World of Tanks – Epic Fail 7

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Because there’s no such thing as a certain victory in World of Tanks. If there’s a way to fail, your team will find it.

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  1. Hilarious video

  2. ,,If there’s a way to fail, your team will find it.” That couldn’t be
    closer to the truth.

  3. Bayern Munic? Why not call it Bavaria München? Can’t decide if you take the
    english or the german name? Just mix them togheter! 😀

    Ok, I go back to the salt mines now.

  4. Stanisław Szczypuła

    If I remember correctly when I unlock T29 I wasn’t able to equip 90mm gun
    because of track limit. I had to play with that super outclassed 76mm
    Sherman gun in tier 7 battles without any premium ammo as it was sold only
    for gold back then. Super fun grind, being coled noob for trying to fight
    medium stile in heavy tank because I couldn’t penetrate anything from the

  5. I don´t know where you spend your holidays,
    but I can see the construction side of Dynamo Moscow´s new VTB arena from
    by balcony.

  6. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    is7 have 60km/h top speed for a reason, climb over the enemy and cliff dive
    from a cliff

  7. Su artillery, showing the pride and smarts of the Artillery pieces! ^u^

  8. Had to stop playing the football mode since cheating is already rampant
    with the new football aimbot version :(

  9. Jew did Nazi it Thrumping

    Jingles oh mighty minister of jinglesness of the reich please play
    battlefield 1 when it is released

  10. Jingles you have kept entertained for years because when i was so confused
    on how to play wot In2012(it have been early 2013)I went to go look up
    something that helped and I’ve been hooked since. Like when you did the
    super Pershing review before nerf and the very old is 7 review. Well dumb
    ol me forgot to subscribe till like 2014-2015. Well now that I’ve typed a
    essay, I just wanted to say you are a great you tuber and make high quality
    videos and put tons of effort into your videos. It is jut sad you don’t
    have millions of subscribers. Keep up the good work. C ya at the salt mines
    propaganda parade

  11. Jingles look a little better at the FV207 he took the shot but didnt kill
    the E75.

  12. Shining Darkness

    Football is fun, but damn if I am not usually the only one on my team
    actively attacking the ball. The other two are A. playing goalie which is
    all fine and good keep at it, somebody has to and B. Sitting there shooting
    the ball while I have control of it seconds before I get it into position
    for an assist. The game type needs to be 4v4 to allow for a goalie a
    midfielder, and two strikers (or for more defense pull a striker for a

  13. Clarence Constantino

    Congrats on your 500k, my gnomish lord!

  14. House Tour!!?

  15. don’t worry jingles once you’ve forget how to lose your intelligence you
    can no longer lost lose intelligence. That simple..

  16. Curious to know if that Centurion at the end could actually see the engine
    bay of the Black Prince over the T25’s husk.

  17. Rly nice and long, that is how we like it :)

  18. Gravity, it’s the law.

  19. pro pigg

  20. thanks jingles was having a shit day and you cheered me up


  22. Haha watching euros jingles?

  23. 17:08 that is joke, everybody use it, even non arti players ;)

  24. Manamans Productions

    I have something hilarious to say. My highest tier tank is an artillery.
    Dahdrivingtingy, you must be MAD! Yeah I know. Then again, prop,e do
    stupider things in WoT, as seen in this video.

  25. More like Epic Idiots! ??

  26. Rocket League

  27. Am I the first one to notice that Jingles used the national crew voices?
    Personally I like them more.

  28. sigh … 5 minutes 39 seconds into the video and my computer decides to do
    its own epic fail and not continue showing the rest of the clip … sigh

  29. Jingles, why aren’t you verified yet!!

  30. Do another KV-2 video

  31. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    For 500K special finish alien isolation..

  32. How can Koolkop play with 300+ms ping?

  33. Here’s our second physics victim, flakpanzer!!!! Wait….wut?

  34. Нећу Давамкажем

    Why shouldn’t you suicide? Why would you let enemy earn money and xp?

  35. if you have a tiger 1 can i have it

  36. Everyone, over the top.

  37. Thats me in the LTTB that flipped over. I was on that ridgeline the whole
    game, I had 3 tanks next to me that ignored my pleas for help. I’ll have to
    find that replay from my perspective later today

  38. _SebaX4X_ YTaccount

    I’m rly sad that you are not doing war thunder clips but I understand why

  39. In artillery if I’m the last one I load ap and shotgun

  40. Interestingly enough, that E-25 in the third clip was technically in a fail
    platoon (E-25 limited match-making, does not see Tier 9, but was in a Tier
    9 game thx to his platoon mate)….but he certainly did not fail in that

  41. 11:34 SU 101 Jingels?

  42. I agree with Sam Host. 24-HR Twitch Stream. Subscriber/Viewer
    participation. Cash goes to charity.

  43. Jingles, do you watch football, if so, what team do you support?

  44. ( in the breaking news, right after the ball is lost:) “Moscow manager sent
    to Gulag” laughed way too hard.

  45. carlitosskater89



  46. the Centurion could have had a dead/injured gunner or broken gun. you never

  47. The fv suicide arty did shoot, but miss…

  48. Jingles check this guy he is awesome OneAndOnly016

  49. Last time I came this early, my girlfriend left me.

  50. Big Green Monster


  51. omg…this hurts my brain.

