I play WoT on the XBOX ONE. I see
    this every game.

  78. lol, I thought that m53 will kill the isu152 and then reverse ram kill that
    ferdinand :)) if this really happen, it will be the best game ever !!!

  79. Just wanna say thanks jingles, I’ve been ill for a few days and stuck in
    bed bored and your videos are what’s kept me entertained! From the bottom
    of my heart and the rest of the community, thank you for what you do!

  80. People bitching about stats pisses me off…

  81. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    one of the best episodes so far

  82. again proven that arty in wot is totally legit and not broken

  83. lololololollolrofllolz ? that was funny.

  84. Derp KV-1 not overpowered at all.

    That’s why I stopped watching Rita. She loves seal-clubbing far too much.

  85. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    Senpaeh thaenk youeh.

  86. Vikko The Tusken

    Dear god….

  87. 17 minutes old and already 6k views… wow. just wow.

  88. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    It’s that Bloody tank game again….or was it?

  89. Actually Jingles, thanks to your commentary, my IQ went up, great vid,

  90. Actually Jingles, thanks to your commentary, my IQ went up, great vid,

  91. ιтѕ тнαт ∂αми тαик gαмє αgαιи!!

  92. Even with the disclaimer we still keep on watching because Uncle Jingles
    always comes thru. I think it was just Epic than fail.

  93. Actually Jingles, thanks to your commentary my IQ went up, great vid,

  94. Rubberduckzillas

    Did anyone else get the feeling that the funny part of Rita’s wasn’t
    actually funny?

  95. My 704 never shoots like that

  96. Yay new Jingles video! This’ll help me get through FACKIN FINALS

  97. LULZ

  98. World Of Tanks The Best Replays

    lol 4:36 20:55

  99. First video with WN8 that low? Probably botted or bought it from someone
    who was bad/botted.

  100. OMG, the Wanker of the Week theme tune!

  101. I was going to defecate and masturbate but oh well…

  102. Where was a fail in Rita’s replay? =.= It looked just like your average
    many kills game…

  103. Had a round where I got 9k damage and 10 kills in Centurion Action X. Still
    lost! And that also meant I didn’t do MT-15 for Object260 with honors!!!!!

  104. Jingles where’s your war thunder content? Maybe 1 video per month? Plez?

  105. Jingles :DDDD

  106. i loved that arty replay

  107. When Jingles paused at 20:47 on the teamlist the M53/55 was already dead :D

  108. very long time since the last one …. Ouch ouch ouch – da feuq? Oh my
    brain cells die ^^

  109. Cringe incoming in 3….2….1

  110. who watched Finland massacre Canada yesterday in the icehockey world

  111. Stompping noobs in a KV-1. How was that an epic fail?

  112. People focus far too much on ratings. Should never use them as anything
    other than a rough indicator of how likely your teammates are to know the
    concept of teamwork, and knowledge of weakspots etc..

    Don’t while about being in a 32% chance match from before the game even

  113. Here in Finland clock is 14.50 and school just ended and I am sitting in
    toilet and watching this video and eating candies :)

  114. Andrew Wilkinson

    love it. even better with the captions on, as that comes up with some
    REALLY Dodgy comments :-)

  115. for some strange reason i though i saw this before has anyone else?

  116. That dirty old bastard..That dirty old Jingl..I mean bastard

  117. In Naval terms Rita was ‘chasing splashes’ in her KV-1

  118. Nice try Jingles, but I’m already Autistic! Oh… Wait…

  119. Herpicus McDerpington

    Waiting for this for a long time. Uncle jingles good sir!

  120. nice epic fail from rita hahaha;D

  121. Jingles would you accept replays from the Wot Xbox one version?

  122. wait I thought he stopped making this series did he?

  123. michael schmidt

    and the point to Rita’s replay was????

  124. Stuff like this with the T-4r would NEVER happen to me, why?

  125. Watermelon will

    im here

  126. what the music which starts with the second replay?

  127. Thomas Lauridsen

    Yay jingles

  128. Hey Jingels, awesome Vid as always! I have a question I dont know from
    where you get your Videos from but a time ago I had a game in SH with the
    ISU which is indescribable . I even sent the Replay to QB beacause Iam in
    QSF and QB said he send you the replay but well I dont think you got it but
    if you want to have it here it is . (you dont have to do a video about it
    if you want but maybe take a look at it) thx vm! If someone feels offended
    sorry! REPLAY LINK:

  129. clipup 12 mins and already 1200 veiws

  130. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wow Rita.. why did she do this? HE Cannon on the KV-1 killing Puppys :(.
    Sadly that you have to Farm WN8 nowadays this way 🙁 :D

  131. I just forgot the whole chapter I studyed for tomorrow’s exam… dammit

  132. Can u do warthunder

  133. What the hell did I just watch?

  134. Quick! Say something! I’m bad at this! (Good one)

  135. It’s my birthday! Thanks for the vid Jingles, I will be in high spirits

  136. Jingles Im legallie reterded aftur that. Im sewing

  137. I thought this series was dead…

  138. YAYYYYY!

  139. Yay I’m early

  140. I say we start an uprising against the EVIL GNOME and overthrow him and
    found a new world where we can live in freedom and peace. WHO’S WITH ME?!

  141. Riley Robertson

    Oh my – Oh my god…. A… It’s a… It’s a world of tanks video. PRAISE

  142. Oh hi (:

  143. Hessel Keurhorst

    this vid has been up for 4 minutes adn its already been viewed 315 times

  144. Do you recognise ANZAC day each year

  145. Aaron Passmore (EpicMon6749)

    This is the thing I like about school starting at 9am, when ever Jingles
    uploads in the mornings I can watch it.

  146. I’m early what am I supposed to do again.
    Crap overlord Jingles knows that I’m not in the salt mine.
    Please have mercy.

  147. Paul Jacksonson

    So early and still so many views

  148. Triumph Spitfire 2

    Jingles, you just made my day, cheers old sort!

  149. Wont even Render, Fantastic.

  150. Jingles..I have to go to school

  151. about time we got a new epic fail :D

  152. about time we got a new epic fail :D

  153. Jesus christ, it is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!#@#@!@#$$#@@#$#231213 yeesssssss

  154. Jingles is best! :F

  155. 1 minute in and already 11+ comments.

  156. love your videos

  157. MORE!

  158. MennoGameplaysHD

    Nice vid!!


  160. Hello Jingles!

  161. AndreiDoesMc14 Gaming

    Fuck i’m early again

  162. Yee, one of my favorite video series. Thanks for bringing the best fail
    with the best voice to us Jingles :D

  163. love your vids

  164. Fighterpilot555

    Caught an upload right on the nose

  165. Geesh right before school again.

  166. 22 secs ago whew

  167. First!!!

  168. Too early :'(

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