  52. You should start a new series called physics fail.

  53. Loved that intro.

  54. *Arty should get blue if it reached more than 2% suicide rate over the last
    50 matches* (splash damage/drowning/fall damage)

  55. Jingles For President!!! (USA)

  56. Lol Jingles I love your videos and your accent… Lik

  57. I will use this video as a guide of HOW NOT TO BE AN IDIOT….

    …………………..ANY REASON FOR IT


  59. im a new world of tanks player but not new to the channel. but ive never
    understood why artilary kill themselves. im truly interested, why? i mean i
    havent played them yet, im only up to teir 3 & im focusing on lights &
    mediums but there doesnt seem to be a point to offing yourself. youd still
    get a repair bill, you still died, you just denied 1 kill but is that
    seriously the only reason? then why dont other tanks kill themselves? and
    why not go for at least doing a little more damage and getting a slightly
    better result on the defeat? I just cant make sense of it.

  60. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Himmelsdorf hill OP plz nerf!!

  61. sovelis holimion

    6.02 jingles moment… “he does not take the shot”
    it’s just that he does not kill him, he does take the shot and also hit
    actually lol

  62. The last clip is the exact reason why I ALWAYS have some rounds of HE

  63. Hey, there is a cliff.

  64. Good morning Jingles from across the pond. Glad to see another great video.

  65. Yoran Nemegeer (DarkPulsar)

    I’ve also had that bug in the first video once, we were very confused at
    first but the ball came back after a minute

  66. World Of Tanks The Best Replays


  67. YEAH!

  68. Himmelsdorf stadium has a surprisingly good view of the Eiffel tower for
    some reason

  69. i remember that first match with the centurion, i was in that vk that gets
    shot twice 😛 damaged my damn engine

  70. TIL the surgeon general works in the salt mines.

  71. eh thats me in the IS2 heheheh

  72. why do they want to suicide

    not really played alot of WoT matches myself, i dont understand why u
    wouldnt just continue fighting

  73. WoT is too balanced, tier 7 gets put against tier 9, tier 7 can’t do jack
    shit to tier 9 and has to hope and pray he can bounce

  74. the centurion could have used his hesh ammunition to reset the cap..

  75. FV207 does definitely takes the shot and hit the E75. Its clear as day.

  76. The FV207 in fact did hit the E-75. Sure trying to kill yourself is
    scumbagish but not worthy to be an Epic Fail i would say

  77. 6:01 “Perfect chance to take a shot and he doesn’t” yet you can clearly see
    about 1 second later a shell coming from the Fv207 that actually hits the
    E75.. wtf jingles

  78. Everybody’s dead dave

  79. Funny stuff pringles!

  80. I don’t know about sending people back to tier 1, but the game would be
    sooo much better if you got *nothing* for losing (except maybe just enough
    money for repairs). People who consistently lose, or fail to work together,
    would simply make no progress.

  81. The first thing they should change on the new test server that arty can’t

  82. Thanks Jingles. Got cheered a bit more up after that. Have had a tough
    morning. Bad lagging connection, people ONLY pointing out the fails and
    mistakes you’ve got in your gameplay. Haven’t been easy. But your videos,
    helps a bit…

  83. I don’t think that artilery player actually wanted to suicide, I am leaning
    to opinion that he was joking about this stereotype.

  84. Er can’t say I liked it much, I am not amused tbh. Can’t we have some more
    of the really Good, Good Bad and Uglys, especially the tk’ing barstewards u
    make look so evil, oh yeah gimme gimme gimme.

  85. i think 54lwt was trying to block the shot of the 43 in order to secure the
    kill not to soak up damage.

  86. I say 14v15! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was 13v15…

  87. That was a lot of fun to watch. Thank you, Jingles. :D

  88. Jingles i know you use glasses but come on the Fv207 takes a shot at the
    E75 but he only does 465 damage to him you can see the shot coming from him

  89. I wish i still had the replay where i cliffdove someone in the kv1s, parked
    it on the hood, then managed to kill someone at range aiming sideways

  90. Shit, I’m early, I better make a joke…

    YouTube comments

  91. I want to know the story behind the thumbnail!

  92. Daniel Derpinson

    actually jingles the first shot the centurion fired at the black prince hit
    the gun of the t25 at

  93. I like watching your WoT videos but I absolutely suck at the game so I
    don’t play it

  94. This description is simply magnificient!

  95. jingles at 6:00 to 6:04 you can see the trail of the shot from the arty so
    he did take the shot sorry to say it mate this time your wrong

  96. Showing all the retarded people that play WoT made me miss wanker of the

  97. i wonder why cliffs has no derp name, because its always in one of these
    videos :P

  98. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    What part of anywhere but the gun mantle did you not get?

  99. That Centurion 7/1 player at the end…. Dx you bring shame to the name of
    such a great tank… why man.. why…

  100. It looks like i joined the Legions of communist Saruman because of the red
    hand in my face from all the facepalms…

  101. Damnit, Jingles, I was just about to go to bed! XP

  102. After an intense study of jingles videos I have come to the conclusion that
    the average WOT player has an IQ of 10. I for one will not be playing WOT
    due to the sheer idiocracy and retardation of the population.

  103. A lot of fail in this video Jingles… GJ! :D

  104. I’m actually supprised I haven’t seen anyone be chivalric and unflip an
    enemy tank for a fair fight.
    And yes I know fair fights are for suckers but hey, I’m a little old
    fashioned for a 20yo

  105. jingles do a review of the VK.45.03

  106. “Moscow manager sent to gulag”

  107. Michael Bermingham

    Jesus you make so many mistakes in this vid :/ A lot more than usual

  108. Jingles, are you a fan of football? If so, which club do you support?

  109. Jingles he clearly DOES take the shot.

  110. Jingles I would like to ask you a question.Are you voting leave or remain
    in the EU referendum?Love your videos especially story time with uncle

  111. Love this series xD ?

  112. the idea is a commotion for the person that makes you laugh the most in a
    wot replay the reward in gold,a new tank ect

  113. I can’t believe this is the last Epic Fail WOT video we will ever see!

  114. More More More!!

  115. Stop showing artillery replays ffs, that cancer doesnt deserve shit.

  116. jingles iz de best

  117. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  118. Thank you a lot Jingles,cheers!

  119. The thing i hate the most about the new Physics is when you flip 9/10 times
    nobody helps you

  120. spiralwhirlpool2366

    14:50 I have never laughed so hard at a WoT video before haha

  121. 10:00 typical type 59 faggotry. They have their heads so far up their
    asses, all they see is easy kills and say fuck all to teamplay. Typical
    “Unicum” players

  122. hello from fuckin’ Moldova!

  123. PlaceFor Retards

    and THAT is why i hate wot

  124. 6:02 ACTUALLY jingles, he DOES take the shot.

  125. Simon De Meester

    Aah, a nice dose of fail to light my day, thanks for the videos Jingles!

  126. WELL DONE 500k ??

  127. jingles look on your last vid for my 500k sub idea

  128. The FV207 hits the e75 for 465dmg at 6:03. Jingles you are crap :P

  129. the FV 207 did shoot right at 6:02

  130. that intro though.

  131. Jingles the fv arty did fire, just saying :)

  132. If you read this, hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  133. Shit, I’m early, I better make a
    joke… Gaijin

  134. Jingles for prime minister!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. We need a 500K celebration stream with Jingles and Quickybaby!
    Thumbs up so he can see

  136. Morning from the east coast there jingles. happy tanking

  137. Clang Of Tanks Gaming

    Another video! WOOOO! :D

  138. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Real Long Time Fans are watching this in 360p

  139. Fresh (FreshMeat)

    love it, ty jingles sir

  140. I had the same problem a couple of matches ago (losing the ball in a

  141. Love this new professional look, congrats :)

  142. People forgetting to activate their ‘Remove speed governor’ at the
    beginning of the football game.

  143. Just when recent events got me down, Jingles to the rescue putting a smile
    back on my face. Thank you.

  144. I’m early fornthe first time

  145. Well I came here quick!

  146. tudora laurentiu

    I’m early fellas.Mighty gnome notice me.

  147. 45th to comment on a jingles video, hell yeah!

  148. Animetacomangaming

    6:47 AM…. Yea I got the time!

  149. Insert thoughtful comment here

  150. Thomas Anonymous

    the last time i was this early mohamed ali was still breathing

  151. Great timing, Jangles

  152. woooooooooo im early xD

  153. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    666 views, Jingles is the devil confirmed

  154. 621 views… Uploaded 4 minutes ago, right just after I go back from work.

  155. 3 min after upload, its a new personal record


  157. They should put a Challenger II from armored warfare in World of Tanks for
    the next April’s fool as bots. Salt will flow like rivers.

  158. OUTSTANDING VIDEO SIR! keep it up!

  159. Im early so better make a joke…

    Grille 15s armor

  160. New video Dave.

  161. Neil patrick Dela cruz

    Deym 2 minutes after upload am I late?

  162. Oooh, my brain cells. I knew I shoulda listened to the Surgeon General!
    Does that mean I get a day off from the salt mines, oh Gnomish one?

  163. That thumbnail though xD. Only in Russia can u flip a t34

  164. Keh vee two is best plaen in wart thunder.

  165. HrothgarHeavenlight

    1 minute ago: 212 wiev. Dem.

  166. Neil Mine Strong

    I’ve never been this early my entire lyf

  167. Oh look, it’s that bloody Jingles again.

  168. 7 liaF cipE

  169. magical pineapple

    sometimes you get a loss streak in world of tanks with constant noobs on
    your team
    thats why we watch epic fail – to laugh at other peoples fails

  170. Notification sqad IS BORIS time to watch jingles with the mayonez

  171. “49 second ago” now I know why I don’t have a girlfriend…

  172. amazing footage jingles! keep up the good work mate

  173. 43 views haha under 50s haha

  174. 35th

  175. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle


  176. 7th like

  177. wow only 17 views….

  178. Shane “wishbone” Wells


  179. first

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